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When You Feel Like Allah Doesn’t Listen


I know a brother who was so committed to praying his prayers in the masjid and was always found in the first row. He was known that regardless of how the weather was (i.e. a blizzard, tornado, thunderstorm…etc.), he still made it to the masjid. What was really interesting is that he doesn’t have a car, bus pass, bike or any sort of transportation, except that he walks there.

All of a sudden, a few days passed by without the brother seen in the masjid. It was obvious to me at that point that perhaps he got really sick, like REALLY sick; so I decide to go and visit him.

Once I arrived to his house, I knocked on the door and he opened up. I smiled and said, “As-salaamu alaykum!”

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He replied saying, “What the F@#$% [curse word] do you want?”

I was so shocked to hear that and asked him, “What happened?”

He responded, “What do you want?”

I told him, “I didn’t see you in the masjid for some time and I wanted to check on you.”

He said, “As you can see, I am alive and healthy. Thank you for coming. Now move on.”

I told him, “but what is wrong with you..?” and since he was a person I have known for some time I somewhat insisted to know so perhaps I can help. (Please note that this approach is subjective and may work for some people and not others).

He said, “Alright, follow me to the basement. (i.e. the lower level of his house)”

We sat there and he said, “for the past 6 months, I have been praying in the masjid almost every prayer. I am always in the first row and I make it to the masjid regardless how the weather is like. I don’t drive or use a bus to make it to the masjid and I simply walk. After all that work and worship which I do to Allah, I have been making all kinds of different dua’as (supplications) to Allah all these past months and not a single dua’a was accepted. After all of that, why should I worship Him!?”

I was shocked and sad to hear that and I asked him, “have you never heard of the hadith of the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) of what happens whenever a person makes dua’a?” And I said to him an authentic hadith in Al-Adab Al-Mufrad”.

 ما من مسلِمٍ يَدعو ، ليسَ بإثمٍ و لا بِقطيعةِ رَحِمٍ إلَّا أَعطَاه إِحدَى ثلاثٍ : إمَّا أن يُعَجِّلَ لهُ دَعوَتَهُ ، و إمَّا أن يَدَّخِرَها لهُ في الآخرةِ ، و إمَّا أن يَدْفَعَ عنهُ من السُّوءِ مِثْلَها قال : إذًا نُكثِرَ ، قالَ : اللهُ أَكثَرُ

The Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said: “there isn’t a single Muslim who makes a dua, as long as it is not for something that is haram or that breaks the ties of kinship, except that Allah would give him or her 1 of 3 things: (what are these 3 things?)

1 Either Allah responds to caller by giving him/her what was asked for in this dunya

  • For example they someone would say:
    • “O Allah I am sick, please cure me.” And Allah cures them.
    • “O Allah, please help pay off my loan.” So he gets a promotion in his job or finds a new job that pays him more money

2 Or he turns away from him or her the like of it in trouble/evil/hardship;

  • So for example, you would say: “O Allah please cure me” and let’s say Allah has decreed that you get afflicted with a more serious disease such as cancer. But due to your dua’a Allah would lift the hardship of you being afflicted with cancer.
    • So you might say, Allah didn’t answer my call and there was no benefit in my dua’a. Actually, no, Allah did answer it and there was a benefit in your dua’a. But you just don’t know. Had perhaps you didn’t make dua’a you would’ve gotten cancer. So that dua’a actually lightened and eased things up for you.

3 Allah will delay your reward til Jannah

Ok if Allah doesn’t respond to me in this dunya, life, nor He lifts a hardship that was about to fall upon me, then what’s the 3rd option? Allah would delay the response till the hereafter. And He would instead give you a reward on the Day of Judgment.

  • The sahabah, may Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) be pleased with them, upon hearing Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him)‘s explanation to what happens to a dua when it is made they said: “Then we will make plenty of dua” (e. it is a win-win-win situation)
  • What did the Prophet tell them in return? Did he say,no, no, don’t exaggerate, don’t ask Allah for too many things?” No! Rather, he said: “Allah is more plentiful (in responding).” (i.e. Allah will continue to respond, Allah is The Most Generous, Allah loves it when you make dua’a to Him.)

I know many wonder what happened to the brother upon hearing this hadith. What really matters is how YOU feel after being reminded of what happens whenever you call upon Allah and make dua. Are you as excited as the sahabah when they heard the hadith?

Know that the best option out of the 3 is the option…….. which…… Allah sees is best for you.

May Allah bless you and reward you. Be sure to share this beautiful hadith with your friends and family.

Wassalaamu alaykum

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Majed completed a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Windsor, a Bachelor’s in Islamic Studies in Islamic Jurisprudence and Legal Theory from Al-Madinah International University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Wayne State University. As he travels worldwide lecturing about different aspects of Islam, Majed works full-time as a mechanical engineer and teaches with Al-Maghrib Institute. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and children.



  1. Amel

    December 5, 2014 at 8:40 AM

    Masha’Allah, this is a wonderful article and an important reminder!

  2. p4rv3zkh4n

    December 5, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    Jazak Allahu khaira. Important advice it was!

    I recommend the book “Dua the weapon of the believer” by Dr. Shaikh Yasir Qadi. The book gives more advice regarding dua and tawakkul.

    Alhamdulillah for this reminder.

  3. azharnadeem

    December 11, 2014 at 5:25 PM

    Allah never leave his creature alone. Its like we carry the small kid for one year. Then we start leaving the baby alone for a while, so that he can lean how to walk. Similarly,Allah sometimes give us chance to prove our loyalty with him, by holding things for a while. Nice article

    • Mazlan Abu Hasaan

      December 11, 2019 at 9:17 PM

      Are you sure… I was left alone for many years now. My dua was not answered. I have lost my way. Thanks to that.

      • Faizaan Rehman

        December 26, 2019 at 3:14 AM

        You will be fine, the Lord is listening my friend.

  4. Gina

    December 17, 2014 at 10:54 PM

    Delay is not denial. You may ask for one thing, but he does not give you that because he wants to give you something better. When you are stuck in traffic, you are being protected from being in a place where something worse would happen to you at the time you would have been there if you had not been delayed. When bad things do happen, he doesn’t cause it, he allows it because he wants you to come to him. He is the only one who can remove calamity from you. Yet we ask everyone else first, and then turn to him as a last resort. Thank him in all situations because he knows what you do not. Thank him, trust him, ask him. He is your sustainer, no one else.

