Justice For Aafia- A Graphic Novel

This is Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s story in visual form. The artist Christopher Towne is a young anti-war activist. He blogs here. Towne has given Muslimmatters.org exclusive permission to share his graphic novel. He says “the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is both strange and disturbing. The so-called “War on Terror” demands periodic show trials, to make endless wars appear justified. Countless people have been victimized in this way, and Dr. Siddiqui’s case is such a grave injustice that it has gathered an international movement to demand her freedom.”

He also makes comics to tell the stories of Muslim prisoners.

“Most Americans have never heard the stories of Muslim prisoners – victims of “preemptive prosecution”, or “material support for terrorism”, or just outright frame-ups. To justify the “War on Terror”, the government has invented terrorists to scare the public.

He hopes that his blog can help to keep people aware of these stories.

I will exert some effort to make sure these people are not forgotten.

These are drawn images so those who don’t wish to see hand-drawn images are free not to read it.

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29 responses to “Justice For Aafia- A Graphic Novel”

  1. Aadil Mehraj says:

    Indeed, Allaah is with us.

  2. O H says:

    Jazak Allaahu Khair for raising awareness on this critical issue which I hope the mass media discuss even more. People should discuss the issue of prisoners like Aafia & others with friends, etc because as a Muslim we should always try to support our brothers & sisters in Islam who are oppressed through, speech, action,finance, dua etc & whichever way we can.
    Although the objective of this article is positive, I am a bit uncomfortable about the use of cartoons/images & how Islamically appropriate it is, and Allaah knows best.
    May Allaah unite the Ummah & free it from oppression, Ameen Ya Rabb!

  3. BeAdeel says:

    Verily, Allaah tests those who love Allaah.

  4. Muslim says:

    As salaamo ‘alaikom ‘ala manittaba’ al hoda,

    Ty to those Muslims who actually care…

    Also, I have to add this on her and her family’s behalf–Dr. Aafia Siddiqui (may Allah prove her innocence furtherly and hasten her release, amin!) did her PhD in Education regarding mentally retarded children. You can confirm this fact through her own sister, Dr. Fouzia. She has said to have everyone stop lying about her bio and education and career. She is not an MD, a neurosurgeon, or a nueroscientist! These are not my words, but of her biggest advocate campaigner–on a national Pakistani TV channel in Urdu!

    JazakAllah khair and remember to stand up for all Muslims fearing Allah alone, remembering verses of Surah Hujurat of avoid suspicion etc! No matter what! & that news from fasiq sources should be verified! & indeed the Quran tells us that it is only those who FEAR ALLAH who have knowledge, i.e. are considered scholars!

    Allah Knows Best!

    Was salaamo ‘alaikom ‘ala manittaba’ al hoda!

  5. mindee says:

    So what are we going to do? I cannot believe this is still happening. I read this story 5 YEARS AGO and you are telling me SHE STILL CANNOT SEE HER FAMILY

  6. azzy says:

    wow, she is definitely of those of Firdous. SubhanAllah! what an incredible test… how worthless is my imaan compared to that…. may Allah make the rest of her life easy for her… Ameen

    • Gibran says:

      Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa abrakatuh

      “wow, she is definitely of those of Firdous”
      You don’t actually know that. Don’t attest to such a thing. Inshaa Allah she will be among them. May Allah make her among them.

      “how worthless is my imaan compared to that”
      As far as I know, there is no need to praise oneself, nor any need to degrade oneself in this fashion.

  7. kark says:

    May Allah Subhana Watahla saves her and her families

  8. Flerd says:

    This graphic novel is LOVE!

  9. Faizal says:

    Allah knows and sees everything,
    the continued detention and abuse of Aafiah
    Will only bring hate to the American people
    who keep silent at this unjust system they
    call democracy. Beware the wrath of Allah!
    Sister Aafiyah we have not forgotten you!
    With every difficulty, Allah is raising your status!
    You are the Rabia Basri of our time!
    You know the status Rabia was given, when
    Allah called her to him!

    Preserve your imaan for surely you are guaranteed Jannah!

