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Anti-Muslim Bigotry

A Letter to My Modi Supporting Indian Friend on BJP’s Election Victory (From a Pakistani-American Muslim)

Amad Abu Reem



Dear Friend,

Let this Pakistani-American first congratulate you on what went right in the Indian Elections 2014— clean and fair voting in the world’s largest democracy. I wish and pray that democracies in neighboring Pakistan, Bangladesh and newer ones around the globe can emulate this achievement one day.

Now let me address some of the things that may bother you about me writing this:

  • That this is an Indian matter, who are you to talk about it?
  • Why don’t you focus on Pakistan, where minorities are far worse off and there is so much extremism and turmoil there?
  • You are biased against Indians and/or non-Muslim Indians.

In today’s age of globalization, the leader of India is as important as the leader of other global super-powers. His economic policies will directly impact global growth, and his political policies will directly impact his neighbors, including Pakistan (note: my parents live only a few miles away from the Indian border). I hope we can agree that this isn’t just an Indian matter.

On the second point, I agree with you that Pakistan is far behind on most aspects of a successful nation. To be honest, this is not much of a competition anymore; India is in a different league now.

As for minorities in Pakistan, no doubt that the treatment of minorities is atrocious, but for a country teetering on the edge of failure, you must agree that this is hardly the highest priority. Most importantly, do you really want your country to be measured against the failures of others? On a “Pakistan sucks more” scale?

Thirdly, while prejudice against Indians has been rooted deeply in most Pakistanis (and vice-versa), I hope and pray that we are moving beyond the political roots of such hatred, especially those of us who have lived in Western democracies and have befriended many Indians. And I tend to walk the talk. When given the opportunity, I hired two Indians to work for me, not both Muslims.

I hope we can now focus on the message. You must admit that there are wide-ranging concerns about BJP, and about Narendra Modi specifically. As a member of the global community first, I would be concerned about the rise of political right, be it in USA, Europe or India. Just as Le Pen concerns me in France, similarly a party whose election manifesto included building a temple on a disputed site in India concerns me deeply. Not just for the Muslim minority in India, but also for what the party’s impact could be on the global scene.

I understand that you are really excited about the rise of Modi, and that you believe he will take the country in a new economic direction. I am sure that like many fair-minded Indian supporters of BJP, your interest is not the subjugation of the Muslim minority.

But there is a reason that so many Muslims are concerned about Modi. It is not that all these Muslims hate India, it just cannot be. I am sure that you have known enough Muslims in your life to know that the vast majority of Indian Muslims love their country.

We must address the elephant in the room—the Gujarat massacres, although that is only the tip of the iceberg. You might think it has been a long time since this horrible event, but do you believe it is a long time for those who were torched alive and the families that they left behind? Please see this documentary to be reminded of the horror. (Click here and continue seeing rest by going to this channel)

Now you might say that the Supreme Court exonerated Modi and while you would not be callous enough to bring up “Muslims burned passengers in Godhra first”, I know that is something many others are indeed bringing up.

As for the Supreme Court decision, I admit Modi was given a clean chit. However, where there is smoke, there is likely fire (read this report from Tehelka). It could not be that USA/UK barred Modi simply on whims, especially since the Muslim lobby is hardly a force in the West. Even the Supreme Court-appointed amicus curiae, Raju Ramachandran, observed on 7 May 2012 that Modi could be prosecuted for promoting enmity among different groups during the 2002 Gujarat riots. At the least, most observers note that Modi could have done more, and at least not inflamed emotions further by not bringing back charred bodies of Hindu passengers from Godhra.

As for the massacres being simply an act of vengeance, then you must agree that that is a disgusting response. First of all, the Godhra fire was ruled as an accident. Even if it wasn’t, no fair-minded individual would allow killing of one set of people for the crimes of others, even in vengeance! This sort of mentality is no different from Al-Qaeda terrorists, who feel that they are justified in killing all Americans because some Americans killed some other Muslims.

Moving past 2002 massacres, had Modi simply done more to promote communal harmony and not created a system of apartheid in areas of Gujarat, one might be tempted to forgive him in the name of larger interest. But he didn’t do much at all. He only visited the camps of Muslims displaced by the Gujarat violence once. In this election, of the nearly 450 BJP candidates, only 8, less than 2% are Muslims (vs. 15% in the population) were Muslims, and the astronomic economic growth in Gujarat seems to have escaped Muslim residents. As Basharat Peer’s article in NY Times illustrates:

But Ahmedabad ceases to swagger in Juhapura, a southwestern neighborhood and the city’s largest Muslim ghetto, with about 400,000 people…Mr. Modi’s engines of growth seem to have stalled on The Border. His acclaimed bus network ends a few miles before Juhapura.

And many Muslims are forced to live in Juhapura because separation of Muslim/Hindus is systemized by the “Disturbed Areas Act”, which restricts Muslims and Hindus from selling property to each other in “sensitive” areas, areas that have been extended further and further as a form of social engineering. My friend, can you imagine such a law in any Western democracy?

Another article quotes the former editor of The Hindu, a leading Indian newspaper,

“Many of the things that are evil about India are not going to find their solution with Mr. Modi,” Mr. Varadarajan said. “If anything, they’ll get worse.”

You might dismiss all these aforementioned reasons as Western or worse Muslim propaganda. Or you might have good reasons to believe that Modi as a national leader will move past communal biases.

However, I would like you to take a moment to empathize with those who are concerned.

Empathy is indeed very difficult as you will have to put yourself in the shoes of concerned Indian Muslims, concerned liberals (Muslims and non-Muslims) around the world and feel what they are feeling. Many of us have nothing but good wishes for India as a strong India is good for the world, not just for Indians.

So please spare us some benefit of doubt for what are real and valid concerns and remember that the oppression by the majority is just as bad as the usurpation of the majority.

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Imad Shaykh is one of the founders of MuslimMatters, Inc. His identity is shaped by his religion (Islam), place of birth (Pakistan), and nationality (American). By education, he is a ChemE, topped off with an MBA from Wharton. He has been involved with Texas Dawah, Clear Lake Islamic Center and MSA. His interests include politics, cricket, and media interactions. Career-wise, Imad is in management in the oil & gas industry (but one who still appreciates the "green revolution").



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    Narayan Narasimhan

    May 19, 2014 at 5:06 PM

    About 2002 Gujarat riots:
    It was NOT an accident; a committee appointed by Muslim loving Laloo Prasad Yadav tried to cover it up; later it was declared false and illegal. There is zero evidence to show that it was an accident. But let me throw more light on this tragic incident for the benefit of all:
    • On Feb 27, 2002 train arrived Godra station 4 hours late; providing sufficient time for the terrorists to prepare the attack
    • There were NO arguments or conflicts between Passengers & Station vendors
    • Mob started attacking coaches with rocks the moment the train started; they continued their attack after the train stopped (after emergency chain was pulled).
    • Mob started using their weapons they brought such as Country made hand grandees, acid, inflammable material. But they could set one coach ablaze (great piece of luck Passengers had)
    • They blocked Fire & Rescue trucks by installing barricades (other mob were ready with them) and broke doors and windows of coach # 6.
    • Mob got help from the local Councilor Haaji Bilal who belonged to the Congress Party
    • There were some in loud speakers motivating the mob, “Kill all these Kaffirs, Kill all these enemies of Bin Laden”.

    So it was never an accident; it was a terror act committed by local Jihadhis supported by Pakistan. Modi curtailed it with limited resources. 70% of the victims are Muslims; but don’t forget who started it. You don’t have the guts to write the root-cause of the issue. If it was NOT Modi, many more would have been killed.
    The above information was obtained from the report presented by the Committee headed by Justice D. S. Tewatia

    People like you & media make this a big issue (I don’t disagree) but conveniently hide/forget when 60,000+ Hindus were killed and few millions were driven out of Kashmir. Pakistan enjoy the warmth provided by minority sucking Indian Politicians. Terrorist Muslims are responsible for 99% of the terror acts in India and all over the world. We can understand Pakistan & Terrorist supporting Muslims start shivering when Modi stands up against them.
    During his tenure he did target some terrorists; since all of them were Muslims it was easy for the media to project as though he was targeting Muslims. The truth: a big majority of Muslims in Gujarat like Modi and they have been voting for him for the last 10 years. Modi / BJP won many seats where Muslim population was very high.
    People like you should understand the true meaning of Secularism; try our original name of our religion: “Sanathana Dharma”. But unfortunately we have fake Secularism being followed by Minority supporting Politicians and Media: Patronize Muslims at the cost of Hindus…
    Indian Muslims are better than Indian Majority (all Muslims enjoy Reservation in College Admission and Govt jobs), they get special treatment in all walks of their life. There is a sea of difference between them and any minority (including Hindu minority in Kashmir) in the world. Muslims in Gujarat have been enjoying these privileges; no one stopped it. When Modi brought prosperity to Gujarat (mainly continuous supply of water & power), Muslims also enjoyed them and Hindus have no complaints. But they reciprocate by accommodating, motivating, supporting terrorists attacking Hindu majority.
    When a Non-Muslim look at a Muslim, he/she always gets a feeling somewhere deep inside, “is this person a terrorist or a terror-supporter”. I know Muslims all over the world do NOT care about the message; but soon the Eco-System will teach them a lesson. After the Gulf oil is drained, they won’t have financial support.
    Modi has already proved that he’s the leader for all; now it’s Muslims’ turn….They need to show that their country, human values, respect for citizens, law & order are above their religion and they need to stay away from Jihad / Pakistan supporting Terrorists.

    • Amad


      May 20, 2014 at 1:50 AM

      I approved the comment to show the kind of people afflicted with the RSS type ideology that breeds hatred. You can also see the comments reflecting sentiment common among Western Islamophobes and right-wing zionists. There are so much brain-washing here that I don’t know where to begin:
      1) Dismissing Godhra as accident. More importantly, this person hasn’t likely read what I wrote on the issue. Even if it was deliberate, which justice allows you to burn person X for person Y’s crime?
      2) Godhra, if not an accident would be a spontaneous mob action, is somehow blamed on Pakistan. Pakistan can’t control terrorists within its territory, let alone in India!
      3) Muslims have been bigger victims of terrorism than any other people in the world.
      4) Linking Arab oil to unrelated events throughout the world– like a connected Muslim cabal running across the globe. This is similar to the message that Jews are responsible for all evil.
      5) Living in denial of clear discriminatory prosperity in Gujarat that is well-documented.

      Enjoy your hate.

      • Avatar


        August 6, 2014 at 11:52 PM

        Hi Amad,
        thanks for praising the india election process.
        i find it amusing that you brand anyone and everyone as a member of RSS who support modi.
        approximately 50 crore people voted and elelcted mr modi to lead india, all of them cannot be RSS…he was elected because we indians were fed up of a government which did nothing for the economy and our future.
        we do have a rt to elect our leader, hope you got that.
        give him some time and i assure u he will work for the country and its people because he will be measured by his performance in the next elections.

        i feel that india as a country is at a pivotal point in its history, these riots, importance of a mosque,temple,church will diminish as a new class of young and educated indians strive for a prosperous india.
        we young indians know that to survive in this world we have to work hard to make india a better place for our future generations.
        This want and need to be better will automatically reduce these riots….after all everone wants to prosper and we would not like to be held hostage because some of us say ram and some say allah!
        my request to you is that pls dont talk on behalf of indian muslims, let them do that, we muslims and hindus of india are more than capable of solving our minor differences…
        thanks for the article

      • Avatar


        October 8, 2014 at 5:05 AM

        fyi, modi was not responsible for the subsequent godhra riots.The supreme court of India has given him a clean chit.In gujrat there is no religion based policy.Infact many Gujrati mulims just like Gujratis of other religions have prospered under Modi’s CMship.Many Indian Muslims did vote for Modi as he stands for progress for all.
        You or any other person who thinks muslims are not happy with modi can read this:

        it is better to form an informed opinion.


    • Avatar


      May 21, 2014 at 1:49 PM

      @Narayan Narasimhan First of all, no body knows what actually happened on 27th Feb 2002 on the Sabarmati train in Godhra! From the account that you have written, were you present there Sir?

      And if not – becoz you were not, then you have quoted the numerous reports and articles and accounts and misinterpretations etc etc which you have come across to believe and also that you want all of us to believe as well.
      I say so because after quoting all these ‘Sources’ to your favour in your first part , you also refute the other’s quotes from other sources as they are to your counter belief!!

      So it won’t do — because it does not serve the purpose. Firstly we should all commend Mr Amad Sheikh in writing, I should say a balanced Article even though he comes from Pakistan. And we should at least be civil. Sir, you should learn that from Mr Modi. Didn’t you see his civilty??

      The train got burnt on Feb 27. You say it ‘terrorism’ because the names on the accused list are of a Particular community.

      Then that Particular community is attacked deliberately and in such a planned manner and with the help of the State Police and all other administrative services involved – You call it what??? No now it is not ‘Terrorism’ because now the accused are not people with that particular name and religion — Muslim.

      If you dont agree with me — just turn your head 180′ right and left and you would see the same pattern. If any Gun wielding person attacks and kills family ,friends, innocent children, by standers, police , army personnel — name it and you will find it — this person if he/she is a non muslim then — well the Media and Large hearted people like you start looking into the family background, Financial aspect, Social status, etc and you almost immediately label that person to be — Mentally unstable or any of the other Personality disorders.
      Then you will have your fullest sympathy with that person’s family even if he/she has destroyed yours!