  5. Bala Yahaya

    December 20, 2014 at 12:19 AM

    Jaza kallahu kairan

  6. sarah

    February 27, 2015 at 8:48 AM

    MashAllah. Very heart lightening article and comments…
    I really appreciate the writer. I was, at a point of time, in the same situation, as that of the man, mentioned in the article. but SubhanAllah
    after reading this article and comments my emaan has become stronger. would like to recommend this article to everyone who is depressed and sorry at their current state but remember Allah alone is the ordainer and sustainer after all he is the one who has power over all and has created this world, us and the hereafter…. jazakallahkhairan

  7. Salmah Khan Surattee

    March 2, 2015 at 11:29 AM

    Jazakallahul khair
    Thank you for the good advised.

  8. Anonymous

    October 28, 2015 at 5:57 AM

    I have few questions here to ask.
    1. Why ALLAH created us ? You may say for worshiping him, so next question arises that why ALLAH needs to be worshipped ? as he declares himself as ‘Al-Samad’. Does my worshipping to him benefits him ? if not then if that is also not benefiting me (in terms of prayers not being accepted) then why should i pray to him ?
    2. When ALLAH created us and he ordered the Malaika to do Sajdah to his creature i.e human being and satan didn’t do it. Here the satan didn’t followed the orders of ALLAH, but we as human being are put into test why ? and also being put against an enemy very strong and whom we cannot see, cannot touch, and he is given the strength to run through our veins just like blood. why ?
    3. I am not born by choice, i cannot do consciously or sub-consciously anything without the will of ALLAH such as taking breath, listening to voices, being able to speak. even i don’t know what there in my inside body ? also when someone of our beloved is in pain, we cannot do anything. Then why i am given the choice for the unseen ? i.e. Jannah or Jahanam ? why i am given choice to worship or not ? and being put as answerable for these why ?
    4. When we ask for something halal from ALLAH and that is not given then people around will tell you that this is better for you or ALLAH may have a better reward than you are requesting. I have question can’t ALLAH give us what we want and also what he wants ? or can’t ALLAH put Khair (betterment) for us in what we are requesting ? He is owner of the treasures of the universe, then why it becomes short when we require some thing from ALLAH ? why ?
    5. We see the people around us not worshipping and not even damn about ALLAH, Prayer, Quran, Sunnah, etc… But they are very well rewarded ? why ?

    • Talha Habib

      November 4, 2015 at 12:44 AM

      Asslam-o-alaikum Brother, i am shocked to see your questions. let me give those answers,

      Answer for first question: you asked why ALLAH created us, when he tell us to worship and he also didn’t required us to worship because he do not rely on us or our prayers right?
      Well my brother have you studied in modern schools? why do you need to give exams? why do you need to have degrees? can you get degrees without tests? exams? class? hard work?

      Worshiping ALLAH is basically thanking ALLAH for this life, by having this life we thank him, we may find our self in hardship, that is to purify and verified a person that he really trust his GOD by passing his given test we earn his trust his love his blessing his rewards in this world and in hereafter. if you do not pray ALLAH will never feel loss he is the master if he can give you life then he can take it back and put someone else in your place and start over to see if he became a creature that thanked ALLAH. this life is not just a name of worship you make sins, you make sorrow, you hurt people after this all, ALLAH give you time to make Sorry…

      Question two: why we are put in exams?
      Insan( human ) is not a weak being.. a normal human is a weak being but one who trusted ALLAH, ALLAH grant him power that no one have. In Hadith my beloved Prophet (SAW) Says : A walli (means friend ) of ALLAH is blessed with such blessing no other can have, he can hear what no one can, he can see what no other can.

      ALLAH called Human Ashraful-Makhlokaat ( Greater then all creatures ) Why we are rewarded by this title? because we can find our ways ourselves , if you put Trust in GOD, ALLAH can reward you with power to see unseen. in 3rd Chapter of Quran ALLAH Says: ” I am the source of power, owner of power, i will/can give power to whom i will, i will/can take power to whom i will.”

      And According to your question Shetaan is not powerful, he is hungry, he is in bad position. he cannot even eat if we say BISMILLAH before eating, he cannot drink, and a person who is righteous is way to strong in front of satan, Satan can not even give him advise

      When Iblees ( Devil / Satan ) Disagree to do Sajda do you know what was his words and what was my LORD words?

      Iblees Says : “O ALLAH, I will advise these creatures and make promises 7 of them, all of these promises was to use Human and leave his astray and take him to way where he will find sorrow and pain”

      ALLAH Says: “You are granted to live until hereafter, do what ever you can do if you think you can make this possible, to all who will follow you will be with you in HELL, and you can never use my creatures who put their trust on me”

      Their is hadith e qudsi ( Saying of ALLAH ) ALLAH Says: “O Son of Adam, If you love me, it is your right to me that i love you” and my brother just open your eyes and see if the ALLAH the power the super power the all knowing is loving you what else can harm you?

      Your question Cant ALLAH give us Khair ( batter ) : Brother who are you? how much worth you have, are you good enough to be a human? what if ALLAH has created you an animal?
      ALLAH gives us Khair without our knowing and with our knowing but that depends how much we worth it, and we need to prove that by passing ALLAH tests and by trusting him that ALLAH knows best, whatever my LORD want me to do, i will do, no matter how hard it will be, no matter what will happen to me i will do.

      Have you not listen the story of Hazrat Ismail A.S? their father tried to zibah them, by putting all trust on ALLAH and by determining his mind that i am a creature of ALLAH he is my LORD if he want me to do this, then no matter what i will do this…

      Are you not aware? what rewards ALLAH gives them?

      ALLAH bless them with title and save ISMAIL, thats is why EID take place.

      Question : People are not obeying ALLAH, and they are all awesome in this Dunia?

      Brother do you know how longer you are going to live in this Dunia? this Dunia is a false dream place, this dunia is nothing but a dream. Can you see Date? its 20s ( 2015 ) right? you are going to die in 21s majority cannot live 100 years. do you think this is really a big time interval? do you want to enjoy these 100 years?

      are you not aware that in JANNAH one year will be equal to thousands of years.. and lives in JANNAH is for forever. in their you will enjoy and you will be granted all of your desires.

