Debt Free Muslims Podcast Episode 2 – Ethics in Finance with Imam Omar Suleiman

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Episode 002

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Imam Omar Suleiman is the kind-hearted, friendly giant from New Orleans, Louisiana. Born and raised in America, Shaykh Omar has a unique way of relating to a western audience though his character has gained the love of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Imam Omar has two Bachelors degrees in Islamic Studies and in accounting, a Masters degree in Islamic Finance, and is currently pursuing a Phd in Islamic History from the Islamic University of Malaysia.

Imam Omar also is a strong advocate of community service, interfaith dialogue, and social justice. He served as the field coordinator of ICNA Relief in Hurricane Katrina and also co founded the east Jefferson clergy interfaith council. In 2010, the Mayor and City Council of New Orleans awarded him for “Outstanding Civic Achievement”. He is a current member of the ICNA Shariah Council.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How important it is to not only eat permissible meat, but the income you use to purchase that meat should be permissible as well?
  • Our passive attitudes with regards to finances versus doing other impermissible things in our lives
  • How serious it is to be involved with interest (usury)?
  • What is the impact of usury/interest on society?
  • What does someone do if they get laid off and they need to take out credit cards to get by?
  • How to do you deal with having credit cards? Are redeeming points off of a credit card considered interest (usury)?


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