MM Lite (Content) : Announcing Our New Islamic Art Feature

mmliteMM is going on a diet. We're considering Atkins but we're not too sure if we can lay off the carbs so drastically. As part of our intellectual diet, we hope to present lighter content to balance out all the heavy duty mental meals. The blog version of a low-in-sugar, all-natural-ingredients cheesecake (or carrot cake… mmmmm), if you will.

Studies have shown that occasional, moderate intake of (healthy) sweets help revitalize the mind and stimulate neurons which activate the creative centers of the brain. Which is to say, our stats show that filler posts such as the “Caption This” pictures have gotten a ton of hits which tend to peter off when we start posting too many articles requiring mental workouts.

Thus, MM has decided to indulge readers' cravings for literary confections by presenting a new category for original artwork and photography submissions. History has proven that Muslim artists working within Shar'i bounds invented, developed, and presented breathtaking works of art that served as both decoration and spiritual reminders.

So do YOU have something beautiful to share?

Whether it's calligraphy or a collage, graffiti or .gifs (okay that was cheesy :D), or even an amazing snapshot of something uniquely, utterly Muslim, send it to us at:

…and we'll showcase the ones that caught our eyes.

The selected images will be published every Sunday, insha'Allah, with the weekly cut-off point for submission being Friday evening, 11pm GMT. Images submitted after this time will be considered for publishing the following week, insha'Allah.

So, if you want to be featured as our first guest artist this coming Sunday, please send your work in by the end of Friday, 8th May.

Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty… [Muslim]

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  1. Salman

    Dont know about the other submissions that are gonna come but these three slices of cake on the plate are making me hungry :D
    InshaAllah the other submissions are going to be as delicious

  2. Shahid Ahmad

    My wife is an artist working within the bounds of shari‘ia. Please visit her site at and drop her a line!



  3. halal y3ni

    mashaAllah tabarakAllah….For a limited time I will be willing to exchange 3 sukary dates from saudi for one of those golden-brown icing laden brownie type things….so…anyone knw how to make those y3ni? I’ll be their best friend too after that (for a limited time)

  4. Buzzer

    Assalam Alaikum,

    Pictures are good, regardless of your other intellectually-demanding posts.

    But, in general, here are two cents of feedback to ponder.

    If for the sake of popularity a blog/media waters down its content, then isn’t it like those media stations cutting vital programmings and replacing them with talk shows, reality shows, celebrity news, etc.?

    As for the number and length of posts. Lately, there are quite a few “promotional” posts either by MM or by PR/ad agencies. Those posts increase the carbs level for your readers for no benefits.

    Professionally speaking, a media site is required to have a clear distinction for: 1- impartial news 2- opinions and editorials 3- advertisements and product placements, because it’s not professional/ethical to mix them for the readers.

    and Allah knows best

    May Allah help us all


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