If Superheroes were Muslims / Dua’ Request l Sunday Open Thread 6/13/2010

In the future, I would like to write a Muslim Superhero story but till then here is some light humor. Some things I’ve thought about while trying to think up a Muslim Superhero.

(If you do not find this funny or lack a sense of humor then simply do not comment and ignore this piece, no need to debate about whether jokes are halal or not)

If Superheroes were Muslims:
They wouldn’t wear tight-fitting costumes

If Superheroes were Muslims:
Most supervillains would strike at Salah time
(In this case, the heroes would utilize the Fiqh of Salah in Jihad)

If Superheroes were Muslims:
More Supervillains would convert to Islam than die

If Batman was a Muslim:
He’d keep that cool beard he had at the beginning of Batman Begins

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If Superman was a Muslim:
Some Sufis would regard him as a Hazrat and regard his powers as Karamaat

If Spiderman was a Muslim:
He’d marry both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane, problem solved

If Ironman was a Muslim:
The war in Afganisthan would be over

If Wolverine was a Muslim:
He wouldn’t hit on the X-women

If the X-women were Muslim:
It would be easier for wolverine to lower his gaze since they’d be in hijab

If Magneto was a Muslim:
He’d look like Gandalf

Dua’ Request

On a serious note, a young sister has gone missing in Lake Michigan. Prayers are requested, volunteers welcome (request in email from Faique).

Her name is Sofia Khan, her father, Omer Khan, is the vice principal of MCC (Muslim Community Center) Sunday School.

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59 responses to “If Superheroes were Muslims / Dua’ Request l Sunday Open Thread 6/13/2010”

  1. Sally says:

    what a funny and creative thought!!! thanks for the laugh :D

    May Allah ease the affairs of the family and reunite them with their daughter..

  2. Sakina says:

    Hehe, shukran brother. This made me lol. SubhanAllah, it’s clever.

  3. very coool, thank’s bro :D

  4. Safi says:

    If you watch anything with X-men, anytime you hear the word ‘Mutant’ , replace it with Muslim. it makes for an interesting experience…. :)

    another thought:

    If the Incredible Hulk was Muslim, his greatest struggle would be controlling his anger.

    May Allah return Sofia to her family.

  5. naeem says:

    Muslim Kid, who knows the father Omer Khan, has some personal reflections on the missing Sofia. Truly a trying time for the Khan family.

    • Faique says:

      Thanks Brother Naeem,

      Honestly, I think anyone who watches the video has to be affected. As I wrote in my reflection, Omer is a very nice outgoing person. He’s always walking around playing with kids, listening to the requests of elders (since he is one of the younger adults) and just making sure everything runs smoothly. He must have gathered so much goodness from all the help he gives everyone on a daily basis.

      I’m really not just saying this. There was this lady who is a volunteer at my Sunday school. Her printer broke and her sons needed to print so they asked Omer if they could print at his house. Instead of letting them print, he just gave them a new printer he had lying around.

      Like I mentioned in my post, he gave me 200 bucks and just said to keep him in my duas! (So I feel obliged to advocate everyone making dua for him in these hours).

      Once this African American kid who had just moved to America came to our Sunday school. Most of the people there are either busy with teaching their classes or administrative tasks (Omer being one of the the MOST busy in the whole school since he is Vice Principal ). Omer personally brought the kid to our 10th grade class and told us to interact with him.

      In like 9th grade, me and my hooligan Sunday school buddies made our super nice 23 year year old female (Quran and Arabic Languages class) teacher cry. Next week, she didnt come to class, instead her father started teaching us and he was much more strict. We decided to invite her back, order pizza and apologize. When we went up to Omer for the idea, he was totally supportive saying he would be willing to pay for the Pizza.

      Finally, I don’t know how successful this effort of his has been but he tried to get the upper grades in Sunday school to be required to get a certain number of service hours. Alhumdulillah, no one ever considered that a big part of Islam before Omer.

      Sorry for blabbing again like this is MuslimKid (my blog). Please please keep Sofia in your Duas and watch that video!

      Video: http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/96182289.html?video=pop&t=a&bctid=CLIP_ID_251347
      Post about Omer: http://themuslimkid.blogspot.com/2010/06/please-keep-sofia-in-your-duas.html

      -The Muslim Kid, Faique

      • Amad says:

        Just saw the video. Very sad indeed… subhanAllah. The father, Omer, looks very familiar… I wonder if he was in Houston at any time?

        Everything is in the Hands of Allah. May Allah grant her father the miracle of her life. If that is not meant to be, may Allah replace Sofia with something better for Omer and his family, in the duniya and the akhira.

        Pls make dua

  6. sis says:



    SO some SUPERHEROES DO INDEED draw their inspiration from Muslims! Alhamdulillah :D

    Check it out! http://jawaadahmadkhan.com/2009/11/23/the-light-saber-of-the-muslims/

  7. Abdul Qadir says:

    LOL! I especially liked the superman one

  8. ummmanar says:

    thankyou for the humor,and some people think we muslims , donot know how to joke.As for sofia my heart goes to her family,my allah(swt) return her to her family safe and sound.

