MuslimKidsMatter | The Towering Sunflower

The Towering Sunflower

By Hana Hubert

I enjoy watching the nature around me because it reminds me of how amazing Allah is and how he makes flowers grow.  It is fascinating how Allah causes new flowers to grow after long, cold winters.  

A towering sunflower, high above the ground,

Greeting its surroundings, and all the things around.


The months do pass, and the proud flower soon does die,

it continues to winter and still time does fly.

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The brave tall old flower crumples to the soft ground,

Sadly disintegrates away without a sound.

sunflower after frost 2

Erosion does bury it quick, hidden from sight.

It turns to early spring, seemingly overnight.

The seeds, it once carried, when it stood proud and tall,

sprouted and emerged, so meek, fragile, and quite small.

The rain softly fell, and nourished the growing sprouts,

they grew each day and of surviving they’d no doubts.


One day in hot summer, when they’d all grown quite tall,

came a large hungry crow and squashed one, leaves and all.

They felt quite defeated yet there still remained three,

they sent hopes of pollination to every bee.

Till a calm cool afternoon came a large rabbit,

nibbled one up, as a bunny, t’was his habit.

Now remained only two, both hoped of surviving,

Came a big van with an owner of poor driving.

The middle one, being centered, survived out of pure luck,

The one in the tire’s path, was crushed by the truck.

So the one scared survivor grew to be quite tall,

reaching up to the sky he produced a bud small.

As time passed it grew into a shriveled flower,

which flourished and unfurled a bit by the hour.

As fall approached, the sunflower grew large and proud,

he greeted tulips and dasies with glee out loud.

Then came winter, old flower soon sunk to the ground,

silently dissolving with not much of a sound.


About the Author

Hana Hubert is a smart, strong, healthy girl who loves to care for others in a good-natured, well-mannered way.  She loves caring for plants and doing ibadah to Allāh.  She enjoys drawing, painting, and playing with her friends.  She also likes to play in the park, swim, and jump on her trampoline.  Her favorite colors include all shades of green.  Hana lives in Delaware with her parents and younger brother.
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  1. Nusaibah says:

    This is a beautiful poem! Mashallah.

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