Webinar Recording: Abdul Nasir Jangda – Renew your Eeman. Revive your Spirit.

Habibi Halaqas partnered up with MuslimMatters to host a webinar with Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda, the topic of which was: “Renew your Eeman. Revive your Spirit. Carpe Diem. – A New You. Reboot 2013.”

Most of us make new year resolutions because we feel regret at how we performed in the current year and plan on making the next one better. But somewhere, somehow we get distracted in the rut of life again and we do not even remember what our resolutions were in the beginning of the year. Come and learn how to break this cycle and become productive in our goals related to this dunya and our deen inshaAllah…. 


Some gems from this lecture:

  • To make your new year resolutions: make high goals and have a niyyah
  • 2 implications of “ba” in “innamal ‘amalu bin niyyah”  are:
    1. Ba = sababiyah – whatever is stated after ba is the cause of the action that is mentioned before ba, i.e. the outcome of our actions is based on our intention.
    2. Ba = of help/assistance – what is stated before ba is helped by what is after ba, i.e. our intention is the aid to our actual accomplishment.
  • Make some markers (short term goals) that will help you stay accountable in reaching your ultimate goal and celebrate them when you reach them.
  • Shaytan and your nafs will act as hardships and derail you from your goals
  • Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimuhullah) said think about why you are doing a particular action (for whose sake you are doing it?), not what you are doing
  • Keep your goals focused – quality over quantity
  • Be resourceful and use distractions to your benefit. Your phone/Facebook, etc. can be used positively to help you in achieving your goals
  • Develop a support system encompassing people/groups etc. who will help you in keeping on track
  • Make dua to Allah about 3 things:
    1. Ask for istiqaama (consistency) – Best actions are the ones done with consistency even if they be small [hadith].
    2. Ask for strength for when you fall, Allah’s Help and Mercy can get you back up.
    3. Ask to strength your eeman, renewal of your eeman – Do your effort and then put your trust in Allah.
  • Important to change strategies if they don’t work for you in regard to achieving your goal.


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2 responses to “Webinar Recording: Abdul Nasir Jangda – Renew your Eeman. Revive your Spirit.”

  1. Amanda T says:

    Oh, thank you Sister Kanika. I wanted to attend this live but couldn’t because of the different time zones. I’m so happy I can still learn from this, though. Thank you!

  2. Khalid Sial says:

    Can I share this?

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