How Can NewlyWeds Avoid the Pitfalls of Marriage? | Haleh Banani

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4 responses to “How Can NewlyWeds Avoid the Pitfalls of Marriage? | Haleh Banani”

  1. Stardusty Psyche says:

    I appreciate your video very much. I am not a Muslim, in fact, I am very much opposed to the ideology of the Qur’an and the Hadith, but anybody who wants a good marriage would do well to listen and take your message to heart.

  2. silvia says:

    Jazak Allah Khairan for the valuable information

  3. Raniya says:

    Assalamu alaikum sister,

    I’ve been married for almost 3 years now. My husband doesn’t desire sex. This had led to numerous fights but nothing has changed. I’ve tried everything, talking, confronting, threatening (though I shouldn’t have done so).

    He is a kind and a forgiving man, and love me a lot. But the whole sexual thing is completely missing from my marriage.
    Kindly advise.

    Your sister in distress.

  4. James says:

    It SHOULD be readily accepted that women are more controlling than men. They have a naturally highly manipulative side to them and will always put their needs first.

    Women have successfully convinced police to always arrest the man in a domestic violence dispute, regardless of the woman’s behavior and they want to keep it that way.

    Until a few decades ago women would restrain themselves for various reasons including fear of retaliation from men and nowadays they just don’t care because most men do not respond with violence to violence when it comes to women and if they “dare” just say something or shove her even in self defense, if the woman calls the police than guess WHO is going to jail REGARDLESS of whose fault it is. That is because of our stupid mindless laws and double standards we have in this country (and other “civilized” countries) which leads to all kind of Injustice towards men.

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