      But if the person has a Muslim name– well then without thinking left,right or centre — this person is labelled a Terrorist and has links to so and so Anti terror organization– wherever it is in the whole world. Every country has its own! Now we don’t have to travel to Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iraq or wherever! . So this has saved time to travel and also the suspense is out immediately!! What a big Joke and you all want us to believe it ! Just because Media says!

      For the sake of saying, we say so many things and quote so and so person and think ourselves like them…well it is not that easy

      You say Mr Modi instills fear for others- well now that He is to become PM ( on May 26 2014) the truth will be out and for all of us to see. He should be without any security if you say so!

      You say that BJP has won from Muslim majority areas so I can point out that for Juhapura atleast (where I have lived ) Muslims have the lowest turnout on the polling day. This is Mr Advani’ Lok Sabha seat.

      And also I will point it out to you — if Muslims have supported BJP then atleast now spare us Sir! See now we are secular too !?

      You say Muslims enjoy Minority status. Because we are a Minority and need some tools and steps to come up the Societal ladder and Sir being such broad minded person that you are, it should least bother you. These privileges are granted same to other Minorities in India like the Dalits and others who are Hindus but are neglected people.

      Another point — 24 hour water and Electricity– I will want to remind you that I have lived in Ahmedabad since birth and have seen this since my childhood. The REASON – Ahmedabad was the Manchester of India — Textile Mills and these were in 1000s and to run them, we need electricity and water 24X7 so it is not Mr. Modi’s initiative. It was already there. He has improved upon and made it so expensive that now its really a PRIVILEGE!

      Also about other Privileges– these have been availed to Muslim inhabited areas only after the 2009 General Elections when BJP finally understood that they can no longer ignore these Areas and in order to reach New Delh they will have to atleast do 10% of what they say on paper. And so it is 10% Still of what they have said.

      And lastly you talk about Eco- System– I completely agree that Oil will not last but the Maximum use of that OIL has been done by Western countries and not the Poor of India be it a Muslim or a Hindu!

      And for the Muslim’s turn — you are entirely contradicting yourself — When you say that BJP has won from Many Muslim dominated areas then — Now I will say that we have played our role as being SECULAR and now it is MR MODI’s Turn to show his leadership skills and see that no body is unnecessarily harmed,attacked or sacrificed in the name of Religion and Politics and Humanity is more higher than all this.

      @Amad — You have made so many good points to answer this person but he will never agree to it — Else we would have never seen Anti – Muslim riots in India.

      Hindus- Muslims all work together and live in peace but our dear Politician leaders have long learnt this that if there will be peace that they will have to work for the Nation — And who wants to work once in Government Post so they all give us Distractions and Distrust among ourselves so that we have no time to see what they are doing.

      If Mr Modi was not at helm in 2002, no body in India would have known him as they know him now. He would have been like another Chief Minister of an Indian State. Today wherever he is — it is Because of the MUSLIMS — whether good or bad But it is the truth!!!

      People see him as their leader because he kept on shouting Muslims and Terrorist and Aatankwad ( Terrorism) and Padosi Desh ( Neighboring Country – referred to Pakistan)

      • Amad


        May 21, 2014 at 2:28 PM

        Excellent comment and personal experiences… this is first-hand commentary from the heart of Gujarat.

        It is difficult to deny this, and I hope my Indian friends see that the pain is real and here. Divide and rule has been used by politicians to seek advantage.

        At the least, recognize it and try to take corrective action before the fire moves beyond control— I say this sincerely.

      • Avatar

        Umm Saifullah

        May 22, 2014 at 5:23 AM

        Asalaam alaikum

        A very nice and well thought article! I had been actually waiting and even thinking on these lines! Being a convert from hinduism I don’t even have to look at the “hindu” response to this article to know the kind of things being said.

        But as someone having been seen both sides of the fence this article has touched some very good points. I totally agree with the point that it is the politician who has milked the diversity in India for their political advantage. Cheap can’t have a better example but that’s how it is.

        And there are many hindu Indians who would agree with what @shibaanjumShiba has said that is why the BJP has the lowest ever vote share for a party that achieved single party majority i.e 31%
        But there are people who do not understand the fact that “the higher you fly the harder you fall” Its as if Modi has proved himself even before running the country LOL

  2. Avatar


    May 19, 2014 at 5:33 PM

    Nice article Amad.
    Good read. Agree w/ it all.
    Much respect bro.

    • Amad


      May 20, 2014 at 1:32 AM

      Thanks! Appreciate it.

  3. Avatar


    May 19, 2014 at 5:41 PM

    Dude…I am a fan of Modi…But i just need one answer from you…It is not necessary the question to your blog. But it is related to that.

    Can Muslim leave aside Palestine issue as Israel occupied their land? I beleive it is not possible. Muslim community may not even compromise after another 10 generation too..Why?…Because it is a social and religion issue that hurts your sentiments…I am in complete agreement with you.

    Dude, do you know, in India, so many temples are destroyed by Islamic rulers who came from outside….and build mosque on the site of destroyed temple…Being a sane, Pakistani Muslim, i would like to understand….how do you want me to react to this such a tragic part my histroy where my religious sentiments are tragically insulted by outsiders on my land…..

    So the next part of my response will be on the basis of your response to my question…

    • Avatar


      May 19, 2014 at 8:24 PM

      Aria, Its a myth that Muslims rulers destroyed thousand of temple. Please do your factual research correctly NOT provide the information that you read in your history books OR read from unauthentic and deliberate misrepresented source. Please the below interview/article which was well researched by neutral and honest historian.

      • Avatar


        May 20, 2014 at 4:39 AM

        Taj Mahal is the biggest example where muslim rulers destroyed temples and made mosques. babri is another one and so on.. You can not hide truth. When 80% of India population is Hindus then why muslims (especially pakistanis and other who are outside India) feel problem when a Hindu leader is head of our country. Muslims ruined the land of Vedas for 800 years, but you can not now. My advice for author is that first he should write about conditions of Hindus in Pakistan and simultaneously compare the conditions of all people living in pakistan. Why you do not accept that you have destroyed the peace of world.

        • Amad


          May 20, 2014 at 7:48 AM

          Did you actually read the article?

          • Avatar

            Sihtric Anilla

            May 20, 2014 at 8:56 PM

            Amad, I don’t think Ashwani is commenting on your article. He/she is replying Tabrez. Essentially, we can’t deny that atrocities and destruction happened in various regimes. If we do, it’s a 2-edged sword, culminating in Gujarat riots – they never happened! You’ll find scholarly articles from both sides. But recorded history cannot be denied.

          • Avatar


            May 20, 2014 at 11:34 PM

            tehelka is a discredited anti BJP column. Its editor was recently convicted of rape by the courts during the congress regime. There is no credibility of tehelka. Please quote newspapers like Hindu, indian express . tehelka stings lack credibility especially the ones where people boast how they killed muslims. You give a few thousands to a guy and you can have your video.

      • Avatar


        May 20, 2014 at 12:33 PM

        The stone inscription next to Qutub Minar in Delhi that clearly says this monument was built with stones obtained by destroying 13 temples is also a myth? This is a fact…the stone is there for public viewing. perhaps a Hindu installed it in 13th century to malign Muslims down the road ?

        • Amad


          May 20, 2014 at 2:04 PM

          Vikram, live in the present. The people who did that are no longer alive. And the people who are alive are your neighbors, your colleagues and your class-mates. 150 million Muslims live among your midst. It is time to move on beyond who destroyed what. As I mentioned in a previous comment, you will find many mosques have also been destroyed in invasions/wars.

          Repeating this historical mantra that RSS feeds to its members is only stoking hatred. There is no point of this hatred as it will consume you. Enjoy and be part of your country’s prosperity. Work with your Muslim neighbor to enlarge the economic pie, for both of you.

          • Avatar

            Sihtric Anilla

            May 20, 2014 at 8:59 PM

            Just as an FYI, there is a Muslim platform in RSS called Muslim Rashtriya manch – unless you think it’s an eyewash.

          • Avatar


            May 22, 2014 at 9:41 PM

            @Amdad…I would love to live in the present…Trust me…even i am not a fan boy of anti muslim bias….But i get worried…when in small city like Rourkela…of India….Muslim people start protesting for something that might have happened 500 year back in Israel and Palestine…So in front of my eyes…Muslim people can fight for some issue that has happened 500 year back…and that to not in my own country…then logically i do not find any thing wrong to find for my own religion..And again….your answer is undstandable that i might have read a wrong histroy book…But it i snot my fault dear…the same ass h** congi gov needs to answer why they put such things in our text book due to which our mind get biased to such an extent….So why to blame for RSS….

          • Avatar

            Cārvāka (A.K.A Hindu atheistic philosophy)

            June 12, 2014 at 6:05 PM

            @Amad i live in the present too.. and i very well know that you follow a culture&ideology which is built on the blood of countless innocents and some of those innocents happen to be my ancestors!(and your ancestors if you consider yourself an Indian)

            I also know that Pakistan was divided only because muslims refused to cooperate with Gandhi to form a secular nation.. and even after the partition the remaining muslims still pester Hindus while the same time distancing themselves from them as much as possible.

            Why is it that whoever speaks the truth is labelled “RSS followers”? truth hurts doesn’t it?

            Muslim is a minority in India and despite that it continues to ask for special perks and quotas simply on the basis of their religion as if just being Muslim entitles them to special rights.

            No it doesn’t! unless there’s serious discrimination from Hindus in workplaces,education and everything else there’s no need for such appeasements…


      • Avatar


        May 21, 2014 at 8:14 AM

        @ Tabrez – You are quoting for supporting historical facts, C’mon- Tehlka is not such a organisation which can provide you concrete evidence/detail of incidents happend hundreds years ago. It is just a news company funded by some secret sources

    • Amad


      May 20, 2014 at 1:38 AM

      Sure, let me try.

      Almost all conflicts in the world are territorial. They may have religious cloaks, but they are territorial/political. Palestine is a land occupied, it is not a religious issue (Jerusalem’s holiness just adds complexity). There are Christians also in Palestine who equally want the occupation to end.

      In history, unfortunately many places of worship have been destroyed or subjugated/converted. Let me give you a closer example to your question. You know Muslims ruled Spain for a long time and now there are mosques from that era where Muslims are not even allowed to be prayed in. But you don’t see that issue being raised often, do you?

      History is history, you can’t fix it. Most of the temple destructions are also highly disputed like Tabrez indicated. You have a large minority of Muslims in India, not one of them was part of any destruction that might have happened in the past. So the only way to move on is let bygones be bygones. This isn’t territorial. It is not like Muslims are controlling parts of Indian territory (regardless whether it is holy or not).

      All you need to do is remember that your fellow countrymen are not responsible for history, live in the present and build your future together.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • Avatar


        May 20, 2014 at 4:41 AM

        and one more point.. if you so love muslims and concerned . .go back to your country of origin and work with them to improve the image of all muslims in the world… I also love may muslims like APJ Abdul Kalam and others. anyway many of the muslims are whose ancestors were converted..

        • Amad


          May 20, 2014 at 7:56 AM

          I love all humanity. It is amusing to see this thing about “ancestors being converted”. Ancestors converted, for the most part, by choice whether to Islam or Christianity. If it was force, you wouldn’t have a majority Hindu population left. Really, you guys need to stop living in the past and tackle the circumstances of today. 150 million Muslims in India just won’t disappear or accept subjugation. A real democracy is blind to faith, not blind to rights of the minority. thanks.

          • Avatar

            Sihtric Anilla

            May 20, 2014 at 9:07 PM

            My concern is why a person’s religion is flouted in public. Religion is a very private matter. How do you even tell a Muslim from a Hindu if they are dressed or groomed “normally”?

            Also, why are the minority issues confined to Muslims? Why don’t you see other minorities affected: Parsis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains to the extent that Muslims are? Why do Muslim problems pervade the world? I’m not being discriminatory, but don’t you see the common denominator? Maybe the problems lies within.

          • Avatar

            Narayan Narasimhan

            May 21, 2014 at 12:51 PM

            Please note that Indians are living in harmony with Muslims; the trouble starts when so called Jhinadhis, and Mullahs try to plant hatred among them; it gets complicated when they get foreign support (with arms and training) and people start dying. I have seen it happening. India is the only place where minority can live in peace and comfort and enjoy all the special privileges. Just check this fact:
            In 1947, Hindus constituted over 20% in Pakistan and 36% in Bangladesh. Now, they are less than 1% in Pakistan and about 8% in Bangladesh, thanks to Pakistan. While in India, the Muslim population has risen from about 10% in 1947 to about 15% today. These facts clearly establish India as the aggrieved party in the hands of a criminal Pakistan.
            Just imagine for a moment…what will happen to Indian Muslims if they are treated just like Hindus in Pakistan…

          • Amad


            May 21, 2014 at 2:09 PM

            First of all, you should address people with their proper names. My name is Amad, not Anand. Perhaps your eye-sight needs checking as much as your facts.

            Let’s get this one quickly out of the way. The reason Hindus went from 20% in Pakistan to 2% is because the 18% were in East Pakistan, which is also known as Bangladesh now. So in fact the Hindu population has remained stable in Pakistan. As for Muslim population in India, I could actually suggest a logical reason. Since Muslims are more likely to be in the poorer, uneducated class, they are more likely to have more children. This is a typical, well-known socio-economic driven dynamics. That’s why you see very low fertility rates in the developed world compared to the under-developed. In fact, fertility has been plummeting in Muslim

            So if you want Muslim population to slow down, stop discriminating against them — catch-22 huh?? :)

            And as I said in my post, do you really want to measure India by a “Pakistan sucks more” yardstick?

