Beyond Exorcism: Black Magic Spells, Pieces of Sihr (Talismans/Amulets), and the Disease of Hasad (Envy)

Please note that wherever I refer to magic in this post, it is of course referring to black-magic, not trickery.

A while back, MM posted an article sharing my experiences with exorcism in Pakistan. I mentioned in the post that whenever I get a chance, insha Allah, I will write about sihr (magic) and why it has become so common in Pakistan. A few months back, I made another trip to Pakistan and new experiences prompted me to write the long-overdue sequel to that exorcism post!

In my previous trip to Pakistan, I went (not alone of course) to different graveyards in my attempt to help the possessed girl with whom I was working. To my surprise, I noticed hundreds of ripped pieces of cloth hanging on the trees in each of the graveyards that I visited.  When asked about those pieces of cloth, the graveyard caretakers almost always seemed fearful of them, essentially saying that these were works of magicians and they didn’t want to “mess with them.” Obviously, these pieces of sihr contained magic spells, impacting the lives of an untold number of people.

After I returned from Pakistan, I regretted not destroying as many of those objects of sihr as I could, and perhaps thereby helping to break magic spells cast upon husbands, wives, sisters and brothers. However, I promised myself that whenever I returned to Pakistan, I would try my best to dispose of as many such items as I could. Since this wasn’t exactly a woman’s job, especially due to the prohibition of females visiting cemeteries (although there is an ikhtilaaf, it is not the goal of the discussion here), for this purpose, I recruited my poor husband to help me with this “mission.”

Thus, my husband made the trip to his ancestral graveyard with his cousin and brother (for added “protection”). However, he could only destroy a handful of these sihr-cloths for a number of reasons: Firstly, it was a time consuming process, since each one preferably needed to be read over before destruction. Secondly, trying to “mess with” them is made very complicated by the graveyard groundskeepers, as they are afraid that somehow their destruction is sacrilegious. Almost always, the groundskeepers were uneducated and wore tons of talismans themselves. They truly believe that some “museebah” (calamity) will befall them once those objects of sihr are “messed around with!”

To make a long story short, you can see the film of what my husband accomplished, while his brother and cousin watched/videotaped (SEE all the way at the bottom). Photos of the pieces that are being destroyed in the movie shown here

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Notice how the groundskeeper provided constant commentary (in Punjabi) in the background, almost begging my husband to stop before he started taking them apart, because he feared some “evil omen,” I’yaadhobillah! Also notice the animal sounds (no one noticed these sounds until we watched the movie together—of course, it may be a pure coincidence), particularly the crow’s cawing and the donkey’s loud braying as soon as the sihr-cloths are lit up.

All of these pieces of sihr were composed of pieces of paper with grids drawn upon them that contained strange numbers, which is almost always used in magic. These papers were then meticulously wrapped up in pieces of plastic (to prevent moisture from entering), tied up with tons of string, and then wrapped up in pieces of cloth. On one of the papers, I noticed what appeared to be traces of blood, which could be from a woman’s menstrual blood (and Allah knows best) because that is the most common ways of doing magic on females. Also one of these pieces of sihr had the names of an entire family written upon it, along with the Urdu words “laraiee jhagra” (translated as fighting/argumentation). Quite obvious what the purpose of this one was, and Allah knows best.

While in Pakistan, I also helped a family member with some of her personal issues. Apparently, her in-laws had given her an amulet to wear, which she didn’t trust to wear, but kept with her. It was sealed in a small, light-weight metallic silver box. After a bit of maneuvering, I managed to open it, only to find two pieces of papers wrapped up in plastic. One paper had about 7 needles inserted in it (see first couple of photos above) and the other one had some strange language written on it, although it started with “bismillah!”

These and similar incidents make all of us wonder: Why have people, Muslims in particular, become so involved in these acts of disbelief and kufr?

Based on my personal observation in the cases where I have witnessed the use of magic, I believe that the main cause of the use of magic is hasad (jealousy). It’s true that the majority of the population is ignorant of the facts about magic and the shar’eeh rulings about it, however, jealousy is a very strong emotion and at times it blurs even the minds of knowledgeable people. That is why the Prophet of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa salam) said:

“Jealousy eats away at good deeds, just as fire eats away at firewood.” [Sunan Ibn Majah]

In general, I noticed a strange sense of competition among the folks there. In many cases, people were just not well-wishers of each other, even to close family members. I noticed that people don’t like anyone passing them in worldly status (wealth, career, etc.), especially within their own family or friends. Everyone seemed so curious and so much into each other’s business. Sometimes talking to different ladies reminded me of the warning of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa salam):

“Do not harbor envy or ill-will; and neither spy nor be inquisitive about other persons’ faults nor make bogus offers of prices to spoil a bargain, and O Allah’s servants! Be brethren to each other.” [Bukhari]

Everything turns into a “status symbol.” The more wealth a family has, the more they like to show it off, whether it is a worldly affair or even a religious one. People have even made the udhiya (sacrifice) of Eid a means to flaunt their wealth: the more money one has, the bigger or more animals they sacrifice. Children’s education is sought in schools that are judged by the amount of tuition, and not necessarily by the standard of education! Wedding parties, engagement ceremonies, and even normal gatherings are but a race to compete with others and to show off. When a marriage proposal is described it starts and ends with how much wealth the suitor has. In such circumstances, people not only tend to forget the real purpose of life, but they also forget the worldly harms of this rat race. Forget about stress, psychological tension, and depression; two of the most malicious consequences faced in this world are, Ain bil hasad (evil eye) and sihr (magic).

In most cases, people are negligent about reading their daily adhkaar. Moreover, those who deliberately flaunt their blessings have no recognition of these adkhaar. There is a reason why the morning and afternoon adhkaar are called “the fortress of a believer.” They literally are a wall between a believer and an evil eye, but only when recited regularly. When this wall is absent, however, the evil eye finds an easy and smooth way to the person and causes damage and harm. As Ibn al-Qayyam explains in Ziyaad al-Maad:

“The evil eye is like an arrow… sometimes it hits him [the target] and sometimes it misses. If the target is exposed and unprotected, it will affect him, but if the target is cautious and armed, the arrow will have no effect and may even come back on the one who launched it.”

An evil eye can be given by anyone. When a person likes something and looks at it, either with jealousy or with sincere appreciation, but does not invoke Allah’s blessings over it, the shayateen/jinn voluntarily fly over to harm the one being appreciated.

The Prophet (sallallahu alihi wasalam) traveled with Sahl ibn Haneef towards Makkah, until they were in the mountain pass of al-Kharaar in al-Jahfah. There Sahl ibn Haneef did ghusl, and he was a handsome white-skinned man with beautiful skin. ‘Aamir ibn Rabee’ah, looked at him whilst he was doing ghusl and said: “I have never seen such beautiful skin as this, not even the skin of a virgin,” and Sahl fell to the ground. They went to Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alihi wasalam) and said, “O Messenger of Allah, can you do anything for Sahl, because by Allah he cannot raise his head.” He said, “Do you accuse anyone with regard to him?” They said, “‘Aamir ibn Rabee’ah looked at him.” So the Messenger of Allah called ‘Aamir and rebuked him strongly. He said, “Why would one of you kill his brother? If you see something that you like, then pray for blessing for him.” Then he said to him, “Wash yourself for him.” So he washed his face, hands, forearms, knees and the sides of his feet, and inside his izaar (lower garment) in the vessel. Then that water was poured over him, and a man poured it over his head and back from behind. He did that to him, then Sahl got up and joined the people and there was nothing wrong with him. (Ahmad, Nisaa’i)

If the person invokes Allah’s blessing (by saying Allaahumma barik), the shayaateen cannot cause harm, or if the one being appreciated has his/her adhkaar recited then he/she stays protected, by Allah’s will. However, if people are not well-wishers and are jealous of the blessings of the other person (such as beauty, wealth, education, children, a happy marriage or any type of success), then we can be assured that they will never invoke Allah’s blessings. And the dangerous harm that they cause from their evil eye can even be life-threatening!

“Most of those who die among my ummah die because of the will and decree of Allah, and then because of the evil eye.”
“The evil eye is real and if anything were to overtake the divine decree, it would be the evil eye. When you are asked to take a bath (to provide a cure) from the influence of the evil eye, you should take a bath.” (Muslim)

However, since the jealous ones, in most cases, are not spiritual enough to know the harm they are capable of causing simply by looking with the eye of hasad, their jealousy eventually leads them to the magicians. They need something more “concrete” to satisfy the fire of jealousy in their hearts. With the help of the magicians they try to achieve that satisfaction, however little do they realize that it only adds to their distress, unhappiness and failure to this dunya and akhira (may Allah protect us from hasad and haasid).

In all honesty, the first time I ever truly appreciated the ayah in Surah Falaq, “wa min shari haasedin idha hasad (and from the evil of the jealousy when he starts envying),” was after my observation and hearing the stories of many unfortunate people that had been affected by magic.

Magic is a step further then evil eye. If an evil eye can itself be so evil, just imagine the effects of magic on people. By Allah, I have seen people suffer, and this suffering is far worse than a fatal disease. It is not only damaging to the person’s body and sanity, but even damaging to the people around them and in many cases may break up marriages and divide families.

So my sincere advice and reminder, firstly to myself and then to everyone else is to read the morning and evening adhkaar. In addition to Ayatul Kursi, Surah Falaq and Naas, read the following:

  • A’oodhu bi kalimaat-illaah il-taammati min sharri ma khalaqa (I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from the evil of that which He has created).
  • A’oodhu bi kalimaat-illaah il-taammati min ghadabihi wa ‘iqaabihi, wa min sharri ‘ibaadihi wa min hamazaat al-shayaateeni wa an yahduroon (I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from His wrath and punishment, from the evil of His slaves and from the evil promptings of the devils and from their presence).

