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Sadaf Farooqi is a postgraduate in Computer Science who has done the Taleem Al-Quran Course from Al-Huda International, Institute of Islamic Education for Women, in Karachi, Pakistan. 11 years on, she is now a homeschooling parent of three children, a blogger, published author and freelance writer. She has written articles regularly for Hiba Magazine, SISTERS Magazine and Saudi Gazette. Sadaf shares her life experiences and insights on her award-winning blog, Sadaf's Space, and intermittently teaches subjects such as Fiqh of Zakah, Aqeedah, Arabic Grammar, and Science of Hadith part-time at a local branch of Al-Huda. She has recently become a published author of a book titled 'Traversing the Highs and Lows of Muslim Marriage'. For most part, her Jihad bil Qalam involves juggling work around persistent power breakdowns and preventing six chubby little hands from her computer! Even though it may not seem so, most of her time is spent not in doing all this, but in what she loves most - reading.

Sunday Open Thread – Joyous Spirit of Hajj and Eid, and a Week of Wins

Firstly, the joyous occasion of Eid Al-Adha was celebrated the world over, with millions of Muslim hujjaj simultaneously performing the annual Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia. Read More »

Sialkot, Pakistan: Two Muslim Boys Murdered by Mob in Broad Daylight During Ramadan – Moral Decadence at its Lowest!

The two brothers were beaten up by the area people in broad daylight, with metallic and wooden sticks, as the mob watched and some members of the passive "audience" decided to whip out their cell phones and make videos. Read More »

Parables in the Quran: The Light of Allah

The heart of the believer in its purity and clarity is likened to a lamp in transparent and jewel-like glass, and the Qur'an and shari'ah by which it is guided are likened to good, pure, shining oil in which there is no impurity or deviation. Read More »

The Real ‘Miss Universe’: Maryam Bint `Imran

What greater honor could there be for any woman than (i) to be chosen by Allah and to be "purified" by Him, and (ii) to be given preference over the women of all the worlds? Really, is there any greater "crown" or glory? Read More »

Spending on Family: Charity or Expense? Depends on your Intention!

We should never undermine the relationships we have with our families, because these bonds were created by Allah, and He records and rewards even the small, seemingly insignificant bits of good we do to them, or the trivial things we give them that are part of their rights upon us. Read More »

Homely Homemaking Homebodies? Why the Quran Commands Muslim Women: “Stay in Your Homes”

Muslim women emulate the wives of the Prophet [صَلى اللهُ عَليهِ وَ سَلم], considering them role models. Any Quranic command addressed towards the latter, particularly one that aims to establish lofty moral character and conduct, automatically becomes a praiseworthy goal for the average Muslim woman for all time to come. Read More »

The Family Way: Ten Tips For Expecting Muslims

Look at the bigger picture and console yourself by thinking, for example, "In a few years, I will not even think about this pain and weakness, insha'Allah, but will be enjoying the company of a beautiful child!" Also, remember that pious offspring is one of the major sources of continuous rewards for a Muslim even after death. Read More »

Eye Opening Words in the Quran Describing the Life of this World

Allah has used a total of five terms and phrases to describe to us the reality of the life of this world in the Quran. Analysis of their meanings clearly reveals that indeed, the life of this world is such that it makes a believer lose focus of the Hereafter. Read More »

Haya: Showcasing the Shyness of a Shepherdess

I love the way Allah mentions people in the Quran - highlighting their good points when He is pleased with them, so that we indirectly identify the stamp of approval He has given to their behavior, in order to incorporate that behavior of theirs in our own actions. Read More »

The Guardian: How Not To Liberate Women

It is clear that many Muslim women in Europe who cover themselves do so out of choice. For those who are coerced, general bans would limit, if not eliminate, their ability to seek advice and support. It may leave them trapped at home, further isolated from society. Read More »

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