      ALLAH Says in Quran:”I will test everyone, to purify who is really trusting me and who is not” and ALLAH do not test more then our power.

      My Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alaihi Wasalim Said : ” If you are not ashamed, do whatever you can”

      ALLAH do not test and ALLAH do not notice people who do not worth it ( Kafir/ Munkir/ Disbeliever)
      ALLAH only test those where ALLAH want to bless someone.

      This is universal rule, you have to prove what you really are that is why passing the test is important and putting your trust on ALLAH is a basic key to pass.

      Please feel free to ask anything here.

      • Anonymous

        November 12, 2015 at 9:40 AM

        Dear Talha Habib,
        Thank you for your reply. Very respectively but i have some thoughts to write here (they might be ridiculous).
        first let me answer your question of why we go to schools, colleges, universities, and take part in tests and exams. That is because we want to be educated and learn some skills to full fill the human body needs. and this is all per our desires. Now my question remains here that why were we being created and then being put into test in this world ? was that my desire or your desire to be in this world ? or be a human or some creepy animal ? did you, me and all other human kind wanted to be in this world ?
        and my other questions remain unanswered that the satan didn’t obeyed the commandment of ALLAH first, but why it was said that now both of you (satan and mankind) are enemies of each other ? satan didn’t obeyed was exiled from jannah, then how come or how did he betrayed ADAM to force to eat what was prohibited ?
        ALLAH has control over each and every thing from micro to macro level in this universe, then why all this happens to mankind. why some are beautiful and also rich, while others are ugly and poor why isn’t there balance. isn’t that the division of ALLAH.
        i am born in low and poor cost community, ugly face, bald hair, widened tooth in front, multicolor skin, low height, multiple family problems, sisters unmarried, people around me think of me as coward ugly face on the earth. i am sick and tired of this ugly life which i have no other choice to live with until my death.
        all of the above wishes i have patience for, but there was a wish that has broken my heart and has turned me like this. i was not like this before but you know i was a practicing muslim, i used to offer all the prayers timely (some times fajar was missed). i used to recite the quran daily, i had soft heart to help others. But now this heart has gone black and broken. because of my one wish and not only once, that is denied twice. You would want to know that wish. That is to have my first baby as baby boy. when i had my first baby as daughter, i controlled myself, satan tried to deviate me from my lord, but with the help of ALLAH i was able to get rid off of him. Then when my wife was second time pregnant, then i wished for my wish again and had huge hope this time, but all insane. all my prayers and not only that of mine, my wife’s, my mother’s, my father’s and my in-law mother’s prayers are all denied and this time i couldn’t resist to the satan
        i have not prayed from last 3 months, not recited the quran even a single day in last few months. instead i watch movies (moral less) due to my hatred. i am gone and sometimes satan whispers in my ears that this may be all what ALLAH has written for me.
        Why we do pray ALLAH ? does he need our prayers ? obvious answer is no, then it is evident that we pray for our desires. now can you tell me was that a haram desire/wish to have baby boy as my first child ? if that was not then why was that neglected and not once, multiple times. i see people around me of my age most of them are blessed with baby boy first and even some are blessed with back to back to baby boys (and that ratio is also quite high). Then satan whispers another story into my mind that all the prayers and good deeds that you have done in the past were all in vein and were not pure, and were not being accepted that is why all your prayers are neglected.
        You may ask me question for my wish, why this wish has taken place in my heart.
        I have answer to this question also. i had 4 sisters, two elder and two younger and in between we are two brothers. my father is a retired teach and was very late married. when i was in university, my father retired and economical situation was worst in our home, my elder sister had and engagement but that man was a fraud and the engagement was broken (but with difficulties). Mean while my other elder sister was diagnosed blood cancer and she couldn’t survive and died in 1998.
        My other elder sister started to do the job, same teaching job to help the father, luckily or unluckily my parents were able to find some other groom for her, she was married but now i see her life is miserable, her husband don’t work any more, she has to run both the economic and house hold affairs. Also the society which i belong to tease people with more daughters and think of them as cowards.
        I don’t want to be thought by people like this (but now i have to live with it by hook or by cook).
        i wanted to have a strong social hold but………………………………………………………………
        words may not end, but my heart is broken.

        • Aly Balagamwala

          November 14, 2015 at 2:43 AM

          Dear Anonymous

          I can not even begin to comprehend and put myself in your shoes. What you are going through are severe trials and may Allah (SWT) grant you steadfastness and guidance in these terrible times.

          It is often easy to get bitter and angry when everything in life seems to be going against you and it seems that Allah’s plan for you is one of suffering and failure. This is when Shaitan will come to you and say look at your Allah, He has abandoned you to suffering and misery. So forget Him and give in to your desires and try to squeeze out every last drop of pleasure and entertainment this life offers you. You Only Live Once (YOLO).

          But the Truth is that we Live Twice! Once in this world and then in the Eternal Hereafter. And this is the point of the misery and suffering and trials you face. As the pressure increases turn more towards Allah, increase your Zikr, seek protection from the Shaitan, and keep giving Charity (even though at times you are in a state where you are down literally to the last dollar). Your suffering and your pain in this world will wipe out any suffering and pain in the Hereafter for your sins. Every prick of a thorn will clean your sins and be expiation. And in the Hereafter you will arise completely free of blemishes, elevated in ranks and for you in sha Allah will be the rewards and enjoyment that you can not even fathom. One minute in Jannah will make you forget that you ever suffered in this world.

          I know it is easy to say and in practice it is the hardest thing. When you are ready to quit, when you have fallen to the ground, when you just want to lie there defeated — that is when standing up will make you a champion and a winner.

          May Allah (SWT) repair your broken heart and grant you the highest levels of Sabr, Taqwaa, and Emaan that will lead you to a life in the upper echelons of Jannat-ul-Firdaus.


