11 Things They Don’t Want You To Know About The Failed Coup In Turkey

By Shehzade Mustafa

There are far too many conspiracy theories thrown about in the Muslim world. You won’t have to go far to find someone convinced that the illuminati, the freemasons or any other shadowy organisation is behind all the ills afflicting us.

However, as we watched the bloody attempted military coup unfold in Turkey against a civilian government and civilian population – there were plenty of things happening that the protagonists would prefer us not to focus on.

Here are just a few of things “they” don’t want you to know:

1. Is it just coincidence that the coup was “predicted”?

Turkey-watchers will have noted the steady stream of articles talking up a coup in Turkey over the last few months. One article even fantasised about Erdogan and his family being hanged. At the time, it just seemed like journalists hypothesising, but it seems that a few crossed over from speculation to cheerleading.

coup prediction coup prediction2

2. The head of Turkish anti-Terrorism was executed in a pre-arranged “meeting”

The Turkish Interior Minister was invited to an important meeting on Friday evening, which was in fact an ambush at the start of the coup. He was busy and never made it. Unfortunately, one of the top Turkish counter-terrorism chiefs did make it to the “meeting” and was later found with his hands tied, shot in the neck.

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This is not a bloodless coup by a bunch of teenage conscripts as many will have you believe. Many senior members of the state were murdered or narrowly escaped death – including the President.

guardian neck

3. The coup plotters had detailed lists of accomplices who would take over the country

The media say it is extremely suspicious that so many thousands of individuals are being arrested within days of the coup attempt. The EU even directly accused Turkey of having pre-prepared lists of people to arrest that they acted on using the coup attempt as a pretext.

The truth is that the coup organisers had detailed lists drawn up of the civilians that would facilitate the coup and help take control of civil institutions. Turkish authorities were able to get hold of these lists by disrupting the communications of the coup plotters. However, most media sources deliberately are presenting the arrests and detentions as arbitrary and without basis.

coup lists

4. The Turkish police fought back – and paid the ultimate price

In the first few moments of the coup, it became clear that Turkish police weren’t going to simply melt away and cede control of the streets of Istanbul and Ankara to the army. Policemen faced off against soldiers with tanks in Taksim square and across the nation.

The coup organisers ordered rogue F16s to bomb the Turkish police headquarters. In a scene that would not be out of place from a Michael Bay movie, dozens of police officers died as their headquarter was bombed and then strafed by machine gun fire. Instead of taking the hint, the police returned fire using small arms and whatever they had at their disposal. They would not let their country be hijacked without a fight.

turk polisi

From mirror.co.uk

5. Assad and his forces were celebrating the coup before it was completed

As news of the attempted coup filtered in, celebrations broke out across regime strongholds in Syria. The truth is that the one leader in the world who has stood up to the mass murdering tyrant Assad consistently and without equivocation is Erdogan.

Meanwhile Syrian refugees were scared witless knowing that a successful coup would lead to them being sent back to the killing fields of Syria. The point cannot be made any more clearly – you are either with Erdogan or you are with Assad.

assad celebrations

6. World leaders did not back the government until after the coup was nearly crushed

Everyone claims that they stood with the democratically elected government of Turkey right from the start, but this is simply untrue. Just notice the deliberate avoidance of the key phrase “support the democratically elected government” by almost all world leaders until it was clear the coup was crushed.

In the crucial first few hours, when both sides are seeking international legitimacy, you are either for a coup or against it. If you choose not to use the words “democratically elected government” and simply state you are “monitoring the situation” or “hope for stability” then it is obvious where you stand no matter how much you cover it up afterwards.

UN procoup

7. Erdogan and the narrow escape

Those who were against the coup might not realise how close it came to turning out so differently. The elite Turkish commandos sent to capture or execute Erdogan accidentally thought he was at the hotel next to the private villa he was actually in. That mistake meant Erdogan was evacuated before they could catch him.

Whilst on his GulfStream jet returning back to Istanbul, his pilot changed the transponder code so that all radars would think that the jet was a Turkish Airlines flight. Despite this direct attempt on his life, many still paint the crackdown as “authoritarianism.”

erdo hotel

7. There was a deliberate attempt by “sources” to spread disinformation

When a President leaves his country and seeks asylum elsewhere, then the coup has succeeded. Even though Erdogan did the exact opposite and took significant personal risk to return back to Istanbul to face down the coup plotters, a different narrative was being given to the media of the world.