          • Avatar

            Umm Saifullah

            May 22, 2014 at 5:28 AM

            @Amad I would only say this much. Stop explaining to their typical RSS fed replies about muslims and their histories. They are in no way going to shed their ignorance. They ask muslims to forget the 2002 riots when they are not even ready to forget the Mughals.

            As a former hindu I can tell you that we are taught things in black and white. Gandhi is good, British are bad. Shivaji is good, Mughals are bad. And another fact is most people here are only here to vent their frustration or boast about the Modi win and not to have any constructive dialogue

            May Allah guide them. Ameen

      • Avatar


        May 20, 2014 at 11:42 PM

        It hurts if Pakistanis refute the fact of destruction of thousands of temples across india and Pakistan by the Islamic invaders. Aurangzeb destroyed temples held sacred to hindus in Varanasi and in many other areas. before him it has been recorded by the invaders on the rampant destruction of hindu temples. Please check and don’t write false facts. Again there is a group of people in India who go out of their way to deny these facts.
        Again let by gones be bygones and move over from the Gujarat riots irrespective of who did it.
        please write a piece to consider Ahmadis as muslims. And when you held your Pakistani passport did you sign that ahmadi prophet was an impostor?

        • Amad


          May 21, 2014 at 9:26 AM

          Again let by gones be bygones and move over from the Gujarat riots irrespective of who did it.

          We would have, had not the person who was the leader over the state when it happened, become the PM. Had it been someone else from BJP, I don’t think you would have half the noise… and had it been even one generation old and the party had made some changes, I agree we should move on.

    • Avatar


      May 21, 2014 at 4:49 PM

      WOW. Indians somehow seem unaware of Indian Media’s censorship and the fact that it’s as biased as Modi. We, in Pakistan, watch NDTV as well as, all entertainment channels of India, their movies, their actors/singers are more well-known than our own actors even drama ones. It’s sad to see how even Indian comic shows are full with hate towards us. It’s not just their news bulletins and talk shows. Might wanna watch our channels or if you’ve had the chance of watching Electoral campaigns of all parties in Pakistan somehow – ’twas full of Amn key Aasha, which most of us Pakistanis believe in. India-bashing DOESN’T sell in Pakistan. But apparently Indian channels/newspapers STILL need Pakistan-bashing for ratings. And so do their politicians, why? Public demand, may be? Assessing the authentication of news and facts by counter-checking with our media might help them understand the ‘Padosi Aatangwadi’ factor, then.

      Sadly, as I’ve only went through the comment section, I feel like it’s not just about Pakistan anymore, It’s about Muslims. Conforming with the Hitler-like school of thought, I see.

      That being said, if we could, a just case would have been resurrecting those Muslim Emperors who according to these comments destructed Hindu temples some 800 years ago, but can we now? On the other hand, this Modi guy is alive, his claim-to-fame is someone who perpetuated Muslim massacre. BIG DIFFERENCE.

      Last but not the least, NOBODY in Pakistan is scared of Modi. We’ve survived tyrants, corrupt-most, insincerest blood-shedding politicians, terrorists from all over the world, and agency attacks be it India or other well-known ones in the game, with drone strikes. WE EXIST. :) So please, correct that un-wise notion. We’re but scared of losing a (not-so-friendly-)neighbor, that we, the people, want to establish good ties with.

    • Avatar

      Abd ArRahman

      July 29, 2014 at 10:40 PM

      Watch Dr. Ram Puniyani (a hindu) on YouTube on the subject on Muslims rulers distroying the temples. You will get your answer.

  4. Avatar


    May 20, 2014 at 1:55 AM

    Whole muslim world is worried about this person. What will be happening with our Indian muslim brother. But i am not worry about him, because if we stray like a real muslim inshallah he can do any incident like gujarat 2002. Allah will help us.

  5. Avatar

    Muhammad Usman

    May 20, 2014 at 2:34 AM

    Dear Amad Shaikh sab,

    Please throw some light on the funding of Israel to get Modi elected for 2014 election… It is heard that a new east India company is ready to enter into India with the support of Modi.


  6. Avatar

    muhammad sayeed

    May 20, 2014 at 4:11 AM

    Beautifully written .bravo

  7. Avatar


    May 20, 2014 at 4:15 AM

    Hi I Just want to ask my muslim brothers why everywhere in world they pose themselves as underprivileged,neglected and poor.
    I know that in every part of world there are fair chances for everyone to make his/her own future or to become anything.But why muslim chose to become anti-national.
    What is this struggle is all about?
    In India we had many of Muslim leaders in past like Dr, Zakir Hussain.Dr. Abdul Kalam etc.
    Why can’t the muslim youth chose to work hard and make its own future bright.

    And the most Imp – I have met many of Mulanas & Ulemas all of them are doing nothing but threatening our brothers whether its USA, Isreal,India or Syria.

    Cant they teach us how to maintain balance between religion and practicality of life.

    I have seen hindus coming offices with Tilak on there forehead and Muslims practicing Namaz in same.

    I just want to appeal to all my brothers – Please think beyond the religion and make muslims the best community to work with and show the world the good lessons from Quraan.


    • Avatar


      May 26, 2014 at 2:20 PM

      As a student of History, i can site numerous mughal atrocities against their own mughal counterparts. The whole idea of mughals representing “Islam” is wrong. Read mughal history, their actions….brothers killing brothers and father being jailed, murdering brother in laws and all this to inherit the throne, whine drinking, giving grand rewards to poets who write best poem that exaggerates praise for the king and numerous injustices against muslim scholars.

      Hindus don’t see Islam beyond “name”. If your name is Ahmed, they will automatically think Islam, unfortunately, without much investigation into your character. Yes those mughal rulers killed many non-muslims, but they didn’t spare their own blood either…they did it for POWER not for Islam.

      If you guys are going to use mughals actions to justify modi’s reaction during Gujrat riots, then please remember, history repeats itself and you know what happened to mughals right?

      learn from History but first take off the bias spectacles! to see clear and make wise choices

  8. Avatar


    May 20, 2014 at 4:51 PM

    “First of all, the Godhra fire was ruled as an accident.”
    — Sorry, absolutely incorrect. It was a train fire is a theory by vested interests. High Court sentenced 30 people for train burning in 2009 and 2010, and after some months there were many sentenced for post godhara riots as well.

    Ghettoization in Juhupura is much hyped and Modi is blamed for that. But the sad fact is that this is a reality in all parts of country except may be a few regions and more so in North half of the country. In Delhi, muslims find it hard to get an apartment on rent except in muslim areas. Not that most of the apartment owners do not want to give it on rent to muslims – people often do not want to live with muslims, so it becomes sort of a rule. Nobody else – Christian, Dalit hindu, OBC, sikh, south indian, north indian, face this discrimination in Cities. There is no discrimination in corporate jobs and most of the other things, but when comes to living, often people do not want to live with muslims. This is sad reality of most of India, Modi is not the reason. May be when muslims leave black burkha and look more like other Indians this problem will go off – no prejudice, just a thought, I do not know how this problem will wither.

    Modi is also humanist – that unproven accusation for what he did wrong in a tense tough time, doesn’t take away it from him. He is genuinely interested in development of all, including muslims.
    As of representation, BJP’s and RSS’s ideology means they tilt towards Hinduism (which includes Sikhism, Buddhism, jainism as per their definition) which they view as a culture rather a religion and all Indian origin things. And I don’t see why they should not, at an ideological level. I as an indian do worry about cultural death of our ancient nation, the way Persia died by the hands of Arabs. But common indian muslims (specially older generation, like most of the pakistanis) tend to think real indian history started when Muhammad bin Kasim attacked India. Newer muslim generation is becoming more and more different in this regard and can be proud of Mouryan history as well – For them religion become less political and more personal – and in doing so they move nearer to RSS ideology. No wonder already 10% muslims voted for NDA. So, I am hopeful that BJP’s rule will be more and more acceptable to Indian muslims going forward and the representation of muslims will accordingly increase in BJP.

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 6:28 AM

      Your comment is at least hopeful, I applaud you for that.

      But to bury discrimination against Muslims in residential leasing for example, in the cloak of “stop burkhas, etc.” is really disgusting. If you want India to be a secular democracy and be open like the West, then this is a type of apartheid that will never be acceptable. The Indian person who I hired and reports to me has a name that is not obviously Muslim. When he was looking for places to live in Mumbai, the agents/landlords would openly tell him, we don’t give Muslims, not knowing he is one. This is abhorrent and instead of making excuses, Indians should reject this.

      • Avatar


        June 10, 2014 at 6:19 AM

        hey amad
        Please tell us also that why Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted the separate muslim country, whereas India wasn’t declared himself as the total hindu country.
        Why india was divided if muslims were secular ?
        Please give us some link also regarding Hindus in Pakistan.

  9. Avatar


    May 20, 2014 at 5:48 PM

    Amod:I appreciate the fact that you made some good points including accepting the fact that Modi is the new democratically elected PM-something you wish could be emulated in near failed states like Pakistan.But, can you really expect the average Hindu to forget 800 years of fierce,brutal terrorism that was inflicted onto helpless Hindus?The only reason why most of pre 1947 India remained Hindu was because of two reasons:Hinduism proved to be resilient against the war mongering savage and brutal invaders and Hindus did physically put up sporadic but brave resistance against the invaders. Muslims in the Indian subcontinent will always be considered outsiders because they chose the religion of the oppressor to avoid been killed and out of sheer greed and cowardice.I am a Hindu today because my ancestors chose to remain Hindu despite hopeless odds.You are a Muslim today because your ancestors capitulated….that is a fact!.Jai Hind to you my brother!!!

    • Avatar


      May 20, 2014 at 6:57 PM

      Wait so you hate Indian muslims as well? or Just Pakistani muslims?

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 6:36 AM

      Muslims in the Indian subcontinent will always be considered outsiders because they chose the religion of the oppressor to avoid been killed and out of sheer greed and cowardice.

      Such language reflects the reality of your extremist movement. It blames 150 million people for what their ancestors willingly did. Should those living in Christian lands also blame Jesus for changing their religion?

      I am a Hindu today because my ancestors chose to remain Hindu despite hopeless odds

      Historical evidence remains divided as to how majority of conversions occured. How much was it from Sufi saints, from proselytization, from threat, or what have you remains disputed.

      The fact that you and other Hindu extremists (I call you that because I cannot imagine most Hindus think like this) chose to accept one narrative and forget other possibilities reflect on the goals of such an exercise: Create hatred and resentment against 150 million Muslims living in your country.

      All I can say is that you cannot go back in history. So these Muslims are with you, and their ancestors’ decision has no bearing on how you should treat them.

  10. Avatar

    J Raj Bali

    May 20, 2014 at 6:33 PM

    Hi Amad! Good and measured article and I definitely appreciate you’re perspective as a “brown” youth growing up in America (I say brown because, even having pakistani and bangla friends, the political divide prevents us from referring to ourselves as one group cohesively, even though we have a common cultural history). One caveat that you are probably aware of when criticizing India and understanding the under-lying issues with the political situation, especially because of your access to media reports of all biases, is that colonialism (and this is not just conspiracy or “nativist griping”) has had a lasting effect on the mentality of the Indian people. Think along the lines of the general in Avatar that uses the descriptor of “blowing them a racial memory” to blowing up the sacred tree.

    Whereas many countries, such as China, have overcome self-valuation through the lense of the outsider. India, as a consequence of being the “conquered other” for the last thousand years has suffered from a lack of uniting identity that was made even worse with the development of the English schooling system, supplanting the indigenous tradition and associating it with “backwardness” (a stigma still present today). This lack of cultural unity and a driving inferiority complex had paved the way for a biased representation of historical India by the academia which, while being Indian in appearance are decidley western in views and mentality. This same academia (influenced by the socialist-marxist ideology of the Nehru-Gandhi family) has continued to propagate a denigrating, deprecating and apologist mentality of Hinduism; painting Indian culture as less advanced socially in comparison to the west. The question begs whether Nehru’s chosen disassociation from Indic/Hindu groups and ideologies was a matter of a genuine want for politically pseudo-secular equality or more as a “bone-to-pick” with the majority for classifying the “Pirali Brahmins” (Nehru’s clan) as pariahs for their allegiance to the Mughals (who never had any vested interest in India other than as a personal bank and political maneuvering tool with the Ottomans).

    So where does all this lead? The biased academic views propagated by an oligarchical academia have left a majority of Indians feeling disenfranchised from their culture and disaffected with the politics needed for change. Modi would be foolish in a globalized economy to openly persecute any group so I would disagree that there is any danger of Modi-inspired sectarian violence. The fact of the matter is that India and Indians as a majority want a leader that is proudly/outwardly/unabashadely Indian and not an “Indienne” palatalized to Euro/Amriki tastes.

    As an aside, part of the Indo-Pak contention comes from Pakistani portrayal of Mughal Invaders and Muslim heros as the be-all end-all for Indian cultural advancements while relegating pre-Mughal era Indic heros as uncivilized. Another argument that leads to contention is Pakistani comments on the state of Muslims in India, when the state of Muslims in India is 10x better than the state of Hindus in any Muslim country really (not just South-East Asia but the Middle East as well).

