Islamic Arts Feature: Pick of the Week 01/16/10

Welcome to the another edition of’s regular Islamic Art feature. If you want to see your work on MM, then either email us your images to art[@]muslimmatters[.]org or submit them to our Flickr group.

Click on the images below to view the original.

Allah (SWT), by WaoOoma

Allah (SWT), by WaoOoma. I wish you could see the details. For example, the little black marks you see in the pattern...they all say Allah.

This Jumuah, by asma·kr

This Jumuah, by asma·kr. This is my dad's personal Qur'an. It's filled with with notes, underlines and reminders that he's made over the last 30 or so years that he's had it.

Lake Geneva, by Nizam Fahmi

Lake Geneva, by Nizam Fahmi

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Note: all the images presented in our Islamic Art feature are copyrighted to the original producers. Do not reproduce them without seeking their prior consent.

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2 responses to “Islamic Arts Feature: Pick of the Week 01/16/10”

  1. Amad says:

    The Quran photo was a story in itself… now that’s someone who really took the word of seriously, preserving his copy for 30 yrs mashallah!

  2. Holly Garza says:

    MashaAllah the picture are beautiful especially the last 2 however the middle one touched me personally MashaAllah =)

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