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Bushra is a recent Computer Science grad from King's College London and is currently shaking off her newly wedded status. Aside from writing for MM, she vents on her blog: http://bushrabinthashmat.blogspot.com/ Currently working for a global IT firm, she is pursuing various studies, both Islamic and career-related. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she is living the lifestyle of a nomad, jumping from place to place, packing and unpacking and visiting family at the same time. She is an accredited Software Tester. Nevertheless, this won't take her away from writing about Islam and life in general. Amongst all the working, writing and family commitments, she somehow manages to fulfill one of her other, slightly devilish (so to speak!) passions - baking desserts!

British Bigotry – Sayeeda Warsi’s Speech

I remember once collecting for Charity Week with another sister a few years ago at university and observing the countenance of a woman as she walked pass reading my t-shirt. As soon as she saw the word ‘Islamic’, the expression on her face turned into one of horror and disgust as she walked away from us even faster than she was at the time. Whenever I look back on that, I think about WHY she did that. Read More »

Sunday Open Thread – Dhul Hijjah is upon us!

Hajj is an experience shared with the millions of Muslims around us, not least because of the unity experienced by being there solely for the sake of Allah (subhaanahu wa ta'ala) as brothers and sisters in Islam, but also because all these people come back with Hajj memories, stories and survival tips that they pass on to the following year's Hajis-to-be. Read More »

Muslim Women: Balancing School, Work & Family

Some views and experiences from the working women on Muslim Matters. Can you really have it all? Yes, no, or maybe so. Read More »

Eid Mubarak! | MM Ramadan Poetry Contest Winners

But as we feast on our food and enjoy the time we have with our friends and families, we must also think of those Muslims around the world who are suffering on Eid. Read More »

Being Na’ima B. Robert: An Interview with Award Winning Muslim Woman Author

Young children are emphasised in the West to read. I know what kind of novels they read, Harry Potter, Twilight, all the vampire romance stories. There were no alternatives to represent Muslim teens. Girls are more emotionally susceptible to reading, especially romance. Girls’ books are constantly about boys and romance and it’s around the age of 13-16 years where girls have self-esteem issues and therefore want to be able to identify with emotional feelings, to feel wanted. Read More »

7th July, 2005 – Feelings of a Muslim Londoner

The tears gushed for the people who had died. For their families who were suffering without them. But most of all, for the Muslims and for what was to come. I knew that it was going to be an uphill struggle for us all from now on. Read More »

The True Friends of the Earth

Although this Earth is a temporary abode for Muslims, it is also a gift and a trust to us from Allah. We must remember this before we decide to throw that cola can on the kerbside, or throw that glass bottle into the conventional waste bin instead of the recycling one. Read More »

The Mother of Tests – Balancing Islam with Difficult Parents


We will all experience this at some point in our lives, but we should view these obstacles as tests. Allah (swt) never burdens His slaves with more than they can bear and ultimately, we should use such tests as a way of coming closer to Him. Read More »

Just Go Do It! Mercy Mission’s iPray Salah (Prayer) Initiative

I’ve recently joined a new scheme that has been launched in the UK by Al Kauthar Institute to emphasise the importance of salah. This proposal has been designed by an affiliate charity of Al Kauthar, Mercy Mission, in order to invite the Muslims who have lost the desire to pray to restore themselves in this great act of worship. Read More »

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