Media websites were allegedly being briefed that he was on his way to Italy, Germany and even the UK and seeking asylum. Not only that, they were saying that he was being rejected by all of them. Spreading such unverified news can be seen as crossing the line from bad journalism to propaganda facilitating the coup.

nbc lies

8. A website provided coordinates of Erdogan’s plane to the world

The most crucial moment of the coup came when Erdogan decided to fly into Istanbul and speak directly to his people. While he was in the air, a website allegedly provided his coordinates to the world including the coup plotters who very nearly shot his plane down.

erdo stratfor

9. More civilians died in the failed coup than in Orlando & Nice combined – but this time, the victims were demonised 

After the horrific attacks in Orlando and Nice, the victims were rightly remembered, memorialised and their relatives condoled in the media. However, those who were similarly murdered by the coup plotters (including those were run over by tanks, the journalists shot dead for documenting the crimes of the coup plotters and innocent children) were described as a “violent mob”, “sheep” and more.

It is absolutely sickening that the victims were being labelled as such before they were even in the ground. It seems some lives matter more than others.

ny times tweet

10. The entire media and other governments cannot hide their anti-Erdogan bias

For years, various media outlets and governments have described Erdogan as paranoid and unhinged in his crackdown on “perceived enemies.” Now that he has been vindicated spectacularly, they demand that he shows “restraint” – in essence, leaving those who organised, facilitated and equivocated over the coup to regroup and try again.

Coup Violence infographic

11. A state of emergency is being presented as an authoritarian power grab

If a failed military coup that left hundreds dead, thousands injured, parliament bombed and was supported by a cabal that has infiltrated throughout society is NOT the time to declare a state of emergency, then when is?

But this is not about honesty or practicalities. This is about propaganda against a government that the media don’t like and will do anything to demonise.

StateofEmergencyArtboard 1

It is fashionable amongst certain Muslim circles to burnish their liberal credentials by bashing Erdogan. They buy into the media propaganda and repeat it whenever given a chance. They minimise the very real campaign against him and his government and paint his every action as that of a madman acting in a vacuum.

The government is not blameless and there are mistakes – some of them may well be serious. But until the media begins to cover the events in Turkey in an impartial and honest manner, it will be harder to sort fact from propaganda – and harder to get justice.

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46 responses to “11 Things They Don’t Want You To Know About The Failed Coup In Turkey”

  1. UF says:

    No one in the west likes the idea of an islamic minded head of the state, thus this vendetta.

    • Yahaya Isa says:

      The West will keep failing . Allah’s plan can never be extinguished.

    • Al says:

      Anti-thesis: Turkey-Iran-China-Russia-North Korea-Ashaam and the Islamic world

      Thesis: Europe-UK-Canada-America-Australia-Japan-india-Brazil-Israel and other lesser countries

      The two sides you see above are being drawn out through conditions that are being bought about by design, in some instances the leader of the country of concern is in on it. For the most part I hypothesise that all if not most leaders on both sides sleep in the same bed together; harvest are the people (citizens) of the world, respectively the ones they lead.

      These are the two sides being drawn out by certain Satani powers for a impending war (ww3)

      My lowly opinion

      Whether Ergadon is a willing or unwilling participant, what I will say is they will start with Turkey first and take out Sofia Majid using fighter jest and televise it for the world to witness… This will be followed by an attack on Egypt to neutralise the Islamic threat to Israel so they can advance their plot for the the greater Israel through to Syria. They will move to Russia with nuclear weapons there after and then ground troops with China.

      These are very specific details, remember the sequence and how it will unfold, if it does an I do believe this is how the Satani powers have scripted it to, we can then discuss other possibilities from there onwards…

    • Sifr says:

      *Anti-thesis: Turkey-Iran-China-Russia-North Korea-Ashaam and the Islamic world

      *Thesis: Europe-UK-Canada-America-Australia-Japan-india-Brazil-Israel and other lesser countries

      The two sides you see above are being drawn out through conditions being bought about by design, in some instances the leader of the country (of concern) is in on it. For the most part, I hypothesise that most leaders on both sides sleep in the same bed together; the harvest are the people (citizens) of the world, respectively the ones they lead in their country.

      These two sides being drawn out by certain Satani powers for a impending war (ww3), most of it is scripted.

