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Unspoken for: The Unheard Victims of Domestic Violence Part 2


written by an Anonymous Guest Seeing the Truth Little by little, day by day, as she continued her irrational behavior, my mother's abuse began to finally wear down on the affection, trust and admiration I had for her. One day we had an altercation in which she crossed the line, saying something I never thought I would hear my mother ... Read More »

Sex & the Ummah: Healing is Possible for Victims of Molestation Part IV-A

If you could not see this post before, you should be able to now. If I am afflicted with any affliction, I praise Allah four times: I praise Allah that the affliction was not greater than it is; I praise Him when He gives me the patience to withstand the affliction; I praise Him for guiding me to the statement, "We belong to Allah and to Him we are returning"; and I praise Him for not making that affliction affect my religion. Read More »

Sex & the Ummah: Intimacy and Marital Problems for Victims of Molestation. Part II- C/D

The development of extreme personalities within the victims is a very crucial point to understand. Many victims of molestation do end up developing extreme personalities, like being extreme about discipline to the level of dictatorship, or extreme about cleanliness to the level of perfection, or extreme negligence, or extreme mood swings, or extreme dependence or complete lack of dependence. Read More »

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