    Ps. There is literally A MOUNTAIN of reading to get anywhere near a full scope of this subject but you seem like the type of journalist that would enjoy that. A few intricacies of research that you might find interesting are the Indian academic descriptions of Babur and Humayun compared with their own version of their exploits with regards to the Hindus in the Baburnama (you’ll notice that modern versions of his history are grossly understated), the Pirali Brahmins and specifically Varun’s comments about the effect family history has had on their political mentality, and lastly the comments from both sides on the public feud between Sonia and Maneka. One other fact of note, the head of the University of Chicago School of Indology (literally the sede in any “ex-sede” message on the academic study of Hinduism) is appointed on recommendations from the JNU’s Indology head. So here we go, the UCSI head is the nephew of a prominent female communist leader (think white sari and big red bottu) and a former student of Irfan Habib. Irfan Habib is a fairly well-noted “historian” who shares title at times with DN Jha (re: Papers/Lectures) who was a Student of Romila Thapar with Wendy Doniger, the former head of the UCSI. Sounds conspiratorial but when you have about 30 people world wide as the heads of organization to propagate the study of Hinduism and ALL of them come from exactly the same perspective/school of study, all qualifying each others work and disqualifying any outsiders work (re: Asko Parpola and Michael Witzels opinions on these authors proficiency in Sanskrit and the clear mistranslations/misinterpretations being made) and they all know each other personally and have close ties with the Congress party, it makes one wonder what the ultimate motivation is of the people supposed to be portraying your culture accurately.

    Just wanted to show that not all people that support being Hindu are political Hindutvadis, there is a lot

    Sorry it’s a bit verbose…:s

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 6:43 AM

      Appreciate the comment and agree that there is much education needed. I also agree that the biased reading of history severely affects inhabitants of both nations… I can accept that a rich culture must have existed before the Muslims and they brought another rich culture to the nation.

  11. Avatar


    May 20, 2014 at 7:33 PM

    Hi Amad,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for an article that seriously made me ask myself about why I support Narendra Modi. You have some valid arguments and I may disagree with some of those. Let me start with things that I agree :

    1. Minorities should be respected and should be always considered at par with mainstream in any country including India. We cannot write off just by saying that Pakistan has a worse record.

    2. The premier of India affects the globe and Pakistan has a right to be concerned about the PM of a neighboring country, especially the one with whom it has fought 4 wars.

    Some things that I wouldn’t agree are :

    1. Ram is one of the most important Gods in Hindu religion. Gandhiji’s last words were “Hey Ram”! I think the temple of Ram should be at the place of his birth. Especially in India which is a secular nation where all the religions are respected, the ideginous God that inspires most of the people of the country should have his temple at his birthplace. I disagree with breaking of the Babri Masjid which was a crime. But a mosque and a temple could stand side-by-side. Isn’t it? Ultimately both are 2 different ways to reach the same God!

    2. Narendra Modi has been chosen by the Indians because they don’t see anyone else that can revive economy. Also people of other parties were indulging in appeasing the minorities a lot. So much to an extent that they tried to legally prove that Godhra incident was an accident. Only Modi has courage to speak for the rights of majority which is sad and counter-intuitive!

    3. According to me, Modi will not try to harm the minorities because his priority and the priority of all Indians is to make a better economy. An atmosphere of hatred cannot foster economy. The perfect example could be Gujarat. Riots happened in 2002 on his watch. But then he made sure that the next 12 years were free from riots. If he would have allowed it, Gujarat would have never got investments.

    Hence, I believe, Narendra Modi is the necessity of India for the moment and I believe that he will not do any harm to the minorities in the country and will also make sure India has peaceful relations with neighbours. In fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if the relations of India and Pakistan will reach new heights!

    My request to all the people would be to stop criticising him for some time and give him a chance. If he tries to do something wrong, I trust Indians enough to be sure that they will not support him as they didn’t support Congress party!

    • Avatar


      May 20, 2014 at 11:37 PM

      Prayag – While i agree that Modi might not try to do the same as 2002, I just have one point. If your family members or loved ones would have been direct victims in the 2002 riots, would you consider Modi as PM just because it is good for the economy?

      Can the same be said for Hitler as well? Do you think he should have been given a chance as well?

      What this article and all others are trying to say is that how can somone like him be elected as PM when everyone knows and acknowledges his crimes. It is easy to write-off corruption in our country, however, he has blood on his hands.

      • Avatar

        Pedro Gonzales

        May 21, 2014 at 4:41 PM


        By conflating Modi (who was cleared of wrong-doing by an independent judiciary during the rule of the opposing party), to Hitler, you effectively end any potential debate. No one ‘knows and acknowedges his crimes’. All people know and acknowledge is that he is not a friend of the Muslim community.

        I did not vote for Modi, but I’m not willing to have my Prime Minister slandered.

        Pedro Gonzales

        • Amad


          May 22, 2014 at 10:17 AM

          Yeah, I agree, a comparison with Hitler is unfair. But there are elements of Hitler ideology that we find in extremists– including branding people by their version of ancestral history.

          • Avatar


            May 26, 2014 at 4:43 PM

            Actually, according to Professor Chetan Bhatt who is the director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights of London School of Economics and Political Science University, Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was founded on the ideology of Italian Fascist youth movements and its founding fathers greatly admired Hitler and Mussolini. In Modi’s Gujarat, Adolf Hitler glorified in secondary-school textbooks.

            “While a Class VIII student is taught ‘negative aspects’ of Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement, the Class X social studies textbook has chapters on ‘Hitler, the Supremo’ and ‘Internal Achievements of Nazism’.

            The Class X book presents a frighteningly uncritical picture of Fascism and Nazism. The strong national pride that both these phenomena generated, the efficiency in the bureaucracy…”


    • Avatar

      Umm ZAKAriyya

      May 21, 2014 at 2:28 AM

      Thankyou for being respectful .
      I do really appreciate people who cite their difference in opinion in a respectful manner .

      As the brother pointed out earlier , our disagreement with Modi is based on moral grounds . We don’t deny that he may have great leadership qualities . But a just leader is more favourable to us .

      But now that he is elected a leader by the majority , we can only hope Modi turns out to be good for everyone .

      And if he turns out to be a tyrant , God will deal with him .

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  13. Avatar


    May 21, 2014 at 12:21 AM

    Okay I have no problem with your view point but stop addressing India as Him. It is Bharat mata a she. That perspective changes everything. May be Pakistan is a He. That is the difference

  14. Avatar


    May 21, 2014 at 1:03 AM

    The majority of Indians in cities facing discrimination in housing do not wear Burkha or look any different than “other Indians”. When Javed Akhtar, as secular a Muslim as you can get, faces housing discrimination, it shows the problem lies with those doing the discrimination and defending it like you

  15. Avatar


    May 21, 2014 at 1:52 AM

    Amad, really enjoyed reading your post but cannot agree to your saying that since your parents live across the border you have a right to interfere/criticize a mandate given by approx 50 mln people – i would think would US would effectively ask the Russians/Chinese to f-off if they claim a right to criticize its choice of a democratically elected President. Secondly you seriously think that the issue between Hindus and Muslims is only due to Modi? Sorry to say that the elephant in the room is not Modi or the riots but something far deeper- frankly, it is a deep mistrust and fear that the Muslim population will takeover the country and impose Sharia laws on us. The main cause for that is the perception of the Hindus that there is a persistent bias against them and in favor of the Muslims. I am not sure how far you know Indian politics, but Indian Muslims generally have a tendency to vote en masse and form a sizable vote-bank for any political party, with the result being all ‘secular’ parties falling backwards and jostling to get their votes. This has caused a slew of sops to this vote-bank- like separate civil laws allowing polygamy and under-age marriage, separate inheritance rights, reservation in education etc etc- which is not available to 70% of the Hindu population and certainly not available to any of the tiniest minority population of the country like Sikhs or Parsees or Christians or Jains. I am sure you would appreciate this because no other Muslim or Non-muslim country in the world has provided any such differentiating laws to accommodate a minority community. Combine this with a rapidly growing rural Muslim population which refuses to adopt any birth-control and wants to educate its children in Madrassas and the Hindu population is scared of being over-run in its own country. Some of this fear can be confounded, but some can definitely be attributed to a burgeoning Muslim population who continue to demand special status for themselves but refuse to assimilate with the mainstream and be subject to common laws and regulation like the rest of the country.

    Add to that several instances of terrorism in the last couple of decades, where the perpetrators have been more often than not found belonging to a particular religion. We as a nation, have never seen any Muslim community leaders come forward and condemn these terrorist acts, the same way they come out unitedly against Modi. This has caused a general perception that Muslims are not patriotic and cannot be trusted- it also does not help that several state and central govts are perceived to have gone soft over the terrorists again due to vote-bank compulsion. Many more such issues here, but this is a good start to that

    Modi is not the cause of the problem nor can removing him will improve Hindu-muslim issues overnight or suddenly make India secular. The issues swept under the carpet are only being aired now due to the country’s Hindus consolidating their votes for a single party. But can your community members self-introspect and find out the reasons why the Hindus had to do so, instead of continuing to blame Hindus for everything under the sun and more?

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 9:32 AM

      I am sorry friend, but you sound exactly like the right-wing islamophobes like Geert Wilders and Pam Geller in accusations about runaway reproduction, Sharia creep (you really think 15% of people will take over?!) and Muslim fifth column. There have also been sikh terrorism and Maoist terrorism in India. Just because there are extremists doesn’t mean that the entire Muslim population comes under discrimination. And the fact that you are stating these things and talking about the distrust means that you are justifying the growing anti-Muslim bigotry.

      You should read the other article on the elections to see that Muslims did not vote en masse. As I keep saying, extreme Hindus and extreme Muslims are the two sides of the same coin.

      • Avatar


        May 21, 2014 at 10:48 AM

        Hey, you don’t need to shoot the messenger or call me a bigot if I simply pen down the general perceptions of the Hindu population – you cannot change it and neither can I. I agree with you that just like all Indians who voted for Modi are not ‘Hindu nationalists’ it is wrong to think that all extremists belong to a particular religion. However as I said that there is indeed a mistrust and fear of this particular minority community in the hearts of the majority and it is indeed the responsibility of both the groups to introspect, sit down together and talk about the issues here instead of playing a blame-game. I have travelled many villages in UP in the past where the community has been broken down into 2 sections based on religious affiliations and neither of them have anything to do with the other. This mistrust precedes Modi and needs to be addressed quickly, beginning with the airing of the underlying issues.

        But again I see a similar generalization from you ‘ entire Muslim population is discriminated’ – No it is not, otherwise we would have never seen a widely-respected Muslim President, current Vice-President, numerous Muslim industrialists, sportsmen and film actors in this country. Also, to nitpick, rural Muslims do vote en masse as per the call of their Ulema. Maybe this has not been seen in this election due to the AAP factor, but in the past we have definitely seen their block votes going to either Congress or SP. But then I guess, you would have not known that since you are not involved in the Indian political scene, Eh!

        • Amad


          May 21, 2014 at 2:21 PM

          Thanks for a respectful comment. I cannot imagine that entire Muslim pouplation is being discriminated against– that would be almost impossible considering the numbers :) But when it comes to discrimination, even one is too many you will agree. And we are not talking about one or two either.

          I think you hit the nail on the head. If this distrust is not tackled in a non-accusatory, without tainted historical narratives, then it will only grow. And 150 million people can’t be simply cordoned off. Need sane voices to prevail. To talk in the here and now. Even Modi can do it and give people a chance to belief that this is a new Modi. Let him have more Muslims in his administration, visit mosques, etc. Like any good leader would do. Of course this applies to other minorities too…

    • Avatar

      Umm ZAKAriyya

      May 21, 2014 at 12:26 PM

      You have Never heard muslim leaders condemn terror attacks ? You haven’t heard or don’t want to hear ?

      Do hindu leaders speak against saffron terror ? Such as Attacks by bajrang dal goons on locals . Ofcourse some do. We don’t expect every peaceful hindu to apologize for what some crazy saffron terrorists do .

      Majority of the Hindus are peaceful . And so are muslims . I have practising Hindus in my close friends circle . And Hindus as good neighbours , who we would protect with our lives.

      Extreme hindu groups such as rss , VHP , etc are the ones who jeopardize this peaceful coexistence . They are the ones creating “deep mistrust ” between the communities .

      No extreme muslims or other religious groups have a platform to spread their hateful ideas . But the hindu extremists do.

  16. Avatar


    May 21, 2014 at 3:33 AM

    Ooo hello!!! Mr. Amad, u r a confused desi in america and nothing more. Why the heck do u have an appologetic atittude? To hell with RSS and modi, we are muslims and we have history of ruling the world and specially india for 800 or more years. These grass eaters are no threat for us. It was only a decade or 2 ago pakistan was doing way better than india economically and fights are not won on the basis of ur bank balance, they r won on the basis of courage integrity and conviction. We nailed USSR in our backyard, a military might ten times than its counter part afghanistan and pakistan. We are almost finished with destroying nato and US in our backyard once again. We have kept these indian snakes at bay for more than half a century and have whipped their butts on more than one occassion. So let all these RSS fans who live in the fantasy world and triumph over modis victory. The rely on economy to fight wars we on the other hand rely on faith. STOP relying on western media narrative which makes us feel we r weak and stop belittling ur self and ur proud muslim nation. Instead its now our opportunity to take revenge of muslim massacre.

