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I hope you guys are having a great Ramadan so far!  Can you believe that we’re almost in the last ten days of the month?  Ramadan is slipping by really fast, and we all know that with the end of Ramadan comes Eid!  There’s probably a lot of secrecy in your family right now about Eid surprises.

Have you prepared anything yet for your siblings, parents, friends or relatives?  During Eid time, you will probably want to give lots of Eid cards to the people close to you and to your friends who you will be visiting on the special day.  Below are two easy-to-follow tutorials that show how you can make your own beautiful Eid cards.  The first is a step-by-step written tutorial with pictures and explanations to show you what to do.  The second is a video tutorial in which you can see the process of making the card.  Have a great time making Eid cards for your family and friends!

Masjid Eid Card by Sister Hafsa from HafsaCreates

eid cards

To start, here’s what you need:

  • Used greeting cards (as many as you can find)
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • Sharpie (Gold)
  • “Eid Mubarak” Stamp / Print out
  • 1” circle punch
  • Dimensional tape (or mounting tape)

1. Decide on a template you’d like to use for your “mosque.”  I have a couple cut-outs that I keep handy, so it’s easy to trace and cut.


2. Once you have a template ready, use a recycled greeting card and trace and cut out the shape.  When making my card, I decided to accent the edges with a golden sharpie (optional).

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3. Trace out a slightly larger shape on a corresponding color.


4. Glue them on top of the other like this.


5. Next I used my Eid Mubarak rubber stamp. (You can get one from  Once again, I touched it with my golden sharpie, just to keep things consistent.

If you don’t have a stamp, type it out and print it.  English or Arabic works.


6. I wanted to add a bit of blue to my Eid greeting so I used a 1” circle punch and trimmed off the excess to match the greeting size (shown below).


7. Assembling it all together, I thought it looked pretty dull.


8. So I punched out shiny starbursts from another used greeting card. (You can tell from my other cards that I like blings a tad too much ;))


9. Finally, I added dimensionals (aka foam tape) to my masjid, so to give it a 3D look.


The dimensionals come in different forms – like these 3D dots below or as tape. You might find them at the dollar store.


And we’re done!


About the Artist

Hafsa Taher is the founder of MyRamadanFun, which aims to put  fun back into Ramadan for children.  Sign up for the mailing list and receive a Ramadan FUN Guide ebook! (It’s free!) You can find her here:, facebook, twitter and pinterest.

Paper Mosaic Eid Card by Sister Tasnim from CardsandBookmarks


  • White card stock for card base (use half of 8.5” x 11” sheet and fold in half)
  • Colored card stock ( I used navy blue, aqua blue and yellow)
  • Fiskars Paper trimmer
  • EKSuccess Glue pen
  • Pencil, ruler, eraser, black pen

About the Artist

Assalamualaikum!  My name is Tasnim. I am 26, married and have a two-year-old daughter.  Back in college, I studied Mechanical Engineering. I loved all my classes, but the design classes were my favorite. The challenge, the apprehension, the occasional light bulb moments, and even the constant headache of meeting deadlines were all quite thrilling for me. Be it mechanical parts or cards, I love designing.

When I was asked to design an Eid card for MKM, I was more than happy to do so. I usually use stamps and other crafty tools when designing cards, but for this one, I went to the basics and used paper, scissors and glue. I hope you will give it a try!  Please visit my website for more card ideas and tutorials.  


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