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Bullying, Islam and Everything In-Between: Practical Tips


The Prophet Muhammad [saw] taught us the importance of offering assistance to both those who are being oppressed and those who are the oppressors by ending the cycle of abuse. In the case of both the victims and the bullies, it is important to acknowledge that anger is a natural emotion and to help the oppressor to use healthy ways to express this anger. Read More »

Bullying, Islam & Everything In Between

Harassing Note in Locker

Bullying has reached a new peak in our society and with tragedies such as the shooting at Columbine, bullying has received a great deal more attention than it used to. With the advent of technology, bullying no longer occurs exclusively within the walls of schools. Rather, social media has provided another opportunity to bullies who seek to demean others. Home is no longer a safe haven for victims of bullying; a Facebook status can hurt just as much, if not more, than hearing the typed words spoken aloud. Read More »

Muslims in America: When Bullying Meets Religion


Bullying is an equal-opportunity crisis, affecting students of every age, 
race, and creed. The dimension that makes the bullying of Muslim students 
particularly disturbing centers around the open prejudices and fears of 
adults, giving the green light to non-Muslim children that it’s okay — even 
patriotic — to discriminate. Muslim students report that an administrator at 
one school screamed at a 13-year old to remove her hijab (religious head 
scarf) until the girl broke down in tears. A guest speaker at another school 
handed out literature demonizing Islam in a social sciences class. When 
adults, especially educators, join in the bullying, it’s not only hurtful, 
say students, it’s a betrayal of trust. But educators have found that when 
just one caring adult supports a student, it can make a world of difference, 
creating a positive ripple effect that goes beyond one student and one 
classroom. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter: What makes you a special Muslim Kid?

The following is a clip from a documentary called Abraham's children – following the lives of 6 Muslim American kids – can you identify with any of these children? Disclaimer: background music. I didn't know that every tenth kid in NYC is Muslim. It is a tough time to be a Muslim kid especially if you attend public school. But ... Read More »

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