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Examining Israel’s ‘Right to Defend Itself’


Barack Obama, when commenting about the recent warfare in Gaza, stated that he supports Israel's right to defend itself from Gazan rocket attacks. He declared, almost chided,“Israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory.” The Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, also sang the same tune and reiterated the identical position. This has been ... Read More »

AlJazeera: Mossad, an Israeli chutzpah

As the storm over the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh picks up momentum, I am not buying into the whole business of lack of competence and ambiguity. Read More »

Turkish PM Erdogan Admonishes Israel President Shimon Peres over Gaza, and Walks Off

Turkey's prime minister walked off the stage at the World Economic Forum red-faced Thursday after reproaching Israel's president over the Gaza offensive by saying "You kill people." Read More »

Palestinian Boy Used as Human Shield, but… | George Galloway on Gaza

In this photo below, you see how Israel is using a Palestinian child as a human shield on its tank. What cowards! I mean, they have all the military fire-power in the world, and they still need kids to save their dirty little souls from being sent to hell. Read More »

Muslim Congressmen Fail To Stand Up Against Palestinian Massacre

While some souls in Congress were brave enough to speak out against this resolution, such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, our two Muslim Congressmen failed to even show symbolic support for their Muslim brothers who are victims of a genocide being carried out by the Zionist state. Read More »

Common Mistakes When Dealing With Crisis in the Ummah

The recent crisis in Gaza has afforded the Muslim world a host of lessons and reminders elaborately addressed in the Qur'an, if only we would stop to consider them. Gathering from much of what I have been blessed to learn from different scholars of this noble deen, I have noticed some common mistakes widespread in the Ummah when it comes to facing crisis. Read More »

Gaza University Destroyed, Professor Rayyan & Family Murdered: Are Some Freedoms More Sacred Than Others?

The Israelis were so terrified of this one man, who probably weighed less than two hundred pounds, that they felt the need to drop a two thousand pound bomb on the apartment complex where he lived, killing him and eighteen other members of his family, including nine of his children. Men, women and children, murdered with unchecked savagery. Read More »

Israel’s Existential Concerns Continue to be Unsettling Part-2

They believed that Zionism would cure European hatred of Jews. The Russian Jew would leave the anti-Semitism of his homeland to become a “normal” person in Palestine, thereby earning the respect of Christians. More interesting still, the Muslims were never part of that equation. Jews assumed [perhaps based on the history of Muslim tolerance of its Jewish minorities] that Muslims/Arabs would welcome the enrichment that Jews brought with them ... "The Jews have enriched us. Why should we be angry with them? They dwell among us like brothers. Why should we not love them?” Read More »

Israel’s Existential Concerns Continue to be Unsettling Part-1

Jeffrey Goldberg takes us on a journey that looks at Israel from within; from the eyes of two influential men: Ehud Olmert, Israel’s current Prime-Minister and David Grossman, Israel’s famous writer...Can the two men overcome the differences that separate them? Can Israel overcome its paralysis to make the hard choice necessary for its survival as a Jewish democracy? Read More »

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