      My lowly opinion

      Whether Ergadon is a willing or unwilling participant, what I will say is they are then tricking him to help trigger and start ww3, with Turkey first, if I am right they will take out Sofia Majid using fighter jest and televise it for the world to see and witness… This will be followed by an attack on Egypt to neutralise the Islamic threat to Israel so that they can advance their plot for the the greater Israel project through to Syria. They will then move to Russia with nuclear weapons and attack them, there after they will finally attack China using ground troops. India has already move 100 tanks to the boarder with China under Americas instructions.

      The details I have outlined above are very specific details, please make note of them remember the sequence on how I have claimed they have plotted to unfold the malhama (ww3) against the Ummah. if it does an I do believe this is how the Satani powers have scripted it to unfold.

      …and Allah (swt) knows best.

  2. Hana says:

    Thank you for this clear and informative article. It’s hard to find non-biased reporting in English it seems. For those interested there’s now a movement consisting of Turkish youth who aim to make the masses’ voices heard: https://m.facebook.com/voicesofjuly15turkey/ – amazing accounts of military brutality.
    Hope you can continue to enlighten the public about the coup and the aftermaths.

  3. Nisar Rathod says:

    International conspiracy to dislodge President Erdogan is being carried out by the some quarters against the ongoing repulsive attitude towards the anti-muslim … rule of Erdogan … Western side Istanbulian of Marmara are Kamalist … Atheists ! the small minority …May Erdogan live longer than the Age … forever to rule the Turks. .

  4. GregAbdul says:

    Obviously President Erdogan is too Muslim for many in the West, so they say things about him that don’t make sense, hoping his government will collapse. You don’t go easy on people who commit treason against the state, at least not when a white-Christian-run government is attacked. We in the US jail people big time, not for attacking the White House or Congress, but for the act of trying to go to Syria to fight Assad. Clearly the racist double standard looms its ugly head once again when the victims are Muslim, as it does here in the West on a regular basis.

    • Muji says:

      Churchill’s grandson said that America is pushing for Turkish entry into Europe against British interests. John Kerry occupied ringside seats in Moscow during the coup. I think that it was probably planned between America and Russia in order to vex Europe.

  5. ridwan says:

    They are against Islam.may Allah punish them all. It was after d coup failed that Assad is ready to dialogue when half of d population have aided and 4 major hospital demolished. ALLAAH KNOWS BEST.

  6. Mohammed says:

    Let it be known that Allahu Akbar!
    Look at how Allah the King of Kings protected President Erdogan and crushed the well planned coup with modern technology. The power of Allah is greater than your weak technologies and coup plotters, Allahu Akbar!

  7. Mohammed says:

    The people Of Egypt can learn from the Muslims of Turkey

  8. m s siddiqui says:

    Wa tu izzu mantasha, wa tu zillu mantasha, biyadil khair…Allah protects the righteous and punish the wrong doer…


    Allah knows best; may He protect & provide the Way for the righteous to overcome the modern world tyrants & conspirators — Aameen.
    Whatever be the power of technology, none is capable to overcome the Almighty’s decision.
    Alhamdulillah, in the aftermath of too many turmoil in the Muslim world, at least Turkey is spared for the time-being. May Allah make our generation a reason for Muslims to rejoice — Aameen.

  10. Shabuddin Shaikh says:

    Allahumma aizzal-Islama wal-Muslimeen, Allahumma aizzal-Islama wal-Muslimeen, wa adhillash-shirka wal-Mushrikeen, wa dammir adaa’ad-deen, wahmi hawzatal-Islami Ya rabbal Alameen.
    O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims, O Allah raise the standing and the Muslims, and degrade the standing of Kufr and the Kaafireen, and Shirk and the Mushrikeen. Destroy the enemies of the Deen, and protect the lands of Islam, O Lord of the Worlds.
    Aameen, aameen, summameen ya Rabbal Aalameen

  11. sultan mania says:

    They are all corrupt and evil. Throw them all out of the Middle East and start all over from the beginning. Only secular nations will survive!

  12. Masud says:

    Truth will always prevail and false will always be destroyed wake up and this the history of this world wake up people wake up always supprt the truth and condemn the false

  13. Turkish Islamic Resistance says:

    Erdogan’s cell phone announce to us ”go out” means too much things for us, if he did not invite us or if we did not go out to stop tanks, today a Muslim country Turkey would be %100 Western Slave.Now these coupe supporters will be cleaned, thats why western media unhappy.At leats %65 of the Turkish people thinks that, if the coupe succeed Western Media would be start to dancing to coupe victory, today they failed but their attacks will be never end.

