Israeli Soldier Speaks Against War

[youtube em2JB6eysQo]

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2 responses to “Israeli Soldier Speaks Against War”

  1. Abe Bird says:

    Who asked him to agree for the war, at all?
    Shapiar is a known “refusnic” / “Seruvniks” (in Hebrew), one of 200 Israelis that operate against the Israeli “occupation” of the “territories. He is in the extreme far left in Israel and not beeing supported by the public. He is quite a wierd man in his personal kife too.

    Abe Bird

  2. Ibn Mikdad says:

    “Who asked him to agree for the war, at all?”

    Only those who say the war is good should be taken seriously, correct?

    “He is in the extreme far left in Israel…”

    The settlers are extreme right, but that doesn’t stop the government from assisting their efforts in colonizing the Palestinian land. Again, it’s not about whether you’re “extreme” or not, it’s simply whether you say and do things that please the Israeli Overlord.

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