In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims

Ominous music plays as images appear on the screen: Muslim terrorists shoot Christians in the head, car bombs explode, executed children lie covered by sheets and a doctored photograph shows an Islamic flag flying over the White House.

“This is the true agenda of much of Islam in America,” a narrator intones. “A strategy to infiltrate and dominate America. … This is the war you don’t know about.”

This is the feature-length film titled “The Third Jihad,” paid for by a nonprofit group, which was shown to more than a thousand officers as part of training in the New York Police Department.

Read more from The New York Times at “In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims

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One response to “In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims”

  1. Avatar Carlos says:

    I have not seen the video, but it sounds like pro-Israel propaganda to me. I’m surprised NYPD made it part of their training. They should know better.

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