A Tremendous Opportunity for Ajr: A Call for Donations for Shaykh Ibrahim Dremali


Sh. Ibrahim FundraiserLast year, we mentioned the health condition of Sh. Ibrahim Dremali, hafidhahullah, as he began to undergo chemotherapy due to a complicated health condition. Now, Sh. Ibrahim is going through serious financial difficulty due to his chronic sickness and health complications. He currently is not working as his health is such that even walking and standing have been difficult for him.

As Sh. Ibrahim is among those whom we count as the leaders and scholars of our community, we feel that we cannot idly stand by and allow him to endure his ordeal without any help. In order to assist the Shaykh in his time of need, as he has touched so many of our lives, we at MuslimMatters are raising funds to donate to Shaykh Ibrahim. Shaykh Ibrahim has not asked anyone to raise money for him, but we love this scholar dearly for the sake of Allah, and we pray that Allah will put barakat for you and for him in whatever you give for the shaykh’s relief from the provision Allah has given you.

For those who do not know Dr.Ibrahim, he has been one of pioneers of the Islamic work in the United States for more than 20 years! A co-founder of many Islamic institutes and universities including the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), and a prominent scholar who helped greatly in disseminating Islamic knowledge for the benefit of the Muslim and American community at large in the US. He has a Ph.D in Shariah (Islamic Jurisprudence) with specialization in Fiqh (Jurisprudence) from Al-Azhar University, and has worked in various capacities as Professor, Imam and Director.

Matching Donation:

To jump start the fundraising, MM will match the first $2,500 that is donated to Sh. Ibrahim, dollar-for-dollar. Individually or collectively, we challenge each of you and all of you to donate $2,500 for Shaykh Ibrahim. But we don’t want to stop there. Our goal is to get up to $10,000 donated to Sh. Ibrahim through MM. His financial need requires immediate action. Will you rise to this challenge?

How to Give:

You can send checks to Clear Lake Islamic Center, which is also raising funds for Sh. Ibrahim. Make sure you mention how much you donated in the comments, so we know how much to match. If you would like to keep your donation anonymous, then just comment anonymously, inshaAllah, to motivate others to donate.

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Donate via Check: Make checks payable to Ibrahim Dremali (with a note indicating the money is a donation for Shaykh Dremali). Send checks to Clear Lake Islamic Center, address:

Clear Lake Islamic Center
17511 El Camino Real
Houston, TX 77058

You can also call CLIC at 281-480-3332 and speak to either Shaykh Waleed Basyouni or Shaykh Ibrahim Ezghair about the money you send.

Remember, our Prophet Muhammad, sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam, did not leave behind dinar nor dirham, but rather he left behind knowledge. So let us rally together to support this scholar, this inheritor of the prophets, our beloved Sh. Ibrahim Dremali.

The Holy Qur’an, Surah al Baqarah, ayat 273

[Approximate translation by Sahih International]
[Charity is] for the poor who have been restricted for the cause of Allah , unable to move about in the land. An ignorant [person] would think them self-sufficient because of their restraint, but you will know them by their [characteristic] sign. They do not ask people persistently [or at all]. And whatever you spend of good – indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.

[From Tafsir al-Jalalayn]
For the poor (this is the predicate of the missing subject, al-sadaqāt, ‘voluntary almsgiving’), who are constrained in the way of God, those who have confined themselves [in preparation] for the struggle: this was revealed concerning the people of Suffa, consisting in some four hundred of the Emigrants (muhājirūn), set apart [from the other Muslims] for the study of the Qur’ān and to take part in raids; and they are unable to journey (darban, means safaran) in the land, to engage in commerce and earn their living, since they are fully engaged in the struggle; the ignorant man supposes them, on account of the way they behave, rich because of their abstinence, that is, their refraining from asking for things; but you, the one being addressed, shall know them by their mark, by the signs of their humility and exertion; they do not beg of men, and make urgent demands, importunately, that is to say, they do not beg in the first place, so there is no question of persistence. And whatever good you expend, surely God has knowledge of it, and will requite it accordingly.