  14. Omer says:

    To start off I think the article was well written and provided angles that have not been analyzed or dwelved into. That being said, I find it very interesting that the article calls for unbiased media reporting on Turkey and yet seems to fall in the same trap. Statements like “you are either with Erdogan or you are with Assad” are very problematic and take away from the objectivity that this article attempts to accomplish. This is just one example I found out of a few,and the last disclaimer type paragraph acknowledging Turkey’s potential faults is not enough.

    For any piece of writing to be taken at face value, the absence of bias needs to be evident, and this message goes out to both the author and the MM editorial board who takes part of that responsibility of ensuring that nuance is present in the articles they choose to publish.

    • Abu Teen says:

      Are you serious? Journalists are not supposed to objective. That’s a mainstream media fed myth.

      “I find it really disturbing that there’s this sense that journalists are supposed to in every case pretend that they have no opinions or suppress those opinions, and pretend that they’re sort of machines or computers in how they look at the world.” – Glenn Greenwald

  15. Hue Man says:

    Thanks for the investigative journalism.

  16. Po says:

    Sorry, this is a propaganda piece on its own.
    1. Is it just coincidence that the coup was “predicted”?
    I predicted the coup myself and am merely a slightly above informed civilian. One of my daily questions on twitter was is this day the coup happens in Turkey? Erdogan has made sure the only option left for people to rescue Turkey off the edge of the precipice is a coup. And it is even more so now after the coup attempt and the subsequent purge.

    2. The head of Turkish anti-Terrorism was executed in a pre-arranged “meeting”
    This is not a bloodless coup by a bunch of teenage conscripts as many will have you believe. Many senior members of the state were murdered or narrowly escaped death – including the President.
    I am not sure anyone seriously made that claim! What is also said is that those conscripts were unaware they were participating a coup, that they were told they were participating in military exercises.

    3. The coup plotters had detailed lists of accomplices who would take over the country
    That is the idea behind a coup, that one should have a list of people to takeover the various institutions. What is also evident is that Erdogan has a large list of people he wanted to target, beyond the ones he has been targeting (judges, media, educations, office holders, military…). As he said, this is God’s gift.

    4. The Turkish police fought back – and paid the ultimate price

    Yep, happens in a coup, various factions face one another.

    5. Assad and his forces were celebrating the coup before it was completed

    Uh…Turkey and Erdogan are the ones through whom the breakdown on Syria is being done. Between Turkey’s support of ISIS and the its airbases being used to attack Syria, Erdogan has been Syria’s biggest enemy so far. And you are surprised Assad would be celebrating the coup?

    6. World leaders did not back the government until after the coup was nearly crushed
    No one loves Erdogan. He is a liability to everyone, to Turkey, to Syria and even to his Nato allies. Hid downing a Russian plane almost set in motion WW3. Democratically elected does not a democracy make. He is an authoritarian at the helm of a democracy, same as would Trump be…same as Assad is.
    7. Erdogan and the narrow escape

    Other narratives claim that Erdogan was never really in danger. They saw the coup coming, as they had been warned by the Russians and allowed it to happen in order to use it as the “the gift from God”” Erdogan claims it is.

    7. There was a deliberate attempt by “sources” to spread disinformation
    Possible, surely. But anyone who knows a bit about media knows that this is the norm, misinformation and erroneous information are the norm, and this about every news event.

    8. A website provided coordinates of Erdogan’s plane to the world
    How could that be?

    9. More civilians died in the failed coup than in Orlando & Nice combined – but this time, the victims were demonised
    The oppsoite is what I have seen. Actually, what I have seen is a lack of coverage of such casualties. Whatever little I have seen has been complimentary.
    10. The entire media and other governments cannot hide their anti-Erdogan bias
    Agreed! But it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Erdogan is a thin skinned autocrat who goes after journalists.

    11. A state of emergency is being presented as an authoritarian power grab
    Normal, because everyone knew that was the aim of Erdogan, to gather more power at the expense of the Turkish democratic structure. Every year since he came onto the scene has been one more year of doing just that. It is a power grab. Is it justified? Perhaps. It is ALSO a power grab.

