Reclaiming Islam from the Jihadists – A Lecture by Dr. Waleed Basyouni


To see Shaykh Waleed’s comments and hear the lecture please visit the Standing United post.

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26 responses to “Reclaiming Islam from the Jihadists – A Lecture by Dr. Waleed Basyouni”

  1. Ahmed says:

    IlmFest 2009!

    JazechAllah khair sheikh for speaking on this topic. Not only do I feel that you did a solid job at debasing the stance of the so-called “jihadists” but I also found this lecture to be helpful in combating the misconception that those studying in Saudi come out “extreme”, a sentiment I’ve encountered from brothers/sisters more than once. If a person is looking for trouble when studying—wherever they are—they can find it!

    Alhamdulillah, I believe this lecture even attracted some media attention, as a/some reporter(s) had an appointment with him after the lecture. I’m guessing they weren’t from FOX :)

  2. Ibn Masood says:

    Allahu Akbar. May Allah swt preserve the Shaykh and keep his family safe.

    I hope all the people from the Sheikh Oadah article listen to this.

  3. Joyhamza says:

    I am not able to download the audio file. Someone please check it ?

  4. Amad says:

    What a perfect image… speaks to the comment that I had posted in Oudah post about people who have no life but online, bemoaning world affairs, and criticizing other people:

    Actually it’s a trend for those who have gone extreme, extreme poeple
    You know which community they belong to?
    The community of forums, the community of internet,
    But they never been active in their community
    You never see them actively work in social works,
    You never see them organizing a blood drive
    You will never see them carrying canned foods to the homeless,
    You will never see them work in a masajid or Muslim community
    Because this environment is so healthy, this environment is busy with what is beneficial, and as such it is very hard for this person to fit in.
    That is why you only go and find them online.
    This by the way not only in the West, even in the Middle East, even in the Muslim countries, you will see them away from the community

    • Suhail says:

      Yes you had the audacity to put people in a group when you do not even know me. What do you know about me when you put this insulting words on my character in that post.

      Don’t you spend most of your time on internet so do you fall in this same group. Do you know what i do for my community and what i not when you do not know me personally. But no anybody who opposes you , you chose to insult him. What a nice akhlaq.

      May Allah give you what you deserve Amad. You have violated my honor and may Allah hold you into account for that.

      • MR says:

        I can only speak on whom I know. I could name full names of brothers who fit that description, but I’d rather not.

        But they usually fall back when they graduate, get a job, get married and start a family. That’s the normal trend:

        1 – jahiliyah in high school
        2 – freshman year in college – transformation into practicing muslim
        3 – sophomore year – either becoming extreme something (sufi, jihadi, etc.)
        4 – junior year – the pivotal peak
        5 – senior year and super senior – realize they need to graduate, start hustlin for grades, islamic activity dies out
        6 – graduate – go to many weddings, realize they need to get married
        7 – completely tones down, back to moderate straight path muslim,
        8 – gets married

        yeah that’s a general pattern of many muslim youth.

        • Amad says:

          and usually #9 – Be hands-off dawah and community roles … disillusioned by all sides.
          though sometimes they become real strong players too…

          Also for #3, it is essential to have a basement in your parent’s home, to carry out your stealth jeehad…

          i like ur list though, i think it will hit a lot of nerves.

          • MR says:

            It can be your dorm room or your bedroom. I was one of those brothers. So I feel for them. Seriously though, most of them wake up once they need to graduate or need to get married.

            I remember I had an argument with my mom. She was saying suicide bombing was wrong. I was defending it. Man I was pretty stupid back then, may Allah forgive me. I actually said some really dumb things.

          • shahgul says:

            They end up running for Masjid President and stink up the whole community.

      • Mohammed Khan says:

        @ Suhail.

        You’re not the first, brother. I have been observing this pattern of bad etiquette and weak reasoning in Amad’s posts for a while. When I posted a rebuttal to Amad’s unreasonable reasoning, he ‘moderated’ my post by deleting it. Hopefully if he learns how to debate effectively one day and learns to tolerate different opinions, he’ll stop his deletions and ad hominem attacks and resort to sound debate instead.


  5. OGILVY says:

    Allahu Akbar

    May Allah swt preserve the Shaykh and keep his family safe.

    More guidance and talks on topics like this need to happen
    here in the UK, to give clarity to a part of our religion that has been
    hijacked by the extremists for their own agenda.

  6. Musa Maguire says:

    May Allah reward Sheikh Waleed for this beneficial and courageous lecture. He speaks the truth on every level. Extremism is a religious deviation and an intellectual delusion, and responsible Muslims in every land should treat it as such. This type of proactive approach is needed from all of us.

    May Allah protect the Muslim ummah from extremist ideologues and demagogues.

    • Ameen to your du’aah, and I agree with your thoughts.

      And let me be the first to say that he looks amazing in that picture masha Allah. Shaykh Waleed is quite the good looking guy! Now I see why Haytham tries to convince everyone that they look alike ;-)

      • Hassan says:

        Although it is 4-5 years old picture and aging has taken toll on him, but he is still very beautiful from inside and outside.

        And Haytham is cool too

  7. Moiez says:

    Yah I was there, didnt inspire me too much just made me depressed that even the well educated eat out of the hands of western thought….I felt like I was listening to U.S Politician :(

  8. Amr says:

    Ma sha Allaah! May Allaah preserve Shaykh Waleed and continue to increase him in knowledge…and may He allow him to continue to be a source of guidance for the masses…Ameen!

    Is that Danish Siddiqui? A beautiful sound for sore ears ma sha Allaah.

  9. Hassan says:

    Thanks a lot for taking time out to travel to a place away from war zone to comment on this post. May you return back to war zone safely.

  10. Captain says:

    Why is the word “jihadist” used in the title?
    I feel a more appropriate word would have been “extremist”.

  11. Ibn Masood says:


    All this smack talk against a scholar… I wonder how knowledgeable these posters are?

    I hope for your sake that you guys are some next level shuyukh who actually have the authority to disagree with a full-blown academic like Sh.Waleed Basyouni. I really really do. I love my brothers and I can’t stand it when I see them do ridiculous things.

    And if you don’t have that level of knowledge. I want to ask you… Where on earth are you getting the basis for your disagreement from?? From what knowledge do you pull out your opinions and criticism? What exactly have you learned of the usul and principles of this religion to make your statements? Do you think listening to a dozen 1-hour lectures by some scholar and reading a few PDFs on some website makes you knowledgeable? I ask you again, from what deep and hard-studied knowledge do you base your disagreement?

    I wonder how you people survive in University? Whenever your Biology prof gets up to make a statement… do you just yell out… HEY! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!!! I SAW A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE ON DNA REPLICATION AND YOU’RE WRONG… YOU’RE SUPPORTING PHARMA COMPANIES!

    What jahilliyah have we come to… I wonder how effective your empty debating skills would be without a keyboard and monitor to hide behind…