Haleh Banani | Where Psychology Meets Islam | Giving Advice Part 1

Haleh Banani will help you to heal, grow and prosper by combining the principles of psychology with the light of the Qurʾān and Sunnah. Fortnightly, we will be featuring an episode from her weekly TV program that she hosts on Al-Fajr called  “With Haleh.” Get ready to be EMPOWERED!

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Today’s Episode:  Giving Advice Part 1/2

Learn critical methodology in giving advice such as: building rapport, asking questions, taking your time and making du‘ā’.



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2 responses to “Haleh Banani | Where Psychology Meets Islam | Giving Advice Part 1”

  1. Guest says:

    Alsalam wa alaikom wa rahmatuh allah,

    I liked your lecture very much and I’m so confused as a young muslim. I am starting to have beliefs that may be different from people around me. For example I am learning that different celebrations are not right in Islam at least most of what I read. Like birthday celebrations etc. I am learning certain cultural habits are different from religion. I am learning a different way of life but I’m confused about whether I am supposed to tel people about it. It took me a ride to accept everything I learned and I know I am supposed to treat people on their level of faith but I am also a student and between wanting to tell people the right things, learning how to say it and studying it all gets stuck. My question is where to start? Like would it be appropriate to send out emails to people or inbox their facebook and be like, hey did you know candle blowing was a pagan custom. Not everyone on my list is close to me and I don’t want to be offensive but I don’t want to hold back something that should be said because everyday I hold it back feels like a sin lol. Thanks you and hope to hear back inshaa allah

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