  9. mofw says:

    Thanks for putting content back in your feeds!!!

  10. Muhammad says:

    Funny. I never thought of that.

  11. Siraaj says:

    Awesome post on superheroes, someone knows their stuff ;)


  12. Sadiyah says:

    May Allah return her safely to her family.

  13. Al-Madrasi says:

    May Allah unite the girl with her family.

  14. Dawud Israel says:

    Yeah, Jeddi is an Arabic word, that means like warrior-saint, very similar to Jedi. Also why isn’t Ras al-Ghoul mentioned- I always thought he was Muslim. And Robin Hood had a Muslim sidekick too.

    Cool piece though. :D

  15. elham says:

    If Spiderman really was a Muslim,he’d know about the impermissibility of his clothes in Salah before knowing the permissibility of polygamy. Tut,tut. Has he been missing classes?.

    May Allah(swt) return Sofia safe and sound, fill her parents’ hearts with peace from Him and make this trial an increase in ajr for them. If Allah(swt) took what is His,may He give them Jannatul Firdous in place,Ameen.

    • Lol. I thought about the same thing when I saw that picture, that is what inspired the line:

      If Superheroes were Muslims:
      They wouldn’t wear tight-fitting costumes

  16. Sayf says:

    Ankabut maaan, ankabut maaan, does whatever an ankabut caaan.

  17. U-ssef says:

    There is some muslim superheroes, check this: http://the99.org/

  18. Bushra says:

    Clearly Spiderman is Hanafi and Superman is Salafi…

  19. If J. Jonah Jameson was a Muslim, he’d be a Masjid uncle, maybe even a trustee

    • Middle Ground says:


      ROFL, that was funny! I really love Jameson, someone you love to hate. And I can imagine him in the masjid, with a big stick in his hands, screaming at the kids for daring to breathe during salah.

      And Ameen to all the duas for Sofia. The Prophet(SAW) said the death of even one child, if taken with patience, would be a protection from hell fire. If the worst has come to worst, I ask Allah to grant the parents jannat-ul firdous without any accountability, Ameen.

  20. Umm Bilqis says:

    I confess that I have a super heroine complex, but I’m working through it. : ))
    Actually just wanted to share this vid by Shinqueeti.


    May Allah keep Sofia safe and return her to the Khan family in safety Insha’Allah.

    • Al-Nayjeree says:

      Masha’Allah the video is really touching, a great reminder! Jazakumallah khair for sharing this!

      May Allah shower his mercy on Sofia’s family and accept all our duas

  21. May Allah swt show us all a miracle and boost the imaan of many of us through Sofia’s survival; May Allah swt reward the father in all outcomes for demonstrating full trust in Allah swt and His mercy when apparently no hope remains.

    My 2 cents – these should have been two different posts.. because although solution for spiderman is hilarious but what followed was much more serious..

    Jazakallah Khayrun for sharing.

  22. Ahmad says:

    I love how a beard is what is used to signify “Muslim” on Superman…*facepalm*.

  23. Zulander says:

    May Allah protect the sister and bless her family with patience – ameen.

    ps Spiderman doesn’t need a kuffi, his head is already covered :)

  24. Ikhlas says:

    LOL I liked it =D Jzk for a light hearted article, about time we have one of these Alhamdulillah =D

  25. Reem says:

    LOL, that was really funny and creative. My favorite was Spiderman… so true.

  26. abdul-halim says:

    Cute, someone already mentioned the 99
    In the mainstream comics…

    DC has a Muslim superheroine named Janissary (who is Turkish and does magic)

    On the Marvel side, Dust is already a Muslimah mutant on the X-Men (She turns into sandstorms)

    And there are even two Muslim Captain Americas…

    in the Ultimates continuity there is an Azerbaijani/Iranian named Abdul Al-Rahman. He is a member of the Liberators which is opposed to U.S. Imperialism so unfortunately he is framed as a villain. (Atleast he is not clearly religious)

    But then the other “Captain America” figure is named Justice or Josiah X (modeled after Malcolm X) who is a Muslim minister who IS clearly religious and a hero.

  27. abdul-halim says:

    Also, people might be interested in adherents.com which deals with the religious affiliation of tons of individuals and groups, both real and fictional. Even cartoon characters.

  28. Amad says:

    Sofia still not found, but presumed dead… may Allah give her family patience:

    Salat-ul-Janaza for 9-year-old Sofia Khan to be held Friday, June 18th at 7pm

  29. Sayf says:

    More SPAM!

  30. LOL :D JazakAllah khyr… 

  31. Ali Hussain says:

    Hey! That is a clear insult to islam,your mucking islam, and you also think its little and ignorable saying ” (If you do not find this funny or lack a sense of humor then simply do not comment and ignore this piece, no need to debate about whether jokes are halal or not)”.
    Jokes are halal but not on islam, its our believings,habbits and traditions, you are making Islam a joke.

  32. Daniel says:

    As-Salaam Alaikum brother. I’m wondering if this idea ever took off. Is there any update?

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