Hadith Shareef

A man came to Abu Darda (radi Allahu anhu) while he was in Damascus. Abu Darda asked him, “What has brought you here my brother?” He replied, “A hadith which you relate from the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam).” Abu Darda asked, “Have you come for some worldly need?” He replied, “No.” “You have come only to seek this hadith?” He replied, “Yes.” Abu Darda then said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) say: “Whoever treads a path due to which he seeks knowledge, Allah will make him tread one of the paths towards Paradise. The angels lower their wings out of contentment for the seeker of knowledge; the inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth, even the fish in the depths of the sea ask forgiveness for the learned man. The superiority of the scholar over the worshipper is like the virtue of the moon on the night when it is full, over all of the stars. Indeed, the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets, and the prophets do not leave behind dinar nor dirham, but rather, they leave behind knowledge. So whoever takes it, has acquired an abundant portion” [Abu Dawud & Tirmidhi, emphasis added]

Some videos of Shaykh Ibrahim (Jazak Allah khayr, Halaltube.com for compiling this list):

Description of Paradise

Love for the Dunya (Worldly Life)

Quest for Excellence

The Strangers

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80 responses to “A Tremendous Opportunity for Ajr: A Call for Donations for Shaykh Ibrahim Dremali”

  1. abu Abdullah says:

    o Allah purify his sins and make things easy on him. Allahumma Rabbannaas adhibil baa’s ashfi anta ashShafi’ laa shifau illa shifauk, shifau laa yughadir saqama. Allahumma ameen.

  2. Amad says:

    Dr. Dremali has done so much for Muslims in America that we cannot but take this opportunity to help inshallah.

    Let’s not let the matching funds not be matched…

    every dollar of yours is doubled right now, and every two dollars are blessed many-fold on this jumuah. Subhanallah Dr. Dremali was the one who would help us fundraise every time we needed and now its our turn!

  3. Hassan says:

    I am going to Dallas insha’Allah and would try to meet him personally

  4. Amirah says:

    Dr. Dremali is also one of the scholars @ sunnahfollowers.net he used to give classes there before he got to sick but he did give jumah kitbag a week or so ago. May Allah recover him

  5. sister says:


    Aameen to all the duas. May Allah grant him shifa soon. Inshaallah I will post the check of $30 .Jazakallahu khairaan.

  6. anonymous says:

    donated $100

  7. Tariq Yasin says:

    Please watch the video ‘Dying to Have Known’. It’s about an alternative cancer therapy.

    The therapy is known as the Gerson Therapy.

    May Allah grant the shaikh shifaa. Ameen.


    • Assalaamu alaykum,

      I need to make a clarification. Sh. Ibrahim is undergoing chemotherapy due to a complex liver condition complicated with other complex health conditions, but he does not have cancer. In the original post, we automatically made the jump from chemotherapy to cancer treatment, but we have since been corrected and have corrected the post with the correct information. His situation is, of course, just as dire, and he is just as much in need.

      JazakAllahu khayran.

  8. Love Bird says:

    I’m a young guy and I’m getting married in a few days and need the money, but I donated $75 for the sake of Allah, may Allah keep us sincere!

  9. Muslim says:

    donated $100

  10. anonymous says:

    donated $250.00

  11. anonymous says:

    I donated $1000.

  12. MashaAllah. jazakAllahu khayran to all of you. With donations plus match, we’re currently at $3010… 30% there. We’ll keep updating the thermometer in the post to show our progress inshaAllah.

  13. Amad says:

    Comeon folks
    let’s at least get the full matching on this blessed jumuah… just ONE 1000 will get us above 5000!!!!!!

  14. Muslimah says:

    May Allah(SWT) grant him a complete and permanent shifa. Ameen.

    I was wondering if anyone has the 2004 TDC Khutbah on Muslim ID by Shaykh Dremali!?!?…It was really REALLy amazing MashaAllah!
    I’ve been looking for it, if anyone has it or knows how I may acquire it., I would appreciate it if you could please post it up. JazakAllahu-Khairan!

  15. anonymouse says:

    Alhamdulillah… donated $200.00
    May Allah(SWT) accept and grant Shaykh Dremali quick recovery! Ameen.

  16. MashaAllah, it looks like quite a few people are donating without mentioning their donations in the comments :)

    PayPal already shows that there have been $4789 in donations, mashaAllah. Adding the one $30 check mentioned in the comments, that brings the outside donations (without match) to $4819!

    MABROOK, you met our initial challenge of $2500, and we will be matching that much to bring the current total donation to $7319.

