Talk to God




Yo i’m tryna talk to Goddd, like I need prescriptions/
Cuz my soul’s feelin’ low in the distance/
He told me hold uppp, you really need to listen/
I gave you the Quran, Ramadan, and some wisdom/

[Verse 1]

I don’t need medicaid, or the medication in my kitchen/
All I gotta do is follow Sunnah with persistence/
Now everything I gotta do is written in my mission/
I gotta serve God cuz that’s the reason for existence/
Sometimes I lose focus… sometimes I be slippin’/
But either way, somebody been taking a page up out my wish list/
and that’s to improve within the movement, stop actin’ like it’s a nuisance/
a common denominator’s a steady stream of a excuses/
Missin’ something so intricate… as prayer and just dismissin’ it/
Fishin’ for freedom, but you’re really just self-limitin’/
Blessings on blessings for reading them lessons/
Prophetic transitions transcending with messages/
Tell God that i’m grateful he gave me a plate-full/
I coulda had nothing, been broke or disabled/
Or never been born, or maybe misguided/
But you gave me role models who keep it so righteous/

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[Verse 2]
So it’s 2-9 or it’s 3-0 either way don’t you know, that i’m feedin my soul/
got a golden opportunity pick and… Roll/
With it, cause this fasting got me fascinated/
with this nourishment i’m lackin lately/
But that’s just the physical, the spiritual’s the pinnacle/
A scripture paints a picture of the holiest of miracles/
I’m breaking my fast with the same box of dates/
Never outdated, I do not complain/
When there’s brothers and sisters with nothin’ to eat/
Our bellies are full and they end up deceased/
Here is a mirror, now look at your face/
I’m shifting perspectives to show you your fate/
If you rich or you poor, we gon’ end up in graves/
I’m pourin’ my wisdom and feelings to say/
You need to be grateful before it’s too late/
Talkin to God…helps me elevate/


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3 responses to “Talk to God”

  1. Noor says:

    While I do consider faith an important factor in overcoming difficulties, your word choices were ableist.

    You should put something at the beginning that addresses there are also biological causes for depression and the need for medication. I like the song, but it fails to acknowledge when people need medication and it also speaks of being disabled in a negative way. And it also mentions disability in a way that is ableist.

    The Muslim community needs to educate more on mental health and illness and disabilities. I would ask you to educate yourself Shahroz on the topics of mental illness and disability, including ableist attitudes & then do spoken word on the topic. It would be a great gift to many who are now struggling in the ummah and in the world.

    Just the fact you mentioned medicaid like you did shows you have no knowledge on what it means to be disabled. Medicaid is often the insurance provided to those with biological diseases like bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder includes episodes of mania and depression which must be controlled by medication. There are many causes of depression that require medication. Some of them create such severe symptoms a person is unable to work and may end up so poor, their insurance is medicaid.

    Once you educate yourself on this, perhaps you will not unknowingly offend them. I know it wasn’t on purpose and your song is about devotion to God during difficult times, but it is also very offensive to those who do need prescriptions and medicaid …. and they are God’s gifts to many who struggle with the biological diseases.

    May God bless you.

    Social Justice Project: Ableism:

    NAMI on Depression:

    • Shahroz says:

      I think you completely misunderstood the piece i’m not talking about mental health or illness. In fact it’s something I studied throughout my college career, it’s a personal thing, Specifically i’m speaking about myself and how I don’t need to turn to certain things, even with any issue we have to realize any healing comes from a conversation with Allah. i don’t have any mental illness thats why I start off the verse that way. And in fact in the chorus I’m drawing an analogy between having a conversation with god being as important to the mind as medication is, a prescription for the soul. I think you’re blowing one line way out of proportion and context.

  2. Naz says:

    JAZAKALLAH KHAIR for this piece. This is definitely what I needed. Ive been feeling reli conflicted with things and what you wrote reli provided clarity. Thank you for writing n posting this, it will be very beneficial to many.

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