          *Comment above is posted in a personal capacity and may not reflect the official views of MuslimMatters or its staff*

        • Jasmine

          June 11, 2020 at 9:13 AM

          Brother I’m sorry for what you are going through. I can’t say I have the answers but I found that pondering on these points have provided some relief to me:

          1. I don’t know why Allah tests me, but, Allah tests Nabi Muhammad too and he is the most special human being there is. Yet, he did not think bad of Allah. He does not have that entitled feeling. Likewise with Nabi Yusuf… He is the one who is tested since a baby till an older man and the worse part is to keep being let down and betrayed by his own family and caretakers. Yes it’s crushing when people treat you badly. But when your own sibling and caretaker treat you badly and cruelly? That’ll beyond devastating. But? He never thinks bad of Allah, never gets upset with Allah. So who an I to feel so entitled? I should humble myself.

          2. Why are you upset for having a daughter as your firstborn? That’s trait of kuffar. Daughters are Gifts from Allah. They are the ones who will usually care for their parents eventhough the real caretaking job should be on the sons’ shoulders. I’m sorry but I’m disappointed by your despise of daughters. Also think about it; you are crushed when people hate you and reject you because of something you have no control of i.e. your colour and height. But it’s okay for you to hate and reject your firstborn for something she has no control of i.e. her gender? Ittaqillah ya Akhi.

          3. You whining about having daughters. Look, there are people who wish they have children, period. Doesn’t matter boy or girl as long as they have a child. And say thanks Allah your children are healthy. There are people who have vegetable and retarded children. Yet they don’t get mad at Allah. Ittaqillah ya Akhi, and Allah says, Fabiayyi ala irabbi quma tuqazziban…? Which more of His favours would you deny??

          That’s all I have to say for now. Salam

      • Talha Habib

        November 14, 2015 at 6:25 AM

        My Dear Friend, Please contact me, I can address you and i can answer you all question one by one, you can be in my touch, please add me in Skype for instant responses and all clarification, is my mail, live:talhahabib00 is my skype

        Now answering your question, i know you have some hardship my dear friend Satan is enemy of human because he has ego, he do not want to Sajda human, this is why he disobey ALLAH, because he was jealous of human he feel ego. this is why Human and satan is enemy since Adam [AS],

        ALLAH do not sent you hardship, he only sent tests if something puts you in hardship that is your own sins and doing, seek forgiveness of ALLAH and pray to LORD please take of this all burden from me, LOVE ALLAH PLEASE DON’T MAKE YOUR RELATION WITH ALLAH AS GREED, MAKE YOUR RELATION WITH ALLAH NAMED LOVE, we are creature of ALLAH we must love him this is why we obey him, we never wanted Jannah or Jahanum, we have never advised ALLAH to make JANNAH or Jahanum, but this is award for whom who is for ALLAH in this dunia,

        Everyone have his own story, i have been in pain for 22 years i can write story but “NO”. i have founded my self in pain, but not just pain, ALLAH was with me, this was my believe and this really happened,

        In Hadith-e-Qudsi ALLAH Says :

        “If you start calling ALLAH in public, i will call you in public, if you start calling ALLAH in loneliness i will call you alone, if you came to me, i will came to you, if you have wrong thinking about me ( That ALLAH will not help me, ALLAH will make me this, ALLAH will make me that ) then ALLAH Says whatever you think i will bring that to you, think of good from me, i will bring you good, never loss hope on me”

        Then ALLAH Says in Quran

        “Humans are hungry, but person i fed”

        Then ALLAH Says In Quran
        “We Will test everyone of you”

        Then ALLAH Says in Quran
        “Do you think ALLAH will snatch your money/income or snatch your persons? Really ALLAH Do not need this ALL ( but to see who really trust on him, and who do not )

        Then ALLAH Says in Quran

        “Whenever you feel pain, remember me, this will reduce”

        Then Beloved Prophet Says
        “Whenever you feel pain, try to remember my hardship, this will reduce”

        My Friend, this world is not for living, this world is for obeying and for letting your LORD know that you really love him, you really trust on him no matter what happens,

        Have you not listen to Hazrat BILAL (RA) They was used to put on fire, but after all of this Bilal never says “ALLAH does this to me” they said “OHHAD ( ALLAH Is ONE )”

        have you not listen to Fir-oon Wife? hir Children was murdered in front of her eyes, but he still knows this life is temporary he cannot harm, ALLAH will safeguard us, Do you know what happen then?

        She sees her children souls saying “Mom, do not worry it will be fine this person will not harm you anyway, put your trust on your LORD”

        this lady will be the wife of Our beloved prophet in Jannah.. this is her reward. can you imagine?

        Everyone here has difficulties but unlike you not everyone panic, some of them used to call their LORD, and some of them just pray to make them secure and make them happy because if there is a rest and happiness there is Namaz there is prayer..

        Hazrat ALI Says
        “Find your income in day, find Him who is giving you income in the rest of day in Night”

        All of your questions have only one answer, Try to make your relation with ALLAH as relation of LOVE, don’t make your relation with ALLAH as greed. This is what why a person is here in this dunia, this is the reason we are sent here.

        ALLAH says
        “I do not need anyone’s anything, I am sufficient”

        Then why he ordered us to Say Prayer? Because he want to see who pray me with Love, who pray me with trust, and who pray me with Greed.

        Even a Dog knows how to make his owner happy and how to love his owner and how to obey his owner, Why Human can’t understand they are batter then dog, they must love, they must obey their Owner, their maker.

        Please ask me anything by mail or skype.

        May ALLAH Guide you.

      • Talha Habib

        November 14, 2015 at 6:47 AM

        And in the last my friend i pray for you, I’ll Request my ALLAH to make happy and to make your heart shine and happy again,

        ALLAH says
        “I am with broken hearts”

        I know its difficult for you to be in this place, but my friend i do have difficulties that might shocked you more.. this does not mean i will not obey ALLAH, i know how you feel, i remember I was too hopeless and says to ALLAH that “why are you doing this to me”

        Guess what? the time shows me why, when there is traffic and you are stucked this is because ALLAH is saving you from something evil.

        I will Give you a cure now. Please try this Cure, Suppose this is a cure, and IN SHA ALLAH, my ALLAH will give you all you had wished for.

        Just try to Love my ALLAH. I know your heart is like broken and you fear that again this time ALLAH will not listen, my dear brother, prove ALLAH “My Lord I am here for you, whatever your command is will be executed on me, please my lord look on me, i am suffering and help me, you are the most helping and all knowing”

        Sometime you have to prove that you really love and you can give everything for this love.

