Video: Inside the Kabah

The following video offers a rare glimpse into the Kabah’s interior. It seems to have been filmed by an unknown Saudi youth, who must have very good connections!


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34 responses to “Video: Inside the Kabah”

  1. sincethestorm says:

    this video no longer works…bummer. i was really curious ;(

  2. ALGEBRA says:

    I was soooooooo curious………. how come it doesn’t work or is it just not working on my computer. Does anyone know why it is not working?

  3. alhamdolillah alaa kulli haal. may Allah give us tawfiq to be there in person, to feel the air of that space fill our lungs, to see the surface with our own eyes, to hear the vibrations of footsteps and prayers from outside that sacred chamber. ameen.

  4. Abdur-Rahman says:

    Asalamu Alaikum…it’s probably because the video is marked private, and needs one to login (I don’t recommend that) to YouTube.

  5. sincethestorm says:

    OK I wasn’t expecting that…I wish they had a musuem of pictures of Mecca/Medina through the years and all the historic sites….unfortunately everything has been demolished!

  6. Captain says:

    It isn’t how I expected it. I thought it will be sandy and all. whats up with the tiles??

  7. muslimah says:

    What are those things hanging from the ceiling?

  8. Asiyah says:


  9. Faraz says:

    I wonder how they decided what direction they should pray in when they were inside the Ka’aba.

  10. MR says:

    It definitely does not look like how it was originally, but mashaAllah.

  11. MR says:

    How can you pray inside the kaaba?

  12. ALGEBRA says:

    oh thanks for putting up the video. InshAllah I hope i see the inside in person soon. It was nice.
    who decides who gets to pray inside????

  13. I wonder how they decided what direction they should pray in when they were inside the Ka’aba.

    How can you pray inside the kaaba?

    See here.

  14. ilmsummittee says:

    It seems like he’s trying to ‘hide’ the camera until the end? Wa Allahu A’laam.

    Subhanallah, its not what I expected but nevertheless its nice to see it since we (at least most) probably will not get the chance to enter it.

    Man, my heart aches to go back to Makkah and medinah; I’m seriously nostalgic………may Allah grant us to visit the haramain soon iA.

  15. k says:

    about time…

  16. Free says:


    Thanks for sharing – it sounds like an older man, instead of a youth! Amazing that he was allowed to film inside – some of the shaykhs were looking straight into his camera.

  17. ayesha says:

    subhnallah!!……….allahumma inni assaaluka min fadhlika wa rahmatik….

  18. Hassan says:

    Alhamdulillah I was in Makkah last week for 3 days and 2 days in Madinah. Hateem is part of kabah (open though), so whoever prays in it, is like praying in kabah. I could not do it, but my wife prayed multiple times in it.

    On slight tangent, I saw an Iranian Shia, touching rukn-e-yamani (corner before black stone corner) and saying (like begging or making dua) ya Ali ya Ali.

  19. Jazak Allah khayr for fixing the technical difficulties. It was more beautiful than I had imagined. So here is a building on earth that I have longed to enter for years and years, and it’s more beautiful inside than I had ever guessed. And men beautified it.

    How much more astonished will be those who enter Jannat? Those who have longed for it in this lifetime, who believed in the Promise of Allah while they were confined to this life, who have faith that their Lord Created without precedent and that the reward He Promised would exceed every expectation. Believing that, still how astonished will be they be? How pleased? May we be grateful to Allah for choosing for us Islam. And may Allah make us among the fortunate to dwell in the highest places of Jannat. Ameen.

  20. AnonyMouse says:

    Now I feel even more homesick (?) for the Haramain… even though it’s been about 3 and a half weeks since I came back from ‘Umrah, I have constant flashbacks!

    I wish they had a musuem of pictures of Mecca/Medina through the years and all the historic sites…

    They do, actually – if you go with a group for ‘Umrah and the agent or one of the people in the group has connections, you can ask around about the museum in Makkah and schedule a tour. You get about half an hour or so in there, and there are tons of rare pics of the Haramain, and you get to see things like the actual old well of ZamZam and various historical items that were in or around the Haramain such as the old doors, old Kiswah (covering of the Ka’bah), tiles, and various other pieces.
    It’s really interesting, esp. for history freaks who can recognize the dates and eras mentioned on the plaques!

  21. Abd- Allah says:

    It is unfortunate that even inside the ka’ba, you find things like this golden “door of tauba” which was shown in the video, and on it is written “Allah” and “Muhammad” at the top and on the same level next to each other when the scholars have said that this is wrong and should not be done.

    inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

  22. Ahmed says:


  23. Mezba says:

    What are those things hanging from the ceiling?

  24. shahgul says:

    I was kind of disappointed. The Kaaba should have been left alone from the trappings of this dunya. The gold and the Swati marble! Very mundane. I will have to get used to the idea.
    I will stick to the Hateem.

  25. ExEx Blogger says:

    @ all the people asking about what is hanging from the ceiling:

    Incense burners

  26. someone says:

    simple…very simple and i love that. do you really need connections to get inside?
    *update: i read the comments thnx for the insight

  27. Al-Madrasi says:

    MashaAllah, it was so nice to see inside the Ka’ba

  28. […] Filed under: Uncategorized | Assalam o alaykum, I recently saw a video on muslimmatters about going inside the ka’abah. Alhamdulillah wa mashAllah, the video is […]

  29. Did the man say? “Haza bab-ut-Tauba. Al-lazi kutiba alaihi ayatu-Tauba”..? I have only a rudimentary knowledge of Arabic. Somebody more knowledgeable please comment. Which ayat has been referred to?

  30. not sure which ayah he is referring to. What you quoted translates as: “This is the Door of Tawba upon which is written the Ayah of Tawbah.”

  31. Mohammed says:

    Dear Muslim brothers
    It would be much better if some things are left intact in the ORIGINAL FORM & UNEXPLORED BY THE HUMAN EYE.




  32. Atta Sumalani says:

    It sure is very very beautiful, but why it is not permitted to movie the inside of Kaaba, what could be the reason, furthermore, i can see the youth who has captured the insde of kaaba is kind of a cunning boy, he should be thankful to Allah SWT that it is so easy for them to visit the inside of kaaba and the other religious places, their imaan should be much more stronger, but, i guess that shaitaan is much nearer to them, as he is inside kaaba and he is sort of kidding with introduing the other guy, “haza sheikh abdullah” and etc. But still i am thankful to this guy for showing us the inside of The Kaaba and I still wish that i could see the picture or the video of Hajra-e-Aswad. Please do let me know if anyone has any idea on a video or image link.


    Attaullah Sumalani Baloch

  33. Jawad says:

    Assalyum Alikum,
    I actually had the privilege of going inside the Kabah about 12 years ago. I was probably 8 or 9 at the time. I remember them doing construction all around Kabah and they were letting people enter to pray inside the Kabah. At that time, the inside was just rock, it wasnt the marble shown in the video. Perhaps that is the time they decided to put in all the decor. Anyways, inside the Kabah, I saw people praying to all directions and the mutawwa were there and they didnt stop anyone … it was a hassle to get inside though.

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