(UPDATE- NEW VIDEO) Video – Israelis Demonstrate Against Turkey, Express Pride in Security Forces

Remember how the celebration of a few Palestinians on 9/11 was flashed around the world to dehumanize them. Why isn't this video that shows Israelis demonstrating in front of the Turkish Embassy and expressing satisfaction with their security apparatus [Source], without regard for the death of innocent humanitarian volunteers making the same rounds?

The support for Israel's action among Israelis is not limited to a small faction.

“A poll of Israel's Jewish population by the Maariv daily published on June 2 found 94.4 percent of respondents agreed it was necessary to stop the vessel, and 89.1 percent said Netanyahu shouldn't resign over the matter. The opposition Kadima party has supported the government on the issue, and Netanyahu's coalition has shown no signs of strain over the incident.”

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Interestingly some people who accused MM of propaganda need to review this video where individuals are heard saying that what Israel is guilty of is not killing the entire flotilla crowd! In other words, they didn't go far enough!  Why isn't this video on MSM? Think about it.

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  1. Middle Ground


    As musliims, we should be 100% certain that this is authentic. Can someone verify that this is really for real?

    • amad

      yes it is, there are countless videos on it. But I think what you are thinking is that Israel is embarrassed by this. But rather, this is a victory parade that they probably felt was quite appropriate until the world reaction hit them!


      caught red-handed by liveleak:

      The hasbara of course called it demonstration (which everyone can clearly see was more of a celebration):

      • Middle Ground


        I’m not trying to be difficult, but I still don’t see real proof that what was being celebrated was the murder of the peace activists. We muslims, unfortunately, have in the past used things which weren’t proven to make a point. One example was when someone made a satire of the CEO of Starbucks talking about Israel, and muslims started spreading it as though it was not a stire, but a real news item. And also recall the ayat in Surah Hujarat about confirming news.

  2. Human

    You ask why isn’t this video making the same rounds?… Do you want to dehumanize Jews, the way zionist dehumanized Muslims? Will that make the world better for you? …

    • Amad

      This dehumanizes the radical zionists. It shows the true face of how the right-wing in Israel behaves. And they are in control.

      • Human

        Really? Where does it say radical zionist anywhere on this post or youtube video?

        In that case the celebration of the few Palestinians on 9/11 were meant to show the true face of radical Muslim extremists?

        Eye for an eye, all is fair I guess.

      • Middle Ground

        The point Amad is making is that the Palestinians celebrating was over CNN, Fox News and probably every news channel. This video, even though I’m still not entirely sure that it’s what it claims to be, isn’t.

      • Human

        Middle Ground, how did you come to that conclusion after reading Amads comment?

      • Yaqeen needed

        The purported Palestinian celebration was fake. i thought that was well known by now

  3. Shariq

    1. There is zero proof that this video is ‘celebrating the deaths of turks’. This post on MM reminds me a lot of what Fox News puts out, and it seems as if this is becoming more common here on MM.

    2. Just because there are other RECYCLED videos with the exact same footage doesn’t mean the title becomes more and more legit.

    3. It’s stupid how a video like this could be put on a Muslim blog. Shouldn’t we Muslims be held to a higher standard? Or at least the MINIMUM of placing accurate information on the web?

    4. It should also be noted that this is a MINORITY, just like arabs and desis dancing all over my flag are a minority and shouldn’t represent an entire people or a nation.

    5. This doesn’t look like a celebration as much as it looks like a typical protest. I don’t suppose you’ve seen the Palestinian protests that are done in Houston? They look more like parties than protests.

    6. I’m not defending these people, their cause, or what they believe in. I am, however, defending the right for all us MM readers to get fair and accurate information rather than emotional propoganda. We get enough of that from other media outlets.

    7. By the way, when will MM cover Bosnia, Kashmir, Sudan, Somalia, Chechnya, and all the other nations which are going through difficult circumstances as well?

    Ehh.. another low.

  4. Sayf

    Easiest way to seal the deal is for someone who can read hebrew to read us those signs.
    Secondly, the video itself can be used for a propaganda device, but it also serves the more important job of a propaganda-exposing tool. As Amad said:

    Why isn’t this video that shows Israelis cheering the death of innocent humanitarian volunteers making the same rounds?

