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Is Media to Blame, Or is it Just a Case of Bad Parenting?


By: Maher Budeir We often hear the phrases, “When I was your age…”, or “The youth these days are different” or, “It is all because of access to video games and other bad stuff on Facebook,” when we hear our elders speaking of the younger generation. But, is it really so? Is the current generation really worse off? Are the ... Read More »

The Earth’s Complaint (Part 1) | MM Treasures

earth-1 (1)

“We were making the future, and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!” MM Treasures are posts on MuslimMatters that we believe are overlooked 'gems' that NEED to be read, especially by our new readers. Original post from 2007 is here.   In H.G. Wells's, “The Sleeper Awakes”, Graham, a troubled insomniac in ... Read More »

It Was Just One “Like”


She had developed a tick–she started logging onto her Facebook more and more everyday, constantly on the hunt for a post of his. He kept popping up in her mind more and more as their interaction via social media had increased. She just had to go back onto Facebook multiple times a day. It seemed like an addiction had developed in her halfway through the month. She would go and check his profile daily. Read More »

Part II | The Decline of the Ottoman Empire


In conclusion, militarily, economically, politically and ideologically the Ottoman Empire declined from the reign of Sulayman the Magnificent. These factors were of course intertwined, which was why when reforms were made in one aspect the other factors stifled progress. Due to the influx of wealth from the New World they advanced both militarily and economically with the industrial revolution. Even if the Janissaries had not revolted and adopted their advance methods, the industrial revolution and the shift in global trade would have starved the empire from the financial means to survive. Read More »

Effective Parental Influence – From a Kid’s Point of View

Kids these days have complicated lives. Fitnah is increasing not only in the West, but on a more global level, and sometimes this leads to kids, specifically teenagers, leading double-lives. Read More »

What’s In Your Ear? | Sh. AbdulNasir Jangda Interview

What's in Your Ear? is an occasional Saturday series where we ask Muslims, both ordinary and extraordinary, a few simple questions: What are you listening to? What are you reading? What are you watching? What technology are you rocking, Mac or PC? Kindle, iPad, Android phone, etc? What's the best piece of advice you've received or an advice you have ... Read More »

Sunday Open Thread: 5 high-tech tools that help my deen plus rally to restore sanity and ‘Halal’oween

I love Skype. My mother sits across the world on her dining table and I sit on mine. She has her morning chai in her hand and I have my cup of evening tea. It is the closest thing to being next to each other. I can be a better daughter inquiring about her health, it makes her happy to see my face. She shows me her new curtains and I show her the kid’s awards. My niece and my daughter live many continents away. These best friends and milk-sisters have a book club on skype, they read the same book and then have discussions. Read More »

The Globe and Mail: Making Mecca Move

A massive project aims to modernize transit in the holy city, which is expected to see as many as eight million pilgrims a year by 2030; Canadian engineers are part of the solution. Read More »

Tutorial: Making Muslims Socially Relevant Online (StumbleUpon)

StumbleUpon is a very interesting (and addictive) tool of social media, and it is used by a lot of people (their website boasts over 6 million users). It is an amazing tool that can drive tons of traffic to your website. Read More »

Tutorial: Making Muslims Socially Relevant Online (Digg & Reddit)

Exploring social media websites that help spread content to others. Digg and Reddit are tools that Muslims can and should utilize. Future tutorials will explore other social media websites. Read More »

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