New Debt Free Muslims Podcast: Interest Free Student Loans Program in the US

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This episode is brought to you by – because Muslims matter.

This episode covers-

A Continuous Charity – Aimed at providing interest free student loans to students.

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Education is a need, but very few people are actually working for interest-free relief for students.

Organization started with focusing on helping just one student to see if it was viable, and prove it to the community.

The challenge of getting people to pay you back.

How they went about raising funds to get the project started and award interest free student loans.

How merit plays a role in addition to financial need.

Challenges of scaling and growing this project.

Viewing your education as an investment.

The standard formula of 4 years high school, 4 years college just doesn’t work anymore.

Advice to students who feel there is no choice but to take out high amounts of student loans.


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  1. Avatar BintKhalil says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    Love this series. Really liked this episode.

    Can you make the links clickable please?

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