FearBusters: Conclusion

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If you’ve gained nothing else from this series of articles please keep the following three takeaways in mind:

  1. Fear is a result of your dominant thoughts and your thoughts are something over which you have complete control. Change the thoughts to more positive and action oriented ones and you will see your fears slowly disappear.
  2. I will end how I began by reminding you that Allah used the word ‘khawf’ or fear in the Quran as a noun 26 times and more than 20 of those times, He uses the word in reference to the fact that for those who have faith and do good, Allah removes their fears.
  3. Truly the only thing to fear in this world is Allah himself. And even that fear should be superseded by your love for Him. If the only thing you fear in this world is Allah and you know how to overcome all of the other fears, then and only then will you taste a sense of true freedom and liberation from the shackles of your own mind and of what others may say or think about you.

I pray that Allah builds a sense of fearlessness in us like the fearlessness of the Prophet and his companions.

I ask Allah to accept this series of articles from me and place them on the scale of my hasanaath on the DOJ.

I ask that Allah forgive me if I have said anything in error in these articles.

I hope and pray that these articles have been of benefit to you and many others. The purpose in writing these articles was to help people overcome their fears, because they lead to stagnation and limit the potential of our human capacity. Fears are truly a tool of shaytaan to keep up from fulfilling our great potential in life. Just imagine for  one second a world in which people lived fearless and with great courage. That’s the kind of world that I want to live in and help build.

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