Whenever you praise someone, or you notice something nice about someone, please make sure you follow it up with, preferably, “Allahumma barik” or “masha Allah.” Even if you don’t verbalize your praise, know that the shayaateen are sharply observing your sight. There is a reason why the evil eye is called an “evil eye”:

“And verily, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes (through hatred)” (68:51)

Also, in my humble opinion, it is not wise to mention to others about our specific blessings. Not everything needs to be mentioned to everyone or in every gathering. I understand that it is tempting and a way of carrying on a conversation among friends, but it is for our own safety and protection. Especially sisters, who like to discuss the details of their new clothes, shoes, makeup etc., please remember that not every shopping trip to the mall, or gifts from husbands need to be mentioned. Not to say that our friends are not sincere, but it could be that one of them cannot afford what we can afford, or she may be having problems in her marriage and may feel some element of jealousy, or she may forget to say “masha Allah”, and the evil eye befalls us.

One of the ways that is becoming quite common is to write a Facebook status mentioning specific blessings or good about oneself. Some sisters like to write blog entries about their everyday interaction with their husbands, or happily married life in general. May Allah (azzawajal) bless all the sisters with happy and successful marriages, but I want to remind them that they may be opening a door to bringing the evil eye upon themselves. Don’t be mistaken. I am not saying that we should not be thankful, or that we be miserable in front of others, I am just advising that the details of a happy life or everyday blessings do not need to be mentioned to every friend. The true thanks should be given to the One who blesses us with the blessings and by being content, but every happiness doesn’t need to be verbalized in front of others, wa Allahu ta’ala ‘alam.

At the same time, we should not become paranoid either, and mistake every mishap with an evil eye or magic. Rather we should try to keep a balanced approach. This has been my observation. I realize that there are some other problems for which people approach magicians other then jealousy, but I wanted to remind all of us about evil eye and the necessity of reading our adhkaar. Another major reason for using magic is lack of Tawakkal and people seeking the solution to their problems through magicians, but insha Allah that will be the topic for another article.


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134 responses to “Beyond Exorcism: Black Magic Spells, Pieces of Sihr (Talismans/Amulets), and the Disease of Hasad (Envy)”

  1. This article sends shivers down my spine.

    Jazakallah Khair for this important reminder, now I’ll be much more vigilant about my Adhkaar as well as what I write as Facebook Updates.

    The problem with Sihr is further compounded by the modern disbelief in it. Some modern Muslims do not believe Sihr to be real and thus do not take the necessary precautions against it and become open to attack.

    Also some people assume that since they are only close to Muslims, nobody will do Sihr to them since it is Kufr, sadly we live in an age of ignorance and many people do not realize the dangers of Sihr to their own Iman.

    May Allah protect us all always!

    • sis says:

      “now I’ll be much more vigilant about my Adhkaar as well as what I write as Facebook Updates.”


  2. Plum says:

    There is an excellent documentary that follows the work of a Raqi (a person who performs ruqiyah) in the Uk in English with actual footage of exorcisms and jinn speaking (in English). You can see a trailer here:

    Seriously well worth getting hold of. Includes interviews with people who have had ruqiyah performed on them.

  3. Bismillah.


    Disclaimer: i am not denying existence of Jinn or magic, only curious about ways in which certain things are diagnosed as to be affects of Jinn/Magic with ways other than authentic tradition of prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam.

    I do not want to be up against established pillars and scholars of Islaam on day of judgment, subahan Allaah. i am in no way eligible for it because i neither do psychiatry nor am i a shuyookh.

    Having researched this topic in possible ways during my stay in india, and translated a book from urdu to english , titled Jinn Jadu Ya Nafsiyati Amraaz (meaning Jinn, Magic or psychological disorders, mash Allaah) it seems more like some people (learned?) taking advantage of the superstition and goodness of faith and possibly attributing anything and everything that they cannot explain to something call Jinn/Magic.

    Aside from the solutions given in established Sunnah i.e. to read last two surahs, Ayat al Kursi and if possible you need to recite Surah al Baqarah ( keeping your tongue moist with zikr of Allaah), and most importantly try having full tawakkul in Allaah and then resorting to people who know ( psychiatrists who are muslim/ have knowledge of islaam) because the suffering of patient who may not be possessed by the jinn.

    If Rasulullah did not give us other ways except , o enemy of Allaah get out, i am rasul of Allah by patting back of the boy who was brought forth. He mentioned, sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam, it was nothing, in one narration, when asked what was the boy afflicted from.

    Also the verse 275 of Al baqarah, major theme of which is ribaa and people getting insanity by beatings of shaitan ( as one of the dua of the prophet sal Allaahu alaihi wa sallam about it, may Allaah save us all from that state) really relates to ribaa and one of the possible meaning of ‘Yatakhabbatuhu Shaytaan Minal Mass’ is working without guidance as in insanity, which is kufr if ribaa is eaten intentionally.

    Its an established sunnah that people who are insane are not mukallaf. One should worry about his/her methods, on day of judgment, in trying or treating the person suffering, is really from a jinn or from some genuine illness that needs family attention and care and not outcasting ( that happen a lot in subcontinent, Allahul Musta’an)

    Jumping to conclusions is not easy. But having Tawakkul that everything that is happening is happening for a reason.

    i tried to speak to many shuyookh, may Allaah protect them during classes on this subject but
    could not quiet have enough time to continue on enough. subahan Allaah.

    The case could be argued for length. Audhu billahi minashaytaanirrajeem.

    Jazak Allaah khayr.

    • Bismillah,

      Yes, plenty of these taawiz ( amulets) type things are literally sold and people unintentionally cost their aqeedah, which is the most concerning part besides costing their health and pockets horribly, due to superstitions or peer pressure or Allah ‘alam and not get cured. I could count dozens of such stories of patients coming back treatment, Alhamdulillah.

      I believe no one is advocating to open their shop is big or right. its all about patient’s suffering from that illness that is possibly being diagnosed and removed, bithnillaah.

      Allaah does not hold us accountable for more than we can bear.

      O Allaah, guide us among those who you have guided, save us from torment of fire and grant us al firdous al ‘ala where we could insh Allaah see you. ameen.


      PS anyone claim to have seen/spoken to jinn? :D

      • Ahmed B. says:


        PS anyone claim to have seen/spoken to jinn? :D

        Yes. Umm Reem linked to her article on just such an experience:

        A while back, MM posted an article sharing my experiences with exorcism in Pakistan.

        • I carry high respect for my shuyookh and those pillars of Islamic sciences centuries before they wrote things about it. I don’t plan to and cannot proselytize you from your understandings. Each person can only change one person, itself.

          Bismillah awwaluhu wa akhiruhu.

          Hence i don’t feel it comfortable debating myself to take an issue in which i myself is not well versed enough. I agree one two experiences don’t count. Women are more prone to believe such stories because they are more emotional thinker generally.

          How dare I to claim my teachers wrong? No one entertains the idea. Not even myself, the prospect of me debating them is like insulting them, which is not my intention at all.
          I respect them and i politely go away from this, not sure what to do. Allahul musta’an. May be someone’s jinn friend can help :D audhubillahi minashaytanirrajeem.

          The first thing teaching of etiquette of knowledge they taught me was how to behave and respect with teachers. So what I do not have one clarification about one of the issues. They did mighty work in making me love my deen and try to understand and get closer to Allaah Ta’la.

          I appreciate and understand the reason for this article and can relate to the people sufferring of hasad/evil eye.

          I regret among the three choices given by the prophet, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, i will end up only feeling bad about the evil in my heart. Allaah knows condition of our heart.

          yes, we need to take responsibilities of our actions, about unexplained events in our life, instead of blaming it on envy/evil eye alone.

          make dua
          for yourself and your family.


  4. farah says:

    Assalamo alaikum, would anyone know of an Aalim who can get rid of black magic?


      • farah says:

        Assalamo-alaikum sister/brother i am in London UK..I am here regarding my family not myself…As i can see many people are debating the issue so i would like to add a true story…When my mother was a university graduate she used to get pain in her chest for no apparent reason..There was a sufi sahab who lived in rawalpindi whom my mothers cousin knew off had jinn…Everyone was skeptic about black magic etc…My mother told me she was scared when she knew of the jinns going to be there…The women had a separate room and the men sat outside…After Asr time they all heard large foot steps..They couldnt see anyone there but heard whispers…To cut a long story short the sufi had sent the jinns to their home in lahore all they needed to knw was my grandmothers name…They came back in minutes and threw down taweezes and nails etc… The jinn had told the sufi that their own have done black magic on the whole family…The sufi read surahs and got rid of the black magic, but he also specifically told them not to meet those people again cause they will do harm…But i guess family is family and those people kept meeting my family…And things in my familys home hasnt been the same after those peoples last visit here in London…We have belief in Allah and i pray as much as i can for my family…But i do believe evil exist and people who do harm are no strangers but part of your own family…And i believe there are roohani Aalims out there just i dont know where to go…Jazakallah Mirza baig

    • Abd- Allah says:

      Wa Alaikum assalam warahmatullah

      How do you know it is black magic? Who made that diagnosis?

      • Bismillah.

        what was the criteria for who made the diagnosis.
        I am told that there are full time people who catch and run away jinns from people in KSA. I don’t understand one thing, if Jinn is something that is not visible. Jannah has same root word that is also has similar meaning , that no eye has seen. When you can’t see it and Allaah Ta’la confirms that he and his qabiluhu can see you but you can’t in the Qur’an and only prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam in his life was brought a case with a child with the epilepsy i believe with no cure, mentioned in a book translated by Shaykh Jamaal Zarabozo on this topic, in the end of that narration prophet replied, it was nothing. period. All he, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam did was saying the disease, o enemy of Allaah get out, I am the rasul of Allaah. alhamdulillah, the boy narrated, he was cured. It was made possible to rasul Allaah. who and what gives anyone authority to go beyond what he has taught us in regards .

