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“Dad, I’m Not Going to Medical School” – Real Talk with our Parents

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The Story It had been a few days since Salman thought about telling his parents. He had received a full scholarship from Columbia University to study journalism, a subject he was insanely passionate about and which had already given him a jump start in a career. He was the editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper, wrote numerous editorials for the ... Read More »

Yasir Qadhi | Lofty Intentions: Having Noble Visions and Goals


This is a topic that is very important for every single one of us - to have a vision, a plan and aim for something grandiose in this world and the next. Our Islamic history is full of people who have impacted the ummah even though they didn’t start off thinking they would have the type of impact they did. I want to mention some of these stories to soften our hearts. Read More »

Muslim Women: Balancing School, Work & Family

Some views and experiences from the working women on Muslim Matters. Can you really have it all? Yes, no, or maybe so. Read More »

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