    It is time as Muslims for us to stop defending the indefensible. Some of the people we defend cost us more as Muslims than they benefit us. Erdogan is NOT a defender of Islam. He is an autocrat using Islam as a veil in order to justify what he does. Turkey is worse off under him that he was before. The world is worse off with him at the helm of Turkey. Whatever Syria is under Assad is better than what the West, with the help of Erdogan has done to it. millions of Syrians gone, the country destroyed, Muslim bloodshed…all of it would have been impossible without the usual: muslims enabling western war and destruction of other muslims.
    Let us also see that with Syria, and Yemen, destroyed, Iran and Hezbollah are next. Then Saudi Arabia, thenTurkey itself will be taken out after they help take out their Muslim rivals.

    • SLD says:

      I think you are confusing this comment section with reasoned and factual thinking, sir.
      It is not going to be appreciated by the neo-Ottoman crowd here.

      Our author, Shehzade Mustafa, has a pseudonym taken from an Ottoman prince executed due to the machinations of a Ukrainian concubine, resulting in the weakening of the Ottoman dynasty. The neo-Ottoman contingent here likewise is determined to believe that there is some sort of European conspiracy in this Erdogan coup: once again, the Western harlot is working behind the scenes to bring down the new Ottoman caliphate. Truth is secondary to the heroic narrative.

    • Soni says:

      It is a good practice to think about something before saying it or writing. How can a coup be the only way for the Turks to rid him hen they have the opportunity to vote him out. They almost removed single party rule only recently. It was a re-election that solidified it again.

      • Po says:

        I am not sure how closely you have watched the Turkish elections, Soni. Erdogan used the same methodology that elected Bush to win his elections….and Putin’s return to power. He staged false flag operations then claimed to be the only one able to fight terrorism. Meanwhile, he managed to make his opposing pols and parties disqualified, all of which insured that whatever opposition to his run was there was threatened or dismantled.
        Additionally, he had started purging civil, parliamentary, judicial and military systems much before this coup attempt, shutting down media outlets, dismissing generals and judges, taking hold of more and more power.
        All of which increased even more after the coup attempt.
        What we are seeing now in Turkey is the same de-Baathization that happened in Iraq, when the US invaded and dismissed the core structure of civil and military society and, leading the dismissed iraqi military to align with other forces to create ISIS.
        What do you think will happen with all those people, teachers, journalists, judges, army people etc who have been cut from Turkish society, jailed or exiled?
        Yes, another coup is afoot and that one will be deadlier and will break Turkey apart.

    • Maid says:

      PO, I believe you are not a Muslim at all. You must be one of those working for Zionists or even Zionist yourself that use different identity. Anyway, you do not think as a Muslim anyway! For all “Real Muslims”, this was not just attack on Turkey, this was attack on Islam and last Fort in Islamic World to be destroyed was Turkey. We are sick and tired of our Muslim Blood being shed by these infidels and only blind can agree with your “professional input”. So, Erdogan is the Leader that Muslims love, respect and cherish. He is the one trying to unite Muslims, he does not see difference in those who are called “Suny” or “Shia”. For him we are brothers as per Quran. He is the one that stood up for Palestine to “so called Israel”. Turkey has been only Country in the Muslim World trying to make difference in the World for Muslims. Take a good look at the Turkish economy, it is booming without any obligation to MMF (IMF). I wish there were more Erdogans today in the world so we can help all our Brothers and Sisters in the World against Zionist scum. All other so called Muslim Countries are already controlled by Infidel Puppets, for example Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc. I do not know where you live but clearly, you are either ignorant or blind! If you lived in the west, you would be sick and tired of the lies from “Free Democratic Press”. Example England, France, US and Canada. Press is controlled by Corporations and you can only see what they want you to see. Lies, Lies, Lies…….Brainwash, every day! Their citizens do not care about the truth, they believe what they want to hear and not what is really the truth. Truth is not on TV anyway. I stopped watching News on TV long time ago, because it makes you sick. Their democracy is “Corporate Dictatorship” which you understand if you are one of them. I thank God for Iran too and being the smartest among Muslim Countries. Nobody thinks about touching Iran anymore, guess why??? Thanks God for its existence! These criminals can plan whatever they want and God knows their plan, but guess what; “They do not know Gods plan”. Cheers!

