Haleh Banani will help you to heal, grow and prosper by combining the principles of psychology with the light of the Qurʾān and Sunnah. Fortnightly, we will be featuring an episode from her weekly TV program that she hosts on Al-Fajr called  “With Haleh.” Get ready to be EMPOWERED!

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Today's Episode:  Anger Management Part 1/2

Are you in control of your anger or is anger controlling you? Uncontrolled anger can lead to problems in your personal relationships, at work and the overall quality of your life. Learn the different kinds of anger, relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring and better communication in order to take control over your anger.

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About The Author

Haleh Banani is the first female to host a program for Al-Fajr TV called "With Haleh" which combines the principles of psychology and Islam to help people reach their full potential and overcome their challenges. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Houston, graduating Magma Cum Laude. She has over 10 years experience in diagnosing mental and emotional disorders and administrating programs of treatment. Her clients call in for phone therapy from the U.S. and Middle East. She has given lectures on marriage in several countries. Her focus is couples' and individuals' therapy where she helps people suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self-esteem issues. She empowers her clients with unequivocal amount of enthusiasm, compassion and support. Her articles have been published in magazines in Houston and Egypt. Haleh received her ijaza for recitation of the Quran with tajweed in Egypt. She has studied Islam by attending intensive programs with many renowned scholars in North America. She has lived most of her life in the U.S., and is currently living in Egypt. She has been married for 15 years with Abdelmajeed and has Alhamdulillah 3 precious children: Abdelfattah, Kareem, and Layla. Her passions include skiing, kick boxing, tennis, traveling all humanitarian causes.

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  1. Zhyreen Abbas

    jazakallahu khayran,Dra,Haleh Banani,it is great and Alhamdulillah for sharing this to us ,I for one have this kind of problem, I got easily get angry when things does not agree with things i wanted to be..and for my children and husband is my worst enemy inside the house,they seem not to cooperate with me when it comes to cleanliness and maintainig the hous neat n clean and i really hate to see dirty n tupsiturby house,and this is always troubling me alot and makes me furious and yelled….thank you very much and more power to your program,and May Allah, reward you for your good deeds and bless your home and family and works, InsahaAllah,….Ameen !


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