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 9:34 AM

      The other side of the same coin. You can see both extremist sides in these comments.

  17. Avatar

    Shatrunjay Mall (@shatrunjay1412)

    May 21, 2014 at 5:00 AM

    I disagree with the conclusions of this article. If one does further research on the topic of Narendra Modi and communal violence, one will discover that Modi did more to stop the riots of 2002 than many other administrators. You can find the speech he gave after the Godhra train burning (available on YouTube) as evidence for this when he asked the people of Gujarat to be disciplined and to control themselves rather than create havoc. There’s a lot more such evidence for this. Check out Madhu Kishwar’s research. Communal violence has a long history in South Asia, with complex causes and assigning one person blame does not help in solving the issue. Also, there are many Muslims who have voted for the BJP under Narendra Modi this time. Prominent Muslims who support Modi include Zafar Sareshwala and M.J. Akbar, who have lauded Modi’s governance reforms and impartial administration. Over 30% of the Muslims of Rajasthan for instance voted for the BJP. And Modi has won the 2014 general elections on the basis of promising better governance, better policies and economic and social prosperity for all. Even his slogan is “Sab ka saath, sab ka vikas”. Please do not fall prey to false canards of Modi’s communalism spread by vested interests. Modi promises a future of happiness, good governance and prosperity. That’s the basis on which he received the sort of mandate he did.

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 9:36 AM

      Thanks for at least not justifying the massacres and for mentioning hopeful statements. My main conclusion of the article was the need for supporters of Modi to understand what is going on in the minds of their fellow Muslim Indians or other liberals (muslim or not) around the globe. Empathy is the first step towards harmony. I hope you are right and Modi adopts a different stance as the PM compared to CM.

  18. Avatar

    Daniya Sadaf

    May 21, 2014 at 5:15 AM

    Being a Indian muslim.. I love ma country. …I dont care… wat ppl think abt ma caste n religion… I am loyal to my country .. n itz citizens :)

  19. Avatar

    A Indian

    May 21, 2014 at 9:52 AM


    I think you are just stiring the pot of communalism while
    India has voted for “Development” and modi ran his campaign on “Development”.

    Personally my father back in india runs a business in Gujarat and almost all of our suppliers are from Community whom you are trying to champion . And in my father’s word those people are hurt what happened in 2002 but they also believe modi was best for them in last 10 years where they were able to do their businesses without issues and they have progressed.

    So whole point is, those who believe themselves as Indian before belonging to any religion would prosper under Modi goverment and if someone loves their religion more than “Mother india” they should find home somewhere else it is as simple as that.

    You talk about those people who lost loved in 2002 and how they can accept but how those who lost loved one in 1993 mumbai bomb blast, 2008 mumbai seizure by pakistan backed terrorist and life lost. You don’t talk about them . Why rest of india should forget that and rest of india knows we have shown restrain in all situation with our neighbors in 1999/2008 but it is time that neighbor be warned next incident india may not show so much restrain. Also, i know any kind of conflict with neighbor wont’ be beneficial to india but there is a limit. Modi is from the land of gujarat where “Gandhi – the peace lover” and Sardar – the iron man was born and Modi is combination of both. So, Choice is neighbors.

    If any muslim in india thinks they are better of not being the india modi wants to develop than they are welcome to leave but those who believe india as their country and democratically elected leader as their leader woudl prosper.

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 2:14 PM

      So they should either accept Modi or leave? No freedom to protest, argue or influence? That is your new definition of democracy? And where should the Indians who disagree with you (Muslim or Hindu) go? And let’s say in 5 years, Congress is back, would you be willing to leave as well then?


      • Avatar

        Josh Dutt

        May 22, 2014 at 9:22 AM

        Hi Amad,

        It appears to me that you take a defensive stance on thoughts that are not consistent with you own. The above individual makes factual arguments. Nobody should be asked or forced to leave as is the case in Pakistan. Its the mindset of the ‘illiterate’ people that needs to be shifted (or evolved for that matter) in either country. To begin with, Pakistan and its military (and some of its politicians as well) need to come out from the ‘sibling rivalry’ syndrome. Fact is India was never divided as the media likes to portray. India remained India (as self governed by its own people after British rule) and Pakistan spun off an as independent nation to ensure the rights of Muslims in the subcontinent. Now to make things clear, the Indian passport clearly reads ‘Republic of India’ and Pakistan passport reads ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. What democracy are you preaching? Change starts from the self and charity begins at home. Every muslim country treats its minorities like garbage (except maybe Turkey) and you want to preach democracy to a nation where a minority (read muslim) has already been president not once but four times and a sikh twice. A muslim is permitted to marry 4 women and a hindu only one by law in India. Which western democracy would permit or advocate this law? The mosques use loud speakers in India at all times during prayers as you may be aware. Which western democracy you know would permit this? Shah Rukh Khan is among the worlds top paid actors (ahead of Tom Hanks etc…). Do you think he would have gotten there if Indian Hindus boycotted his movies simply because he was muslim? Trust me brother, you don’t teach us democracy. It is something we are truly proud of from the beginning of our nation. Modi might make you jittery but it is evident that whats disturbing you is lack of factual information. Maybe the Almighty bestow more knowledge upon you!


        • Amad


          May 22, 2014 at 10:31 AM

          Thanks Josh. Amen to your prayers.
          I think I already addressed the question of “Pakistani teaching us democracy” in my first few points. Please do re-read. I am under no false impression that Pakistan is a bright democracy. Turkey, Malaysia are a couple that come to mind. Part of the reason is most Muslim countries are relatively new and were artificially divided by the British, for starters. After that continuing influence includes supporting dictators, and whenever democracy starts to hold, new coups are supporters. So yes, a long way to go.

          I agree India has a lot of positives and I mentioned those clearly as well. Token celebrities don’t really count (just because you have black football players and actors in USA doesn’t mean there is no more racial discrimination). With all the things you have said, you can clearly see that the Muslim minority is worried about Modi. So have some empathy— see the video I linked on empathy…

  20. Avatar

    Why do we hate?

    May 21, 2014 at 1:44 PM

    Hello amid,
    While I feel that you are very convincing and sound like a terrific orator, I can’t help but believe that you have oversimplified the matter
    Leave the religion issue aside,it happens every decade ,we will never rid ourselves of such haters until and unless literacy and education levels are increased, more often than not extremism is practised by the illiterate, hopefully India and other South Asian countries will be free of prejudice as education levels progress

    How exactly would you make sure this occurs?
    The only way ppl will send their children to school is when they have the money to do so, don’t you think that every parent wishes to give the best to their child? Irrespective of their caste creed race or religion?
    What can they do when they can’t afford the fees?i assume your parents were well off to send you abroad for studies or you were good enough to get a scholarship on your own, but if pak had world renowned units would you go abroad?

    My point being,poverty is the enemy,ppl can hardly afford food leave alone toilets or clean water supply,this is crime against humanity,the only way each and every one of these problems can be overcomes is by progressing by uplifting the poor, by decent educational infrastructure, by growth and by a healthy economy

    This is why liberals,Muslims, and other minorities like me voted for modi,he might have his monsters but unless our country progresses we will never get rid of our own

    While many “nationalists” will disagree , india is not a perfect democracy,corruption,scandals,etc etc
    We have to strive to make it a perfect country and the first step to that is acknowledging the problem, after all if the govt official is paid well ,healthcare is affordable, education is provided and basic amenities is accounted for, why will he need to take a bribe?

    • Amad


      May 21, 2014 at 2:25 PM

      I like your thoughts. Certainly agree economic progress will help overcome many of the ills and the uneducated or educated frustrated voices that have been brainwashed by extremists— of any religion.

      I do hope that Modi does move the country forward economically for all its inhabitants and does not stoke the fire of communal hatred.

      • Avatar

        A Indian

        May 21, 2014 at 4:40 PM

        Once again you are twisting comments as your original article. Those who Love india but doesn’t agree with modi does have to accept as democratic election has selected a PM who ran his campaign on development.

        If he fails and congress returns after 5 years than be it. But if people just want to keep hating and don’t want to be “indian” by contributing to indian dream of being developed nation, than yes there is no place for them in india.

        I wonder, have you taken so much interest in your own country or country with which you have ties ( pakistan as per you!!).

        • Avatar


          May 22, 2014 at 7:59 AM

          Mr. A Indian. Since I read both of your comments…. You have made me interested to understand how do you believe Mr. Modi is going to develop India. May I request your thoughts on the same please ?

          BTW, just to clarify – I am an Indian Hindu, not that it’s relevant here. But since I didn’t want my fellow Indian to waste any energy in guess work, hence I clarified. Yes, so your thoughts on Developing India please ? And how would you contribute towards it ?

          Ohh, and while we are it – could you also briefly explain how the unfortunate incident of Mumbai attacks is related to Gujarat riots ? You might say- both were led by Pakistani terrorists. Could be true ! But are you sure that none of our own Countrymen were involved in any of these incidents ? In which case, I wonder if these terrorists are flying from some invisible space into India, and attacking us ( Read: poor Hindus ) out of sheer hatred. Or if you really believe that those who were involved from our side were only Muslims and belonged to no other religion?

          • Avatar

            Josh Dutt

            May 22, 2014 at 9:51 AM

            Hi N,

            All you have to see are the economic pointers in Modi’s state of Gujarat during his tenure there. While I agree that it has been exaggerated at times, there is some truth to it. You have to understand that Congress was in power (undisputed) for over 50 years unchallenged under the fake ‘Gandhis’ and how far did we as a country get? Nowhere close to what was envisioned! As you are well aware, the newer generation does not give two hoots about faith and inter-faith marriages are now the norm in all major cities. The younger generation is result oriented just like their employers and want to see ‘factual’ growth. Modi was betted on by people across all corridors due to the following: 1. Single man and objective minded result oriented man who is a loner at heart. He can’t be corrupt since there is no one to inherit the billions he will have the opportunity to swindle if he wanted. 2. The Gandhi family needs to be quarantined. This is not a Saudi Kingdom but a democratic country. The nation saw Modi as a much mature man with good sense of governance compared to RG who was a kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth with no connection to the Indian psyche. Secondly, Modi was a “SON OF THE SOIL” with a humble background. 3. Lastly, everyone needs to just chill because Modi is now a democratically elected PM designate. The minorities need not worry. He is the PM for everyone and is liable for his actions in public office for ensuring the progress (economic included) and well being of every citizen of India. If he doesn’t live up, he too will be forced out… Plain and simple is the way the democratic process works! :)

          • Amad


            May 22, 2014 at 10:35 AM

            I like that you are focusing on Modi, the man and his policies and trying to tell/comfort the non-believers (in him) why he is the right man. This is what is needed, and more of it, not less.

            Personally, I was surprised that Congress which took India from being almost nothing on the world scene to a global economic power in 10 years, is completely dismissed… especially the ex-PM Manmohan Singh. I agree Congress was pretty inept in previous years.

            I really like your reasons #1-3. I definitely think those are positive points and I can relate those to Imran Khan who is also a person dedicated to the country (even though not of humble background like Modi). I hope that he does reach out to the minorities and build bridges. Because I truly believe that if he can bring communal harmony in India, the sky is the limit for Indian economic growth.

          • Avatar

            A Indian

            May 22, 2014 at 10:47 AM

            Ms. N,

            Let me start with some history in last 10 years of UPA government. Also let me tell you, I am big fan of Mr. Manmohan Singh the economist and i believe india owe him so much for his reform in 1993 as part of Narsimah Rao government and UPA-1 performance.

            So now back to your question? To answer that let me ask you why do you think india’s growth slowed between UPA-I and UPA-II? Clearly in UPA-I time india was far better off and than UPA-II became more corrupted and more complacent and growth slowed. You can argue that global economy slowed down too but china didn’t slowed down like us. They got bogged down by coalition politics too.

            As far as Mr. Modi, if you look at gujarat what he did. Since he came to Gujarat as CM , he made sure business man ( not big industrialist but small businessman ) never gets harassed. I am telling you that from very first hand experience. All government officers were told why they visit businesses who are doing their business without any rule breaking? Answers from officers were we are giving them “advice” and modi asked them to give advice to their relatives and friends but don’t interfere anyone doing business legally. He made any proposal approvals streamline. It can’t get stuck more than 2 weeks at any table in government. Usually , there are 5 chairs between modi and people stop paying bribes as in worst case scenario they saw any application would get approved ( if it has right to get approve ) by CMO office and those officers which didn’t have justifiable reason for holding off approval were in trouble for not working for people.

            I am not sure have you ever visited Gujarat but in last 10 years, infrastructure of Gujarat has improved lip and bound and all villages has water/electricity.

            So modi believes in good governance and big believer in great infrastructure + manufacturing to bring out people from poverty that is what today’s india needs. Also, he doesn’t believe in harassing industry for nonsense reasons which is important for industry which are self made in india ( read technology secotor /IT sector) where goverment don’t disturb what they have made just provide them support in term of infrastructure.

            Show me another person in india politics with this kind of clean vision!!!

            Isn’t that a good reason to believe in modi? Also, it is very clear he is non-corruptable just like our previous Prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh but he is also “iron man” which won’t allow wrong doing like what happened during Dr. Singh’s goverment ( read all scandals!!).

