You Don’t Matter. Our Image Does

‘And here is the tragedy. Muslims, African-Americans, and other oppressed groups learn that suffering is something they must endure “for the greater good.” So private abuses and traumas are kept quiet so...

His Other Wife: A Short Story

“…So give me a call, Aliyah. I think this may be the one.” Aliyah rolled her eyes as she deleted the voicemail message then pressed the “end call” button on her cell phone. Her uncle had converted to...

Be Careful What You Feed Your Soul

Most of us understand the psychological and emotional harm that comes from constantly exposing ourselves to negative, toxic social and personal environments. So we limit interactions with negative people, and...

Stop. On Thugs and Rioters and Human Beings

It might feel like the right thing to do to call oppressed Black youth “thugs and rioters” because of the open wrongs you see. It might feel like the right thing to do to call those who detest the detestable actions of burning, looting, and destroying “ignorant of the cause.”

It’s Okay to Be Judgmental?

“None of us like judgmental people. But we are all, to a certain extent, judgmental people. After all, one must be judgmental to even judge others as judgmental.” —from the journal of Umm Zakiyyah As a...