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Today we will be hearing from 9-year-old Hana Hubert from Delaware, USA.  In her poem “Beauty of the Heavens and the Earth,” she describes the blessings Allah gives us and how we should thank Him for what he has given us.

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Beauty of the Heavens and the Earth 

by Hana Hubert

beauty of heavens and earth

The beauty of the heavens and the earth,
the magnificence of a child's birth.

They are all Allah's creations,
no matter where they are, all of their stations.

Allah gave them to us because He is Rahman,
We must be thankful and keep our iman.

He influences our lives, in every way,
in the night, while we sleep, in every part of our day.

He gave us our hands, our feet, and our eyes,
He gave parents and children and each new surprise.

So show him what you've got, remember to pray,
make du'as, don't lie, and speak the right thing to say.

So please do try to live your life by the Qur'an,
Stay in touch with Allah, and keep hold on your iman.


And if you live your life, following this way,
You'll be guided by Allah, in the night and the day.


About the Author:

Hana Hubert is a smart, strong, healthy girl who loves to care for others in a good-natured, well-mannered way.  She loves caring for plants and doing ibadah to Allah.  She enjoys drawing, painting, and playing with her friends.  She also likes to play in the park, swim, and jump on her trampoline.  Her favorite colors include all shades of green.  Hana lives in Delaware with her parents and younger brother.

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