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An Interview with British Muslim Author Ibn Adam


It presents the stories of Masud Khan, Rizwan Kareem and David Eubanks; three teenagers from different backgrounds whose lives are inexplicably connected. Read More »

Can Americans Be “Real” Muslims?


The racism, colorism, nationalism, and immigrant-culture worship that are being taught as part and parcel to Islam itself are becoming too much to bear; and Islam is beginning to look less like the simple, balanced religion these Americans accepted when they first became Muslim and more like a ploy to control, subjugate, and spiritually abuse them. Read More »

Kaafir, the New F-word


It was something I learned very young: Never say the word kaafir. I didn't know Arabic at the time, but I knew it was worse than a curse word. It was the most evil word you could possibly utter. Call a person anything you want, but never this. A kaafir was evil. A kaafir was a monster. A kaafir was ... Read More »

What Is the “Right” Religion?


O Allāh, none has the right to be worshipped except You alone. And, O Allāh, I bear witness that Muḥammad is Your servant and messenger! Perhaps it is difficult to imagine, but there was once a time when these words inspired such a tremendous stir in hearts and minds that lives were forever changed, as was the course of history. Allāh ... Read More »

‘Muslims Can’t Do Anything, Why Be Muslim?’

It’s one of the most heartbreaking things to witness: Many men and women enter Islam or grow up in Muslim homes inspired to give their all “for the sake of Allah.” Yet, years (or months) later, they walk away wounded and defeated, barely hanging on to their Islam—or they’ve let go of Islam altogether. Read More »

‘Walking Wounded’: Discuss Spiritual Crisis


“For some, this period [of religious development] was characterized by increased insularity, intolerance, and estrangement, sometimes from family…At the time, this felt right…But a curious thing happened to many of us as we aged…We began to see ourselves as individuals rather than members of homogenous 'whole'. And, of course, this led to friction as others saw us change, evolve and ... Read More »

‘Can’t Believe They Did That’ | Umm Zakiyyah


A Short Story By Umm Zakiyyah “You should really consider accepting their offer,” Mona said. Barakah sighed as she balanced the cell phone between her shoulder and ear as she finished typing an email to the editor of the university newspaper. “It's too much to think about right now,” Barakah said, her voice exhausted. She pressed send and leaned back ... Read More »

The Bad Muslim – A Short Story


 “I can't believe you let Maryam have internet in her room,” Joanne said. She gripped the steering wheel of her car with her left hand as she lifted a can of diet cola from the cup holder and took a sip. She shook her head as she held the can inches from her mouth. “I swear that's the one thing ... Read More »

‘You Deserve Racism Because You’re Corrupt’


Those who are inclined toward racism or self-hate will inevitably bring up the faults of the people they detest whenever discrimination is discussed. In America, it appears that African-Americans are not only the most fault-ridden group in the eyes of others, but the most likely candidates of discrimination—even in Muslim communities and masjids. And some argue this is because of their faults. Read More »

‘I Feel Cheated’ – Nina’s Life After Islam

Muslim woman_road

Nina was, in her words, “one of the lucky ones”, and when she tells her story, she says the one thing that made the biggest difference in her life was having Fatimah as a friend. And the only regret that she has till today is that she didn’t realize this blessing sooner… Read More »

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