Khutbah – Celebrating Egypt by AbdulNasir Jangda

Khutbah about Egypt delivered on Feb 11, 2011


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5 responses to “Khutbah – Celebrating Egypt by AbdulNasir Jangda”

  1. Avatar Meena says:

    i needed some spiritual context on everything that has been happening in egypt, JZK!

  2. Avatar Ummhamza says:

    Awsome Khutbah!!!!!

  3. Avatar Aemad says:

    Mashallah, great khutbah!
    When are you coming to Colleyville, bro! :)

  4. Avatar Mohammad says:

    I did not understand what the khutbah was about, sorry. One thing I would like to see discussed is what is the way forward for Egypt, I mean what kind of system should we as Muslims want in Egypt or is that not important. Thank you.

  5. Avatar Hena Zuberi says:

    JzkAllah Khair for this- don’t write off the youth, they have inspired us to get off our computers and be the change that we want to bring to the world. Change has to be from top to bottom, right to left, INSIDE and OUTSIDE. Not one without the other.

    I don’t believe I need to go fatwa shopping for every issue that crosses my radar, but I got bombarded with ‘this is haram’ comments on my post where we were breaking the story in the Muslim blog-sphere , I didn’t have more knowledge than the challengers on the hadith they quoted so I really needed to listen to scholars lest I was crossing into haram in my ignorance. Even here on MM there was a variety of opinions- some agreed, some disagreed and others couldn’t pass comments as they were not in the country where the situation was taking place.

    JzkAllah to all scholars who have spoken/written about this topic.

    Mufti Abdr Rahman ibn Yousuf Mangera

    Khalid Latif – Today, Egypt is Free

    and Imam Suhaib Webb has spoken extensively about this-
    pls post any more links to other lectures/khutbahs

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