    Let’s not fall short of our goal of $10,000 brothers and sisters. We’re nearly 3/4 of the way there inshaAllah! Just another $2681 to meet our goal inshaAllah.

  17. Safia Farole says:

    May Allah grant Imam Dremali health again. Mashallah he visited the mosque I go to in Seattle about six years ago – he infected me with a love for this religion. His influence was a signficiant factor in my family starting to practice Islam more strongly. May Allah have mercy on this man. What a blessed effort this is – may Allah reward MM. Ameen.

  18. Nahyan says:

    MashaAllah, may Allah bless your efforts (MM team) + give our imam shafa’a and make this a means of forgiveness.

  19. Alhamdulillah, since the last update there have been an additional $665 donated through PayPal.

    This brings our total to $7984.

    Only another $2000 to hit the $10000 goal. We can do it inshaAllah brothers and sisters.

    • I should mention that this number is assuming that, unless explicitly noted, the donations mentioned in the comments were made through PayPal (so we won’t double count them in our total).

      So if you are donating or already donated via check, and you didn’t explicitly mention that, do say so in the comments so we know to add your amount to the PayPal total inshaAllah.

  20. MashaAllah, another $340 has been donated through PayPal since the last update (in only an hour and a half!), bringing our current total to $8324.

    $1676 to go inshaAllah!

  21. Anonymous says:

    $100 here

  22. anonymous says:

    InshaAllah my mom and i are sending $550 total. JazakAllah khair and may Allah grant the sheikh a speedy recovery inshaAllah and ease his families worries inshaAllah. Ameen!

  23. anonymous says:

    sending $200 from my grandpa inshaAllah…

  24. Zaynab says:

    Subhana’Allah, what else is there to say about Imam Dremali? He is the most profoundly beautiful human being you’ll ever meet. He’s eman is as contagious as his smile. He has given my family and I the one that no one else ever can, that is to recognize and worship Allah (swt) the way He is meant to be worshipped. Wallahi, I truly love this brother for the sake of Allah, and will rally behind him in his time of need. We will dedicate our time and energy in bringing him all the support that he needs. Insha’Allah, this is all a test from Allah and though I cannot relate because he has cancer, I know A LOT about chronic pain because I’m encountering it firsthand. May Allah be pleased with him because he is a very exceptional human being who always strives in the way of Allah. We will help and support you today the way you helped and supported us yesteday. Our destination is the same but may Allah make the journey a lot more easier. Dear brother, I love you.

    • Assalaamu alaykum,

      I need to make a clarification. Sh. Ibrahim is undergoing chemotherapy due to a complex liver condition complicated with other complex health conditions, but he does not have cancer. In the original post, we automatically made the jump from chemotherapy to cancer treatment, but we have since been corrected and have corrected the post with the correct information. His situation is, of course, just as dire, and he is just as much in need.

      JazakAllahu khayran.

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. MashaAllah, since the last update, there have been $1261 in donations (including the checks mentioned in the comments).

    Our total is now at $9585, mashaAllah. We’re in the home stretch, let’s see if we can give it that final push to top $10k before the day is over inshaAlah!

  27. ALLAHU AKBAR! Another $480 has been donated, putting the total donations at $10,065.

    Alhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen, we’ve exceeded our goal to raise $10K, all in a single day. May Allah reward all those who donated as well as those who wanted to but were not able. May Allah place barakah in this and make it a means by which Sh. Ibrahim’s situation may be made easier. Amin.

    Just because we met our goal doesn’t mean we can’t raise more. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get $12K, $15K, even $20K for Sh. Ibrahim. Bismillah, let’s see just how high we can raise the bar, bi idnillah.

  28. anonymous says:

    May Allah give him a smooth recovery. He is one of my favorites!! $150 on paypal, alhamdulillah

  29. Anonymous says:

    Donated $100.

  30. Anonymous says:

    $500 donated al hamdulila

  31. Masha’Allah, may Allah reward everyone’s timely contribution!
    I ask Allah to grant the Sheikh speedy and complete shifa and turn his difficulties and pain into ease and aafiyah. Ameen.
    Same for all the sick and diseased…may Allah grant them cure from their illness. Ameen.

  32. Donation says:


    Donated $50…

    May Allah grant the shaykh and all mumineen His all-encompassing cure, ameen.