        Look at the understanding and method of the people at the time of sahabah. They tried all their efforts to find out diagnosis and in the end they did turn to religious solution as well. And now we find people turning hastily jumping that o its jinn/jinni and let me treat you and Allaahu ‘alam.

        wa iyyakum, farah from london. I did not get the point. you appear to mention/believe the cause that someone can harm you and diagnose you with jinns.

        may Allaah guide us among those who He has guided. ameen.


        PS i would highly appreciate if someone has researched this word enemy of Allaah in Qur’an/ Hadith and as to what was understanding of people around prophet when they used it. It will help us if we tried to understand what those people understood. wallahu ‘alam.

  5. Bismillah.

    What are symptoms of Black Magic or Jinn Possession as given in the sunnah or understood by first three generation, that are used as diagnostic criteria?

      • Bismillah.

        Not enough. my question is plain and simple and before putting that forth i did make sure i spoke with quiet of few muwakkils ( not their jinn counterparts :), who claim to have seen/spoken/treated them. I need an answer from sunnah.

        plain and simple steps to diagnose certain thing is from jinn/magic.

        one common reply i got was to read Quran to the subject and if pain increases, thats it. its jinn. I did not get this explanation from sunnah though.

        imagine if Abu Hurayrah, may Allaah be pleased with him, could not know shaytaan in its human form and it had to be rasul Allaah to tell him that, we are no where to know and most importantly Qur’an makes it very clear that they are not visible to us.

        Anyways, psychiatrists who treat such case need to have islamic background/understanding otherwise they could also cause disasters. ( one person became agnostic of hell, i remember)

        wallahu ‘alam.

        • Ibn Malik says:

          maybe this can answer your question brother

          • Audhu billah minashaytaanirrajeem. Bismillah.

            Thank you for replying Ibn Masud. Jazak Allah khayr.

            I read/heard more than those symptoms. now tell me from sunnah where it is given that these are caused by jinn/magic. Link no where speaks the symptoms for the diagnosis from Sunnah. How did one diagnose it?

            It was rasul Allah and it was shown to him. He gave us adhkar to be read with tawakkul from protection from evil spirits, from men or jinn.

            But how do you identify as human/ruqya maker/doctor if that is indeed jinn. The person may not be a jinn afflicted person in 99.9 cases and i don’t claim to have seen all 100% cases.

            What i am trying to insist is to alleviate the problem from the victim in pain, is even after doing the healing, as prescribed by rasul Allah, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, give up that its not jinn and its not something you can take care. Leave it up to those who may cure, biithnillah, them instead of keeping the patient suffering and letting him/her in pain.

            I apologize if i sounded like a preacher, i did not intend to be so.

            Have hope in Allaah alone.

            Allahumma rabban naas Adhibil Baa’s , ashfi anta shaafi, laa shifau illa shifaauk, shifaa ulla yughadiru saqama. ameen.

            Allahu ‘alam.

        • Umm Reem says:

          Br Mirza: I don’t understand you question. Based on your comments, you do believe in magic and ‘ain.

          So, do you have a problem with the way it is diagnosed? Or the way it is treated? Or with speaking to the jinn in the process of removing them? If you can be more specific, it will help!

          • Abd- Allah says:

            Or with speaking to the jinn in the process of removing them?

            You need to speak with the jinn to remove black magic??

          • Bismillah.

            Salamualaikum Umm Reem.

            Yes, i repeat my question about diagnostic criteria of jinn/magic, in jumping to conclusion by one and all, about a particular symptoms ( you have to name them and prove them from sunnah) are caused by jinn.

            How do we know its jinn/magic etc? If we did our part having tawakkul in Allaah and disease does not go, guess what seeing psychotherapist isn’t a bad option.
            I am not a psychotherapist nor am advocating any. Just make sure s/he has islamic knowledge.

            Allah’s messenger sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam warned us of them and gave certain adhkar to do so, with conviction. If we did our part and had our tawakkul in Allaah, and still if the patient’s suffering does not go away, you know what it may really not the jinn bur our “waham” and since the patient needs to be treated any way it may be the problem s/he is facing because of sleeplessness, genuine issues with in laws, about manners and etiquettes in self and others and most commonly in united states it may take form of various flavors of depression and blamed on poor jinns. I am sure they have better things to do than to trouble humans and finding us less knowledgeable and more prone to believe in jinn stories ( read women more believe in these stuff because they are from mars and think differently than men and i understand that :), i do not mean to personally offend). Not all of them are really jinn.

            I personally did not want to counter you or anyone i respect here because i immenseley benefitted from you ( encouraging Reem to donate all she had for Gaza, that brought teers to our eyes, mash Allaah) . Nevertheless, I also wanted to comment on that girl’s experience, supposedly believed to be jinn, speaking of so me sita, are common legends among pakistanis about indians (vice a versa stories are also available in dozens) and any and very child knows them basd on how they are brought up. typical symptoms she exhibits hallucination and dual personality syndrome. Jazak Allah khayr for the ruqiya but based on what i read in that article the girl’s treatment wasn’t done and she wasn’t cured with it. Did she get medical attention from someone qualified.

            I have also known of thugs who relate you certain anti depressant to the victim and make them lull to try to prove their diagnostic is right. Back home , i know its not about treating patient but about proving our business and we are right attitude.
            But this is Amrika. i thought people would be more sane and sensible. But no. Same problem. People still go to dargah. people still believe in so much that i hoped it wouldn’t be the case.

            All of us have our problems and mash Allaah, the deen of Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam

            Along with a doctor back home we tried to do several such educational camps about removing misconception in indian society including several madrasas to educate that its not really jinn and many maulvis agreed that even their elders were actually psychological patient and out of respect for them they did not / could not speak it out, when their behavior went little weird.

            All of us have psychological issues. Some of us deal with it and how we react to them, biithnillah, makes us in the eyes of society. Back home, society does not take the problem with mental illness well and people are outcasted. Here alhamdulillah at least awareness that such patient needs treatment is more and people get care , but rate of depression is more too.

            You can see some true stories yourself on the website linked with my name for this post.

            Person exhibiting restlessness, sleeping problems, bipolar behavior, problems with in laws, not having enough knowledge about deen cause them their aqeeda and witch doctors take their advantage in ways you can’t even think of, yet they believe in their healings, which is the sad part.

            Please I apologize for my not so good english. if there is something you did not understand please feel free to correct me or ask.

            I myself don’t have knowledge, ability to counter someone like Ibn Taymiyya rahimahullah on his essay on Jinn or when bilal philips hafidhahullah says yes its jinn and not psychological disorder. why? because i am not a psychiatrist nor a shaykh. But as much you are convinced because of your experience, I have my own real life experiences while counselling such patients in presence of qualified doctors by the ton. I intend insh Allaah to become tulaab ul ilm but this is something making me in two minds. I can’t disrespect my very teachers some of who i love very much for making me understand in right perspective our deen, by taking up one cause which is different in opinion than theirs. My hand shake for very thought of that. Its upto Allaah Ta’la to decide who is right and for their astounding works in other fields in other field he Ta’la would forgive them insh Allaah even if there is a mistake by them in total.

            Just because cases of psychological awareness wasn’t there for our imams and our shuyookh aren’t polymath to be psychotherapists, it does not mean they are to blame. may Allah preserve them. ameen.

            My question and concern is simple if you think certain thing is possibly jinn, which any human can’t see for sure, then after saying ‘Ukhruj (i am not sure right word but i meant get out) Aduwwallaah’ and ayat al kursi, muwaddatayn and even duas mentioned in sunnah and even al Baqarah treatment is not done, person does not feel better let him/her have psychological treatment. Don’t look down upon them. Don’t look down upon self that you could not provide help. Its only Allaah who cures. and most importantly don’t insist other ways of shifa Allaah did not keep.

            Remember the lady who had epilepsy. Messenger of Allaah could pray for her disease and her being unclothe in that phase. But she preferred to be a Saabirah for her pain, mash Allaah and she will get her reward and asked him, sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam to make dua that she does not reveal her awrah unintentionally in that phase.

            after doing all our efforts we are told to have tawakkul in Allaah. Anything happens for a reason and it has to happen the way it happened. No amount of changed their fate. La Ba’asa Tahura insh Allaah, isn’t it?

            may Allaah clean our hearts from hasad and any bughz and kina, so that we will be eligible to enter jannah insh Allaah ameen.

            jazak Allah khayr for reading this much.


            PS Salamualaikum Abd-Allaah, i realized it was a typo. i meant while putting the magic. i apologize for not making sense.

          • Umm Reem says:

            alaikum assalam br. mirza:

            I don’t know what to tell you if Ibn Taymiyyah’s essays of Jinns and Bilal Philips studies on jinns didn’t convince you and left you doubtful..

            If you want proof from Quran and Sunnah, there are number of books. One of the books that has the proofs and a LOT of experience from the author is Bali’s book and I put the link above.

            As for you saying

            I am sure they have better things to do

            they don’t…that’s what they do best!
            they try to misguide humans, they try to distract them from guidance…to cause any kid of harm either by sadness or grief etc. is what they try to do… that’s why we have adhkaars almost for every action so that shayateen can stay away from us. Obviously if it was not for their keenness of harming us and waiting for any and every opportunity, Sunnah would not have put so much emphasis on the daily adhkaar…look into the meanings of those adhkaar and you will see…

            supposedly believed to be jinn, speaking of so me sita, are common legends among pakistanis about indians (vice a versa stories are also available in dozens) and any and very child knows them basd on how they are brought up.