      • Po says:

        Maid, either you are right and I am not a Muslim, or you are wrong and you are not a Muslim. Your response exemplifies the problem we have, the inability to be objective. When the Quran urges to stand for truth and testify even against your own self and yours, we understand it in the legal framework only, but it also includes to stand up and testify for PRINCIPLES and TRUTH even against our side.
        How is Turkey a defender of Islam when the Syrian destruction is enabled by Turkey?
        When ISIS, an obvious enemy of Islam is sponsored and supported by Turkey?
        When the oil stolen from Syrian fields is routed through Turkey and managed by Erdogan’s son himself?
        When Turkey is part of Nato and is holding their nukes on its territory?
        When Turkey’s airspace and bases are what enable the West an enhanced presence in the ME?
        When Turkey works in conjunction with Saudi Arabia and the West in their ideological/military and economic war against Iran?
        Didn’t Turkey just resume its economic partnership with Israel without the satisfaction of the pre-conditions it set for doing so?
        Who fired the first salvo in the upcoming third world war? Turkey by downing a Russian jet! Who was it on behalf of? Obviously its Nato masters.
        How can you be thankful for both Iran and Turkey when Turkey is of those working to undermine Iran?

        The idea of Muslim countries is a fallacy. Our leaders are willingly or forcefully owned by the West, their militarized and their banks. Saudi Arabia is Israel’s sister…the UAE hired Israeli firms to erect is statewide surveillance system.
        And yes, in spite of its human rights issues, Iran is the only country still resisting western imperialism, hence the focus of the Saudis in taking it out. And if Syria were to fall, Iran and Lebanon would be next. And when those fall, the Muslim world would be completely subjugated to the west. And as I keep saying, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the ones workign stubbornly in helping that become a reality. Though in the last couple of weeks, Turkey is seeming to reverse course and detach from the west while re-alignign with Russia and Syria.

  17. SLD says:

    “For years, various media outlets and governments have described Erdogan as paranoid and unhinged in his crackdown on “perceived enemies.”

    That’s because Erdogan has waged war on journalists, going so far as to try to designate some of them as “terrorists”. It was not a good idea to alienate the opinion-makers. He is a 1970s-style autocrat bungling his way through the Internet age.

    • Soni says:

      And yet, his people love him. It is an even greater blow to see the people risk their lives to show their support for him and for Turkey at large. Most others would have stayed out of harms way during a coup. Not so the Turks, if you respect nothing else, respect that and let people decide their own fate.

      • SLD says:

        Oh, the Turks can have Erdogan if they want him.

        For myself, I prefer an Islamist ruling Turkey. What better evidence for the fact that Turkey is culturally and morally Muslim and non-Western? It will permanently eliminate the prospect of EU membership for Turkey.

        Minorities will suffer, of course. Two churches in Turkey were vandalized in the wake of the coup, even though Christians have largely been driven from Turkey and exist as a tiny minority. Freethinkers and artists will be oppressed. We have seen this before in Morsi’s Egypt. This is the will of many Muslims. Very few Islamic countries have established strong constitutions that protect minorities, because this conflicts with sharia. Democracy without the guarantee of constitutional freedoms is simply mob rule.

  18. Abu Teen says:

    Sibel is as anti-coup as it gets on the Turkey issue. She openly declared it a CIA plot using Gulen. Yes she predicted the coup but it wasn’t from the angle this article is talking about. It’s a bit messed up to use a headline about her as a graphic on this piece as she stands on the other side of the aisle. I can’t take articles seriously which make such glaring analytical errors.

    • Soni says:

      No sibel addresses the real underlying issues that led to the propaganda against Erdogan.

      1. Him reducing bankers powers (no other leader would dare do this)
      2. Him reducing pharmaceutical powers (no other leader would dare do this)
      3. Him taking away the privilages of the Gulen institutes benefitting 100s of millions re educations system
      It is after the above that the Taksim riots emerge out of nowhere and the propaganda begins.
      4. He is building the largest airport in the world
      5. He is creating a toll through the canal system

      etc etc etc

      Need to wake up and smell the roses, they are quite vibrant this time of year. Put your jealousy and envy aside and be honest with yourself. This guy has done amazing this for a country that was on the brink of starvation prior to his party being voted in. don’t have a memory of 6 months, go back to Turkey prior to his time.

  19. Omer says:

    What was surprising, is that some prominent military figures spoke out against a coup, including the commander of the First Army, Gen. Umit Guler, who issued a statement, carried by a pro-government news channel, saying, “The armed forces do not support this movement comprised of a small group within our ranks.” One wonders then just how organized and orchestrated this “low level” coup.

