What Are the Rules of a Relationship? | Haleh Banani

Improve Marriage

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4 responses to “What Are the Rules of a Relationship? | Haleh Banani”

  1. Ilham says:

    Assalaamualaikum. I can’t view the video because it’s private.

  2. naheem says:

    Assalamualaikum same can’t view

  3. Salam. Fresh in my memory s a Hadith that “evererything has Mataah and the most mataah in this dunya is the righteous woman”, my question s from where can we find such a description?

  4. Aafia says:

    Alhumdulillah I can view the Video.Nice Video !
    The Only thing that has ever worked for me in hard situation is my communication with Allah through Salah. When things do not go right ,I Only Complain to Allah and Only expect from Allah to improve my relationship .

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