            Nupur, i think you misread what i said. I never said whatever happened in Gujarat in 2002 or Mumbai in 2008 or 1992 ( bomb blast) , none of indian citizen was involved but evidence points backing of our neighboring country. Those who being indian citizen but involved in that are also terrorist in my mind doesn’t matter those were muslims/hindu or any religion.But you also know how many non muslim names come up. Now you can say it was cover up by various governments but than argument becomes convoluted bcz all evidences which are out need to be neglected.

            I don’t have any haterd towards muslims or for that reason any religion. 2 of my best friends are muslim and i really respect them and their religion. It is not religion which is bad or all of its follower. It is just interpretation of religion from few empty minded people which try to convince another their fellow brothers/sisters and make their mind poisonous with propaganda . Anyone living in india or outside india who thinks I am “Human” and “Indian” first , can be true indian and true follower of any religion everything else is just “Propaganda”.

            As far as myself, How i am contributing to india’s development, I try to spend my time in spreading education in india and helping poor children’s get education because i believe only way to get out of “small” mentality is Education. And today’s childrens are tomorrows leader.

  21. Avatar


    May 21, 2014 at 3:30 PM

    Things I learned from the comments here

    1) Indian Muslims do not condemn terrorism (a big fat lie)
    2) Muslims should move on from riots 12 years back but at the same time they should be discriminated because of what Muslim rulers did 200 years back
    3) Indian laws are biased towards Muslims
    4) Indians had every right to hate Congress but if some Indian Muslim hates Modi, they should leave India

    It is not about Modi, it is about those Hindus who propagate hatred against Muslims for nonsensical reasons, some of them being outright lies (such as Indian Muslims support terrorism)

    • Avatar

      Narayan Narasimhan

      May 31, 2014 at 2:42 PM

      Nice Try Ali…….
      1. Many Indian Muslims do NOT condemn terrorism when the victims are Non-Muslims (According to them, it’s payback time, for Babri Masjid). Proof: Mumbai blasts, Parliament Attack, Nov 27 shootings, etc
      2. After 2002 riots, 1/3 of the victims were Hindus; many culprits were brought to justice. But it’s NOT the case in J&K. After killing thousands of Hindus and making millions homeless, Muslims / Terrorists are enjoying special treatment. Hindus have been discriminated for many years; we are just waiting for it to end.
      3. Indian laws give special privileges to Muslims (esp with their mosques, reservation, special treatment, etc)
      4.Many Indians hate Congress, you are right here. But there are plenty of reasons; Corruption, Economy, Sucking up minorities, being soft against terror, weak leadership to name a few…
      Many Muslims in Gujarat may NOT like Modi; but they voted for him. They know they are safe in this country and no one asked them to leave.

      It makes me laugh reading your last sentence; Hindus accepted minority leaders in key positions (including PM, Presidents, State Chief Ministers). Hindus look at the individuals and hold their ability, skills above the religion. Hindus are NOT turning violent even when Pak supporting leaders like Akbaruddin Owaisi openly threatened Hindus in a public meeting. After witnessing any Indian Muslim rally or gathering, one couldn’t help but conclude that they support Terrorism against Hindus. I hope it’s a lie…..but we need to face this sad reality.

      But the world hopefully waits for the day Muslims give up their violent nature / ill-behavior; I think Turkey is leading the way. I find many from Iran against this fundamentalism. Remember it’s Pakistan which has been providing shelter to Dawood Ibrahim and sending insurgents to India.

  22. Avatar


    May 21, 2014 at 5:21 PM

    A very well written article. I praise the way you have respectfully put this. I wouldn’t have done this. I simply say i dislike Mr. Modi (putting it mildly).
    Although i am not a Muslim. I am a Sikh. But religion does not matter.
    All of his immature statements such as claiming Arvind Kejriwal to be a pakistani agent and promoting India-Pakistan hatred, are, honestly, intolerable.
    And voting was not clean and fair. All big parties bribed poor to vote for them and much more which would be believed only if i have proof. So its useless to say all this here.
    I am just a heart-broken Indian citizen who is frustrated that people can’t see through his dirty games.

    • Amad


      May 22, 2014 at 10:19 AM

      Danny, very good to hear from you. I would really appreciate more insight from you, as a non-Muslim minority. Do you feel that other minorities are also at threat. Do Sikhs agree with BJP platforms in general?

      • Avatar


        May 26, 2014 at 4:19 PM

        As far as Sikhs agreeing with BJP platforms, if you look at Punjab’s scenario, people over there are indeed fed up of Akali Dal rule (which is with BJP). And every revolution starts from Punjab :) cz apparantly people over there adapt well to new changes.
        NDA just won in 4 out of 13 constituencies over there.

        • Avatar


          May 29, 2014 at 8:42 PM

          Actually NDA won 6….you are right about Punjabis fed up with Akalis why do u figure they won one seat more than last time in is modi factor..but u continue…who cares about facts..rt?

          • Avatar


            June 1, 2014 at 6:55 AM

            Sorry, i was mistaken. Akali Dal won 4 over there and BJP won 2.
            Maybe its a coincidence that all my acquantances, friends and relatives there don’t support Modi or Akali Dal.
            So, I voiced my opinion on the basis of my interaction with them.

  23. Avatar

    (Dr)Asok Kumar Ghosh

    May 22, 2014 at 5:57 AM

    The idea of clubbing all muslims together is not correct.India is a very diverse country and just as all Hindus can not be clubbed together all Muslims can not be grouped together. In India every body should think as an Indian. India has seen many riots since prepartition days and people from all communities have suffered . So let us make an effort under the new govt. to create a riot free society. If development and governance are improved and no community is utilized as vote bank this can be achieved. With proper development we can achieve a much better India where persons from all communities will get a chance to participate in the coveted job of Nation Building. Let us look forward to those days. Indian electorate are very matured and they have the strength of selecting the right government.

  24. Avatar


    May 22, 2014 at 6:08 AM

    There are other ways of discrimination than just sectarian violence. Refusing housing, schooling, hospital facilities are just one small facet. Forcing landlords, schools, hospitals, etc to pay extra when they do business with non- hindus is one way of turning the population against each other. Discriminatory tax laws against non- hindus & their religious practices are just one in a billion ways of discriminating & segregating the vast non- hindu majority.

    FYI: Most North Indians have never seen a Christian woman or a non- burkha clad Muslim woman. Therefore, a lot of confusion arises, especially in South India where non- Hindu women who don’t wear their dots wander around in the daytime without fear.

    While your article specifically raises concerns about Muslims, it’s also a major source of concerns for other minorities as well, though we don’t dare voice our concerns for reasons that are quite apparent in the comments.

    • Amad


      May 22, 2014 at 10:25 AM

      Thank you and I really would like to hear more about the experiences of other minorities in India….

  25. Avatar

    Suma Shapun

    May 23, 2014 at 7:20 AM


    Narendra Modi through the Eyes of Gujarati Muslims, Christians and…

    Author(s) : Madhu Purnima Kishwar

    {PLEASE PROVIDE LINK, the comment is too long- Amad}

  26. Avatar


    May 23, 2014 at 7:44 AM

    Hi amad…very well writen…hum jab tak religious view se in chijoko dekhna chod nahi dete tab tak ye problems aisehi chalu rahengi…jaise aaj wo hamari generation tak aap pahuchi hai vaisehi kal aane wali generation tak ja pahuchegi…aur inka hal kabhi nahi niklega…kyuki hum religious hokar in chijo ke bare me sochte hai…mera janam ek indian Hindu family me hua…lekin jaisehi mai matured hota gaya maine religion me believe karna chod diya…kyuki bahot commen sense hai ki hum sab insan hai aur kisi ache ya galat reason ki wajah se aaj hum alag alag religion me bandhe hai…jab ki aaj hume koi force nahi kar raha hai ki follow the religion…fir bhi hum man nahi rahe…so we have to come over from this system…my one of the best friend is muslim…aur koi dharm nahi sikhata dusre dharm ko hate karo…so agar koi chahe to religious hoke bhi secular reh sakta hai…me manta hu ke Hindu, muslims, indian, pakistani ye sab pe proud hona jaroori nahi…ye humari achievement nahi hai ye nature’s gift hai…jaroorat ke time ek insan ki madat kar paye to hi hum is janam ke layak hai…aur rahi bat indian muslims or other minorities in India…i never had a experience about getting any special treatment because I belong to any perticular religion though it is Hindu or muslim or any other…ha ek baat ho sakti hai ignorance hua ho…lekin ye perticurally kisi community ko target karke nahi hota hai…itne bade desh me kisi do char gaon ka example mil sakta hai…lekin pure desh me agar muslimo ko target kiya jata to aaj hum aamir Khan, Abdul kalam, zahir Khan ke fan nahi hote…i hope you got it…aur rahi baat ignorance ki to Indian gov. ki reservation policy ki vajah se bahot saare Hindu brahmins aur higher cast ke logoko taklife sehni padti hai…aur aaj bhi kahi jagaho pe dalito ke upar julum hota hai…not by the gov. But by the people of higher class…so indian muslims aaj jo bhi star par hai iske liye hum yeh nahi bol sakte ki unhe target kiya gaya hai…ha kabhi kabhi unhe muslim hone ki vajah se pareshaniyoka samna karna padta hai jaiseki property rent pe lena ya dena…lekin uske liye jo well known Indian muslims hai wo agar age aake terrorism ke against kuch social movement shuru karenge to indian muslims ko jyada faydemand hoga…jo thoda muslim youth aaj jihad ke galat raste pe ja raha hai wo isase kuch sikh sakhe…aur education will make a difference…aur wo aaj India ke garib logo ki badi problem hai…na ki only muslimo ki…aur Modi ji ka PM banane me sabse bada hath to khud congress ka hai…apni sarkar thikse chala nahi paye roj naye scam bahar nikalte rahe…to logoka gussa hona jayaz tha…modiji Hindu hai isliye wo PM nahi bane 12 saal unhone khudko sabit kiya as a cm of Gujarat…hindu hone ki vajah se wo pm agar aaj bane to BJP ki government 5 saal pahle bhi aa sakti thi…bjp ke upadhyaksha bhi ek muslim hai…mukhtar Abbas nakvi…shanavaz hussen is one more leader in BJP…bjp ka alpsankhyak (minority) devison bhi hai… one more thing i m not bjp supporter i just want my india clean, peaceful and developer… indians want peaceful and developed contry…can I wait for ur rpl…

  27. Avatar


    May 26, 2014 at 4:10 PM

    Well, other minorities could be at potential threat but, not as much as Muslims beacuse many peaople have been brainwashed to think Muslims as terrorists. (the irony being Muslims might be terrorstruck right now because of extremist Hindus) while there is no such sentiment of hatred towards other minorities. But I think if these people promote a lot of Hindutva, minorities would naturally be sidelined and might not be considered in their decision-making.

    Seeing the present scenario, people are getting divided into pro-Modi and anti-Modi. The other day i came across a news saying some boys got arrested because they spread anti-Modi messages on WhatsApp and there are many other such cases. Now, there are many anti-politician comments n messages sent by many people. Anti-Arvind Kejriwal, Anti-Sonia Gandhi..but why is Narendra Modi special?

    So, i feel all anti-Modi people are at threat. Everybody around me worship Modi. Some may listen to what i say(only to reply back, not to understand my point) but some dont even stand a word against him.

    This is actually ruining the spirit of democracy. The reason why i feel Modi is a big threat is that he is here to RULE, not REPRESENT. Sure he is ambitious and may do some “development” but i have a premonition that strong are gonna get stronger and weak are gonna get weaker.

  28. Avatar


    May 26, 2014 at 6:06 PM

    The same supreme court that gave modi “clean chit” called him India’s Nero,( who was dancing while Gujrat was burning. With this track record, any rational person would think twice before believing which statement holds more truth. The history of dirty politics in Indo-Pak should make it easy to comprehend how supreme court could come to that judgment after calling Modi the like of Nero.

    Secondly, it is a FACT that his party was formed on the ideology of people like Hitler. If anyone is to do simple scholarly research, there are numerous international journalists (excluding Pakistani journalism because it might be biased) who will vouch for the bigotry and hatred of Modi towards Muslims in particular (more than sikhs and other minorities). Remember, he joined this fascist party at the tender age of 8 and these feelings of hate are deeply engraved in him just like Talibans prefer youth to join them because their minds still lack wisdom to comprehend the Devilish goals of such hateful organizations.

    I took my sweet time to read through each and every comment and reading them reassured me how being “literate” doesn’t translate to being “educated”. Pakistanis need to read history and so do Indians.

    Someone beautifully pointed out how politicians keep reciting the mughal mantra to instigate hate in the hearts of hindus while ignoring a major fact, that mughals killed many muslims, more importantly, muslim scholars, for their political agendas. Now same people who keep reciting mughal history from decades ago require people to “Forget” what Modi did just “Few” years ago… Hypocrisy at its prime!

    Power hungry people have no religion, they only live for power and power is their only god. Its this exact senario in Pakistan where books glamorize many pathetic mughal rulers who have their own family’s blood on their hands for the sake of “throne”/Power.

    Coming back to Modi, ill quote various academias because you might think my words are biased because I am a “muslim” so here are what non-muslims have to say about Modi.

    Robert D. Kaplan, the author of “Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific” and the chief geopolitical analyst for Stratfor, calls “Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujarat and the brightest star in the Hindu-chauvinist Bharatiya Janata Party.”