            No not ANY child would know some of the details she stated…if people were so knowledgeable in our country then I am sure it would have been in a very different situation right now :)

            typical symptoms she exhibits hallucination and dual personality syndrome. Jazak Allah khayr for the ruqiya but based on what i read in that article the girl’s treatment wasn’t done and she wasn’t cured with it. Did she get medical attention from someone qualified.

            it is obvious that you didn’t read the comments of that post!!

            Just because cases of psychological awareness wasn’t there for our imams and our shuyookh aren’t polymath to be psychotherapists, it does not mean they are to blame.

            i don’t know which shayookh you are talking about. The ones I know and take advice from are very well aware of psychological cases and time to time consult psychotherapists for advice etc.

            I do understand that not every case that seems like “jinn possession” is a case of one but who said that mere depression or bypolar personality are the symptoms of jinn possessions!

            Sunnah didn’t restrict symptoms of sihr and that is why a lot of symptoms are learned only through experience. Ask a raaqi and you will be amazed!

            As for you asking about the treatment, sunnah doesn’t restrict the treatment to only what was shown by the Prophet sallallahu alihi wasalam either. As he said that as long as the ruqya doesn’t contain any shirk in it…i tried to look for the hadeeth in english but couldn’t find it:
            سُئلت اللجنة الدائمة للبحوث العلمية والإفتاء بالمملكة العربية السعودية عن كتابة شيء من القرآن في لوح أو إناء وغسله وشربه رجاء شفاء أو علم أو كسب ØŒ فقالت : ( أذن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في الرقية بالقرآن والأذكار والأدعية ما لم تكن شركاً أو كلاماً لا يفهم معناه ØŒ لما روى مسلم في صحيحه عن عوف بن مالك قال : ” كنا نرقي في الجاهلية ØŒ فقلنا : يا رسول الله كيف ترى في ذلك ØŸ فقال : اعرضوا عليّ رقاكم ØŒ لا بأس بالرقى ما لم يكن فيها شرك ” .

            In any case, I do not want to indulge into this discussion too much. If you have doubts about sihr/possession then I am sure there are plenty of proofs available…wAllahu ta’ala ‘alam

          • Azra says:

            As-salaamualaikum Umm Reem! My name is Azra and I’m a South African blogger. I currently have two blogs – a public and a private one – and on my private blog I’ve published a series of in depth articles discussing the nature of Jinn and Black Magic, knowledge that is available to anyone who wishes to view it (people can request access by sending me an email). The reason I keep this blog private (aside from very personal details of my life) is because it uses specific real-life examples of people I know to illustrate what I say in theory (although names/places have been changed) and I feel a moral obligation to protect their privacy *somewhat*. I acquired this knowledge from a Scholar and expert in dealing with Jinn and from various personal experiences (I can see and talk to them). I’m glad to have come across this post and would like to ask you if I could re-produce it on my private blog? – with all credit going to you as the author and Muslim Matters as the blog-site of course.

  6. Bismillah.

    Read ayat al Kursi, Muwaddatayn or even al baqarah, if pain/suffering of the patient does not go, its not black magic or jinn. please take the patient to the doctor as soon as possible.


    • Bismillah.

      @author Depression, Mental Illness and Possession – prophetic medicine (see all three parts insh Allaah), a good to watch.

      I will come to the arguments of 2:275 and ‘enemy of Allaah’ again sometime soon insh Allaah, however my original question still is unanswered. I need to know the method(s) from sunnah to diagnose certain condition being jinn possession and their treatments.


      • africana says:

        assalamu alaikum,

        some people have said ,and Allahu Alim, that abu abdallah talib ( the raqi from iraq featured in video) is diagnosing people with menatl illness when the true cause is jinn affliction.

        he seems to be of the view that it’s previous drug use as well as hormonal imbalances are what result in these nervous conditions. howvever, i know of a couple of people who feel he is not diagnosing correctly.

        some people belive that the way in which the drugs negatively effect the individual is that they open the way to jinn affliction as the smoke is attractive to jinn and worsen the affliction.

  7. Bismillah.

    I remember shaykh waleed, hafidhahullah teaching this dua to the class during ROF ( please correct the transliteration if it needs to).

    Bismillahillazi laa yazurru ma’asmihi shayyun fil arzi wa laa fissamaaee wahuwa aliyyul azeem.

    invoke Allaah , follow sunnah and then have tawakkul in Allaah.

    jazak Allaah khayr for sharing the article.


    • umm haya says:

      Assalam aalaikum.
      Jazakallahu khairan for posting the dua.

      The transliteration of the dua and its translation as taken from hisn ul muslim is as follows:
      Bismillaahil-lathee laa yadhurru ma-as-mihi shay-un fil ardhi wa laa fis-samaa-i wa huwas-Samee ‘ul ‘Aleem.
      (In he name of Allah, Who with His Name nothing can cause harm in the earth nor in the heavens, and He is the All Hearing, the All – Knowing)

      PS note: I have made a few slight changes in the transliteration as in contrast to the original transliteration in the book.

  8. A Brother says:

    Asalamu Alaykum Umm Reem!

    Jazakum’Allah khayr to you and the others for your great work there and also helping share and educate us! It is a great deed and I pray Allah protects you and your family and us all from these types of things.

    Do you think that a large volunteer group could go out and remove these things in great amounts if not entirely from the site(s?)?

    An idea that came to mind was mobilizing some of the masjid congregations, or those in educational and/or dawah groups, collectively, and people going out in large volunteer groups and ridding their communities of this infestation, so to speak.

    Not only would it be good dawah, insha’Allah, but it would protect society and send a message to those who do magic or would employ it, that it is unacceptable, insha’Allah. It may also, insha’Allah, open up the line for education to society on a larger scale about how it is haram and how to protect oneself and not harm others with it, and in general do a lot of good for the country as a whole.

    If this is a good idea, perhaps you and/or some you know could start mobilization and networking and meet up on how to do it and stop this threat to society and work out something like this, or better insha’Allah. I could only imagine the great good you would be doing and rewards from Allah insha’Allah.

    Also, I hope hammers would help pry out the nailed ones. Also, if there is blood or other dirty things, it might definitely be best to bring some disposable latex gloves insha’Allah.

    Is there someone who can share the Arabic/link of the two thikrs recommended in the post, may have them insha’Allah?

    And though I have not read it, Dr. Bilal Philips has fairly recent book out on the Exorcist Tradition in Islam:

    Asalamu Alaykum

    • Bismillah.


      Arabic for one of the dua is present on one of these pages.

      Yes, creating awareness on such a large scale on this issue is very much needed.


      • Umm Reem says:

        A Brother: my trips to Pakistan are normally very short and mostly consumed by family :) walhamdullailh!
        Besides, I am not very well aware of the community there, neither do I know the “right” people to get in touch with…

        During my last trip, I found out about Sh. Sanaullah Madani’s center in Lahore. I visited the center but didn’t get in touch with the shaikh himself because it was closing for the Eid holidays…I had a short meeting with the raaqi, sh. sanaullah has appointed in one of his da’wah centers, but he too was leaving for eid vacation.

        It is a good idea but I think those who are living there and are aware of this problem would be the right people to take the initiative, wAllahu ta’ala ‘alam.

        • Bismillah.

          In india its already being done. website below is one example, need many more insh Allaah.

          i repeat, not all not understandable things of these nature, need to be jinn/magic. follow all the etiquettes given in the sunnah, read your dhikr and see if the patient’s suffering goes and if someone still insists that no its still jinn, then….Allahu ‘alam.

          may Allah guide us among those who are guided. ameen.


        • mimi says:

          Assalamu’alaikum Umm Reem,

          Would you be able to provide the phone number and/or address of the Sh. Sanaullah Madani’s center in Lahore? I would greatly appreciate it. Jazakallah Khair.

          • Umm Reem says:

            I left his contact no. with my mother in law in Pakistan. But I remember the address. It is in Model Town, 99 J-Block
            and he has another location in Garden Town too. If you go to the one in Model Town, they will give you his contact info. inshaAllah.

          • mimi says:

            Assalamu’alaikum Umm Reem,

            Some family members visited Sh. Sanaullah Madani’s Center in Model Town, Lahore (for ruqya purposes) but were unable to meet with him directly- they met an assistant of the Sh. named Abdussalam. Do you know if there’s a way to meet with Sh. Sanaullah directly?


            Mimi: he gives classes at the Garden Town location. You can go to the Model Town location, get the address of the Garden Town location and visit him there. I went to both locations but don’t remember the address of the Garden Town location. Let me know of u need any further help. –Umm Reem

  9. iMuslim says:

    This is so Blair Witch Project… but actually scary, unlike the film.

    I am so saddened that people would go to such lengths to afflict pain and misery on others. May Allah protect us from it, ameen.

    • Ameera Khan says:

      True! Some of the acts committed to effect black magic are so filthy that any person with a living heart would obviously know it’s not “legal”, any way you look at it. Still, there are men and women who let their desires consume them until all Haram seems Halal.

  10. TheSussist says:

    Salaam alaykum


    It may be worthwhile seeking some advice from learned scholars on this issue before tampering with the knots.

    BarakAllahu feekuma

  11. Umm Reem says:

    One more point that I want to add here is that hasad is not a disease of ignorant people only. Many times even knowledgeable people fall in this trap and take extreme steps. Jealousy can blind a person. Shayateen are there to harm us and misguide us in whatever possible way they can.

    I had a small discussion with Bilal Philip’s wife and she mentioned this point. She talked about how, for example, some “practicing” sisters become enraged and jealous when the husbands take another wife and in their anger and jealousy they retreat to magic to cause harm as a “one time” thing, thinking they would repent from it afterwards…a’oodhobillah.

