Open Thread Sunday 3/29/2009: Humor us

To lighten up the mood today, tell us your favorite joke, point to the funniest video or image, or anything else that hits the funny bone…

Has cheaper gone too cheap?

I, Amad, contend that I could have done it cheaper. I’d leave the engine out, opened the floor underneath the driver seat, and add bicycle-type pedals. Heck, with all that under-the-hood space freed up, I bet I could fit another 2 people to make it equivalent to a mini-van with carrying capacity of 7.

By the way, if you like projects, the Nano will be shipped in kits, so for the do-it-yourself’ers, what a nifty little project!

  • Anyone live in these great places to work? Lagos, at the heart of the Nigerian scam? But Riyadh at #3?? Are they kidding me? China’s cities cover half the list. And even Cairo makes it way into the list. Okay, “great” wasn’t quite accurate.

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24 responses to “Open Thread Sunday 3/29/2009: Humor us”

  1. Amatullah says:

    I read the article about the nano a few days ago in the newspaper…The most funny thing to me personally was the one windshield wiper…lol really?! just one?!


  2. The Sussist says:

    Why did the hedgehog cross the road?

    To visit his flatmate.

  3. A.A. says:

    I need to make a serious life-changing decision, and i need to talk to somebody – a sheikh. I would appreciate it if somebody could please get in touch with me at the earliest. I don’t know where else to go looking…… please contact me at xx

    -email info at muslimmatters dot org… we’ll see what we can do. -editor

  4. A.A. says:

    JazakAllahu khair. I sent the e-mail.

  5. Nihal Khan says:

    Nasihah: An Online Fundraiser for Imam Siraj Wahhaj

    Shaykh Yasir Qadhi
    Imam Suhaib Webb
    Imam Zaid Shakir
    Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

    Saturday, April 25th, 2009
    7:00pm EST

    Register at

  6. Shaykh Jamaal Zabarozo’s Spring semester of classes is starting this Sunday inshaAllah. Courses can be taken on site at MCA or online via streaming video and audio. Visit to visit the course schedule and listing inshaAllah.

    One brother said:

    I have benefited greatly from these classes. The material covered in these classes is not available in any English book/course as far as I am aware. If you’re interested in in-depth study or know of friends/family who are interested in studying Islam in-depth but do not have the means to travel overseas, I’d highly recommend taking these classes.

    Read a past interview about him hafidhahullah here:

    • Amad says:

      I highly encourage everyone to take Sh. Jamal’s courses. He is Sh. YQ’s first teacher and inspiration and recently at a conference, both Imam Siraj and YQ paid glowing tribute to Sh. Jamal for his contribution to the Ummah in America.

      Now Sh. Jamal is going online, which is amazing considering his prior resistance to technology (inside joke), and what a great opportunity for everyone mashallah!

  7. Bostonite says:

    Lots going on in boston next weekend:

    Harvard Pakistan Conference 2009

    Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST Boston)

    as well as Sh. Yasir Qadhi’s Precious Provisions Seminar

    So much to choose from!

  8. Hassan says:

    Anyone live in these great places to work? Lagos, at the heart of the Nigerian scam? But Riyadh at #3?? Are they kidding me? China’s cities cover half the list. And even Cairo makes it way into the list. Okay, “great” wasn’t quite accurate.

    What load of BS. I lived in Riyadh all my childhood and currently visiting here. I do not deny it can come third for worst places to work but none of the reason is true.

    Severe Problems: Political Violence & Repression, Political & Social Environment
    Major Problem: Culture & Recreation Facilities
    Other Problems: Housing, Climate, Disease & Sanitation, Education Facilities, Physical Remoteness, Communications

    What violence? Must be most peaceful city in the world. No city in America can beat it in being peaceful/

    Culture and recreation? Perhaps culture to non-muslims, but a lot of places for recreation.

    All remaining things it mentioned are very relative, but still knowing american standards, its not bad at all.

    Only reason it could come third would be how they treat foreign workers specially from Indian sub-continent.

  9. ibnkhalil says:

    Assalam o alaykum……..I really love this. Makes me laugh everytime.

    and last but not least


    Ok I know its really nerdy but its funny……:)

  10. Amad says:

    What kind of perverted war are these terrorists fighting? First destroying an entire Masjid, and now attacking a police-station?

