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Abu Aaliyah is the founder of The Jawziyyah Institute, a leading institute for Islamic moderation and contemporary thought in the United Kingdom. Sidi Abu Aaliyah has been in involved in Dawah and Islamic teachings for the last 14 years. He has translated a number of books from the Arabic language into English such as "The Exquisite Pearls". Abu Aaliyah's written works and audio lectures can be found online.

Celebrating the Prophet


By: Abu Aaliyah (Surkheel Sharif) There have been times throughout history whereby the heavens have opened and the celestial light cleansed certain human souls, who, as a result, were divinely invested with prophethood (nubuwwah) – the highest condition possible for any human being. For a prophet is a bridge, as it were, between heaven and earth; Creator and creation, helping us to recall our purpose ... Read More »

The Qur’an & the Soul’s Alchemy

shutterstock_58307863 (2)

By: Abu Aaliyah (Surkheel Sharif) The Prophet remarked: 'The best of you is the one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it to others.'1 For Muslims, notwithstanding the sheer beauty of its composition and its cadences, the Qur'an is a repository of revealed teachings, a roadmap for the journey through life, and a fountain of timeless truths to meditate upon; deepening ... Read More »

Love: The Recognition of Beauty & Perfection


By: Abu Aaliyah (Surkheel Sharif) There has been a certain reluctance on the part of classical scholars when it comes to defining love (mahabbah). It is not that they haven't tried, but that the definitions have tended to be causes, symptoms, effects or consequences of love, instead of love itself. A general description of love as mayl or “inclination” aside, some have felt ... Read More »

The Prophet’s Character

Helping hand

By: Abu Aaliyah (Surkheel Sharif) This is a short piece translated from Ibn Qudamah's Mukhtasar Minhaj al-Qasidin. It distills a picture the Qurʾān and ahadeeth build up of the Prophet's virtues and character, peace be upon him: integrity, honesty, steadfastness, courage, kindness, compassion, courtesy, and other qualities too numerous to list. To say the Prophet's is a life well documented is an understatement. ... Read More »

“There Are Times When My Heart Feels Clouded.”


This article was originally posted here. By: Abu Aaliyah (Surkheel Sharif) 'There are times where my heart feels clouded (innahu la yughanu 'ala qalbi); and I seek Allāh's forgiveness a hundred times a day,' said the Prophet, peace be upon him.1 Istighfar or “seeking forgiveness” of Allāh is not simply confined to when we commit sins. Rather, courtesy (adab) towards Allāh requires ... Read More »

Despair Not if Response to Your Du‘a is Delayed


He has guaranteed you a response in the time He chooses, not in the time of your choosing. You ought to cultivate a Moses like patience, for patience and avoiding hastiness more befits the servant. Read More »

O You of Faith! Rise to the Call of Ramadan

Indonesian Muslim women prepare to attend prayers marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan at Parangkusumo beach outside Yogyakarta

For believers, Ramadan is that time of the year where we are reminded to ease off the accelerator and to responsibly slide out of the rat race – if not in body, then at least in mind and in spirit. Read More »

The Fragrance of Fasting


As the month of Ramadan fast approaches, and as Muslims the world over await its arrival in joyous anticipation, here is a short piece by Ibn al-Qayyim to help prepare its welcome. He says, while commenting on the following hadith: ♦ 'God enjoins upon you the fast. Indeed, the likeness of that is as a man carrying a sack-full of musk ... Read More »

Fussing Over the 15th of Sha‘ban

15 Shaban

Question: Is marking out the 15th night of Sha'ban (laylat al-nisf min sha'ban) with extra prayers and devotion sanctioned by Islam, or is doing so judged to be a reprehensible innovation (bid'ah)? Answer: Each year, a fair amount of fussing and fighting takes place over this issue. Yet the truth of the matter is that scholars have long-held this issue to be ... Read More »

Terrorism is to Jihad as Adultery is to Marriage | Shaykh Abu Aaliyah Surkheel

terrorism islam muslim jihad

For the past four days I had been working on the following article, which I intended to post yesterday evening. However, I then heard about the vile and sadistic act of violence carried out by two men with knives and a meat cleaver in Woolwich. So I thought it best to review the blog post in light of the event, ... Read More »

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