    Not only should we seek protection from haasid, but also from the disease of hasad.

  12. Ameera Khan says:

    You would be surprised how prevalent this is, in all segments of Pakistani society. Ignorance of the Deen and mutual rivalry in wealth and status are sufficient “breeding grounds” for dark magic practitioners to thrive in.

    • Labbayk says:


      The amount of Prevalent ignorance and added to that the society leadership not allowing/encouraging people to learn their deen, cause so much superstitions. If its correct, one of the criteria for those super 70,000 people going to jannah without any hisaab is that they do not believe in superstitions..Allahu ‘alam.

      Plenty said and done, but if our trusted ones are telling us their stories then there is lesser chance of unlearning those and learn the correct aqeedah of having tawakkal in Allaah.

      Agreed. we are human and we forget things. we will even forget to do adhkar and imagine someone’s blackeye/hasad/magic/jinn attacks us that time. its will of Allaah. it was to happen that way and it did. No amount of time and effort could have avoided it. But as result, our actions count and they need to be measured. Do it the sunnah way. Ask the person who knows.

      I was going through shaykh Jamal Zarabozo’s CD set Hasad, and i believe one of the cure from haasid, who unknowingly envy his brother/sister is to wish them well and for increase in their good niyamah, for which is hasad done. am i right with this understanding?

      Allahu ‘alam.

  13. Suhaib says:

    Assalamualaikum all,

    Jzk for an interesting piece.

    “An evil eye can be given by anyone. When a person likes something and looks at it, either with jealousy or with sincere appreciation, but does not invoke Allah’s blessings over it, the shayateen/jinn voluntarily fly over to harm the one being appreciated.”

    This quote in the article doesn’t seem to be what i have learnt about these matters (and i will be the first to admit that’s not a great deal :-) ).

    I have always been taught that Evil Eye was a person’s jealousy directly harming another individual. I’ve never heard anyone mention its relation to Jinn.

    Allahu ‘Alim

  14. Abd- Allah says:

    JazakumAllah khayr for sharing your experiences in this article.

    A few things to note:

    The following hadith is weak. See “Silsila ad -daifa” (1902).

    “Jealousy eats away at good deeds, just as fire eats away at firewood.”

    So please take it out from the article or mention that it is weak so that it is not attributed to the Prophet peace be upon him.

    On another note, why do they have to be opened and read before being destroyed? Is it just because you are curious as to what they had written in them? Or is this part of the removal “process” ?

    since each one preferably needed to be read over before destruction.

    The last thing I want to add is that the Prophet peace be upon him said “Seek help in having (your) needs met by being discreet, for everyone who is blessed with something is envied.”

    So I encourage everyone to take this advice and not go around telling everyone about the blessings that Allah has given us.

    Allah knows best.

    • Abu Abdullah says:

      Jazak Allah Khayr Abdullah,

      I would like to know source and possible interpretation of the hadith you quoted

      Seek help in having (your) needs met by being discreet, for everyone who is blessed with something is envied

      What kind of help is it referring , possibly apart from Dua?

      i am never fan of jinn stories. i never found them funny. it affects and fear women more …

      • Abd- Allah says:

        BaarakAllah feek akhi Abu Abdullah. Sorry I forgot to include the reference. This hadith is found in Shaykh Al-Albani’s “Silsila as-sahiha” (1453). The “help” that is referred to is “by being discrete”, meaning if a person is discrete when trying to accomplish or fulfill his needs, then this discreteness will serve as help to him in fulfilling those needs.

        I hope what I said made sense and I didn’t confuse you instead, but it basically means that being discrete will help you fulfill your needs. And Allah knows best.

        • Bismillah.

          Salamualaikum Abdullah. wa feekum. ameen.

          Allahi zikri khayr. ( i never knew what this meant but heard a lot of arab brethern saying this to me), i replied, hayyak Allaah. :)

          Actually you did. :D

          Can you elaborate if that hadith has a commentary on what is being discrete it means. Are you referring to strangers, as mentioned in hadith of Ghuraba? I would like to understand this hadith in its context and meaning.


          • Abd- Allah says:

            Wa alaikum assalam warahmatullah akhi Mirza.

            Allahi zikri khayr. ( i never knew what this meant but heard a lot of arab brethern saying this to me), i replied, hayyak Allaah.

            lol. You can’t go wrong with replying “hayyak Allaah”. I think they are saying “Allahi yijzik khayr.” which means “may Allah reward you with good”.

            As for what you have requested akhi, I don’t think I am qualified enough to elaborate in commenting on the context and meaning of this hadith, as I wouldn’t want to say anything wrong that might mislead some one. So perhaps asking one of your local Imams whom you trust might be better and he might be able to explain it to you in details.

            Allah knows best.

  15. Abd- Allah says:

    Another thing is that these pieces of sihr might not all be real. Some might be by real magicians, but I do think that some are just done by magician wannabees who don’t really know how to perform magic but try to anyways. Some think it is as simple as writing these spells and wrapping them up, but it is not that simple. Real magic involves communicating with the jinn and interacting with them. I think in reality that the actual number of real magicians who perform real magic is relatively small compared to the number of fake magicians (con artists) out there who might be just taking people’s money and pretend to be doing magic.

    Allah knows best.

    • Bismillah.

      Bull’s eye. And I am trying to uncover those so called people who tells us stories to believe these things more. These witch doctors and faith healers need to know themselves, who can’t treat or want to harm others. Or even Want to have others’ Ni’amah to them ( how cruel?) but such mentalities exists. may Allah preserve us from them. ameen.

      :D In urdu as they say, Neem Hakim Khatray Jaan…Its true and how much more pain they inflict.

      faman kanat hijaratuhu ila Allahi wa rasulihi , fa hijaratuhu ila Allahi wa rasulihi…

      Allahu ‘alam.

  16. Habeeb says:

    Assalam Aleikum sister Umm Reem,

    out of curiousity, where in Pakistan was this?

    Is this widespread throughout all muslim cemeteries?

    Jazak Allahukhairun


    • Umm Reem says:

      I didn’t visit all muslim cemeteries yet :)
      I don’t know…just the ones I saw or paid attention to, in Lahore, had them. I don’t know about other places.

  17. Hassan says:

    All rights reserved to !!! Jinns did not come in Amad bhai’s dreams, but lets see if they know how to hack a website

  18. alhamdulillah says:

    wow that was awesome…jazaki Allah khaire sister..this is much needed with all the fitnah happening in the world

  19. Bismillah
    Your trip to the graveyard and your work on this article reeks of sincerity and well-wishing for your sisters and brothers in Islam. I ask Allah to reward you both for the trip, video recording and this post.
    Indeed, I have personally witnessed the effects of hasad and envy in my life, especially since I got married. Naively, before marriage, I used to wonder why Islam says so much about envy, and tells us to protect ourselves from the hasad of others. After growing up (literally and figuratively) and personally going through some things that were only allayed by ruqyah and dhikr/tawakkul upon Allah, and also discovering the means and low depths to which people sink in their endeavors to destroy the blessings that they see others having (which, especially, they never had) – I have had my beliefs in the Islamic injunctions regarding hasad, nadhar and sihr staunchly reinforced in my heart. Walhamdulillah!
    Jazakum Allahu khairan for writing about this. Your advice regarding Facebook status updates is also SO relevant. Sadly, I learned the “hard way” about that too. Only then did I have the wisdom to edit the privacy settings for my status updates and photo albums. :)
    Everyone, especially sisters, please note: when you post pictures of your children, taken inside your homes, or of your trips to lavish vacation locales, you never know who might be viewing your pictures in the long run (when someone on your friends list comments on your picture, he or she provides a link to ALL the people on his or her friends list to view YOUR WHOLE album – unless you edit your photo album privacy settings). Please, please do not open up your life and your blessings to random strangers. Protect yourself from calamities by being careful, and remember that prevention is better than cure. You can literally pick and choose which friend on your friends’ list gets to see your pictures.
    As Umm Reem has so wisely warned, even people in your immediate family can be envious of you to a very dangerous level (this is what I emphasized in my Surah Yusuf post – part 1) even your sibling, best friend or cousin who otherwise really likes you, could suddenly feel envy that could harm you. Envy is part of human nature and it caused Qabil to kill his own brother Habil [Quran – 5:30].
    Allah knows best.

  20. me says:

    jyzakiyAllaho kheyryn for this article! I want to read the athkaar a lot more vigilantly enshaAllah

  21. YASIR AZIM says:

    <strong>Jazakallahkhair for this Awareness:

    There was a News Buliten Yesterday On GEOTV reagarding one Peer(saint) who had an art of taking the JIN out from People and one person took his wife for that same reason, The saint sent her husband to buy some stuff while on his absent he tryed to abouuse his wife sexualy, upon sacreeming and noise peple gatherd and called the Police.

  22. IlmQuester says:

    I think someone has worked magic on me where it’s getting tougher to maintain a decent college GPA!

    Solution: Continuous Dua’s and Adhkaar…plus study more instead of (halal) partying insh’Allah!

  23. kishwar says:

    assalam o alaikum sis,
    alhumdulillah that ALlah gave u the strength to do such a thing which is surely quite frightening and may ALlah give u and ur husband a great reward for this and may ALlah give ppl hidayah so they dont go for such means to destroy someone’s happiness.

    thankyou for sharing this with us and it is scary……..


    Assalam o alaikum

  24. Umm Ibraheem says:

    mashaAllah excellent article. On the subject of hasad and evil eye, I want to stress the importance of reconciling between taking responsibility for your actions and evil eye.

