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Today we will be hearing from Zeynep Tuncer, a 12-year-old living in Newark, Delaware who shares how she feels about saying “Alhamdulillah.”  Read on to find out how you can participate in MKM’s Alhamdulillah project.


Saying Alhamdulillah

by Zeynep Tuncer

Alhamdulillah. Isn’t it amazing how one phrase can mean so many things?  A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a word is worth a thousand pictures.  Anyway, when you stare out your window, do you see a luscious lawn, large houses nearby, some birds twittering and a tree or two in bloom?  You may think, “Doesn’t everyone see that view?”  But in reality, there are places that have skies darkened with smoke, concrete roads filled with people fleeing from an endless supply of new dangers, and danger lurking around every corner.

Or think about the projects the youth in my community have worked for.  The people that we raised water for last year in the 1 Year, 100 Wells project through Zakat Foundation of America.  While your sister groans that the pool won’t fill up fast enough, there are suffering children who walk miles on an impossible search for a sip of clean water.  And think about the project we are working for this year, raising money for 99 orphans in 9 months.  There are children all around the world who can only imagine what it is like to have a loving mother and a caring father.

take a moment say alhamdulillah

So say alhamdulillah for everything you have.  You have what you need, and then 10 thousand times more.  The next time you’re groaning for a new bike or another candy bar, think about what you do have, not what you don’t.

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[author ]12-year-old Zeynep likes to do crazy things. She loves to read books, any that catch her eye. Besides reading, she enjoys baking and going to interesting places. She also likes to watch TV. Her favorite color is navy blue and she is in sixth grade. Zeynep is a vice president for the DE team of the 99 Orphans Project, a countrywide youth fundraising effort to sponsor 99 orphans in 9 months. She lives in Newark, DE with her parents, sister Rana and brother Hamza Yusuf. [/author]

Zeynep did not always think about gratefulness and saying “Alhamdulillah” for what she had.  Attempting to remember Allah’s blessings in a new way, she started a diary for a week.  Every night for one week, she wrote short diary entries, noting down one specific thing she was grateful for in that particular day.  By the end of the week, she had compiled a large collection of things she was grateful for and summarized everything in the article above.

You can try Zeynep’s gratefulness project, too!  Write short daily diary entries mentioning what you can say “Alhamdulillah” for.  At the end of the week, send in your best entries to with your full name, age, and area of residence.  A collection of these diary entries will be compiled and featured in a future MKM post, insha Allah.  So what are you waiting for?  Start writing!

(Attention, writers!  Muslim Kids Matter is a regular feature at Muslim Matters.  New articles for kids are posted every other Sunday.  You’re welcome to send in your entries to

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15 responses to “MuslimKidsMatter | Alhamdulillah Project”

  1. Mahi says:

    MashaAllah Zeynep keep writing and saying Almahdulillah is amazing…

  2. smary, sting says:

    ma sha Allaah nice idea an i would let my children contribute but i really dont like the dinseyfied pics, i dont think we need any pictures of girls or boys etc. asalamualykum

  3. Neriman says:

    Thank you Zaynap for sharing your feelings about how to be thankful to Allah. I appreciate all your efforts,please keep writing.

  4. broAhmed says:

    MashaAllah Zeynep, you clearly have a knack for writing. Keep it up.

    And kudos to whoever did the manga artwork. Awesome talent all around!

    • Gibran says:

      Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

      Actually, the manga artwork is haram because making images is haram and there is a severe punishment for that and there are numerous hadith on this subject.

  5. kadir says:

    alhamdulillah, such a great approach; how come I have not thought of thanking for the blessing of Allah on me that I am able thank.

    Dear Zeyneb, you thought me of something today; I’ll share it with my children. I’ll point you and your article to them as an example to take. you’ll have great reward from Allah.

    thank you so very much for this gift

  6. Enes says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful thoughts with us Zeynep. Please keep writing..

  7. imren says:

    Such a wonderful initiation and sharing for gratefulness that you are aware of already. I am so impressed with your organisation and its team – I pray that you grow together with this great goodness… You added more sweat smiles on our face today:)

  8. Hakan says:

    I was impressed with you and your friends during 100 wells project. May Allah your raise and accept your deed and work. Cong you and your family

  9. Filiz Arslan says:

    Your words are eye opening for so many kids, thanks for sharing your thoughts..

  10. chandrajeet says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Br Imran Khan. May Allah give shifa ajila and use him towards good.

  11. Gibran says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    There is a severe problem with the pictures.
    Hadith – Bukhari 3:428, Narrated Said bin Abu Al-Hasan
    While I was with Ibn ‘Abbas a man came and said, “O father of ‘Abbas! My sustenance is from my manual profession and I make these pictures.” Ibn ‘Abbas said, “I will tell you only what I heard from Allah’s Apostle . I heard him saying, ‘Whoever makes a picture will be punished by Allah till he puts life in it, and he will never be able to put life in it.’ ” Hearing this, that man heaved a sigh and his face turned pale. Ibn ‘Abbas said to him, “What a pity! If you insist on making pictures I advise you to make pictures of trees and any other unanimated objects.”

    Al-Bukhaari (5347) narrated that Abu Juhayfah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) cursed the image makers.

    And it was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) say: “The people who will be most severely punished on the Day of Resurrection will be the image-makers.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5950) and Muslim (2109).

    Hadith -Bukhari 4:47, Narrated ‘Aisha

    I stuffed for the Prophet a pillow decorated with pictures (of animals) which looked like a Namruqa (i.e. a small cushion). He came and stood among the people with excitement apparent on his face. I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is wrong?” He said, “What is this pillow?” I said, “I have prepared this pillow for you, so that you may recline on it.” He said, “Don’t you know that angels do not enter a house wherein there are pictures; and whoever makes a picture will be punished on the Day of Resurrection and will be asked to give life to (what he has created)?”

    Hadith – Muslim, Narrated Ali ibn AbuTalib

    AbulHayyaj al-Asadi told that Ali ibn AbuTalib said to him: Should I not send you on the same mission as Allah’s Messenger sent me? Do not leave an image without obliterating it, or a high grave without levelling it. This hadith has been reported by Habib with the same chain of transmitters and he said: (do not leave) a picture without obliterating it.

    So, please remove these pictures as picture making is a severe sin which may remove the goodness of the article.

  12. Kinza says:

    Assalamoelikeum, mashAllah this is really nice post. As like you are praying for them. JazakAllah.

  13. Assalamoelikeum, This is very very nice post. Found very good knowledge about alhamdulillah word. Thanks for the very nice post.

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