June 1st : International Day of Action for the Rohingya Suffering

Why the world needs to act:
Beginning last summer a series of riots broke out in Rakhine State, in western Burma. While these clashes were reported as “sectarian violence” by most news outlets, the truth of the matter was that the Rohingya, whom were stripped of their citizenship in 1982, were systematically killed, brutalized, displaced, and in many cases forced out of the country to complete uncertainty. Similar events occurred the following October, with identical results. Now literally hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and are living in camps for internally displaced people, many of which are under constant lockdown, and they are not permitted to leave from the camps. These camps are very often under blockade and will not receive food or medicine, especially the numerous camps which are not allowed to be registered. As if starving was not bad enough, vast numbers of the camps have been built upon swampy foundations that only lend to disease. Literally people are dying almost daily in these conditions. For the past month, activists and NGO’s have been warning that when monsoon season comes, over a hundred thousand human lives will be severely at risk.

These warnings are now coming to fruition as cyclone makes its way in the Bay of the Bengal towards Burma and Bangladesh. Human Rights Watch has estimated 140,000 Rohingya IDPs in its path, 17,000 refused registration by the Burmese government will not be allowed to take shelter. They will take the brunt of the storm, and if no one acts, it is almost certain the majority of them will die. Those who survive will live with what little they had before completely destroyed. All to the silence of the world.

All of these things have happened either with direct government approval or in many cases with direct involvement of the government of Myanmar. In this past month military forces have been going to the remaining Rohingya neighborhoods under threat and trying to force census documents where they claim the Identity of Bengali  immigrants, an obvious attempt to justify their expulsion from the country, although their history in the country can be traced back anywhere from 300-800 years in the area they now live in. Several Rohingya in Rakhine state have reported that those refusing to sign themselves as Bengali immigrants, or those protesting against the forced census have been arrested, beaten, tortured, and there are even reports of some that have been killed. There is no existing way to confirm these reports, but sources are conveying, daily stories of horror and agony.  Human Rights Watch released a 60 page document this past month entitled “All You Can Do is Pray” detailing at length the persecution of Muslims in Burma, and the government’s hand in these events.

While all world governments and the UN are entirely aware that this is happening they have been increasingly lenient with the Burmese government, which has only allowed the situation to deteriorate further, and made life for the Rohingya increasingly difficult and regrettably with very little to find hope in. Without international action this trend will continue, and the results will be increasingly horrific. This is why we are calling on all the people, from all the nations to mark June 1st as an international day of protest for the Rohingya. We call on people to organize street protests, fundraisers, speaking events, social media events, anything, anything to help the Rohingya where the rest of the world has found them convenient to forget.

To help with relief please donate to  http://www.partnersworld.org.uk/ or directly here at http://www.justgiving.com/savetherohingya/

If you are organizing an event and want to coordinate please post it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/409369229158791/ or email richardpotter86@gmail.com or andrewday1982@gmail.com

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7 responses to “June 1st : International Day of Action for the Rohingya Suffering”

  1. azmathmoosa says:

    May Allah protect them.

    In times like these, one realizes that there is no justice whatsoever in this world. The UN is a sham. But what I don’t understand is what the muslim governments are doing… What are the scholars of Saudi doing? Dont they have any powers to instruct their govt. to intervene?! They claim to be on the path of Salaf-as-Saliheen. Would the Salaf be watching butchering of muslims and do nothing about it?

    • Gibran says:

      Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

      I was thinking along the same line. This is what we have been reduced to? Seeking aid from kuffar?

      The most we can apparently do right now is donate and spread awareness.

      • ZAI says:

        We Muslims must begin to think strategically.
        The two Muslim countries that are in the BEST position to do
        something in this situation are Malaysia and Indonesia.
        They are both regional economic powers, and those are the two countries
        we Muslims should target for intense lobbying in this regards.

        Burma is a relatively poor country, emerging from decades of economic stagnation and isolation and it is not in their interest to get on the bad side of either Indonesia or Malaysia if they hope to progress. Everything from import/export, shipping, exchange rates, and economic integration into the region Burma is located in will be affected if Malaysia and Indonesia do not cooperate.

        The United States and UN will also have to take the issue more seriously and do more to stop this atrocity, if economic interests are at stake. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other nations can also do their part…but the best way to pressure them is through Malaysia and Indonesia. Muslims should contact these two nations consulates and embassies around the world and demand they do something.

        • Gibran says:

          Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

          JazzakAllahu khair, that has got to be the most intelligent idea I’ve heard in a long time…..

          Taqabalallahu mink

          Question: How do we start lobbying Indonesia and Malaysia?

  2. abdel khalek says:

    Muslims must learn Islam religion TRUE Islamic and Publish the teachings of religion to the others, whether Muslims or non-Muslims The life of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and his wives ,companions sahaba ,followers al tab’een .To respond to the accusations against Islam and muslims

  3. […] 8  http://muslimmatters.org/2013/05/18/international-day-of-action-for-the-rohingya-suffering/ The circumstances may be dire, and our assets may be limited, but we can ask people to write letters to representatives to demand action and give to Muslim aid groups working in the region. Importantly, we can support them with our prayers and concern for their plight.Please pray for the Rohingya during your khutbah. […]

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