    For example, I see many sisters blaming their marriage problems on ayn, whilst many times there is a genuine shortcoming which is causing problems, i.e bad manners towards husband etcc….

    Also, when one is not achieving success in studies and job, then many blame ayn for it rather than the fact they are simply not working hard enough.

    So my point is we MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS, rather than use evil eye as an excuse for all the problems in our lives.

    Please correct me if I have said anything incorrect.

    • Umm Reem says:

      Umm Ibraheem: true that some people, especially sisters like to blame magic/’ain for any misfortune instead of taking responsibility and evaluating the situation…

      And i mentioned that in my article that we have to take a balanced approach, inshaAllah.

    • Samina says:

      I completely agree..I have myself met some paranoid sisters who look at many with suspicion. May Allah protect us from this too!

  25. noon says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    This was an interesting and informative article, and a good reminder. Masha’Allah!

    This topic is real. However, I would like the stress the author’s point not to become paranoid.

    Some muslims I’ve encountered seem negatively concerned about issue. They are very suspicious of others’ motives. If you say anything nice to them, even backing it up with “mashaAllah” or invoking blessings, you will see them look at you with suspicion. It cuts friendship, and sisters might even start backbiting about who they suspect are jealous of them!

    If their child gets ill, they look to who has put the eye on them. It can’t be just a normal flu, it has to be the evil eye. Some will constantly berate their husband and marriage in an attempt to deflect envy. My friend’s mother visited from another country, and if anything befell her – she tripped, she broke something, anything less than perfection in her day – she would start saying (very angrily) that someone back home was jealous of her. She began not want to leave her room! it was so sad.

    Awareness of this issue, and protection from it in the way of making adhkar and so forth, should not lead us to paranoid focus on others — suspicion, paralyzing fear, cutting off friendships and possibly families ties, backbiting, or attributing the cause of anything negative to envious people.

    The best advice I heard from a CD set on envy by Br. Jamaal Zarabozo was to put the primary focus on yourself and purifying your own heart, eliminating envy from yourself.

  26. Abu Yunus says:

    An excellent article indeed.

  27. akhi says:

    jazakillah khair

    Where can i find the arabic versions of the adhkar you mentioned:

    ■A’oodhu bi kalimaat-illaah il-taammati min sharri ma khalaqa (I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from the evil of that which He has created).
    ■A’oodhu bi kalimaat-illaah il-taammati min ghadabihi wa ‘iqaabihi, wa min sharri ‘ibaadihi wa min hamazaat al-shayaateeni wa an yahduroon (I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from His wrath and punishment, from the evil of His slaves and from the evil promptings of the devils and from their presence).

    is it in hisnul muslim? its just that i prefer reading them from arabic text to prevent any mistakes in pronounciation inshAllah

    • Abd- Allah says:

      Here they are in Arabic:

      لو أن أحدكم إذا نزل منزلا قال
      : أعوذ بكلمات الله التامة من شر ما خلق ،
      لم يضره في ذلك المنزل شيء حتى يرتحل منه

      إذا فزع أحدكم في النوم فليقل :
      أعوذ بكلمات الله التامة من غضبه و عقابه ، و شر عباده ، و من همزات الشياطين ، و أن يحضرون ،
      فإنها لن تضره

  28. Abd- Allah says:

    As for you asking about the treatment, sunnah doesn’t restrict the treatment to only what was shown by the Prophet sallallahu alihi wasalam either.

    I disagree with this point. The treatment should be restricted to what is found in the authentic sunnah only, because if it is not from the sunnah, then how do we know that it is going to be effective? This is when people start coming up with weird “treatments” and make up random numbers to repeat certain words, and it just opens a whole new door for people to “freestyle”. The Prophet sallallahu alihi wasalam said اعرضوا عليّ رقاكم meaning show me the treatments which you use so that he can point which ones are permissible and which ones are not, so any technique or treatment which wasn’t performed by the Prophet or at least one of his companions then I don’t see the point in using it, because in reality how do we even know that it is going to be effective.

  29. Faraz Omar says:

    Excellent, baarak Allahu feekum.

  30. Cucumber says:

    JazakAllah Khair for writing this. AlhumdulillahX100 sihr is not as prevalent in the west as it is in Pakistan and abroad.

  31. Aisha says:


    I apologize for not being well versed in this matter, but Sr. Umm Reem, could you please clarify what Adhkaar means and what the duas/verses of Adhkaar are that we are supposed to read.

    I am very interested.

    jazakallah khair!

  32. Umm Ismael says:

    Asslam u alaikum wr wb
    Jazakillah Khair for the article. I second the “balanced approach” attitude. Not every misfortune in our lives is due to magic/evil eye. Another balanced approach is that if we have done what the Sunnah prescribes and yet the signs are persisting then it is better not to let it occupy you mentally all the time. This is another problem that many people face. Even if the appearance of certain symptoms does tell us that it is magic yet to devote ones time and life to trying to rid of it is not always the best option. The best option is to try to do as much as the Sunnah prescribes and then leave it to ALLAH. The Quran tells us that “The magician cannot prosper no matter where he comes from” . Maybe it is a test that is meant to last longer like a disease that lasts longer for some than others. One should be consistent with the treatment through “adhkaar” and “protection as described by the Sunnah of the Prophet saw” and focus on our purpose in life. The real purpose of the shayateen involved in magic is not merely to cause harm but to mislead us from whatever good we are doing into something that might turn into an obsession. Remain committed to acts of goodness! “There is no disease but that ALLAH has sent down the cure for it” (gist of hadith). So there is a cure and the cure needs to be found in valid things not every person who crosses our path claiming that they have the cure. Be wary and remember “No calamity befalls except by the idhn of ALLAH” so dua with the medicine is what is the primary resource.
    These are just my opinions and ALLAH Knows Best.
    Asslam u alaikum wr wb

  33. A sister says:

    Jazakillahu Khaira Umm Reem for sharing this information.

    A suggestion, it seems that many are asking for the two du’a that were posted .. it may be benficial to make an audio of them (as has been done for the du’a series) so that those who do not know may learn them by hearing it, Insha’Allah.

  34. […] Muslim matters did a wonderful article on this and I feel a little stupid and ignorant even attempting to write on this; nonetheless, here I go… […]

  35. abu nafeesa says:

    as salam aleykum

    jazakum allah khair, the sister and the brother who had the good intention of breaking some of those magic spells. Although im not familiar with the field, i looked up a couple other videos on breaking spells and wished to share it. The link is here:

    If you dont understand arabic, the speakers are part of a division within the saudi religious enforcement unit. he said that a person should recite surat alfalaq and al-nas and blow on the item to break the spell, also he said that the person doing it should not be scared and have faith in allah that nothing will hurt him unless allah willed. Also he mentioned that burning the item could actually make the magic spell even more dangerous and put it into motion if it wasnt. So you have to wash the writing on the paper or the blood in water in which you recited the 2 surahs and blow into the water. also if there were knots, you have to open them up with your hands first, and if not possible then with a blade.

  36. Mr M says:

    The competition level is high in Pakistan and Bangladesh because jobs and many other commodities are scars between huge populations. This generally comes out of the environment and nothing else. It is the government’s job to divert such energies to better developments than people obsession with things like “Hasad”.

  37. Mariam says:

    Assalamu aleikum Sister

    You can find the lecture about hasad on this website

    Hope it helps inshallah


  38. S says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    Praying selected surahs and ayas from the Qur’an is suppoed to be a good form of helping to ward off evils such as Sihr if Allah wills. These are usually found in a booklet called “manzil” to be read daily. Duas for ruqyah and reliance in Allah alone aswell as dua directly from the heart are the best form of help, even if things do not improve we know that Allah has heard us and will do what is best for us in the long run.

    Umm Reem please may I have an email address to write to you in private?

  39. Samina says:

    My husband and I are really wondering why sihr/black magic etc are not prevelant in the west..If it does occur, it is very rare and occasional. Is it beacause geographically USA is totally cut off from the rest of the world that what Harut and Marut taught could not easily reach there and be learnt? Is it because of good financial situation here that there isn’t much of all this.Is it just better education and understanding that this is a terrible thing to do?..Is it just that people are so busy and engrossed in their lives here that any abnormal or weird stuff does not interest them?. This is something to ponder about. Good can be learnt anywhere and from anyone. We all must make an effort to shun such pratices and seek Allah’s protection at all times.

    • Sayf says:

      That’s actually not true. Even the native americans had different aspects of sihr engrossed in their society. That’s the thing about black magic, it’s very universal and exists in every society and they use pretty much the same techniques, just different names. There are tons of psychics/charm dealers/witches (or wiccans) etc all over the place in any city.

      I would argue however that we may have the most dangerous type of magic around:

      • Abd- Allah says:

        wondering why sihr/black magic etc are not prevelant in the west.

        Perhaps it does exist here but when it happens most people tend to attribute it to other reasons or find some other type of explanation for it like bad luck, medical conditions, etc.

        Also the reason why it is “prevalent” in Muslim countries is because most people tend to blame anything that happens to such “supernatural” causes like black magic because they do believe in them, where as most people in the west don’t believe in Jinn or black magic, so to them when anything happens they try to find an explanation which is logical to them.

  40. Malik says:

    Brothers & Sisters.

    Right now someone has done black magic using JIN. It touches me at night and during day…on legs, arms, all over body. When I sleep it wakes me up. I see scary faces. etc. My siblings and parents do strange things towards me. I have lots of burden on body. I feel birds, crows talking to me. people pointing on me, abusing me. People talking at night when no one is there. Bed moving on first floor of house.

    It happened in 2007 and 2008 too. They sent JIN. I searched different books and recited Surah Baqra, Al-Araf, Manzil, etc daily many many times….then a smoke kind of thing started roaming in my room (like a spirit). It touched me…I was shaken a lot on bed then it opened door and went away. I got relaxed. It took about 10 days. But it was very very scary.

