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Muslim Holidays in the USA: Sign the Petition

eid mubarak

Sumayyah McTaggart, a confident homeschooled eighth grader, from Great Falls, VA along with her friend īmān Hazer of Dunn-Loring, VA take civics classes at Compass Homeschooling Enrichment in Oakton, VA. Fatimah Dandashi of Falls Church, VA, a seventh grader also has classes with the same civics teacher, Leila Leoncavallo. Assigned a class project, two weeks ago, to petition the government ... Read More »

Three Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Me Money | Abez


I've got three really good reasons why you shouldn't give me any money, and one really bad one.  But first, some background information. I've been leading a double life, and I have two entirely separate internet personas.  One is the Abez you see here- I'm a writer, blogger, and mother of a seven year old on the autism spectrum.  I ... Read More »

A Dollar or a Dua for the Philippines


I have a special relationship with the Philippines- even though I doubt the islands know. When my son was diagnosed with autism and my husband and I were struggling to meet his monthly therapy needs and begging Allāh for help, He gave us a special needs teacher and ABA therapist from there. Her passion, energy, and relentless dedication firmly paved ... Read More »

The March Initiatives- 3 Rallies for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

free Aafia

Action Alert March 30, 2013 will mark 10 years that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has been engulfed in an unending regime of brutal political imprisonment. As part of the international Free Aafia Movement's “10 DAYS FOR 10 YEARS” campaign, the U.S. branch of this international quest for justice will afford supporters of Aafia in America with three opportunities to contribute to this very important campaign. FRIDAY, MARCH 8, ... Read More »

Christian Groups and Rabbis put up Pro-Muslim Subway Ads


Pamella Geller and her fellow Islamophobes made headlines a few weeks ago with their vitriolic anti-Muslim advertisements in NYC subway stations and else where. Their message equated  Muslims to “savages” and “jihad” to terrorism. To respond to this bigotry , a remarkable group of Christians and Jews have started a counter campaign which encourages tolerance and love for Muslims. Exemplifying ... Read More »

Sanctions against Children | She said ‘We Think the Price Is Worth It’ (Updated)

Iraqi woman and child from 1996 60 Minutes broadcast.

In 1996, then-Ambassador of State Madeleine Albright was asked about reports that 500,000 Iraqi children had died as a result of US-imposed sanctions. She replied: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it." Read More »

Eye on Burma | Part 1


The second installment in the Eye on Burma series by Fiza Asar. Read More »

We Need YOUR Feedback on Friday Khutbahs


What do you want to hear when you come on Friday? What kinds of things are you hoping to get out of Jumu'ah? What types of things irk you? What kinds of topics do you feel should be discussed or not discussed? Read More »

Action Alert: Tweet for Peace | “Promote Your Belief for Peace”


“What are they asking (one another) about? About the great news…” Al Naba (78:1-2). The world is asking, where are the Muslim-Americans voices and what are they thinking? Recently we have seen a video go viral and set-off a chain reaction of protest, destruction and death. Initiated by someone, here in the United States, who have taken their collective freedom ... Read More »

Eye on Burma: An Introduction


MuslimMatters is pleased to announce a new, regular series on the ongoing Rohingya crisis in Burma presented by Fiza Asar, a talented communications professional based in the United Kingdom. She is extremely interested in the “other”-ing of certain peoples by media and the interplay of media with politics, culture and identity-making.  Below is the first of inshā'Allāh many enlightening contributions ... Read More »

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