        ALLAH Says

        “O Children of Adam (AS) you have some desires, i have my own, But only my desires will be executed, If you do what is my desire, i will return you with what is your desires, if you do not fulfill what was my desires, i will make you tired and then at last again my desires will be executed”

        And ALLAH Says
        “If you love me, This is your right that i love you”

        And ALLAH Says
        “Do not make yourself tired on income, trust on me and be a person i like, and if you don’t I’ll make you run like a animal in jungle running for food, but still you will only get what was written for you”

        And Prophet Sallalaho alaihi wasallim said
        “Recite Darood on me as much as you can, i will address you all my own, and you will got more income, and your problems will be solved”

        But Please make sure all of your doing is pure for ALLAH and His Beloved Prophet Sallalaho alaihi wasallim, I’ll pray for you, and IN SHA ALLAH by my ALLAH’s will you will be happy

        May ALLAH guide us. and May ALLAH help you and Bless you and fixes your broken heart.

        Instead of posting on forum, instead of telling people, try to post your words to ALLAH, try to say every complain to ALLAH, people needs time to understand, ALLAH knows already.
        And ALLAH is Loving more then our mothers seventy times more.

        Wasallamo Alaikum.

    • Mohd Khalid

      December 7, 2016 at 8:05 PM

      salam brother, i hope u r doing better now.
      if u have time please contact me, i have some interesting experience and planning to start a small project, hope to get in touch with you
      May allah give you and all of us sabr

  9. my lord is sufficient

    December 26, 2015 at 3:21 PM

    hey my brothers pray for me inshallah .I and my family have been suffering for a long time now and i’m starting to feel like things are only going to get worse.My parents divorced when i was younger as my father was abusive and wanted to kidnap me so my mother sent me to live with my aunt and uncle who have cared for me ever since, my uncle lost his job after working for this banking company for years eventhough he was loyal to them and now we are living in such poverty that it is beginning to impact us and the stress has also taken a toll on my education.I went from a bright student to one being filled with hopelessness and did’nt do well in my first year of a levels, which i tried very hard to succeed in and prayed to allah even a year in advance to help me do well.However i don’t see why he could’nt help me and i know that it isn’t fair for me to say that i he knows that which i do not know,but i was mainly motivated to do well in my studies so that i could ensure a better future for myself and to repay my family who have done all they can to help me.I continue to ask him to help me but the stress at home and at school has become somewhat overwhelming, i have felt so helpless in the past few months and feel like no one understands what i have to go through and am struggling to keep up with my revision and as a result i have become deeply depressed lately and just don’t know how to cope anymore.

    • Amy

      November 24, 2016 at 5:54 AM

      Hi, I am going through a very difficult program and I feel like the dumbest person in the room and I feel like no matter how much I try I will never ever succeed. So why even try? This has been precisely my feeling the last few months. I have been crazy and I believe I have had something of a nervous breakdown. M teachers are contemptuous and impatient because I do not ask smart questions like my classmates and it is so hard for me to focus and study. But if I don’t survive in this program, I’d have to go back to my country where the situation is very bad and the work environment is full of politics, greed and corruption. I do not want to work there and so you see, even that possibility makes me very nervous and sometimes too anxious to study. I also want to study hard, learn from the best minds in the world and broaden my mind so as to do something good for this world. Most importantly, I want to provide for my parents who have worked very hard all their lives and also my little sister so that she has more educational and career opportunities than I ever had. But I feel like I am drowning in this program and sometimes I feel like what am I doing here? I have no friends here and my classmates think I am unworthy given where I am from. I come from a poor country and a loe ranking university. Sometimes like right now I am so depressed and just want to give up because my dreams are so high and I feel like a dwarf with short legs that can never reach up to grab them. I have prayed to Allah but I feel so alone. I feel so worthless and sometimes I become so overwhelmed by pain and anger that I do not pray. I have never had so many bad thoughts and temptations in my head compared to before but I can’t give in to that. I don’t know how things will be. Sometimes I feel like what s the point of praying? But if you pray long and hard, I feel like you feel tranquility in your heart like nothing can compare to. So the peace I feel in my heart encompasses the perpetual state of anxiety, grief, sadness and worthlessness I feel. I know I do not deserve to be in this program , I will never be as smart as my classmates and that I do not think I can reach my dreams. I feel like I will not achieve any of my dreams; that I will always be a failure, like the bottom of a barrel. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so greedy and chose such a high level program where no one values me or thinks me worthy. I am invisible to everyone really. But praying gives me peace. Going to Friday prayers gives me peace. I feel like I am actually doing something right out of all the screw ups of the week. I feel like if I go to Friday prayers then even if I screw up the rest of the day and feel other people’s contempt and get below average results, I feel like I have done something right even if it is one thing and even if it is one thing which will not result in higher grades or GPA. That’s all. Just pray and don’t attach yourself too hard to things because you will end up hurt if you attach yourself to things. The thing is you and I might want to support our families but again Allah gives and takes rizq and no one else can do it. He decides through whom he will provide rizq to someone. So you cannot expect things to go your way always. Just pray to Allah, pray long and hard. Listen to khutbahs online. Also, for your A Levels, do not stress so much. I am trying to give myself this advice too. Just set up a plan. If possible, get up early in the morning, say at 4 and start studying. Try to cover most of the materials in the morning if possible. Spend an hour studying, take a five minute break and get back to studying. Of course, the key to acing A Levels is solving question papers. Do them again and again and read the solutions carefully! Revise them after a short gap of say a week. Study new materials- solve question papers and check with solutions- revise. You can do it. But find a time slot where you can work a lot because I have given A Levels and trust me it is a lot of work. First time I gave A Levels, I got mediocre grades you know. All my friends did so well and at that time, my teachers taunted me because in their opinion I was not smart enough to take so many subjects. My friends taunted me too. I also didn’t understand that I had to study so much since A Levels are a huge jump from O Levels. So I dropped out of school since the school environment was so toxic and studied n my own. I took Advanced Level in January with some AS retakes and got mediocre results again. I was at home for a whole year. My parents were working but friends had all forgotten me and my sister did not have time for me. I fell into deep depression and I used to cry all the time. It was a really bad time for me but Allah was there and everything turned out well in the end. I just took longer to finish my A Levels but everything turned out okay thanks to Allah. I got into university and now I am living myself for the first time and I have depression now too because of how worthless I feel. Again I have teachers who really could care less about me which breaks my heart. I have no energy to get out of bed and I can spend hours staring at the ceiling not doing anything. I go to the lecture hall and I try to listen but nothing the professor says makes any sense. I give exams and my classmates complain about how hard the exam was when they get stellar grades and I am at the bottom. Sometimes I feel so bad because my classmates say how easy and trivial things are and I do not get what they are saying. I go home and cry alone in my room thinking of how stupid I am. I am so anxious that I cannot enjoy life. Sometime suicide seems tempting and I have been tempted. One time I was so upset I ran out in the rain and spent hours walking in the cold telling myself not to go back home. I do not know how I am still alive, safe and unharmed and something in me made me come back home. I wasn’t in the right state of mind that night and so many things could have gone wrong. So thanks to Allah, I am here, alive speaking to you.

