URGENT: Tell Congress to Lift Gaza Siege, Support UNRWA | Juan Cole on Countering AIPAC

Message received from a reader. Please take a minute to click through and send a note to your congressman:

Weeks after the Israeli bombs stopped, the entire Gaza strip is still cut-off from the world. Israel and Egypt have closed all their borders not allowing any humanitarian aid into Gaza.  While more than 1300 Palestinians (more than 1/3 children) were killed during the Israeli assault, thousands more may die because of the blockade.

How can we sit back and watch as other human beings are treated worst than animals without shelter, food or medicine.


While the world’s attention is on the Economic Stimulus debate, Israel continues to dominate and starve the people of Gaza.

The right-wing pro-Israel Lobby is applying all pressure on congress to tighten the Gaza blockade (starving Palestinians).  AIPAC and their friends are working overtime to make sure the Gaza border continue to be closed.

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They’ve gone as far as introducing a new house resolution that attacks the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) alleging it supports terrorists.  Introduced last week and referred to the U.S. Congress House Foreign Affairs Committee, H. Con. Res. 29 states in part:

[Whereas schools administered by UNRWA have reported to have produced several graduates that have gone on to careers affiliated with terrorism, including Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, and Abd al-Azis Rantisi, the former Hamas chief;

Whereas United States taxpayer dollars should never be used for purposes of supporting terrorist cells or activities that support terror or promote a culture of hatred at any of its locations: ]  READ THE FULL TEXT HERE

WHAT TWISTED LOGIC. How can UNRWA possibly know what their students will grow up to be? Instead of pumping more money into educating and feeding Palestinians, some in Congress would rather cut off all humanitarian aid starving young children so they don’t grow-up to be terrorists. THAT’S NOT A SOLUTION.


Thank you again, please spread the word to all your friends.


Also, see what Juan Cole has to say on the feasibility of countering AIPAC:

The reason AIPAC and its constituencies among the Evangelicals and American Likudniks has been so successful is that there is virtually no countervailing political force. Madison and other Founding Fathers set up the US, as Ian Lustick has argued, on the assumption that on most important issues there would be opposing factions who would check each other in the legislature. The drawback of their system is that when there is only one effective faction on an issue, it completely dominates politically. Madison’s system worked to prolong the heyday of Big Tobacco far beyond what was reasonable. Anti-smoking campaigners who knew that smoking kills you dead could not make headway with Congress because the tobacco-growing and cigarette industries would counter-lobby.  [Only a “For America” PAC Can Stop the Madness…READ MORE]

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