Ramadan massacre in Syria l Attack on Palestinian refugee camp


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Fouad, a resident of Latakia, spoke to Al Jazeera by telephone about the happenings in the city on Monday:

Many houses have been destroyed and even some mosques like Muhajireen Mosque. In the area neighbouring the southern al-Ramel area, tanks were indiscriminately shelling from 11am to 6pm, houses were burnt and four buildings were destroyed. There was a split between the troops and there has been heavy shelling between them. Many neighbouring areas were shelled also. these areas have been surrounded for months and there has been no water, electricity for more than three days. We have news that 23 people have been killed today, but I can only confirm six names at the moment. And that brings the total number of dead over the last three days to 35. The number is obviously a lot more but we can only confirm 35.

The other areas opposing the government also came under heavy fire.. The Palestinian refugee camp in al-Ramel has suffered renewed attacks that started from 11-o-clock at night and has continued for the past three hours..

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Syrian tanks have opened fire on poor Sunni districts in Latakia, residents said, on the fourth day of a military assault on the northern port city aimed at crushing protests against President Bashar al-Assad. “Heavy machinegun fire and explosions were hitting al-Raml al-Filistini (home to Palestinian refugees) and al-Shaab this morning. This subsided and now there is the sound of intermittent tank fire,” one of the residents, who lives near the two districts, told Reuters by phone. More than 5,000 Palestinian refugees have fled al Raml al-Filistini, the UN said. The Syrian Revolution Coordinating Union, a grassroots activists’ group, said six people, including Ahmad Soufi, 22, were killed in Latakia on Monday, bringing the civilian death toll there to 34, including a two-year-old girl. The global campaign group Avaaz put the number killed in Latakia on Monday at 21 – it says it has names – with at least 49 injured including six women and seven children.

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7 responses to “Ramadan massacre in Syria l Attack on Palestinian refugee camp”

  1. Media distortion of facts says:

    The Alliance of the Palestinian forces in Damascus has denied the allegations made by “UNRWA” concerning the Palestinian refugee, “Ramel”.

    The members of the Alliance of Palestinian forces in Damascus has denied the declarations made by the leadership of “ the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)” and according to which the Ramel camp of Palestinian refugees, in Latakia, was attacked with bombs [yesterday, ie 15 August 2011]. The Alliance also insisted that the Palestinians must not be pushed into the current events in Syria and emphasized that the Palestinian case should not be used by hostile parties. The spokesman of the Alliance declared that all the Palestinian fractions, organizations and national institutions deny the claims made the UNRWA and considered them as an attempt to damage the Syrian and Palestinian positions. The spokesman also called on the UNRWA and all the competent authorities to refrain from using the Palestinian position to support hostile parties [[I would add to manipulate public opinion]] in order to distort the Syrian position [[I would add, to distort the truth]] as well as the role of the Palestinian and Arab resistance, affirming that the Palestinian people along with all its organizations and institutions want to preserve security and stability in Syria. The spokesman of the Alliance concluded with the hope that the ordeal in Syria will end quickly. The UNRWA had therefore wrongly claimed that the Palestinian Ramel camp was bombed by the Syrian regime on August 15th 2011.

    Similarly, the director of the General Authority of the Palestinian Arab Refugees (GAPAR) , Ali Mustapha, urged the UNRWA Commissioner General, Philippo Grandie, to correct the official statement made by the UNRWA official spokesman, Chris Gunnies. Chris Gunnies had claimed that the UNRWA was concerned about the reports of heavy fire, by the Syrian armed forces, inside the Palestinian refugees’ camp in Latakiya as well as reports of heavy fire from boats. In his message to Grandie, Ali Mustafa said: “We would like to inform you that the official statement of the UNRWA official spokesman , Chris Gunnies, is absolutely false, and that the situation that was fixed by the Syrian authorities occurred in another area, located in the vicinity of the camp.” Ali Mustafa added that the General Authority of the Palestinian Arab Refugees was ready to clarify any matter that concerns the Palestinian refugees and their camps in Syria. He concluded by pointing to the fact that the government of the Syrian Republic and its leader, president Bashar Al-Assad, have always shown an extreme interest in the Palestinian refugees and the Palestinian camps in Syria.

    -Pls use a name or kuniya next time -Editor

  2. Yasmin says:

    Honestly, its so sad the Bashar Assad is committing all of these atrocities against his own people during this blessed month. Last night I was just thinking about this whole situation and wondering how he and his supporters are going to stand before Allah (swt) on the Day of Judgement. May Allah (swt) have Mercy on those innocent people and grant them the patience to deal with these extremely challenging times.

  3. Rana06 says:

    AlhamduAllah finally we see a piece on the Syrian massacre…I was wondering when there will be an article on this on the MM..

    (some of the video content may be graphic)

    The Syrian American Council just made a video summarizes whats going on

    The Syrian Revolution 2011 : Criminality of Bashar Al-Assad’s Regime

    Please keep your brothers and sisters in Syria in your duas everyday in this blessed month. May Allah SWT accept their shuhada’a and shower His mercy on them, May Allah SWT grant them quick victory over the brutal, ruthless, inhuman tyrant.

    Jazakum Allahu Khairan for the article!!

  4. Olivia says:

    Ya Allah, send us justice and one who will prevail over us who is just. Debase these oppressive tyrants.

  5. […] last I heard, among the thousands of people murdered by the genocidal Assad regime in Syria were countless Palestinians who dwell in that country. I just bring that up to demonstrate how well the “human rights” […]

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