    Now, it has happened again. It is a different kind. The magic hides itself and shows when I don’t want it. At night, it doesn’t let me sleep either.

    I have checked it happened with me in months of Muharram, Saffar and Rabiulawal precisely. (all three times)

    My father also got sick during last two weeks.

    Can you help me?

    I am in Rawalpindi.


    • mimi says:

      Assalamu’alaikum Malik,

      Please see Salfi Sahab in Rawalpindi. I went there a few years ago and he treats according to the Qu’ran and Sunnah:

      Salfi House
      Kashmiri Bazaar, Mahalla Nanak pourah
      Nazd-o-Jami’ Masjid Darussalam Ahlaihadeeth

      Phone: 051-5537998, 0333-5115646

      When I last visited, the timings for men and women were:
      Men: 8 am to 10 am
      Women: 10 am to 2:30 pm
      Salfi house is closed on Friday

      • Malik says:


        I went there about 10 times in last one month. and he gave Ayats and Rukya.

        In 2007, they did worst kind of magic on me. I had no idea magic could do such harm. Crows, Vultures, extreme fights, divorce, people changing faces, (doing ishara as pointing towards me) etc. I went to Lahore on foot. slept in rice fields all alone. Then came back after 2 weeks. No body told me the way.

        Then again in 2008, they sent Jin and I searched different books and recited Surah Baqra, Al-Araf, Manzil, etc daily many many times….then a smoke kind of thing started roaming in my room and touched me…I was shaken a lot on bed then it opened door and went away. I got relaxed. It took about 10 days.

        Now, in 2010, it has happened again. It is a different kind. The magic hides itself and shows when I don’t want it. At night, it doesn’t let me sleep. keeps me awake. then it makes my private parts, it touches me on legs, arms, eyes, etc. When I sleep, I am waken in 20 minutes with jerks. When I recite alot, on our first floor of house, sound of bed moving come. some people taking at night. when I wake there is no one, etc.

        I have checked it happened with me in months of Muharram, Saffar and Rabiulawal precisely. (all three times)

        My father also got sick during last two weeks and is on bed. My brother has accident two days ago..

        Sometimes I think I should contact some AAMIL. Do you know any qualified Aamil in Rawalpindi. Who is well versed with Black Magic done through JINNS.

        • mimi says:

          Assalamu’alaikum Malik,

          Something I’ve learned from experience is that symptoms may get worse once you start reciting Ayaat from the Qur’an and duas more intensely. Try your utmost best to be consistent in reciting (outloud) whatever you have been given to recite by Salfi Sahab and do not give-up.

          Be patient and persistant. Treatment with the Qur’an will bring shifa Insha’Allah.
          Remember that nothing can happen to us without the permission of Allah so turn to Him always.

          • Umm Reem says:

            It is true that when treating sihr with the proper ruqya, symptoms get worse and intense to the point that a person is strongly tempted to leave the ruqya, however, keep in mind that it is just a trick of shaytaan…those jinns are obviously bothered with it and they try whatever they can to stop the person from reading/applying the proper ruqya…

            Be patient but be persistent…remember persistence is the key with full imaan in shifaa from Allah azzawajal.

    • Abu Abdullah says:

      Patiently follow this video series,

      Ask refuge with Allaah alone.


  41. kashan says:

    hello i am known by kashan, i think i can feel some amulet upon me, any body can help me , how can i get out of them and their effect. i was very bold , nowadays i am psyco, for last many years i am getting down and down…

  42. khan says:

    actually the jin or black spirite point out your weaknesses… then it put you in river of thinking…, make you discourage from your self.. and then you start concentrating on your self… then you are

  43. a says:

    Jazakumullahu khairun so much for this article! I had no idea that anyone could give off evil eye by simply not praising Allah after mentioning or seeing something they like. I will def. keep that in mind.

  44. Abdul says:

    Is there any one excrosit in Pakistan who can do treatemnt of a possed, due with Quran and Sunah teachings. Please help and their address please if any???


  45. Babar says:

    AOA Ume Reem, I need a piece of advise regarding Jinnat. If we can correspond on email?

    -You can post your comment here anonymously. -Editor

  46. Abu Suhaib says:


    First of all, jzk May Allah reward all of you greatly. I had a question our family has been going through some tough things, we take them as a test from Allah but then we saw these odd dreams. My brother asked a shaikh and he gave him some words to recite before sleeping. Something about Oh Allah teach me, in Arabic. Anyways, in his dream he sees this one lady close to our house going with her son to this forest near our house. She tells her son to put something on the trees and then they leave. He didn’t see anything else. One of the lady’s relatives is my mom’s friend and she told my mom that family is known to have done stuff on people.

    The thing that we always question is why would she do that to our family though. We never found anything in the forest but at our house we saw strings with knots in the doorway and other places in the house. The weirdest thing is that it looks like the knots were put into the bricks of the house? My dad pulled out as much of it as he could. I then recited quran and burned them. This was a while back but I still feel there’s something. My mom usually gets pain in her legs and doctors have no idea what’s going on.

    AH, we’re practicing Muslims my mom always reads Quran and prays 5 times but she is always bothered by this pain.

    Need some advice.

    • Umm Reem says:

      May Allah help you and your family and relive your and your family form this painful distress…

      Although, dreams are crucial in cases of shir, but we cannot totally rely on them either because we must keep in mind that, at times, shayateen deceive us through the dreams…so the focus should be on how to get rid of the sihr, and not on who did the sihr, w’Allah ‘alam…

      can you try to dig more into those bricks and see if you can pull out all the threads thoroughly, even if you have to get a part rebuild…if it is feasible?

      meanwhile, try to read the ruqya over some olive oil and let your mother use it on her body parts that trouble her…at the same time you can read ruqya over water an sprinkle around the house especially in the area where you found the threads with the knots.

  47. Abdullad says:

    Just one question from my side.
    Is there any person here who has succeeded in getting rid of black magic completely because i have heard that there is no complete cure for black magicPlease reply.

  48. Aleya says:

    Assalamu Alaikum
    I have been helping something that is going through treatment for Black Magic, but I would like to know if you know of any muslim exorcist (Raqi) that is in the USA. I’ve searched but found none. Insha’Allah please write back. Jazakallahu Kairan
    May Allah (SWT) bless and reward you. Ameen.

    • Jiji says:

      Have you found anybody yet in the US? My life has been completely messed up by magic. I’m educated enough to know the difference between psychological stress and true magic, so that’s not the issue. I’m quite desperate so if you know anyone in the US, please inform me.

      • abu Abdullah says:

        I would like to know, as per your understanding, the difference between psychological stress and true magic. Please elaborate.

        Ask Allaah alone. may Allaah make things easy for you. ameen.

  49. AT says:

    Jazakallahkhair for this article. A few weeks ago I realized that someone had done magic on me and I wouldn’t have known what to look for had it not been for this.

    It’s interesting that even after knowing I had magic on me, it took several weeks for my father and husband to get me some help. Both refused to believe that such a thing could happen. As long as I read the last three surahs, according to them, I should have been safe.

    So what did they blame my strange behavior on? Biopolar disorder. They dumped me in a mental hospital and I remained there for 38 days. Retard psychiatrists. No amount of science is going to cure a magic problem. And now I have a label stuck on my forehead for the rest of my life.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

  50. sister in islam says:

    Salam walaikum brothers and sisters, Just an answer to one of the questions.. rasool (swa) “there is a cure to everything except death”.. always have hope in allahs mercy! from this hadith alone, we can see how there is definitly cure to black magic.. have sabr and seek help from the creator. Allah is the only one who can grant us cure.

    May allah protect us all and do justice to those who are unjust. ameen.

  51. […] strands of hair, pieces of paper or cloth perforated with needles, and what looks like pieces of tire rubber nailed to trees. These contraptions and trinkets are supposed to enable the practitioner to cast spells that harm a […]

  52. Abu Suhaib says:

    I’m visiting my parents for the summer and my bro just recently found a thick nail, nailed into the bricks in the front of the house. I tried to remove it and the head of the nail broke off and the nail is stuck in the cement..

    Any ideas?

  53. Abu Suhaib says:

    I found another huge nail in a tree behind our house. My dad said this has been in the tree for almost 6-8 yrs. Almost since we moved into the new house after it was built.

    • Rifai says:

      BTW , If u still feel the presence of anything in the house, recite the whole of Surah Saffat during the day a few times where you and your family sleep.

      A word of warning – this is very painful for the Jinn so dont be surprised or scared if you hear things initially. Once you keep at it , the resistance will inshAllah subside within a few days at most.

      Shaykh Waleed Basyouni recites the first few verses of Surah Saffat for Ruqya as gleaned from his stories.

  54. africana says:

    asalamu alaikum,

    magic can be done in this way, however there could be a perfectly straight forward explanation.

    in additon to reading the last 3 verses and ayat ul kursi after fajr and maghrib you should also read “la illaha illa la wahda hu la shaikalahu lahul mulk wa lahulhamd wa huwa wa wa alla kulla shay in kadir” 100 times daily.

    in cases of jinn possession the patient should read the above kalima up to 300 times daily to create discomfort for the possessing jinns.

    also recite suarh baqrah in your home at least every three days as there is a hadith that states that the jinn cannot enter a home for three days after the reading of suah baqarah. it should also burn any jinn prersent in the home. if you can’t read arabic, you could play it in the home.

    don’t forget your duas on enterig and leaving the home and when entering the bathroom.