    Edward Luce, the Financial Times correspondent in India, in his book, In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India, in Chapter 4 on page 159 says “The Muslim quarters of Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat turned into death traps as thousands of Hindu militants converged on them. As the rioting unfolded, Modi approvingly quoted Newton’s third law: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Modi’s words served as green light for the killers…The reaction was substantially more than equal…Mobs gathered round and raped women. Then they poured kerosene down their throats and the throats of their children, and thre lighted matches onto them…male family members were forced to watch the ritualistic killings before they, too, were put to death…There was a pattern and efficiency to the killings that implied some degree of premeditation” and in the food notes Edward luce reminds us “History has a way of producing strange coincidence. February 27-the date of Godhra burnings-was also the date of notorious fire in the German Reichstag in 1933 that gave Hitler the opportunity to seize power”

    If you read on page 151, it explains how RSS was inspired by European Fascism. How “The uniform they put on is a mix between khaki outfit that was worn by the British colonial police and sartorial details taken from Mussolini’s fascist blackshirts, who were already an icon to Hindu nationalists when RSS was founded in 1925. The shakhas are equivalent to the semimilitrized cells that formed the building block both of Mussolini’s fascist movement and the Nazi Hitler Youth Movement in Germany”.

    In Chapter “In spite of the Gods”, page 160 we read about the trials. Gruesome stories and the assassination of “Haren Pandya”, the only BJP minister who came forward to testify against Modi and to tell what were the “instructions” given by Modi to police. After his asasination, it was alleged on “muslim terrorist” and no trials were further pursued for Pandya’s murder. In 2006, only handful people were convicted for the mass riots and gradually, as we all know Modi was given “clean chit” which I’m sure God knows is not that clean, its drenched in innocent blood.

    This is just one book, few authors, all non-muslim…and not muslim supporters either…

    For more research, you can read words by Michael Witzel, professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University who shows how Gujrat textbooks were influenced by BJP hindu-chauvinistic agendas.

    The man who called the refugee camps of gujrat survivals as “baby making factories”
    The man who compared his feelings regarding muslim deaths “BJP’s Prime Ministerial hopeful felt as saddened by the riots as he would have been if his car had run over a puppy. “(

    The man doesn’t even feel the need to hide his hatred…because unfortunately, the elections proved (if indeed they were fair and clean) Hindu masses share his sentiments…

    I would feel same sadness if TTP representative was ever to win Pakistani elections (and I pray with my heart and soul that day never comes)

    • Avatar

      Narayan Narasimhan

      May 27, 2014 at 3:25 PM

      I can give a fitting reply to your post by providing enough evidences. There are enough books / material to prove you wrong.
      But Amad won’t publish it; it happened to one of my previous submissions.
      So, live happily (!?) in your ignorant world…..
      By spreading hate you’re doing more damage to yourself and the youngsters of Pak.

      • Avatar


        May 30, 2014 at 8:46 AM

        Instead of writing/replying to me you should write to the authors whom I have quoted and maybe it will be fruitful. Calling me hateful for citing mere facts, I will take that as a compliment. I will cite facts about Hitler, Osama, TTB, Mussolini and everyone else who kills in the name of religion or race…and anyone who thinks I’m hating is most welcome! and I’m thankful to them for thinking of me so highly because only someone who respects humanity can hate such monsters with passion :)
        I wonder if you would be so pro-Modi if, GOD FORBID, it was one of your relatives or family who died in Gujrat riots while the NERO was enjoying his life. Just a thought, but I’m not expecting a rational answer…and I might not even reply to your comment if its full of Mughal atrocities gibberish (Which I already stated, I’m not a Mughal drum beater. Those were power hungry monarchs who showed no mercy to “humans” who were to come in their way to power/throne, may it be their father or brother) or judgmental statements about me.

        Let’s see if Modi repeats history! or proves the critics wrong (which I sincerely hope/pray he does but his track record doesn’t help with being hopeful)

  29. Avatar


    May 26, 2014 at 6:10 PM

    Same supreme court that gave modi “clean chit” called him India’s Nero,( who was dancing while Gujrat was burning. With this track record, any rational person would think twice before believing which statement holds more truth. The history of dirty politics in Indo-Pak should make it easy to comprehend how supreme court could come to that judgment after calling Modi the like of Nero.

    Secondly, it is a FACT that his party was formed on the ideology of people like Hitler. If anyone is to do simple scholarly research, there are numerous international journalists (excluding Pakistani journalism because it might be biased) who will vouch for the bigotry and hatred of Modi towards Muslims in particular (more than sikhs and other minorities). Remember, he joined this fascist party at the tender age of 8 and these feelings of hate are deeply engraved in him just like Talibans prefer youth to join them because their minds still lack wisdom to comprehend the Devilish goals of such hateful organizations.

    I took my sweet time to read through each and every comment and reading them reassured me how being “literate” doesn’t translate to being “educated”. Pakistanis need to read history and so do Indians.

    Someone beautifully pointed out how politicians keep reciting the mughal mantra to instigate hate in the hearts of hindus while ignoring a major fact, that mughals killed many muslims, more importantly, muslim scholars, for their political agendas. Now same people who keep reciting mughal history from decades ago require people to “Forget” what Modi did just “Few” years ago… Hypocrisy at its prime!

    Power hungry people have no religion, they only live for power and power is their only god. Its this exact senario in Pakistan where books glamorize many pathetic mughal rulers who have their own family’s blood on their hands for the sake of “throne”/Power.

    Coming back to Modi, ill quote various academias because you might think my words are biased because I am a “muslim” so here are what non-muslims have to say about Modi.

    Robert D. Kaplan, the author of “Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific” and the chief geopolitical analyst for Stratfor, calls “Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujarat and the brightest star in the Hindu-chauvinist Bharatiya Janata Party.”

    Edward Luce, the Financial Times correspondent in India, in his book, In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India, in Chapter 4 on page 159 says “The Muslim quarters of Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat turned into death traps as thousands of Hindu militants converged on them. As the rioting unfolded, Modi approvingly quoted Newton’s third law: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Modi’s words served as green light for the killers…The reaction was substantially more than equal…Mobs gathered round and raped women. Then they poured kerosene down their throats and the throats of their children, and thre lighted matches onto them…male family members were forced to watch the ritualistic killings before they, too, were put to death…There was a pattern and efficiency to the killings that implied some degree of premeditation” and in the food notes Edward luce reminds us “History has a way of producing strange coincidence. February 27-the date of Godhra burnings-was also the date of notorious fire in the German Reichstag in 1933 that gave Hitler the opportunity to seize power”

    If you read on page 151, it explains how RSS was inspired by European Fascism. How “The uniform they put on is a mix between khaki outfit that was worn by the British colonial police and sartorial details taken from Mussolini’s fascist blackshirts, who were already an icon to Hindu nationalists when RSS was founded in 1925. The shakhas are equivalent to the semimilitrized cells that formed the building block both of Mussolini’s fascist movement and the Nazi Hitler Youth Movement in Germany”.

    In Chapter “In spite of the Gods”, page 160 we read about the trials. Gruesome stories and the assassination of “Haren Pandya”, the only BJP minister who came forward to testify against Modi and to tell what were the “instructions” given by Modi to police. After his asasination, it was alleged on “muslim terrorist” and no trials were further pursued for Pandya’s murder. In 2006, only handful people were convicted for the mass riots and gradually, as we all know Modi was given “clean chit” which I’m sure God knows is not that clean, its drenched in innocent blood.

    This is just one book, few authors, all non-muslim…and not muslim supporters either…

    For more research, you can read words by Michael Witzel, professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University who shows how Gujrat textbooks were influenced by BJP hindu-chauvinistic agendas.

    The man who called the refugee camps of gujrat survivals as “baby making factories”
    The man who compared his feelings regarding muslim deaths “BJP’s Prime Ministerial hopeful felt as saddened by the riots as he would have been if his car had run over a puppy. “(

    The man doesn’t even feel the need to hide his hatred…because unfortunately, the elections proved (if indeed they were fair and clean) Hindu masses share his sentiments…

    I would feel same sadness if TTP representative was ever to win Pakistani elections (and I pray with my heart and soul that day never comes)

    • Avatar

      A Indian

      June 24, 2014 at 10:27 AM


      Your point is if Indian Supreme court didn’t find anyone guilty and it is not to you liking that supreme court is wrong.

      Also, you talked about Mr. Modi at length and all observer you quoted who they r to prove Mr. Modi is invovled seating in their respective countries which are few thousand miles away from India.

      And main point is election in india was won based on “Progress’ factor rather than religion/hatered factor.

      UP one of the most populated muslim state , where BJP got thumping number of seats and votes even in areas which are Muslim dominated and that means muslim voted for modi and his progressive india agenda.

      One point I noted in your comment, you never condemned what happened in Godhra , why is that??

  30. Avatar

    Rim sharma

    June 2, 2014 at 9:06 AM


    Firstly great article and brings out valid points. But just a few things that I want to point out, the people involved in both these attacks (let us not even call these riots as these were clear attacks) were both driven more by rage and less by faith or religion. It was madness. The point that first the godhra train massacre happened, which is why the muslim community in Gujarat got attacked is not a justification for what happened. It’s not a dual or a game .. Nobody won this. Both communities faced only defeat in this. The biggest thing is, you and me have less differences and more in common because we come from educated and stable backgrounds for whom the world is one big oyster. But for the people involved and victimised they are in a cocoon of religion rage and violence. I’m not saying that this is their culture. I’m saying that we have had the exposure and the education and the comfort to be able to set aside such differences and find more in common with each other. They have not. They have been helpless through out the episodes. I do believe this whole sad period was a result of mob mentality stoked by political or local leaders. Does the common hindu think so perversely for the common muslim and vice versa ? No. It doesn’t matter I even hate the phrase indian muslim, well what’s that got to do with his identity. He’s an indian. Period.
    I feel the only solution must start from every home. Mothers and fathers must teach their children, priests in temples and maulvis in mosques should preach and inculcate in the respective communities the principles of tolerance and acceptance. Till this responsibility is not taken up nothing can be done. Report people who brainwash and communalise irrespective of religion, why? Because you are an indian first and muslim or hindu second. This collective responsibility must be recognised else we will keep facing the consequences of actions of another brain washed section of our own sects.
    Secondly I do not support such violence at all whether it was an action or a reaction. I would like to ask The people who were involved in the godhra attack who gave you the right to kill them? And I would like to know from the people who attacked muslim communities , who gave you the right to kill even one person? Both have acted wrongly both have faced consequences . Hence don’t turn a blind eye to what’s going on around you. Everything is connected and everyone is connected in a society…. Wake up.

  31. Avatar


    June 3, 2014 at 12:38 PM

    @Amad — Could not resist resist myself from coming back to this article!! May 19 –June 6 and we alll are still going strong !!!

    Definetely ” Acche Din Aane wale haen”

    This blog post and the responses show me that Gujarat 2002 is a very hurtful incident – no matter how we all justify it — against or pro ?!!

    And yes, those who lost their near and dear ones and those who saw those violent cries and fire and what not ! We will not forget it for the rest of our lives.

    The Gulbarg Society incident – a grim reminderof those riots — Killing of MP Ehsan Jafri and the whole neighborhood.
    My family lost many close family friends and elders that day. My parents lived in that society before leaving it in the early 80′ to settle down in Sarkhej Juhapura. I have spent a part of my childhood there and we used to visit often. On the day of the Sabarmati Express incident, we called up our friends in the Gulbarg Society to ask of how the situation is and also advised them to leave. But unfortunately they were too confident of the Police Protection. And that very Police Department betrayed them. The rampage started around morning and by noon the whole society was gutted down and people butchered and burnt and left to die. Can you believe that till date there are people from that society whose bodies could not be traced? Burnt with Allah knows what material– but nothing of the mortal remains left !And this is the truth my friends !

    All said and done – we do not forget those who died such horrific deaths. Everyone has to die! But not in such a manner ! No way!

    And it is true for all cases – whether Gujarat, India or any where else in this world – because whoever dies – a man or a woman or a child irrespective of any Religion – he/she is somebody’s father/mother , son/daughter ,brother/sister, husband/wife, uncle/aunt and above all he/she is a Banda of Allah and He does not bear such deaths of innocent lives.

    Again people will start to justify or nullify my comment. And I understand it. But some actions cannot be forgiven. And this is one of them!