  10. Khalil

    February 14, 2016 at 4:17 AM

    Anonymous, grow up…im sorry about your sisters but we dont live in backwards arabia any more i have 5 wonder daughters and they are the jewels and pride of my eyes….who give a damn about what people in your country …raise and educate your daughters dean wise…did not the messenger pbuh say a father will be give jennah for doing so….you need more daughters thats your problem. These same idiots are going to be asking for their hand in marriage some day…what they going to fo marry their big head dons to some other family sons…keep it movin man and be happy about daughters…they are the nation builders respect them. If you act disgraced and disappoint whst do you think you will do to there mental make up….exactly whst your doing to yourself now…..woe is me…im so worthless…Stop it!!!. Be the man in there eyes that they want yheir husband to be like…..say istighfar alot…allah will give you a don and more…insha Allah. Bro. K.

  11. Sulaiman

    March 26, 2016 at 6:10 AM

    But i am addicted to sins. I prayed YEARS to beat my addiction, nothing happened yet. So the first one falls out. The second one could be true but, it’s still weird. So i will be saved from something(in this Dunya)but i am still addicted to sins which can cause me to enter Hell. Does that sound save to you? the third one to get rewarded in Jannah? No, in this case it’s not true. So all of my life i have to commit sins, than be burned in Hell and than i get the rewards of Allah in Jannah? How about Allah just makes me quit those sins, i will not enter Hell but will enter Paradise? That sounds a lot better doesn’t it? I need a logical explanation.

  12. Lydia

    June 2, 2016 at 6:24 AM

    Dear anonymous,
    You are not the only one going on a hardship, Allah (SWT) makes us need him ALL in a different way. You say you have ugly face and you are poor, let me tell you: I’m a woman of 32 years old, beautifull face, beautifull body, well educated, I have a good job BUT I’m not married, people are always shocked and always tell me how comes that a beautfull woman like me is still not married! You know: you have a great blessing and you are not even aware of that! If I have a choice I would give this beauty and all my money just to have a family as you. SubhanAllah I would give anything to have your daughters!!!!
    Count your blessings and don’t focus on the negative side of your life.
    *Sorry for my english

  13. Levi Lucrifox

    July 17, 2016 at 3:22 PM

    I found this article with googling “Why Allah doesn’t speak to us”, got this 2y.o article and I’m astounded for Anonymous said.
    Generally I’d just read and run with this but i feel something must be written from me here even there’s no one will be reading it and I may never came back here again.
    So here it is,… first thanks to the writer for this enlightening article, i respect & love it, because it shows so much love for the others when that ‘love’ scarce from this world nowadays.

    I’m a Moslem cross-breed from a Christian father & a Moslem mother, but my father convert to Moslem though.
    And yes there have been a hard time for me to interpret the relation between myself and my god Allah just like everyone else but I feel shy (embarrassed) to share with details because that will put a shame to me. If this goes on I’m afraid that society will reject me and I’ll suffer in life, ex. not getting any job because employer will see me as an worthless person when they need a winning employee in their fast business competition in this “to die for” world reality edition. With no money I’m afraid blah blah and then I’m afraid blalala blah and you know the rest.

    but you Anonymous, you really have my full respect to share it to us that if, you don’t “lie”. Because for most people it isn’t easy to share the story of their miserable life in details. In exchange, maybe we won’t get any satisfying answers or even worse, consumed by other people for their own popularity or benefit. But I’ll believe you for now.

    Back to the topic, It’s obvious for many people seeks their “absence of God”, “why God is silent” in this twisted-seems-unbalanced-harsh-world.
    First things first, Allah is a God, so really it’s up to him how is the world he want it to be, even if he wants you to be the part of LGBTs. but it doesn’t happen right?, …good.
    Because He is “The Good” what makes the invasion of alien race making earth a slaughter house won’t be ever happened. Because He is “The Good”, that this world doesn’t end on Noah’s era. Because He is “The Good” there just only 2 world wars. Because He is “The Good” that gives you not one, but two daughters born without defects. Even I got a birth defects with 1 extra finger and leave my parents frustrated.
    Now imagine that we have a time machine and getting back to the place where we can alter our life without bringing our present life experience. Will it able to make us to stop complaining?.
    Yeah, now most people will understand that these “unanswered prayers” are just another psychologically “Attitude problems” rather than the divine “faith problems”.

    Second is “Are we fully understand what are we prayed/asking to God?”. Ex. Anonymous here, what’s the big problem about not having a boy here? Society / Self Pride / Popularity problems? that’s even not a divine “faith problems” to begin with. Even if we really got broke, will we really got nothing to eat for?. If our brain able to think like this either we’re a real slackers or just an empty dreamers. Even those unemployed animals get their feed right.

    Third is “embracing the emptiness of the loved ones”. this one can be real pain though. the other comments are giving their best comfort to not to. but not all of us really fully accepted and marked these answers are nonsense. If those divine words or this scientific fact doesn’t make “sense” to you then i don’t know what can make sense to you. “We life in the Matrix”, like it or not. Consisted exclusive just for “You and Allah”, nothing else, again, like it or not. As the same for the other people, it is only “Them and Allah” per individual. Scared? just googling the “parallel universe” or “String Theory” to begin with. Googling “Large Hadron Collider” for the ridiculous machine & investment. Please, don’t be lazy to read, start easy and accept your fate of reality.

