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Are Pakistanis Jealous of Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Malala Yusafzai?


The cold, almost bitter response of Pakistanis towards Malala can be a bit puzzling. This reaction is not just from radical elements but also from the general populace. Explanations for this reaction have ranged from jealousy to conspiracy. Tehmina Kazi, Director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy,  focuses on the jealousy part: “The criticism is ostensibly about how Malala's message ... Read More »

5 Take-Aways for Muslim Fans of Breaking Bad


 *This post contains major spoilers. If you don't want the ending or major plot points ruined, don't read this post.  **The videos linked to in this post may contain objectionable material. Follow them at your own risk.  ***To read an extended version of this post with embedded videos from Breaking Bad, please see the post on my personal blog at ... Read More »

Cross-Post: How a Single Spy Helped Turn Pakistan Against the United States


But now Davis was sitting in a Lahore police station, having shot two young men who approached his car on a black motorcycle, their guns drawn, at an intersection congested with cars, bicycles and rickshaws. Read More »

Political Bickering and Chemical Weapons | Syrian Civil War

Burial shrouds, symbolizing bodies of the protesters who were killed during protests in Syria, are seen at an anti-Syrian government protest in Cairo

Amidst the Presidential elections, Operation Pillar of Cloud, Palestinian bid at the UN, unrest in Egypt and a host of other issues, the Syrian conflict has been relegated to the back pages of our papers. Despite all this, the brutality of the situation on the ground continues to deteriorate. The death toll of this murderous rampage has now exceeded 40,000. ... Read More »

Elevate the Discourse Before Voting Becomes The New Halal Meat


Every single conference. Every single lecture. Every single guest speaker. Every single gathering of friends… …Every single time, a halal meat discussion. Is it halal? Is it zabihah? Why should you pick one or the other? For the last 20 years, the level of discourse on this subject has stayed the same. We still have the same arguments, the same ... Read More »

PSSST Ahki (Brother) the Colorado Shooter James Holmes was NOT a Terrorist!


The manner in which some Muslim personalities have politicized the “Batman Shooter” tragedy by questioning if it should have been labeled “terrorism” brings to the surface some deeply internalized self-image issues. It is a public display of the level of some Muslims' insecurity as well as a lack of compassion for our neighbors. Read More »

UPDATE! Jury verdict in, Share your Reactions : The BIG Picture & Fact-Check


UPDATE: VERDICT AND SENTENCE The jury has found the 10 Muslim students tried GUILTY on both counts.  The judge has ruled a sentence which includes:  a 3 year informal probation, 56 hours of community service with a non-profit organization for each defendant, and $200 in fines.  The sentence will most likely be suspended if the students complete their community service ... Read More »

M. Elibiary | FBI Training, the Ackerman Exposé & American Muslim Community Concerns


Mohamed Elibiary, Advisor to the Homeland Security Enterprise advises the Muslim community about Wired Magazine's, Spenser Ackerman’ s expose on FBI Counter-Terrorism training at Quantico. "As a liaison between the FBI and the Muslim community, I can attest that there is nothing new in Spenser’s reporting and could add volumes more to it of FBI wrongdoings; none the less, it has been disquieting and demoralizing for someone in my position to watch the ripple effects upon our community’s psyche." Read More »

Interview with the Producer of “Fordson: Faith – Fasting – Football”


On the eve of his film's nationwide release, we talk to Ash-har Quraishi about being a producer, the challenges in making a documentary with an Islamic theme, and the integral role fate played along the way. Read More »

Update: Irvine 11 Trial Has Begun


The Irvine 11 trial has started this week. Here are the updates you need to get caught up with what has been happening in the pre-trial hearings. Read More »

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