  33. Amad says:

    Ahmad will have the official numbers, but from what I can see, we are at $11,100 thus far

    Can we make it to $15k and really make this amazing fund-raiser even more amazing!!

  34. Amad says:

    Equally impressive is that nearly 75 people donated, which is a large number for a 24-hr fundraiser event!

    mashallah… let’s make the number of donors go to 100 at least. With whatever you can, join in!

  35. Kas says:

    Asalam walaikum,

    Insha’allah I pray that all brother and sister donate to this cause, in whatever means they can. I live in
    the UK and forget about the blessing of having the NHS (national health service) where this
    kind of treatment is free. Payed by the tax payer who are muslims and non-muslim alike. Alhumdullilah, the health bill has been passed in USA and insha’allah paying for health service in USA and other countries
    will be a thing of the past. This should not be only developed countries but in every country across the globe!

    Please donate to this cause, Jazakullah Khair of reading my opinions. Allah (swt) is the one who ultimately cures.


    • Anonymous says:


      It isn’t that simple!!

      Keep in mind that a lot of countries rely on the technological innovation that takes place in the US. The US is able to innovate because of the large incentives ($$$) offered by a Free Market. However, when countries do not offer such incentives, advancements go down.

      Secondly, delays, high costs, bureaucracy and things ‘slowing down’ really do happen. I know, I’ve worked for several government agencies and have seen it first-hand.

      But whatever, the Dems won on this anyways.

      • Kas says:

        I will dis-agree of advancement of technology inovation is 100% based on the free market . In Britain medical research is of the highest standard and have the audacity to say even on par with US. But British govement heavely funds the NHS and medical and technological advancement.

        I do not believe that bureacuracy slow things down, in the UK. The goverment has set deadline such as seeing a specialist for cancer in i.e 2 day period. So with the intervention of the goverment the health service has strigent targets, that why the NHS is so loved in the UK.

  36. a brother says:

    just donated $50….may Allah bless all of you for bringing this to our attention

  37. faqeer ila Allah says:

    Just donated $75 alhamdulillah. May Allah swt give the beloved Shaykh a speedy recovery and make this as a source of purification for himself and his family for their patience. Ameen

  38. Sis W says:


    We will remember you in our Dua Ya Shaykh. He is truly an inspiration to us all.


  39. […] and Make Du'aa for the Brother! From what I know, he is a very good shaykh maa shaa' Allaah. A Tremendous Opportunity for Ajr: A Call for Donations for Shaykh Ibrahim Dremali | MuslimMatters.or… Last year, we mentioned the health condition of Sh. Ibrahim Dremali, hafidhahullah, as he […]

  40. MashaAllah, we are now at $12,041 in total donations. With 86 unique donors mashaAllah.

    Let’s see if we can make that final push to $15,000 today inshaAllah.

    InshaAllah we’ll leave this fundraiser open for the rest of the weekend. Take advantage of this ajr opportunity while you still can!

  41. anonymous says:

    I mailed a check for $5,000 to the masjid. May Allah give Shaykh Ibrahim shifa. Ameen.

    • Allahu akbar! May Allah reward you immensely!

      That puts us at $17,266 total!

      We broke our next goal of $15K, alhamdulillah, in only a day and a half!!

      Let’s see if we can get $20K before the end of the weekend inshaAllah!

  42. Donation says:


  43. $17,366

    Alhamdolillah, this speaks for the success of MM at its best. One call and ~$17k already; I am absolutely amazed. By all means this is exactly how Allah swt has put barakah in this effort in its entirety.

    May Allah swt make it easy on Shaykh Ibrahim.

    Kudos to the MM team!


    • Amad says:

      jazakAllahkhair akhi… if there was any reason for MM to be on the blogosphere, it is this.

      And i think it is more about our readership than the MM team… they stepped up to the plate… and we can only thank all of our readers for trusting MM to be steward your donation properly and becoming part of this effort. I was afraid that 10k was stretching it too much, but I am equally amazed at our amazing readership.
      May Allah reward all of you and all of us for this blessed endeavor.

  44. MashaAllah, we’re at $18,039 now. more than 90% of $20K.

    Only 9 more hours left in the fundraiser… let’s see if we can make it to $20K before then inshaAllah.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahy wa barakatuh,

    I donated $50.