  55. Ibn Al-rawandi says:

    When I was about 6 living in an African country that was 99% Muslim, I succumbed to an illness that caused me stomach aches. There was this Witch doctor in our neighborhood that claimed the ability to summon powers beyond this world and “magically” cure all sorts of ailments and personal problems. Now, my parents were very pragmatic folks since they normally took to a professional doctor but on that particular occassion they succumbed to their superstitious and primitive part. The Witch claimed that I was “possessed” by some unseen force and that if she made three light cuts (about 1/2 cm long and 1/3 cm apart) on the upper part of my stomach, the cause of my illness will be “expelled” out from my body and I’ll be healed of my ailment. Needless to say, it didn’t work, the stomach aches continued unabated and I was ultimately cured of that illness many years later by a professional doctor. I still have those cut marks.

    The moral of the story? If you’re not feeling well go see a licensed doctor. Doctors and modern medicine may not have the cure for every illness but they’re the only credible game in town and the only candidate to one day find cures for hitherto incurable illnesses.

    Quacks and charlatans like witch doctors, exorcists or whatnot exploit desperate people by relying on superstition and magical thinking. Spirits/Shaytaan don’t exist as physical realities that can actually affect your health. There is not a single shred of evidence to support the existence of any ET or Paranormal entity.

  56. africana says:

    assalamu alikum,

    many perfectly sane people have claimed to have seen “ghosts” (which we as muslims know are in fact jinn) and /or experienced some form of paranormal activity. similaraly, many upstanding religious scholars who specialise in the field of exorcism attest to the way in which certain surahs of the quran, when recited in the presence of someone performing some type of magic relying on the help of the jinn (such as making stones fight with one another) have rendered the magician unable to continue their magic and deception.

    yes, telling someone that their problem, be it mental or physical, is jinn based can create unnecessary anxieties and that is legitimate raqis will suggest that a person first seeks conventional medical treatment.

    with perseverence and increased religious practise and rememberanceof Allah, those afflicted by jinn have been healed.

  57. Hassan says:

    Asalamu Alaikum,

    Brothers and Sisters, i am in need of some very serious help, my brother had been infected by sihr/jadoo again. We spent so much time and money finally found a lady in pakistan who used means i have never even heard of and remove the sihr and jadoo but one year has gone by and he having those attacks again. Does anyone know of any real person who can help remove sihr/jadoo in the united states or pakistan! Please email me i really need some serious help.

    -edited. Pls email privatequestions@muslimmatters dot org

  58. africana says:

    assalamu alaikum,

    you may be able to find someone to help through this forum.

  59. shums says:

    I am female. Is it ok to destroy a prayer (printed in some circle form) if it looks suspicious? I found it inside a wallet.

    • Rifai says:

      Anyone please correct me if mistaken, but for truly suspicious items I believe burning is the way to destroy it properly.U probably want to make sure the ashes are properly disposed of in some place other than the garbage or bathroom.

  60. sasha says:

    UmmReem, I hope this response finds you in good health, in well mental capacity for you and yours that are close to you. I appreciate the article you have shared with us. You are obviously well educated but also have been blessed with wisdom. I can’t explain how this article fell across my screen, I was in search of something completely different within the realm of our religion and Allah brought me to read this. I was searching and found this article instead. For many years my family has suffered from both evil eye and magic. When I say family, I mean starting from my grandmother, her 7 seven children and their children and the children of them. We still remain to suffer and haven’t found anyone to help us in anyway except through our prayers to Allah. There has been so much heartache in this family that we have come to the point where we don’t even want to be around each other. We were once untouchable, we loved each other so much and with the downfall of the family we individually have fallen as well. Losing ourselves in faith, in relationships of family, and feeling of a place in this world. We have comfort in outside friendships rather than wanting to be with one another. There is well over 50 of us and the last time we all got together was when my grandmother passed last year. Some examples of the suffering we have seen in 40 year span, my uncle married 3 different women in a 5 yr span, my second uncle become a heroin addict, my third uncle left home, thats it for the 3 sons. They completely abandoned my grandmother and left her to fend for herself. My aunt suffered with migraine headaches for 20 years ( which we believe were inflicted by her motherin law which this same woman burned in real life w 3rd degree burns and eventually died after my mother cursed out loud when my grandmother had a heart attack, “whosoever did this to my mom I hope I see them burn in this life and in the next….yup not even 24 hrs later my aunts motherinlaw doused herself w boiling milk.) My other aunt has two sons that never I mean never when I say never I mean never leave their house. They are over 40 yrs of age and have no girlfriends, no wives, no lives….does this sound normal. Wait, I have more, my mother decides to divorce my father after 35 yrs of marriage, my mom remembers one of her friends coming over our house and as she passed over the doorway blood leaked down her leg and she said oops, I got my period. Three years later, my mom left my dad. In addition to this my brother has abandoned my mother as well. He hasn’t called or visited in 9 years, he didn’t even show up at my granmother’s funeral. I have another aunt who has one son who is as well almost 40 and has zero desire to get married or have a family. Are we seeing a really bad pattern here all in one family? Can this even be possible? I mean not to mention that we have had leukemia and breast cancer within one blood line. If you know anyone that can help I would really love to meet him or her. I can’t watch my family deteriorate any longer. The last of the mohicans here is my cousin, my first cousin has an autistic son. This has wripped into the hearts of all of us. We need healers, people that can undo magic, and someone that can pray to remove this dark black evil cloud that has been cast on us. Please help me. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing it.

  61. AnwarBasha says:

    assalamualikum warahmatlh………….
    i am also a aamil. by a imam. but i have a shihir. i am the amil of muwakkil. icant do anything with my power. because when i try 2 do my amal from there is no response. i well know that i have a siher. what can i do? my kalifa has already cleared my problem. but it will come again and again. they told i cleared your problem at 5 times. what can i do? please tell me.

  62. nabil says:

    assalamu alaikum

    i have a black magic problem . the black magician is donig black magic over and over again day and night . i cutted and he did again this cat and mouse game is continous going . this person is continous doing black magic to me what can i do

    i read manay article about black magic . but one article i found in his blog black magic spell reversal with the help of quran

    there is no permenent remedy of black magic when magician is doing black magic again and again

    do you have or any other person who can block black magic

    plz need advice

    • Rifai says:


      Recite Surah Baqarah at least one time every 3 days. You can divide it up so that it is easily recited in portions of 1/3rd per day.
      Also , recite Surah Saffat once or more per day.

      Africana s advice is good, depending on the severity of the magic though, you may have to do more.

      The problem you talk about is very annoying…send curses on the one doing this , an invocation by the oppressed person will be accepted iA , just have to be patient.

  63. africana says:

    salam alaikum,

    you have evidence that this is going on? otherwise you could be giving yourself unneceesary stress. the last 3 verses of quran, if read regularly and at the appropriate times (like 3 times after maghrib and fajr) will protect you frommfuture harm, inshAllah.

  64. arif shaikh says:

    salam alaikum,
    i have a black magic problem,my bisness no open pleased help you
    Please email me i really need some serious help.

  65. RAJ says:

    sir. i need help.will u help me plz.

  66. zakariya says:

    -removed. Without proper verification, we can’t permit solution email addresses.

  67. azmat says:

    assalaamualaikum hope u r in d best of health i’A please sister umm reem if u could contact me on the following email address just id like to message u privatly i’A my email add is *removed* jazakallahu khairun wassalaamualaikum wrwb

    -Edited. Email

  68. Mohammed Raman says:

    International Astrologer and Psychic Adviser

    -Edited. Yeah right. Your kind are exactly the people that the Prophet (S) warned against. I hope you repent otherwise you would die in a state of disbelief. -Amad

  69. akbar zai says:

    mr raman saab i don’t have to go any fake THE GREAT HAMZAAD when we have a living proof x khan from x khan store.

    -Edited. Mashallah, competiting in fisq and kufr? -amad

  70. seekingtruth says:

    i hate it when ppl demand money for curing magic ,n give it da name hadia.i may b wrong but i dislike this.i went to a man who asked for 24000rs to get me rid of sihr .he’s taken half in advance but demands that he wants more before starting? should i pay that man , he promises to cure n i’ve heard he’s expert in doing so.but my question is :how exactly do they break a spell .wat do they do ? doest it take this much money? is it permissible to seek some one’s help wen u can’t get cured by yourself.?please reply if u hve knowledge on the issue.i’ve been suffering for years.

  71. noman ijaz says:

    who are u people. have forgotten everything li just found this post on the web
    “ooking for some black magic teachings.i have read post regarding magic and black magic. every time i have to searched for it, one name keep on coming. this guy kamran khan under the tittle of guru jee.
    kamran khan the guru from kamran khan store. this dude is young but perform miracles in his own way. this guy kamran khan have very very very expensive prices regarding his work that he provides. very good in his work but too expensive. i wanted to learn but his price is too high. now how the hell u can learn something we can’t afford.
    i wanted to marry some one and he said the cost of the will in £’s and his totally charges will be £7,500. which makes it over 10,LAK IN RUPPES.
    i’m thinking to sell my personal things to arrange the money for him ..
    is that right thing to do … ? when u love someone that much …
    most of the people also saying that he has some supper natural powers and some even saying this that he is not even a human. why is not human i this question to few people and there reply was … we were a kid when my parents use to visit this guy and still he is young. i think either he is not human or he has found a way to stop the aging process.
    any way … i thought i should share this with you guys.”
    are u guys are even muslims. who are looking for help like that and willing to pay him so much money.
    why anyone want to learn this. why waste so much money like that. can’t stand these paki’s. but the problem is not these paki’s people from everywhere is contacting this guy. when i called i got the answer ” you have to wait 3 months before we can accept my request. ”
    3 months …. woow just imagine how many people are visiting him on a daily basis that he even doesn’t have the time to take any calls.
    all guys can go to hell.