MM Arts | (Bonus) Poetry Day | 3-31-12

Surprise, surprise! Indeed, you read the title right. Masha’Allah, with such amazing poems that you all send us at, how can we not want to publish them all? And yet, to serve justice to each poem, we’d like to publish three or four at a time and not more. So today, out of keeping with our regular schedule, we want to share with you two beautiful poems sent to us by our readers. May Allah bless the kind souls who send in their inspiring verses, and make them a means of motivating people all over the world. Ameen. :)

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Muslimah – Deen Shine
by Salahuddin Rahim

Golden sparkle enfolding you
Like Divine arms holding you
Hijab embracing your modest face
Exposes a more lovelier grace
And as you move modestly
Your modesty defines the signs
Along the straight and narrow highway

You glitter like golden leaves
I saw you wrapped in saffron and was pleased
All breathing stopped momentarily, and like a sneeze
Al-hamdulil-laahi fell from your lips
And was snatched up by a passing breeze
Blessing all flowers, grass and trees
In its wake, for your sake

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Your long, loose apparel
That’s designed to conceal you
Only encourages the real you
To glow, like electricity you flow
Along the cables of our lives
And the force of your modesty commands us to lift you
To pedestals high beyond the dunyaa
Where loose ladies walk low roads and deal
In tight transparency that does not conceal

Let Deen al-Islaam shine from your radiant form
Like the morning sun
That breaks upon the dawn
Let your example of goodness be reflected bright
In the faces of your children
As stars throw back sunlight into the black night

When Allah beheld none worthy to be companion
For His fist Khalifah, He created you
You are our bushraa wa ni’mah
Yaaa amattul-laah
Oh slave woman of God
Let gentle hands hold tight to hablil-laahi
That binds you to your Lord
Be faithful to your zaawj
Be kind to your awlaad
And hold low the head so that Noor Allah
Shines from its crown like a beam
To guide your feet along the Siraat al-Mustaqeem.



A Du’aa
by Binte Ali

O Allah, I turn to You, Allah, to Guide me,
I turn to You, Allah, to Forgive me,
I turn to You, Allah, to Protect me,
I turn to You, Allah, to Help me,
I turn to You, Allah, to Bless me,
I turn to You, Allah, to Hear me,
To Listen to me.
I turn to You, Allah, for company,
With You, Allah, I am never lonely,
To Your Mercy Allah, I cling,
O Allah, I turn to You, Allah, for everything,
for friendship,
for love,
for need,
for want,
for care.
I rely on You, Allah, for simple air
for food,
for water,
for ears to hear,
for eyes to see,
for everything Allah,
for everything that fuels me.
O Allah, I turn to You, Allah, to Give me,
I turn to You, Allah, for nothing
but everything.
I turn to You, Allah, to Answer me.
Guide me,
Protect me,
Forgive me.
To Give me
what is good for this Dunya and the Hereafter,
Please Allah, Answer me,
And the Muslim Ummah.


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  1. Yasmin says:

    Jazakallah khair for sharing these two very beautiful and poignant poems with us.

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