    My conclusion is even with just with my first point is sufficient that “Unanswered Prayers” is a nonsense. He already answered all your prayers or will answer, even it your wildest dream, but nothing will make sense to us like He said so. Clear?, good now let’s keep that “good deeds” rolling on the streets.

    • Adam

      November 23, 2016 at 5:22 AM

      People’s hearts are becoming hard and what melts a hardened heart? The remembrance of Allah.. And what will make us remember Allah the most? His message to us ofcourse.. And where is his message to us? It’s in the Quran.. How do people expect to walk on the straight path when they haven’t a clue what the straight path is… How do they expect to hold on to the rope of Allah when they don’t have a clue what the rope of Allah is.. When people turn their backs on Allahs message essentially they are turning their backs on Allah… And what is worse then that? So Allah gives them a taste of evil just a pinch, maybe they will return if not a little more maybe that will make them realise.. If He willed he could destroy any of us that arrogantly defies him but no, out of His Mercy he guides us so that we may return.. It’s our own sins that suffocate us whereas the remeberance of Allah is where we find ease truly.. And if u want to give ur imaan(belief) that boost it needs then don’t ever lose hope in Allah and his unbound Mercy don’t stop asking Him for patience and other good qualities to be Bestowed upon u and most importantly read the Quran and ask Allah to embed it’s understanding into ur heart insha’Allah once u see the truth it will most definitely set u free.. :) asalaamu Alaikum also do dua for me brothers and sisters :) thank you

    • Aamir suhail

      December 3, 2016 at 10:47 AM

      if allah gives our duas result in khayaamat then praying is waste becouse we pray to releaf our hard ship in this world not for khayaamat
      and we pray for our selfs for preventing khayamat azab separately then what is the use of praying when he cant full fill our needs in this world what is the proof that he will full fill our prayer for khayamat azab it is eqal to asking some one who doesnt care us and do whatever he want and if we ask to fullfill our need for now he delay it for tomarrow is it correct
      if some one is dieng and doctor has said that a person will die in 2 days and you have to visit him before his death and you pay money to register flight and if he says flight is available 2 days after then waste of paying money and going to see that person becouse he will be dead like that onky when our prayers and duas cant be full filled now then all we do is use less .
      So many non muslims also there who have their some wishes full filled and some non fullfilled so praying in front of allah and ghairullah is same becouse who pray for allah has same that some wishes full filled and some are not

  14. Urooj

    September 23, 2016 at 6:56 PM

    May oUr hearts find peace. …oh hurts ALOT! :'(

  15. Adam

    November 23, 2016 at 5:07 AM

    Quran surah fussilat 41:15
    As for ‘Aad, they were arrogant upon the earth without right and said, “Who is greater than us in strength?” Did they not consider that Allah who created them was greater than them in strength? But they were rejecting Our signs.

    And what happened to the people of ‘Aad? And the people of Thamud and the people of Nuh and the people of Lut? All these people had messengers sent to them but they turned away from the message.. And they were destroyed.. So what if life gets harder the more we try to do good.. The reward will match it.. And Don’t forget Allah has promised ease after every hardship be that in this world or the hereafter it’s guaranteed so brothers and sisters seek Allah help through patience and prayer.. Don’t be like the people of old who forgot Allah so Allah forgot them… Asalaamu Alaikum may peace be upon u

  16. MH

    April 6, 2017 at 9:24 AM

    Easier said than done. If you were in his shoes, it would be very different.

  17. hunnn

    June 7, 2017 at 9:12 PM

    Allah doesn’t exist and you starting to doubt his existence is a sign that you are exercising your critical thinking which is making you contrast mythology (Allah/Islam) and reality (this very world).

    You never see him or hear him. The only statement of his existence is a book and that is all. This applies to al other religions, all of them claiming the existence of a god that they can never provide evidence for.

    Exercising your criticial thinking is a the best way to free yourself from the oppression of thought that comes with Islam and religion in general. Do not believe things that cannot be proven, always be skeptic and value reason, evidence and critical thiinking above unfounded claims.

  18. Sulayman

    July 7, 2017 at 7:10 PM

    i am confused..what if you really need d request here on earth…like graduate searching for job..with old parents and cannot feed himself…seeing his old mum crying..cannot get married and has been praying and requesting job even on night of qadr..and his old mum has bin fasting and praying for him to get a job..but each time he sits for interview, he get rejected because of one little reason or the other..

  19. Xxddxx

    October 7, 2017 at 8:29 PM

    So basically, Allah does what he wants when a person even prays a lot but he has no value! What if a person needs/wants that thing in this dunya and dont want the reward for it in Jannah! ? Why dont Allah gives that person that particular thing in dunya when he doesnt want reward of that particular dua in Hereafter? A person prays, makes dua for months and years but at the end of the day that happens what Allah wills! Basically a person is worthless!

  20. Junaid

    November 25, 2017 at 12:04 PM

    Don’t make any sense, what was the response of the brother you went to see?????

  21. Farhan Zahid

    January 4, 2018 at 1:40 PM

    Allah says in Quran: “Call upon Me, and I will answer you. (40:60)”

  22. Fatima

    January 8, 2018 at 7:01 PM

    You must be humble, as it is one of the greatest forms of worship. Surely, Allah will listen and bless you.

  23. Kabir

    May 28, 2018 at 1:22 PM

    This was convenient reasoning! Because we don’t get what we pray for or if our prayers are not being answered consistently, this seems like a facade of hope to close the conversation in quick time. My wishes haven’t usually been pretty self-centred. But most of the time, Allah desserts me. I tell him that I seek happiness for others and why the “Raheem” isn’t showing any mercy but to no avail.
    I may just do things hereafter what I feel convenient. If I don’t feel like praying on a particular day, I won’t.

    Note: I am not propagating blasphemy or asking people to follow me. I am pretty miffed and feel there is nothing like divine support to the needy. Please don’t take me as an example.

  24. N

    October 28, 2018 at 4:22 PM

    You mention cancer, what if you already have cancer and severe side effects? How can I ask Allah to cure me???

