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MuslimKidsMatter | My Rare Friend Poem


After learning about and interacting with children her age who are affected by rare diseases, 10-year-old Hana Hubert wrote this poem to let other kids know about some of these situations.  Hana hopes you will make an effort to be kind to these kids after reading her poem!

 My Rare Friend
by Hana Hubert
  I take my eyes for granted, each day I run around,
When it is time to go to sleep, ugh I hate the very sound.
Until the marvelous moment that spectacular day,
My mom drove me to the park to play.
I was looking for a potential park friend,
And I saw a little girl sitting at the other end.
She needed to be honest, polite and kind,
Perhaps those qualities in her I could find.
I was quite curious, so I decided to look closer,
Only to discover she was quaking all over.
I figured she was cold and I called out “Hi”,
And she tried to wave back in reply,
But I noticed the movements were rather quirky,
Stiff, shaking and rather jerky.
I stopped as she called out,
Her words slurred and jumbled, as if in doubt.
I felt my throat tighten in fear,
Until her mother beckoned me near,
“Please come here and be Sarah’s friend.”
I could set aside my fear and peace and happiness to her I could lend.
She was different and strange in a way,
Perhaps with her I could play.
Sara stood up and gave me a wink,
Her peculiar movements made me think.
Suddenly, for her I felt bad,
In truth, the girl looked rather sad.
So I hurried over and took her hand,
Sarah’s life I simply  couldn’t let it  be bland.
We walked gently to the slide and I helped her up the steps,
With her sudden jerky movements it seemed as if  she would collapse.
But I wouldn’t let that happen, not with me by her side,
When we reached the top, I helped her go down the slide.
I held her feet as  she climbed the monkey bars,
When we swung on the swing, I pushed her up to the stars.
Tired we sat down to play a game,
As we talked, we realized we are the same.
I discovered she had a disease called MS,
I can see that it causes her stress.
Nothing will come between her and me,
Forever friends we will be.
Allhamdulillah for the blessings I’m given
To teach other people about rare disease, I am driven.
About the Author
Hana Hubert is a smart, strong, healthy girl who loves to care for others in a good-natured, well-mannered way.  She loves caring for plants and doing ibadah to Allāh.  She enjoys drawing, painting, and playing with her friends.  She also likes to play in the park, swim, and jump on her trampoline.  Her favorite colors include all shades of green.  Hana lives in Delaware with her parents and younger brother.
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  1. iMuslim

    August 25, 2013 at 8:15 PM

    Jazakillah khair for this poem. May we all be blessed with kind, helpful friends and be the same for others, ameen. :)

  2. fawad khan

    August 29, 2013 at 6:31 PM

    excellent Poem what a sense of poetry used by little girl i am really impressed about her poetry.May Allah recover her soon and lot of Good wishes for her future.

  3. Wael Abdelgawad

    April 9, 2014 at 6:09 PM

    Very sweet poem. Thank you so much sister Hana.

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