  32. Avatar


    June 23, 2014 at 3:52 PM

    Its a good article but it misses some local realities. First of all, the reason the issue of riots not stopping a BJP march to power is that the OTHER ALTERNATIVE PARTIES DON’T HAVE A CLEAN IMAGE ON RIOTS. Congress, S.P., RJD et cetera have all been accused of causing communal tension. This neutralized the “Communalism” issue and people voted by and large on the issue of development. THE GODHRA INCIDENT AND POST-GODHRA RIOTS CANNOT BE JUSTIFIED AND ANY ATTEMPT TO DO SO IS AN INSULT TO INDIAN SECULARISM. But unlike Pakistani Judiciary, Indian Judiciary is apolitical and does not favour any political party, ideology or individual. It safeguards the values of our Constitution. So PEOPLE HAVE TRUST IN OUR SUPREME COURT AND A CLEAN CHIT WAVES AWAY DOUBTS OF MANY INDIANS. People who blamed Narendra Modi for not acting quickly to subdue the riots were also willing to give Narendra Modi another chance on the bases of the fact that post 2002 Gujrat has been peaceful and pro-development. By the way, Gujarat Government has employed Muslims in Police force extensively and maybe no other state govt. has employed so many Muslims in the police force. BJP had given decent amount of tickets to Muslims in the Local polls of Gujarat and many of them won too. Even in the assembly and Lok Sabha polls of Gujarat, a fair percentage of Muslims voted for the BJP. The electoral trends of a number of states show that Muslims have not voted en masse against BJP and the party’s Muslim support has increased under Narendra Modi. Even if it’s not a very big increase, its an increase and if Narendra Modi was an extremely divisive figure this increase would not have happened.We should also not forget that BJP supports Uniform Civil Code, a law that aims for same rules for all religions. Among the minorities, people of most religions have shown inclination towards the BJP. The Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Sikhs have had no problem with the BJP. BJP won 2 out of 3 seats it contested in Punjab and was runner up in the third. Its ally won four so its performance can’t be called bad. It won both the seats in Goa which is a christian dominated state and has increased its vote percentage in many states having a fair amount of christian population. It has also got the largest vote share in Jammu and Kashmir, which is a Muslim dominated state. Yes there are apprehensions about Narendra Modi among the Muslims but they are not as serious as the West believes. See there have been communal flare ups in India a number of times in the past, as in many other parts of the world and these can’t be justified by giving the example of Pakistan but Indian Minorities have never been oppressed. Be the the rule of left-centric Congress or the Right Minded BJP, minorities have more or less lived in peace in India and their condition has been similar across different governments. I respect your article, Amad and this is my counter to your article. I WOULD BE EXTREMELY HAPPY IF AMAD YOU WOULD RESPOND TO MY COMMENT AND THE OTHERS TOO.

  33. Avatar


    June 30, 2014 at 4:07 PM

    Mr narayan actually you don’t know the real meaning of jihad and if you call terrorists jihadi then its wrong jihad is. feightng for their Islam but terrorists don’t care when they attack who is Muslim and non Muslim only they are asked to promot fear

    • Avatar

      Umashankar Shankar

      July 10, 2014 at 10:30 AM

      If you think I don’t know the real meaning of Jihad, please throw more light on the subject. Many also don’t understand what “Fighting for Islam” really means.
      Now how do you define violence between Shia & Sunny Muslims? Are both the parties fighting for the same cause? Many Shia Muslims are killed all over the world including Pakistan by Sunni Muslims; I think India is the only safe haven for them. Shia & Sunni are together only in raising slogans against Israel.
      But what matters most: nearly 25-35% of Muslims (in the World) believe that Jihad is a holy war to spread Islam, to establish Sharia law, to kill those who don’t accept or who comment about Islam or Mohammed or Allah. When this Jihad is all about violent, forceful conversion, how do you think that it’s justified?
      To hear other perspectives of people like me, watch this:

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#Current Affairs

Faith Community Stands With Peace And Justice Leader Imam Omar Suleiman During Right Wing Attacks

Hena Zuberi



In a follow up to the right-wing media platforms attack on Imam Omar Suleiman – calling him anti-semitic, a common tactic used to discredit both Muslim activists, as well as criticism of Israel policies, Faith Forward Dallas issued a statement.

Faith Forward Dallas at Thanksgiving Square – Faith Leaders United for Peace and Justice is a Texas-based interfaith organization that has worked on many initiatives with Imam Omar Suleiman.

The statement reads:

“Imam Omar Suleiman a spiritual and moral voice for peace with justice!!!!!

Time after time in our city, in the United States and around the world, Imam Omar Suleiman has been a spiritual and moral voice for peace with justice. When others seek to divide, he calls for unity. Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square works to unite faith leaders for justice and compassion. Imam Suleiman has been a trusted leader among us. In the wake of his beautiful prayer to open the House of Representatives on May 9, he has received threats of violence and words of vilification when instead he should have our praise and prayers. We call upon people of good will everywhere to tone down the rhetoric, to replace hate with love, and to build bridges toward the common good.

Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square”

Commenters on the Faith Forward Dallas statement have left comments of support.

The group has invited locals and other leaders to endorse and share the statement. “Endorsed! I love and fully you Imam Omar Suleiman!” wrote Karen Weldes Fry, Spiritual Director at Center of Spiritual Learning in Dallas (CSLDallas), commenting on the statement.

Some commentators do not understand the manufactured controversy.  Heather Mustain writes, “What people are writing is so vile. They obviously didn’t even listen to his prayer!” Imam  Omar Suleiman delivered the opening prayer in the US House of Representatives on May, 9th, 2019  at the invitation of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) of Dallas, TX.

“I’m grateful for the faith leaders with whom I’ve built relationships with and served with for years that have shown full support throughout this process. Together we’ve stood with one another in solidarity in the face of bigotry, and in the support of others in any form of pain. We will not let these dark forces divide us,” said Imam Omar Suleiman in response to the outpouring of love from the people he has worked with on the ground, building on peace, love, and justice.

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#UnitedForOmar – Imam Omar Suleiman Smeared by Right-Wing News After Opening Prayer at US House of Representatives

Zeba Khan



Sh. Omar Suleiman delivered the opening prayer in the US House of Representatives yesterday, May, 9th, 2019  at the invitation of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) of Dallas.

Immediately since, right wing media platforms have begun spreading negative coverage of the Imam Omar Suleiman – calling him anti-semitic, a common tactic used to discredit both Muslim activists as well as criticism of Israel policies.

News outlets citing the criticism have pointed to a post from The Investigative Project on Terrorism or ITP, as the source. The  ITP was founded by and directed by noted Islamophobe Steven Emerson. Emerson’s history of hate speech has been documented for over two decades.

Since then, the story has been carried forward by multiple press outlets.

The immediate consequence of this has been the direction of online hate towards what has been Imam Omar Suleiman’s long history of preaching unity in the US socio-political sphere.

“Since my invocation I’ve been inundated with hate articles, threats, and other tactics of intimidation to silence me over a prayer for unity,” Imam Omar Suleiman says. “These attacks are in bad faith and meant to again send a message to the Muslim community that we are not welcome to assert ourselves in any meaningful space or way.”

MuslimMatters is proud to stand by Imam Omar Suleiman, and we invite our readers to share the evidence that counters the accusations against him of anti-semitism, bigotry, and hate. We would also encourage you to reach out, support, and amplify voices of support like Representative E.B.Johnson, and Representative Colin Allred.

You can help counter the false narrative, simply by sharing evidence of Imam Omar Suleiman’s work. It speaks for itself, and you can share it at the hashtag #UnitedForOmar


A Priest, a Rabbi, and an Imam Walk Into a Church in Dallas

At an interfaith panel discussion, three North Texas religious leaders promoted understanding and dialogue among Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Amid a vexed political and social climate, three religious leaders in North Texas—a priest, an imam, and a rabbi—proved it’s possible to come together in times of division. Source:

Muslim congregation writes letters of support to Dallas Jewish Community

The congregation, led by Imam Omar Suleiman, penned more than 150 cards and letters. source: WFAA News

Historic action: Muslims and Jews for Dreamers

“We must recognize that the white supremacy that threatens the black and Latino communities, is the same white supremacy that spurs Islamophobia and antisemitism,” -Imam Omar Suleiman

Source: Bend The Arc

Through Dialogue, Interfaith Leaders Hope North Texans Will Better Understand Each Other

“When any community is targeted, they need to see a united faith voice — that all communities come together and express complete rejection of anything that would pit our society against one another more than it already is.” -Imam Omar Suleiman

Source: Kera News


Conversations at The Carter Center: Harmonizing Religion and Human Rights 

Source: The Carter Center

Imam: After devastating New Zealand attack, we will not be deterred

My wife and I decided to take our kids to a synagogue in Dallas the night after the massacre at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh to grieve and show solidarity with the Jewish community. My 5-year-old played with kids his age while we mourned inside, resisting hate even unknowingly with his innocence…” Source: CNN


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#Current Affairs

From Sri Lanka – The Niqab Ban and The Politics of Distraction




This article was originally published on Groundviews


As of last Monday, Sri Lanka is taking a seat at the table next to a list of 13 other countries from across the world who have passed legislation banning the niqab or face veil.

Amidst incensed murmurs from certain parliamentarians, and following a discussion with the country’s main Islamic theological body, the All Ceylon Jammiatul Ulema (ACJU), the President’s office has announced that ‘any garment or item which obstructs the identification of a person’s face would be barred.’ Sri Lanka has been under emergency regulations following the Easter Sunday attacks which killed over 250 people. The ban will hold until emergency regulations are lifted.

Ever since the identification of the all-male terrorists behind the massacre as members of militant group ISIS, Muslim women -for some inexplicable reason- were to bear the hardest brunt. Instances of headscarved Muslim women being refused entry at various supermarkets and prominent establishments, was followed by the usual scaremongering via alarmist infographics doing the rounds yet again ‘educating’ the public of the differences between the burqa, hijab, and chador.

A victory indeed for both anti-Muslim voices, as well as to many within the Muslim community seeking to audibly amputate themselves from a supposedly dated form of Islam – one that they claim has no bearing to inherent Sri Lankan Muslim identity.  A view that discards the notion that any religious or ethnic identity is fluid, in flux, and subject to constant evolution.

The grand slam however is primarily for the current political establishment, members of whom are probably high-fiving each other as a result of this kneejerk symbol-politics manoeuvre on having supposedly successfully placated the public of their fears of homegrown terrorism. A move that bleeds hypocrisy for it comes at the cost of subliminally ‘othering’ an already marginalized segment of a minority community, while at the same time PSA’ing for peace and coexistence in this time of crisis.

What is most insulting to the intelligence of our society however, is that amidst all this brouhaha, only few have questioned the actual relevance of this new ban to the current state of our security affairs.

No eye witness report nor CCTV footage showed that any of the suicide bombers from any of the coordinated attacks across the country were on that day wearing the niqab/burqa/chador at the time of inflicting their terror. The men were in fact dressed in men’s attire, with faces completely exposed. It might serve to add here also that they weren’t dressed in traditional Muslim man garb either.

How then did the face veiling Muslim woman get pushed under the bus as the most identifiable sign of radicalism?

It is obvious that the government was cornered into passing this legislation, as was the ACJU too in having to support this move. While all communities have only their praises to sing for the exceptional work of the security forces in tracking down the attackers within only just hours, the country’s elected leadership was in dire need of respite following what many experts claim was a massive intelligence failure, a blunder involving the wrongful identification of a terror suspect, and incompetence in the handling of events overall. A distraction was desperately required. Something needed to give, and it just so happened that the niqab-donning Muslim woman was the easiest scapegoat.

To an outsider unfamiliar with Muslim religious symbolism, the face-veil can come across as alien, even unnerving. And while our first instinct is to otherize in an attempt to help deal with the discomfort of dealing with any unknown, a woman out in the street in a niqab is -for as long as anyone can remember- most certainly not an oddity that has compelled anyone to stop and recite their final rites.

The misguided belief that the face veil is a marker of extremism isn’t and hasn’t ever been based on any empirical research. If studies were to be carried out, results would show that Muslim women in general -let alone those with a face cover- have a little role to play, if any, for acts of terror committed in all the countries that have banned them.

Contrarily, there is a clear proven relationship between terrorist attacks and increases in recorded Islamophobic incidents against Muslims, with women being disproportionately targeted. One can then dare infer that being visibly Muslim carries a greater risk to oneself, than to the people around them.

The niqab ban has been put in place as a security measure they say – a flexing of muscles towards any semblance of radicalization that will deter any future acts of terror in the country. Naturally, the perpetuating of this ideological hegemony is doing Muslim women no favors. If anything, the ban is a wholly counterproductive one, in that it ostracizes an already marginalized segment of a minority community – a sliver of a percentage out of the 10% that is the country’s Muslim population.

If -as commonly believed- veiled Muslim women are being hopelessly persecuted, the ban will serve only to increasingly confine these women to their homes, under the control of the men accused of governing their lives, and further disconnected from being able to assimilate with society. Even more dangerous, there are studies which prove that having to live in an environment that is aggressively policed on the basis of belief is more likely to harbour radicalization.

Absurdity of the non-connection of the attacks with the niqab ban aside, this in itself should be a war cry for secular feminists advocating for everyone’s basic right to the civil freedoms of a liberal society. Where now are the proponents and ambassadors so wholly soaked in the ‘Muslim woman saviour complex?’ A segment of Muslim women has been forbidden from wearing what they feel best represents their Sri Lankan Muslim identity. They were not consulted before this legislation was passed, nor were they given the chance to show their willingness to cooperate on instances where identification was required.

Ludicrously, discourses surrounding veiled Muslim women are paradoxically lobbed back and forth according to the convenience of the times. In times of world peace, they are oppressed and subservient to patriarchal whims and fancies, while in the immediate aftermath of a terror attack there are hostile and threatening, capable of devising all kinds of evil. They are either victims of violence or the perpetrators of it.

This age-old preoccupation with Muslim women’s attire is in actuality a gross conflation of conservatism with extremism. In claiming that a strip of cloth holds the answer to combatting a severe global threat is trivialising the greater issues at hand. If there was a direct correlation between the attacks and veiled individuals, legislation forbidding the covering of the face in public would be wholly justified. But there is none.

Muslim women shouldn’t be faulted for the cracks in the state’s china. In not being able to answer the hard questions of accountability, lapses in acting on available intelligence, and general good governance, those at the top should leave well alone and consider hiding their faces instead.

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