  25. Samira

    January 19, 2019 at 8:21 PM

    I am asking for something to Allah for more than 12 years. Not only me, my mother and relatives also do dua for me, then also it is not answered. My friends and relatives did dud for me while preforming their hajj. But still no response. what does it mean? and yes it is related to my marriage and today I am 39 years old. How can I make my Iman stronger by accepting this truth that Allah will not make it happen in my life ever. Though my parents and relatives are making dua for me 1000 times. Isn’t it unfair, how to convince yourself in this situation that Allah is listening to you. I know the 3 explanations of accepting dua. If anybodyy has this answer please response.

    • I’m in love with Allah

      October 26, 2019 at 10:12 PM

      Asalamualeikum sister SAMIRA
      Before saying some thing over ur situation first I would like u to tell some thing about how I get here I’m suffering about some stuff feeling extremely sad and hopeless I thought it’s only me that’s suffering but I read above all comments I realize that my problem is nothing in front of all above…
      When I read replies from brother to anonymous I cry even harder and make dua for both of them that those are who make me fall in love again to Allah.
      Did u realize some thing, it may b harder for u to understand but let me tell u if Allah don’t put anonymous in to that situation and he don’t get confuse and he don’t put questions forward and brother don’t give that answers I never get back to Allah I never feel power full this way u also the big reason ,I would like to thank you that u put forward ur situation so that if u don’t type that I never realize that My problem is nothing ur the cause of healing my wounds and I pray even more harder for u then I do for my self.
      Now back to ur situation let me tell u some thing every woman is made for a man and u know what he may be around u and u don’t know waiting for the right time to get to u (Remember Allah knows it better than us)and as u know we are humans if we got 99 blessings we don’t thank for 99 but we still complain about the1 we don’t got the main purpose of saying this is look at ur self look at ur family look at ur surrounding Allah grant u many blessings u don’t realize.. start thanking them Allah will give u more.
      considered a person may be ur waiting for have bad (haram)habits and as u know Allah promise that :I will give naik women to naik man and sins full mans to sins full women )and he’s may be overcoming that habits that’s why it’s taking long to meet u or some other reasons Allah better know,so start loving Allah all over again it may not hurry up every thing but will give u the strength to face with even more power.
      In the last but not the least
      Some one says to Allah:O Allah I hate my life…..
      Allah reply:who ask u to love life love me then I’ll make ur life beautiful
      ###Loveing Allah is just cure of every wound
      I know u may find it hard but remember INA MA-Al-USRE USRA

  26. imran

    April 5, 2019 at 11:19 AM

    Seems like Allah’s favorite tense is future tense.

  27. Jumhazai

    May 28, 2019 at 6:37 PM

    Are you ok? It’s mean that Allah leave me alone ?
    Allah will do what Allah want? Even I pray to change the choice of Allah? Then also Allah will do with me what he want?
    Sorry bro I am a Muslim but not agree with your article.

  28. Uzma Malik

    December 20, 2019 at 9:46 PM

    Mashallah!…Just one request to the admin @Majed Mahmoud..Kindly remove the curse word uttered by brother(mentioned in the article )who was led astray out of respect for this article.Thank You.

  29. G

    June 20, 2020 at 4:14 PM

    My dua was never big. i’ve always asked for peace and happiness for even those who hurt me and want to destroy (it includes my brother) because I don’t want to be selfish in my prayers, I don’t want to personally hold a grudge for people. There was a time, i didn’t use to ask for anything regarding muself alone because I always felt allah gives me everything without asking. But lately, i am suffering from mental and emotional pressure, all in the sense that my brother continues with his atrocities with me and whenever I retaliate, my parents think I am the evil one. EVEN when I am not saying anything to him, he’s busy backbiting about me and telling lies regarding me to my parents even when I am completely ignoring and quite magically they believe him. I never do that, but strangely my parents never notice it. It has come to the point that now something which my brother does (now 21) that seriously hurts and I try to discuss it with my parents, they shun me off and rebuke me by saying,”you are nothing. He does nothing to you. You like initiating trouble. We know your intentions. Stop acting so innocent all the time.” And when is him who says something whether its true or not (he lies mostly), my parents listen! So I decided to jold it all in and not tell them anything, I even try to communicate as less with them as I can and turned to Allah instead. I still kept on praying for my whole family, but along with that I started to pray for myself as well. I prayed to him to grant me strength and the love and understanding of my parents and I prayed to him that I am tired of all this and don’t want to shed tears upon such matters, such needless pain anymore but…

    Allah knows my intentions, he even knows what haram I was about to commit before turning but I couldn’t do it because I fear him and didn’t want to anger him. He knows what toll all of this is taking upon me and how fragile and broken and vulnerable I am turning from inside, he knows I was never like that. He knows I’ve never tried to intentionally hurt someone or lie about them. HE KNOWS WHAT I AM FROM INSIDE AND HOW MUCH I AM SUFFERING. YET HE’S NOT LISTENING. And its not that I’ve started making such duas recently, it’s been more than three or four years. I was sixteen at that time but still all i am seeing is the situation getting worse and worst. Yet nothing’s happening. I’ve waited, i’ve settled my moods just upon the sole believe that he’s listening and HE WILL ANSWER and I feel hope at that time as well,i start over and over, yet it has been getting worse since the past three years. All I can see is that Evil is winning within my own house and I am losing desperately. I know I wasn’t wrong to believe in allah and connect my hopes but now I find myself just questioning my believes. I don’t know what to do.. I just dont want to end up paranoid… Or worse, unavailable for my future kids or husband just because I am suffering so much right now. That’s the only thing that scares me, I don’t want to break to the point of no return.

  30. Saira

    April 26, 2021 at 2:20 AM

    We are human beings though… it’s extremely legit to feel like that when prayers aren’t being answered as it seems. As if that is the proof or something.. so what then? Cant Allah know our heart’s condition? Since it’s says thst Allah won’t give us the burden which we cannot bare? So when we DONT see our prayers being answered.. it is something that sort.. that we feel like we are forsaken.. yes we need our blessings in Akhirat.. but we need to see it ALSO in this life so we can go on.. it’s one of the biggest burden to not see our prayers been answered.

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