    May Allah grant the shaykh a speedy recovery!

  46. muslimah says:

    I am just re-posting this, I know this may not seem to be the right place to ask this but I have already posted on other forums and message boards and was giving it a chance here as well!
    I was really hoping and wondering if anyone has the 2004 TDC Khutbah on Muslim ID by Shaykh Dremali!?!?…It was really REALLy amazing MashaAllah!
    I’ve been looking for it, if anyone has it or knows how I may acquire it., I would appreciate it if you could please post it up. JazakAllahu-Khairan!

    • hannah says:

      subhanAllah that was so long ago… i was still single then with no children!! I remember that siraj wihaj was scheduled to do the 2004 TDC khutba, and he was not able to make it. I saw Ibrahim D taking the pulpit to replace him and I was like..who is this guy and where is Siraj? I cried massive tears in that khutba and Ibrahim D became one of my favorite inspirations. Let me know if you find it pleaseee!

  47. MuslimahCA says:

    SubhanAllah.. this is truly sad. Sh. Ibrahim Dremali is one of those shuyook whom you just love immediately. The very first talk i listen of his in Texas had me crying in public like I was a child. He connects to your heart and makes you want to change for the sake of Allah.

    I love him for the sake of Allah and him in pain and in this condition is hurting me. My own sister started wearing hijab after that same talk.

    He is a man this ummah needs in North America. May Allah grant him shifa and make this experience one that will expiate his sins.

    Allah is the best of planners and I know this is what is best for him and us at this time and ease for you and your family is on its way ya Shaykhana.

    You are in my dua’s and I hope you are reading these comments.

    We love you for the sake of Al Wadud and may Allah allow you to continue to serve in this great deen with your dawah.

    Your Sister in California

  48. Alhamdulillahi Rabb ilAalameen. Our final total for this fundraiser is $18,209, mashaAllah.

    May Allah reward all those who donated, all those with the niyyah to donate, and all those who helped in any way. Amin.

    We have removed the PayPal link and ended our official fundraiser for Sh. Ibrahim, BUT this does not mean that you cannot still donate if you missed the fundraiser. InshaAllah, you can always write a check for Sh. Ibrahim and send it to Clear Lake Islamic Center, as mentioned in the post, if you would still like to donate but were not able to through MM.

  49. Anon says:

    Salam alaikum,
    I wish to donate through paypal. However, the only donation type I see is at http://muslimmatters.org/become-an-ansaar/ Do I donate here while leaving a note with this donation saying it is for the Sheikh?
    Jazakallah Khair.

  50. OK, we’ll put the PayPal link back up, since it seems more people want to donate… we’ll leave it open for about a week, before closing the PayPal link inshaAllah.

  51. anonymous says:

    donated $300

  52. apple says:

    200 donated

  53. Well, alhamdulillah, looks like opening the PayPal link back up for a week was indeed a good idea, as there were another almost $2300 in donations after opening the link back up.

    That said the PayPal link is now closed for good, and, mashaAllah, we met even our $20K goal, having raised a total of $20593.39 in donations with a total of 133 individual donors, mashaAllah. Again, if you missed the PayPal boat, you can still contribute by sending a check to the address mentioned in the post.

    May Allah reward all those who supported or contributed or had the intention to do so. Amin.

  54. karem elhams says:

    May Allah (sw) cure him soon. A check for $50.00 from my bank (SDCCU) will be sent by 7/8/2010. I wish I can do more. Alhamdulelah.

  55. Z says:

    salaams, i donated $100 inshallah but it didn’t say it was for the Sheikh, it said annual ramadan fundraiser. inshallah it can be donated towards his fund and inshallah grants him good health and jannah

    • JazakAllahu khayran for your donation.

      Please, for future donations, just send a check made out to Sh. Ibrahim directly. We have closed the PayPal link, and it will not be feasible for us to indefinitely keep up with future donations made to our PayPal account.

  56. ummNadeeya says:

    Assalamualaikum wb wr
    We sent a check to Sh Ibrahim about a month ago to Clear Lake Islamic Center, to date the check has not been cashed. Would it be possible for someone to give us an update on the status? Jazakumullahu Khairan, Barakarullahu Feeq

  57. Anonymous says:

    Asalaamu `alaikum,

    Any update on Shaykh Ibrahim’s condition/status?

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