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Open Thread Sunday 11/9/2008

Did you know we were trying to raise some money on MM for Dr. Aafia's legal expenses? See this post.  We started with a $1000 target, but then that was extended to $3000 (we are up to $2300). I hope we can get that to $10,000 soon. The following comment is from a brother who walks the talk… we hope ... Read More »

Update#2: MM’s 2008 Presidential Elections Post-Mortem: Yes We Can, Insha’Allah

We should feel optimistic, at all times, and take the best from every situation. And between the two candidates that were running for the highest office in the most powerful country in the world today, it was clear in the eyes of many, which of these two was more inclined to peace, and which was more inclined to war. It was clear who was able to inspire with hope and optimism, and who was more inclined to inspire through fear and hatred of 'the other'. - Yasir Qadhi Read More »

President Obama– Elections 2008 Open Thread: The Muslim November 4 Experience / Photos

So, tell us where you voted, how long the lines were, how did you feel, and if you were an obvious Muslim (like a brother with a long, flowing beard or wearing a thowb --- how cool would that be--- or a sister with a hijab), whether you got any "VIP" treatment or endearing looks or the opposite, and so on. And if you want, you can tell us who you voted for. Read More »

Muslim McCain Fans Confront Islamophobic McCain Supporters

Interesting video courtesy of Huffington Post.You can digg the Huffington story by clicking here. This provides evidence of how difficult it is to make intolerant remarks in the face of people (towards whom the comments are directed to). Notice how the bigot, distributing stickers with Islamic and Nazi symbols interlaced, becomes completely speechless when confronted by people who question his ... Read More »

Colin Powell: “…what if he is [a Muslim]?”

*Please digg this story, let these important words of Powell be heard far and wide. H/T to AsimG for emailing us this story* After Campbell brought up this brave question on CNN, a question that all Muslims have been asking in America to themselves, to their friends, but not making a big deal of, because we want to think “yes, ... Read More »

OPEN THREAD: Final Presidential Debate, Obama vs. McCain. Thoughts, Comments & Who Won?

Yes, yes, I know the debate hasn't started yet, or depending on the time you see this post, it has already begun or ended. And I am not sure if I will be watching (too much studying to do :) ). So, instead of me trying to blog it, why don't we ALL blog it. So, this is YOUR open ... Read More »

Finally some rep! CNN’s Campbell Brown asks “who cares if Obama’s a Muslim/Arab?”

Check out this commentary by Campbell Brown of CNN: "When did that become a disqualifier for higher office in our country? When did Arab and Muslim become dirty words? The equivalent of dishonorable or radical? Whenever this gets raised, the implication is that there is something wrong with being an Arab-American or a Muslim. And the media is complicit here, too. We’ve all been too quick to accept the idea that calling someone Muslim is a slur." Full commentary in written and audio form here. Read More »

How Could Any Muslim Want to Vote for McCain After This?

I believe the following videos (hat-tip to Br. Abdullah's email for pointing me to this post on Huff-Po) say so much more about the kind of campaign and the kind of voters that McCain is courting than anything the candidates could have said. While you see diversity among Obama supporters, what diversity do you see here? How would you, as ... Read More »

Second Presidential Debate…Who Won…Obama or McCain?

The second debate just ended. Punches flew all around. I thought McCain did a pretty good job early on, by talking in crisper and more digestible sound bytes. But Obama got better towards the end. I believe the moment that will be most discussed was when McCain referred to Obama as "that one", a moment that to me (and I think many Americans) embodied arrogance and a touch of supremacy. Read More »

Sarah Palin and Osama Bin Laden Agree on Holy War

While we are aware that Osama's power is limited to his rag-a-tag army, the real question is: are Americans prepared to vote in someone, who shares OBL's "holy-war", "war of civilization", "Christian vs. Muslims" world-view, to be a heart-beat away from American presidency and super-power influence? Read More »

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