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  1. How to generally and genuinely get closer to Allah.

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  2. Meaningful Prayer for MuslimMatters. Thank You.

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  3. Salam ‘alaikum! Firstly, lemme say that I’m not from America, i stumbled onto this site in the best way and I’m so grateful, alhamdulillah.

    Any links, advice, whatever I can get on ‘dating’, meeting guys, dealing with older traditions wanted by ‘the elders’ – like serving a guy tea because he wants to get a look at you – rather an uncomfortable notion for a girl who wears chucks with her abaya – ya know?

    I know I could google this and honestly, i know where I might find some answers, but I’m searching for something here, please help me out?

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  4. Mohammad Arshan

    I want you to write something on Synthetic life. Biologists claim to give life just through chemical testing. They say that this disproves the need for soul or God. While the Qur’an clearly says that you cannot give life to anything.

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  5. Assalamualaikum Saykh AbdulNasir!

    Could you please give some tips and advice on memorizing the Quran more quickly but also in a way to remember it? Especially for people already taking out scheduled time, as in a class, to memorize.
    Also, could you give tips for Sisters that need to review their Quran but can’t/don’t lead Taraweeh or are able to go to Taraweeh everyday.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan!

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  6. Asalam’o'Alaikum,

    Can you please explain the interplay of two Ayats of quran. The crux of the ayats are:
    1. No harm is done to a man but it is the doing of his own hand
    2. All good(benefit) & bad(harm) is from Allah/can not be without the will of Allah (SWT)

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  7. Asalam’o’Alaikum,

    I was interested in the tafseer/Khutbah of the following, would you be able to discuss these ?

    Surah Ahzaab
    Surah Furqan


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  8. Salam ‘alaikum.

    I’d just like a breakdown on fostering a child in Islam….

    Jazaka Allah kahir

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  9. Sister Heartbroken

    As-salaam Alaikum, my son has told me he wants to leave islam. He has told me that he saids he is an Atheist. I was so shocked because he has just become a Hafiz. Being aware of the consequences of an apostate, I became overcome with grief and complete agony as to what I should do as a responsible Muslim.
    I found that he is not alone in this new movement. Through Anti-Islamic movement that has become intellectualized, and has been filtered into the Muslim world by some reknown writers like Ricard Darwkins and the likes. Please help me. I am not sure how I should approach this situation anymore.There is a new internet group called arab atheist, also formermuslim.com, and ex-muslim.com…They are all very disturbing people who has raised the same issue my son has raised.

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  10. Assalaamu-alaikum,
    An article that discusses disability and marriage in Islam. How should people with disabilities and those who are wanting to get married to a person with a disability approach this? what should the parents role be in such a situation? how to get our community, especially the parents more comfortable with such realities?

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  11. Assalammu alaikum, brother can you speak about developing strong relationships with your family times and how to be patient with them?

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