  20. Umar Khalid says:

    Erdogan is the closest thing we have to a leader of the Muslim Ummah. Anyone against him is against Muslims. Only Zionist and American agents would want him out of power, he has transformed Turkiye from the sick man of Europe to one of strongest countries in the world.

  21. SunTzu says:

    There should be a number 12: the WikiLeaks documents that were supposed to expose the AKP for plotting this coup (among other things), but just turned out to be a database of all female AKP members and their personal information, including addresses and phone numbers; a gold mine for any stalkers.


  22. Noble Peace says:

    Bism Allah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

    sallam alaikom,

    Benedictions on the people of turkey-

    ”Allah Akbar, Subhan Allah, w la howla w la qawa ila billah al-alay al-Azeem”- unwise to mention, but have the walls fallen or still yet to….Allah knows best!….

    Albeit, despite the current and the fear of tomorrow, a sign of peace in-sha-Allah looks like its around the corner and it is knocking on the door!

    on another note, any body know who won between Liverpool and Roma? :) sorry to mention this here!!

    just to end, I advise myself and anybody who happens to have read this, repentence thuma repentence while we can..especially in the current summer heat…..may Allah make us all steadfast.

    May we win with the Lord of the ancient House and enter the coolness of this life and the Hereafter. Allahoma Ameen.

    Allah forgive me for my laziness and talking from my whims, just to counter that or at least attempt to…al-shura 16-22 (As to mention khair al-Kalaam, even though not writing it out..)

    peace and blessings and salutations on the Mercy to mankind/our Beloved Muhammed and all those who follow him till the Judgement day and may I be with yourselves and may we all meet him in-sha-Allah at his haud and drink from his blessed hand…


    • Noble Peace says:

      subhan Allah…just to prove my hawa..I have not prayed Fajr!- sorry just talking to myself- opsey daisey I must be crazy….remember the religion is solid, so enter it smoothly…other wise it’s over whelming as the Muqafi informed us.


  23. Flimflam says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with #10 and #11. Corporate media around the world, but lead by US media have focused on reactions to the coup attempt rather than the coup attempt itself.

    A point this article fails to address, but rather feeds into, is the focus on one man – Erdogan. He is one man, while this coup attempt was an attack on institutions and the entire country. Anytime corporate media wants to demonize and rationalize an attack on a country, they focus on one person – Assad, Qaddafi, Putin, Saddam, etc. International affairs are always more complex than one single person, yet boiling all things down into one person allows mainstream media to focus the (mostly ignorant and lazy) masses’ attention one “evil” person — allowing governments to rationalize bombing and sanctioning entire nations.

    Finally, what does this author clownishly mention Assad for? What does Assad have to do with this coup attempt? If anything, the world powers that were supporting this coup attempt have (and are) actively supporting the downfall of Assad and his government — the US, UK, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi. While I think Assad is a dictator, the real target of those fighting him (directly or indirectly) are Hezbollah and Iran. Are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and the US saviors of democracy and human dignity?

  24. Wanter of justice says:

    Ever since the moment it was said that an attempted coup is underway, every decent Muslim wanted it to fail. But what is happening after the coup is indeed painful to watch. The first thing they did was mass arrests in the military, arresting thousands of young conscripts who simply were following orders or even conscripts that were staying in the barracks; conscripts who killed civilians and policemen, they deserve to be trialed, but one by one, not massively arresting them. They said a small portion of the military is behind this, but on the aftermath of the coup they arrested or fired nearly a the third of the generals and admirals in the military, that doesn’t seem like a “a small portion” to me. Then began a purge in the media, closing dozens of television networks, newspapers, news agencies, and online news portals; does it mean that these media and its journalists were also involved in the coup? And then, we saw the worst purge they could do, closing schools, universities, and firing tens of thousands of teachers; were these teachers also involved in the coup? And we saw a macabre aspect of this, banning imams from doing the janazah ceremonies of the soldiers that highly likely didn’t even know what they were doing, and even if they knew, they simply followed their officer’s orders.

    As a Muslim, I used to like Erdogan for letting his country have such a high economic growth, but in the last few years he has turned in a typical authoritarian leader that doesn’t tolerate criticism, and now as we can see, he’s doing his best on removing as much as possible every potential opposition to his authoritarian rule.

    As a Muslim, I’m utterly disappointed by my fellow Muslims and sheikhs that just because Erdogan sings the adhan in public, recites Quran in public, and just orally (but not really) shows support to Muslims outside of Turkey; they are willing to forgive all nasty things and injustices that he’s doing.

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