    There’s a reason for this inherent bias in the media, so think carefully about why this post is up. I was watching CBC yesterday which I thought was the least biased of the media outlets, and they made an effort to delegitimize the people in the flotilla by painting them as Muslim extremists seeking martyrdom, and passed over the voices of the non-Muslim Canadians on board. However the worst thing they did was show the Israeli PM’s speech calling them terrorists and made no effort to show how ridiculous such a statement was.

    Remember, I said CBC was the least-biased.

  5. Slave of the Most Lovin One

    You ppl cant be so unbelievable!!!
    You did the ryt thing brother amad!

    Btw for the ones who feel like they have to act objectively…. try to analyse the situation and speak…. ryt now a media battle is going on…. and Allah’s curse be on the liars who are unhesitatingly lying and calling the peace activists “terrorists”!! can u imagine that?!!

    and by reading the comments from diff sites, most of the Israelis, i can say, yes most of them are supporting and cheering this incident…and only FEW of them condemn this!!

    nywayz let’s not waste tym in talking pointless and aimless stuff…. let’s focus on how to bring about justice and free the children who are behind bars and are sentenced to 20 years in prison, mostly for throwing stones! let’s focus on how to carry out our duty as muslims to bring an end to oppression and tyranny!

    -Edited. Let’s not mix “Jews” with “Israelis”. There are many Jews all over the world disgusted by Israel’s terrorism.

  6. Muhammad

    Actually they’re protesting just like everyone else in support of their country of course. They’re protesting against everyone else condemning Israel for their recent action.

  7. sabirah

    from what i can see they are protesting to free Kurdistan and support PKK which happens to be in front of the Turkish embassy. They are shouting “Free Kurdistan”.
    That’s totally unrelated, could that be something older?

    • sabirah

      … or they could have counter-demonstrated with that… i don’t know…

      hmm maybe a good reminder for Surah al Hujarat ayat 6 … in these days we gotta print that off and stick to the computer screen

  8. Amad

    I have updated the post’s title and added more information.

    -It is clear that a large chunk of the Israeli population supports the security action
    -The video is legit and is supported by Israeli news

    The lack of humanity among such a large sector of the Israeli society is quite shocking to see.

    • suhail

      It is not as shocking brother if you see the support Israeli population had for there massacare in Gaza few months back. It was almost the same. I don’t think they even consider our muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza as humans. That is why they are treating them like this.

      The worst part is if you read the comments on places like CNN.com on these stories. It is like people are cheering Israel for this horrendus act and there prisoning of the gazans. It is indeed amazing to see that. The whole world including the muslim world is watching over a million muslims dying due to the blocade slowly but are doing nothing.

  9. Ameera

    The Israeli PM has supported the IDF’s action, despite condemnation all round… what more evidence of Israel’s self-congratulatory attitude do we need?

  10. abu abdAllah Tariq Ahmed

    It’s the same reason that videos like this one, from almost exactly 2 years ago on the BBC, are ignored in America. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7451691.stm

    And why you have to go to European media or the internet to find pieces like this: news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8721000/8721995.stm Why were peace activists trying to defend themselves? Because Israeli troops were firing on the ship with women, children, and the very elderly. As the peace activist stated, she saw another activist “shot between the eyes.”

    The interviewer raises the question of why was one ship subjected to so much violence compared to the rest of the flotilla? That’s a good question. The activist points out that she would want to see the confiscated footage from journalists before speculating on what happened.

    And the activist points out something else: if Israel had allowed people to rebuild their homes after the devestating Israeli bombardment and ground invasion of Gaza, if Israel had allowed something has humanitarian as wheel chairs for those maimed by Israeli weapons, then a flotilla might not have been so urgently needed.

    The bottom line: Israel calls itself humanitarian for letting through small quantities of food and medicine, while starving to death any hope of commerce or self-sustenance for Gaza. Why? To achieve a political objective. That’s it: to depose Hamas. Just to punish the people of Gaza for daring to cast votes for Hamas. The moral equivalent of Israel’s actions for the past few years would be President Obama blockading every Tea Party stronghold, bombarding them for every person among them who ever showed up at a rally with guns or other provocations criticizing him. Demolishing their homes. Refusing to let them rebuild. Get the idea?

  11. Amad

    And new video added in this post, which leaves little room for ambiguity.

    Via Andrew Sullivan again.


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