    Recall Asiya,the wife of Fir’aun, and the
    Servant of Asiya, they turned to Allah in their
    Most fearfull time!

    When you have Allah, you have everything !

  10. Joe says:

    I think she and her son were probably subjected to years of psychological abuse to include both hypnotic and subliminal programming. They have done this to a number of Americans over the years to produce assassins for political targets and mass random shooters for the population so we will be frightened into giving up our gun rights. They both need to go through de-programming, positive messages played over and over again to replace the negative messages they heard over and over again every day for several years.

  11. noorul huda says:

    ALLAH gives the response.

  12. Med Saeed says:

    i love that people are using comics to spread the message…this is a giant step towards spreading our voices to the world!! i urge all those who can to create more graphic novels and stories of heroism and islamic virtues, to show and share with the world what the message of Islam truely is…ofcourse you cant urge non-believers to read the Quran, but you can surely spread the message through stories and your kind actions.

  13. S says:

    Every time I read about Aafia my heart breaks a little bit more. What a world we live in, where our leaders are monsters and our fellow man apathetic to the point of being a zombie? Why hasnt Pakistan come to a standstill? How are Muslim men going about their business when their sister is being dragged through hell? Why are Muslim countries even engaging with American businesses in the light of such obscenities??? One sweeping boycott and America will be on its knees sending her back on the first plane out. What will it take – the capture of your own mothers and sisters and daughters? Is that what it must come to?
    Thank you for this comic – if that’s the only way left to get into people’s conscience, then so be it.

  14. kashif aslam says:

    war on terror is a business with a huge margin,

  15. ars says:

    Ya Allah help, Ya Allah help, Ya Allah help.

  16. naseema says:

    May Allah Azwajal make things easier for Aafiya and all her family, Ameen

  17. […] more about this case in this original graphic novel by Christopher […]

  18. Shahin says:

    So powerful! Finally, I understood her story with more clarity. May Allah give her patience, honor, freedom, and justice. Ameen!

  19. Farooq Khan says:

    Thank you for narrating this factual story, I never knew the details before. May Allah reward you and grant ease & sabr to dr. Aafia and her family, ameen.

  20. umre says:

    course of justice, such as water finds its way. Justice will certainly manifested in a day. Certainly the world is will one day understand a nation of Muslims and then the chief justice will. thanks for sharing. its good informations lol :)

  21. Hashmi says:

    Great work! MAy Allah help our sister. With your permission would like to take these pictures.

  22. mohammed says:

    may reward her jannah

  23. mohammed says:

    allah ta alah test those who he love and who fear him.

  24. Abdullah says:

    You know there are names that we remember …….. Hawwa, Aasia, Sara, Hajra, Maryam ….. and so on, do not miss that the name Aafia is also in the same list!
    of course Allah tests one by giving something and tests another by taking something ………. Aafia is Alhamdolillah successful but on the other hand we are ……….. unfortunately unsuccessful because since her imprisonment our test was started and till now we are totally failed ……………. sad is that Aafia is not an individual ………….. there are actually so many Aafia that we do not know!

    When I hear about Aafia, I feel so regretful and sad and discouraged, but then I remember that Allah is the one and only and Allah does not leave his slave abandoned! and I find Aafia life so attached to Allah and this becomes my encouragement ……….. and I am damn sure Aafia is actually in Allah test and being so successful she moves on to difficult level, we should know that all are tested by Allah as per their Ie’emaan.

    Point to be noted!
    If you really want to know that how true you are about Aafia case, then after reading about Aafia you should get conscious and ask forgiveness …………. if it is not like this then I think we are deceiving our self!

    • Ihsas Khan says:

      Allah will free her with the hands of the soldiers of Islam inshaAllah – don’t EVER say we are Weak, we cannot do anything, blah blah – we are STRONG – we have the Creator, the Sustainer of the 7 heavens and earth – don’t ever give up , be mentally strong and tough, have ur iman weight heavier than the weight of the planet earth – we will never meet Allah on the Day of Judgement without going till death, torture,. slaughter to save our innocent precious Muslimah sister- may Allah (awj) make my words – be words of truth and sincerity and not words of fakeness and hypocrisy

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