When a Man has A Billion and a Half Followers

His status in history isn’t debated,

A question to be asked then,

why is the greatest man, when great men are rated..

the one that you don’t know…

His name is the most popular in the world, (true prophet— their prophecies must come true)

His fame, encompasses the globe, rafa’na laka thikrika, inna shaniaka huwwal albtar. Prophet only had daughters.

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His message, was to worship God alone, What all of the messengers came with.

His method, was mercy to friend and foe, ..Suhail ibn Amr, people of Mecca,

Why is it that you don’t know?

He was the orphan, Prophet and shepherd,

sent to revive hearts— lifeless as deserts,

Ties of kinship that were severed,

His forbearance could not be measured,

And he is so loved..

you would love him too..

if you only knew..

He was the father who’s face lit up when his daughter entered the room,

would stand and seat her where he was seated,

He was the husband who would move an army ahead so he could foot race his wife,

and smile charmingly when defeated,

He was the prophet who told us that heaven is at the feet of our mother,

And to be equal in our love of ourselves and our love of our brother,

His companions were Arab, Jewish, Persian, Roman and Black,

He told us were the same, for we all came from Adam, in fact,

if there was any difference it would simply be,

the one higher in the sight of God, is the one with more piety,

He is the most documented figure in history,

His walk, his talk, his statements his thoughts,

How he loved and fought, what he was and was not,

Everything that he taught,

is there for you to read..

He was the man who had the world at his feet,

But would go days without food to eat,

Loved the poor, and the meek,

God was all that he would seek,

Enrich your heart, and find out about the best person that you don’t know

#Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him)

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7 responses to “When a Man has A Billion and a Half Followers”

  1. Assalam. Please I will be grateful if you will share this song with me through my email address

  2. Imran says:

    mA, beautiful!

    Any recommendations for books/talks on seerah?..I’ve read Tariq Ramadan’s book but now looking for more in-depth sources.

    • Shabeeb says:

      Fiqh us Seerah by Sheikh Muhammad al Ghazali is a good book.

    • Muhammad says:

      Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar), by: Sheikh Mubarakpuri
      is an award winning book. Notably at the Islamic Conference on Seerah in 1979, this book competed against 170 competitors and won first place.

  3. UmmHadi says:

    Br Ammar, Masha Allah well written, Is this a poem that is recited in a rhythmic pattern, if so please share the link.

    Br Imran, Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) by Yasir Qadhi is a good one.
    The “sealed nectar” by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri is also good.

  4. Okasha says:

    Beautiful. The brother probably doesn t know but he s walking in the steps of the great companion and poet Hassaan Ibn Thaabit who defended the prophet with Al-Hijaa.

    For more on Al-Hijaa read this


  5. M Faisal Riyad says:

    And what we are doing? Misrepresenting Islam in our daily life by our actions. Islam was never flourished upon the quantity, it flourished upon the quality of the Ummah. Just look at the lessosns from the Battle of Badr : they were only 313 and they made the history. Allah made them to create the history. Now a days Islam has become all about rituals and nothing else. Where is the teachings and the wisdoms? I don’t see them.

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