Brass Crescent Blog Awards Voting time

Its that time of the year again – Brass Crescent Blog Awards Voting time!

Last year we won Best Blog and Best Group Blog.

Jazzakum Allahu khairan to all of our readers for nominating us.

This year, we are in the Best Group Blog category.

We have won this category for the last 3 years (2008-10), and finished runners-up in 2007.

IF you truly believe in us, AND think we deserve it, help us make it 4 in a row.

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6 responses to “Brass Crescent Blog Awards Voting time”

  1. Arif Kabir says:

    Hope wins first in the Best Group Blog!

    Please vote for Muslim Youth Musings to win first in the Best Design Blog! :)

  2. Yasmin says:

    I just voted and Inshallah you’ll win! I love this blog and I have learned so much from it.

  3. Vote for Cartoon Muhammad as ‘Best New Blog’ =D

  4. Mezba says:


    There’s a whole host of good blogs this year.

    Wood Turtle
    Teaching Kids the Holy Quran
    Maniac Muslim

  5. Yusuf Tazim says:

    Don’t vote for “Abu Muqawama.” His website is rife with Islamophobic clowns.

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