    By destroying a Masjid, what do you tell Israel, for instance, when it destroys a mosque for “tactical reasons”? If “our own” (there is little doubt that the Masjid attack was done by Pakistanis) can do it, what credibility do we have to tell others to leave our sacred places of worship alone? What do we tell USA about drone attacks, when our people are doing worse?

    As far as the police attack that happened today, since a few of the terrorists were caught in the brazen police-academy attack, I hope that Pakistan’s security apparatus (though quite weak in itself) can obtain full information on who these terrorists were working for, and hang all of them for killing other Muslims, i.e. those who committed murder:

    19 die in bloody siege at Pakistan police academy

    Pakistan suicide mosque blast kills 48

    Pakistani security officials said they suspected Friday’s attack was to avenge ongoing security operations against Taliban fighters and other Islamist militants in Khyber’s Barra area to secure NATO supplies into Afghanistan.

  11. shah says:


    I was just thinking…

    Would it be possible for MM to access a Friday Khutbah of Shaykh Jamal and make it accessible for us, say once every month. I’m sure he must give khutbahs atleast every now and again, right?

    It would be amazing!


  12. shahgul says:

    It is amazing that these people call themselves Muslims and killed Muslims while they were standing up for Juma. Nobody needs to support this brand of Islam. This leaves us between a rock and hard place. Who is our friend and who is the enemy?

    Personally, I totally condemn those attacks, but do they justify the all out annexation of Afghanistan? My only hope is that the Obama led government will not monopolize this situation to colonize this Muslim country. I hope Afghans and Pakistanis will find a solution to this problem and join hands to defeat their common enemy, the terrorist.

    P.S. The Tata millionnaires are exploiting taking advantage of lax governmental regulation to get richer by spewing out this unsafe plastic toy. This is another example of the evils system named Capitalism, where the rich get richer by robbing the poor.

  13. ibnkhalil says:

    @ Br. Shah, if you want to hear Shykh Jamal’s Khutbah’s please go to You will find it under multimedia. JazakAllah khair…may Allah preserve the Shaykh and guide us!

  14. Amad says:

    Who needs Obama to monopolize anything when we have crooks and liars on one side, and terrorists/khawarij on the other. Where does the common man turn to? The unjust wicked rulers or the unjust extremist warriors (cowards)?

    I really do wonder a lot what evils Pakistan is paying for? Past rulers who looted endlessly? Or the widespread shirk and bidah in the nation? Or the widespread ignorance of the deen in the nation? Or the injustice of the nation’s soldiers in its 1973 war? Or the endless corruption, lies and cheating? Unfortunately, it seems we have a lot of choices, and so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

    May Allah forgive the nation’s sins, its people’s weaknesses, return the people to Tawheed, to honesty and truthfulness and make the flag of the middle-path of Islam strong.

  15. Amad says:

    Virgin: the world’s best passenger complaint letter?
    Here we reproduce a complaint letter sent to Sir Richard Branson, which is currently being emailed globally and is considered by many to be the world’s funniest passenger complaint letter.

  16. Amad says:

    Sisters to be buried with brother who killed them

    So, the guy decapitates his 5-year sister, and no one is talking or even asking about his religious preferences or belongings. Imagine a Muslim brother doing this, the media would be all over it trying to figure out what type of “honor” killing it constituted!

  17. Faisal says:

    As-salamaulikum, I know its a Tuesday but anyway I just had to comment..

    After going through the list of countries that are posted I’ve realized that one thing common in most of them are “Sanitation”.

    I think they should’ve mentioned that at least the muslim lands and the indian cities have “lotas” and “water tubes/hoses” in their washrooms.

  18. shahgul says:

    Take a good look at the new self-styled Amir-ul-Mumineen. He has upstaged OBL. I wonder when was the last time he took a shower.

    I think American Muslims need to get out into the streets in every major city on the same day and show their rejection of the Taliban. We could even have an international Rejection of Terrorism Day. We could promote this event online and get people out on the street, just like Earth Day.
    Any takers?

  19. Kerani says:

    Nano is no doubt an innovative car !)

  20. shahgul says:

    Pakistani Taliban take responsibility for Binghamton shooting. Are they getting senile???,2933,512537,00.html

  21. Manas Shaikh says:

    Do these guys (Pakistani Taliban) want their country occupied or what?

    And about Tata, I hate that company ever since they have been supporting and extolling Modi. They are no friend of ours.

    And you probably know about the Indian Supreme court’s ruling. India is no longer a good country to find yourself in.

  22. J says:

    There is also a video out of the Taliban beating a woman against her will.

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