Describing the Chosen One’s Birth | Selections from Qurrat al-Absar

Shaykh Abdal Aziz al-Lamti, born around 880 AH, was a noted Moroccan scholar and grammarian. Qurrat al-Absar is his beautiful poem describing the entire life of the Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him), peace and blessings be upon him. To mark the month of Rabi-al-awwal, month of the Messenger’s noble birth, the chapter describing his birth is shared below. The translation is taken from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s English rendering of the work, The Eyes’ Delights in Perusing the Chosen One’s Days and Nights. A recital of the poem follows the text to facilitate enunciation and memorization for children and adults alike.

بيان مولد النبي المجتبى
صلى عليه الله ما هبَّ الصَّبا

Now for an explanation of the Chosen Prophet’s birthday,
Blessing and peace upon him as long as the Levanter rises in the

وحملةْ آمنة الزُّهرية
طوبى لها بأكمل البرية

Aminah the Zahrite became pregnant,
And how blessed is she due to the noblest of God’s creation

في رجب الفرد بدار وهبِ
والدِها وقيل بل في الشِّعْبِ

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In the Solitary Rajab, in the home of Wahb,
Her father. However, another opinion holds it was in canyon of
Abi Talib.

وكان مولد النبي الهادي
صلى عليه خالقُ العباد

The Guiding Prophet’s birthday,
Upon him blessings of the Creator of all servants,

عامَ قدوم الفيل للأقوام
بإثر خمسين من الأيام

Was in the year of the elephant’s arrival to Quraysh,
About fifty days after the event

في يوم الاثنين من الشهر الأغر
في ثالث الشهر أو الثاني عشر

On Monday, in the Blessed Month of Rabi- al-Awwal,
The third of the month, or the twelfth day.

أو لثمان من ربيع الأول
موافق النيسان عند الأُوَّل

A weaker opinion holds it was the eighth day of Rabi al-Awwal,
Which corresponds to the months of April, according to the scholarly

في عام (جفظ)(1) من سني الإسكندر
بطالع الجدي وكان المشتري

This was around eight hundred years after Alexander,
The sun being in the constellation of Aries, while Jupiter

مع زحلٍ في وسط السماء
تقارنا بالعقربِ الغراء

And Saturn were both in the middle of the sky,
In conjunction with the spectacular constellation Scorpio.

فغاضتِ المياهُ والنيرانُ
قد خمدتْ وانصدعَ الإيوانُ

Persia’s waters dried up, and her Magian’s fires Extinguished,
And the Pillars of Chosroes rent asunder.

 وخرسَ الملوكُ والأصنامُ
تناكست فما لها قيامُ

Kings were dumbstruck, and idols everywhere
Collapsed, never to find again firm footing.

(1) حفظ in some places; جفظ is more accurate


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